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Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Issues pertaining to the Live Another Life mod.


There are currently 3 unconfirmed and 23 fixed issues.
Issue Title Version Fixed In Issue Description
Vampire start issue 3.0.2 This may be an obvious thing to fix but I have made a character and started them out as a vampire in a hideout. I have Dawnguard installe...
Crashes on Exiting Lakeview Manor 3.0.1 Every time I try to start as the owner of Lakeview manor, I can do anything inside but get the infinite loading screen every time I try t...
Soldier in the Army start minor bug 2.5.1 When choosing this start, on the Stormcloak side, I was given 2 Stormcloak cuirass'.    

  • 3 Unconfirmed Issues
  • 23 Fixed Issues
  • 0 Priority Issues
  • 8653 Total Issues
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