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  2. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    It seems that Oblivion.ini only gets locked while playing the game. In OblivionReloaded.ini SaveSettings is enabled by default. 0 enables it and 1 can disable it. Another thing to note about it if you use it, Alenet accidentally included the files OnehandJumpLand.kf and OnehandJumpLoop.kf in the OR 6.3.0 package.
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  4. Armor Mod Advice

    If I were you I would probably use Immersive Armors and only add armor mods if there is something missing in the Immersive Armors mod. As for the mod list you posted, yes I think it's a little too much to add at the same time. However, I don't see the reason why you have 2-3 weapons mods in that mod list and if you still want a weapon mod then why not add the Immersive Weapons mod then add more mods later in case something is missing from the Immersive Weapons mod. I know about the Fur Armor Set mod, but I think it has too much stuff added into the game so that's why I haven't test it yet. Instead I use this Frostfall compatible mod. Craftable Skaal Clothing Frostfall Ready
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  6. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    So that's why the Swedish text didn't show, because I only had one unique Swedish character in that line. Give me a minute or two to provide a better translation than I did before. Måste vara modifierad för att kunna använda Ctrl baserad sortering. Okay, here it is. Grab it and include it in the WMSA archive and I will test it asap. Swedish.rar
  7. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    No you did it right that's what uniode looks like. It takes two or more chars to access the extended chars.
  8. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    The Swedish.txt you included in the latest archive had the "måste" word *compiled*, well sort of, and I thought that was wrong so I corrected that, but I make sure it had the UTF8 (without BOM) selected when saving it. Maybe I was mistaken then.
  9. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    Fair argument, makes sense. (dp1 S'Must be sorted by Modified to enable ctrl based sorting' p2 S'Ctrl baserad sortering m\xc3\xa5ste vara modifierad' p3 s. So your pickle file has the proper lines in it so I'll have to see why it is not loading.
  10. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    If you didn't remove the function for doing that then why does the mash.ini file only have one line and not 3 lines, otherwise it doesn't make sense to add full Unicode support to WMSA without having the other lines added into the mash.ini file in the first place.
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    The full debug log is on pastebin.
  12. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    Fair enough. It still makes the INI because I didn't remove the function for doing that. Not sure what I want to do about it. Programming is simply a set of instructions. Obviously code like wxPython can be effected globally quite easily. However, updating the initialization routines doesn't effect saving an INI file if someone made Wrye Mash do that in the past.
  13. Armor Mod Advice

    @Leonardo Thanks for the reply. I forgot to add Immersive Armors in the list. I've also upgraded the WB and found that the author is aware of the header issue but the mod works as expected according to other players. My question is: For the mods listed, what would be a good load order? I use LOOT, however, I want to make sure that the armors and weapons used are in the game. LOOT is good about setting load order and authors are somewhat responsible for entering the correct metadata. I suppose if I needed to, I can add metadata for Load After to get the right sequence of Armor mods. Do you think - or for that matter - anyone else thinks the list is too much? I'm going through my list of mods to make sure there isn't a redundant system. In addition to Armor and Combat mods, I have a set of Skill mods that are worth playing. I believe I'm okay on that list. For Combat, I'm looking at Skyrim Unleveled and MLU with AAE vs High Level Enemies, MLU, AAE, Combat Evolved, and Vigor. I want a good immersive game play but I believe that Skyrim Unleveled goes a bit further than necessary. However, most of the players who play it are satisfied with the challenge. Thanks for reading Strat
  14. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I clipped the duplicate tracebacks, so it wasn't quite so long, but it looks all the Fallout4*.ba2 files except the Nvflex one are causing issues: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures2.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures3.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures4.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures5.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures6.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures7.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures8.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Textures9.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Startup.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Shaders.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Interface.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Voices.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Meshes.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - MeshesExtra.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Misc.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Sounds.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Materials.ba2: Failed to parse Fallout4 - Animations.ba2: Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\bosh\__init__.py", line 912, in isMissingStrings if bsa_info.has_assets({assetPath}): File "bash\bosh\bsa_files.py", line 369, in has_assets return set((u'%s' % a).lower() for a in asset_paths) & self.assets File "bash\bosh\bsa_files.py", line 377, in assets self.__load(names_only=True) File "bash\bosh\bsa_files.py", line 296, in __load self.load_bsa_light() File "bash\bosh\bsa_files.py", line 551, in load_bsa_light name_size = struct.unpack_from('H', file_names_block)[0] TypeError: unpack_from() argument 1 must be string or read-only buffer, not memoryview
  15. I have been having trouble with mods and trying to get help when I can't figure the problems out. So of course I have heard of LOOT, but I don't understand what I'm doing with the program, so I'm trying to learn. LOOT was not showing all the plugins I have and I was trying to figure out how to make it. I use MO and read somewhere that I should open LOOT in MO. I figured out that hitting the sort button loads LOOT so I did that, then opened LOOT.exe to see if LOOT showed my plugins. When I opened LOOT I didn't see my plugins. Can someone please help me?
