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Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Issues pertaining to the Live Another Life mod.


There are currently 3 unconfirmed and 24 fixed issues.
Issue Title Version Fixed In Issue Description
Approaching guards at Whiterun city gates does not trigger entry dialogue 2.2 Greetings,   I wrote the other day about the map markers disappearing as UNBOUND completes.  Your suggestion to confront the Wh...
Conflict with Glorius Environments mod 2.2 I found a minor issue with "Glorious Environments - Riverwood Forest" When choosing the option to start camping in the woods y...
Texture problems? 2.2 Downloaded this add, and It didnt start happening till I downloaded Alt. Beginnings addon. Basically the textures on my characters forear...

  • 3 Unconfirmed Issues
  • 24 Fixed Issues
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