  16. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    I dunno why, but I have been using WMSA since the day Melchor appeared on the old forum and told us about his creation of WMSA. However, if the initialization routines are fixed now then why do I always see a mash.ini file in the Mopy folder when launching WMSA the first time after installing WMSA. The mash.ini file gets generated by it self after exiting WMSA. Yes, it possible to run it outside of the Morrowind folder and I'm doing that right now. Files_Swedish.rar
  17. [WIPz] Wrye Mash

    I'm not going to be working on this until later today or tomorrow but I am wondering, why do you keep letting Wrye Mash make an INI file by itself? The initialization routines are fixed now (or at least working better) so an INI file isn't needed. It might even be possible to run it from a location outside of the Morrowind folder. Maybe to eliminate confusion I should remove the method to save the INI file when you close Wrye Mash because it's redundant now. Also that little file it makes is incomplete and I don't want to update it because why keep adding code when you have the default INI file. If you need an INI file you rename the default file and uncomment the line you are going to use the same as you would for all the other versions of Wrye Whatever. However, also like other versions, you don't make an INI just to have one. It's not needed so you only make one if you are changing settings. You only make one if you move the folder to another location or another drive. When you have time can you zip up the Swedish.txt and Swedish.pkl files you have in your Mopy\mash\l10n folder? Don't alter them to touch up anything it won't be helpfull. Just pack them together so I can download them and take a look at them, if you would please.
  18. MinDefeatCastle

    Hello, just look through this thread. There are other also, but this is the latest, I think: Account in the Bug Tracker, Problem solving So - you have to create an account in the bug tracker, complete with verification email, then you can enter bug descriptions. The bug tracker link is on the main forum page. Also read this post about reporting bugs!
  19. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    Hello, I quoted only the second part, but will answer for both parts: I never used ENB. I tried it, because it was mentioned here - and in other post around the net - as a possible solution. It is not. But - it won't burn your graphic card. I used for a time the Load Accelerator mod from Nexus, which actually works very fine. There the frame rate during load goes up to ~450 fps. Yet the graphic card will not become much hotter, since it only shows a blank black screen with the loading icon, and this is a small workload. But I am not using it, since I do not know if it has bad side effects. I never had 10 minutes! The maximum time is around 3-5 minutes, long enough that the camera starts its spinning animation. But usually only 2-3 minutes. Interesting and verified fact: If I am in full screen mode and Alt Tab out of the game while this loading goes on, and Alt Tab in immediately again, then the loading ends and the game screen comes up. This actually shortens this long loading period considerably. Why? This would point to some race condition, because the game program is informed that it is in the background now. If you do this during normal game, you will see, that the game has stopped its VM, the screen has changed to the load/save/quit form, the same you have if you hit ESC. So the game 'knows', that it was put in the background. This does not happen if you put it in the background during loading. It also could be a problem, so I don't recommend this as a 'solution'. Now to your second part... VSync clearly is the problem, I am sure of this, because if you disable VSync in the game (iPresentInterval=0) and enable it in NVIDIAs driver (Force Enable Vsync, Fast Mode) all works really fine. Up to the point, where you have to pick a lock. Then you will see, that it is much too fast. Some people ignore this, but it is clearly not as designed. Also in dialogues you will see problems, when a NPC says several sentences and they overlap (second sentence starts before first sentence is said). If you find a dependable and good method to limit the frame rate for the game (and this means, that it does not calculate more than 60 frames), then this setup would probably work. What does NOT work is the driver limiting the frames it shows, but the game calculating more frames than are shown. This leads to the same problems you have if you - with a capable monitor - show more than 60 frames per second. So it will need to limit the frames the game calculates, not only the frames shown. Before I had a GTX 980 Ti, and no problems with it. The loading was as usual a bit slow, but this is normal with Bethesda games. Several people have reported, that the driver version you mentioned (373.06) was the last version where it worked for them. Some people went back to this version and it solved their problem. I cannot do this, because this version does not support GTX 1080 Ti. Interesting thing that it works for you with a 'minimal setup'. So maybe a mod is responsible in your case? In my case there is no mod, no graphic 'enhancer' or something similar. At this time I suspect, that it could have to with NVIDIAs GSYNC feature. I think this was built in the drivers around this time? You have a GSYNC monitor (144 fps), so your problem is different. I have a normal 60 fps monitor. Mind you, not some cheapo monitor, its a NEC Multisync PA302W, quite new, with LED backlight. But not GSYNC and 60 fps. What I did today: I disabled GSYNC in the graphic panel, only for FO4. But you cannot do this with the normal drivers panel, because the driver knows that it has no GSYNC monitor. I disabled it with the tool NVIDIA Profile Inspector. Do not know yet if this helps, and for you it won't help, since you use GSYNC. But this was the last major change from NVIDIA to integrate GSYNC. So maybe this is connected, or maybe not... Will report, if I find out something new.
  20. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    Ah well, there goes that stab in the dark.
  21. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    Yep your right my mistake I thought there was a newer one.
  22. MinDefeatCastle

    Hello, Lonewanderer, hello, Admin, please help me with your Know How to make the reports to the bug tracker in the AFK platform. How can I find it? How to satisfy the requirements? I 've good savegames, how to transfer them? (In the Commonwealth - not in NukaWorld - all setstage free) In this thread you can find the whole controversy. 1. likely the "Clayton Holdren"-bug 2. likely the "Form Ranks"-bug It continues to ask me for more settlements, despite Inside Job is successful and despite I 've 29 settlements in the Commonwealth. Yours truly, j
  23. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    I do not even know what MO is... No - I think this is a problem between NVIDIAs driver (I have the latest) and the games mechanism to cap frame rate and get timing for its physics engine. I have a Western Digital Velocity Raptor disk (10.000 min-1), which works flawlessly. It also is carefully cleaned and optimized with Windows 7 tools. It is quite fast, and makes up to 150 MBytes/sec in a sequential read. It is cleary not a SSD, but I can live with a few seconds more disk reading time. There is no caching software - except Windows 7 buffer cache - which is standard. I also did start a new game (yesterday), and do not use any mods except UFO4P 2.01, installed with NMM, checked with LOOT. All checks out fine.
  24. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    Hello, uhmmm - I'm wondering... There is exactly one version of UFO4P, which is linked here: 2.01 (it was fixed soon after release, named 2.01a, AFAIK). It is for all versions from 1.8 upwards. I had 1.94, now have 1.10.26. I am not aware of a special version of UFO4P for newer versions. Am I wrong here?
  25. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    Well after the posts by Zzyxzz, amend the above quote to read + : .. "And have you eliminated the possibility that software enforcing a Virtual Filing System on the game could be at fault feeding the game the files it needs from elsewhere on your HD, ie MO/MO2" I dont use it personally, so is this a possible source of the issues for @Lonewanderer aswell ?. I know MO is no longer supported (because Tannin is now working full time on the Nexus next mod manager Vortex), and I know that ELPresidente is new to working on the beta of MO2, so it would not surprise me if it had early teething problems like this (in fact I am pretty sure there have been many similar conversations around the various bazaars which could probably all be attributed to using one or the other recently).
  26. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    Part 2. So i tried several things now. Reinstalled 373.06 -> Same issue. This morning i updated my FO4 to the latest version and then did several tests. First of all i made sure its vanilla. I validated my files. (Which was the main reason i updated to the latest version...) No error, all fine. I started Fallout 4 with the original launcher and with all DLCs and a small esp that enables console. ENB still enabled. In the main menu i typed tdetect and then coc concordext and moved to my testing location. Well... 2 Seconds and 24 seconds loadscreen. I restarted the game and tested again. Same result. Load times are "okay". 24 seconds for an SSD is still pretty long. Now i went back to my organizer and first of all, i updated all f4se related mods. So i started my game with all mods etc loaded and again it was bugged. Now i disabled all ESPs except the console and DLCs and started my game with F4SE. I also noticed, that the startup time with the normal launcher was much faster than with F4SE. tdetect.... coc concordext later... bugged. Insane loading times. So the next thing i did was to disable everything in Mod Organizer. This means all loose files like textures. I wanted to see if some loose files are the issue or ESP related. I disabled everything and only had DLCs+Console ESP. Again, bugged. TL;DR: Normal launcher with minimum setup-> fine (but only tested two times. To verify the result i have to do more test runs.) MO2 with all mods -> bad MO2+F4SE with loose files and disabled ESPs -> bad MO2+F4SE with all deactivated -> bad After that i had to go to work and i'll test further today. Interesting is the information regarding the V-Sync. I'll test that too, if that solves those issues. Regarding the Framelock via ENB Boost and toggle it, this is not a solution as it will burn your graphics card.
  27. Extreme long loading times - all of a sudden...

    I had this issue... and now i'm having it again. I also did a lot of research on the topic. First my speccs & general infos: Hardware: 144hz monitor from Asus i5 @ 3.0 to 3.2 boost GTX 970 Strix OC @ driver 64-bit Windows 10 387.x (latest one) HDD(Windows 10) and Samsung SSD EVO 750 (Steam + Fallout 4) RAM 8GB @ DDR3 Software: Windows 10 Antivirus: Windows Defender / Windows Essentials or how it is called. Steam: Game Overlay is disabled for Fallout 4. Cloud Sync is disabled. Fallout 4 is up to date. Was 1.9.4 some hours ago and i updated to the latest version. Which didnt fix issues, but i thought it was worth a try. Mod Organizer 2 is used, an alpha build from GitHub. It works very well, except of a crash when trying to start the game after a file was moved out of the overwrite directory. Only issue i've found. I'm using Subtle ENB with ENB version 0.307 I'm using the latest F4SE version that is available Configuration: My inis are configured with Bilagos Tool. V-Sync from vanilla FO4 is active and application controlled in Nvidia. Tripple buffering is enabled. I'm playing in window borderless mode currently. Fullscreen was tested too, several times. Now maybe an interesting config which i did. My FPS are locked to ~63.9 FPS and due to Fallouts V-Sync its still at 60 FPS. Why? Because i'm using a 144hz monitor and i had a lot of issues with very soft microstutters although my FPS were 60. Sometimes the FPS try to break out and jump up to 63-64 FPS even with V-SYNC! Setting the FPS lock to ~63.9 fixed the issue. ENB has been configured with VideoMem and without. No change at all. What i've found out so far: The problem mainly exists when entering a exterior area. It does also happen with interiors but it will still be "fast". The loading times of an interior will be trippled and even more when the problem exists. Concord is my testing area and is very good for it. I'm testing it with the small building with the 2 collapsed floors. Where a death claw jumps out of the street. When coming from the museum and taking the right road to a white door with an oil lamp. Normally it has a load time of ~2 seconds. One and a half load animation of the symbol. When its bugged, it takes about 4-6 animations to load the small room. When i move outside, the load time is about ~24 seconds when its loading "normal". When its bugged, it loads much longer 1 to 5 minutes and sometimes endless? At least it seems so. There a good and bad loading screens. The one with 3D does always work and is pretty fast. The black one is the bad one. It has the Vault-Tec icon in the corner and loads nearly forever... or it does indeed load forever? I don't know after 10 Minutes i killed the FO4 process. PCB does ineed help and will trigger a good loading 3D load screen. Same goes for bPreemptivelyUnloadCells=1. It does the same probably? Issues are missing objects/in the background/you'll see blue ground/missing objects. Not always but it can happen. I had this issue long time ago and it suddenly reappeared. I don't know why... when i had this issue the first time, i installed the nvidia driver 373.06 and the issue was gone. After some time i updated from 373 to.... don't know and the issue was still gone. 2 Days ago, the issue reappeared. I apprehension that the latest windows 10 update is the culprit (god... i hate windows 10...) . Alt+Tab was indeed working, but at the moment its no longer working for me. The load screen continues and continues... The VRAM will "freeze" when the issue emerges. It will stay at 2795 and will stay there for some time and then it jumps to 2796 some minutes later to 2797 etc... but nothing happens. CPU is running at 20-50% and working, but what!? Fallout4.exe RAM is @3800-4000MB. One thing that i noticed. SOMETIMES, it does work normally. You start the game and loading screens are "normal" 20-30 seconds. I play the save and its fine. Now i restart the game and start the same save. BAM! Loadscreens take forever. The same save, the same setup. The first time the issue reappeared it was at the USS constitution and i was like WTF!? again? I restarted my PC and the issue was gone. I was like, phew... next game... fullhouse of loadscreen all day. Restart didnt help. Part 1 of my story.
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