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  2. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Short version: Yes and I have at least two ready to go. There is one tweak I have in mind that makes it easier to explode bodies when an actor takes a headshot or a limb gets knocked off. Brutal but fun. Long version: Right now the bash game files for Fallout 4 are still fairly barren and need to be fleshed out. We have the data, it is just that the data needs to be put in the right places so Bash knows what to do with the tweaks. @Sharlikran has already done a good bit of ground work on this and I've done some research into the tweaks themselves, but the heavy lifting part of putting it all together still needs to be done.
  3. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Will you be able to do the same for Fallout 4 ?, it currently has none. Probably will be the hardest of the lot to figure out what is valid for that game, seeing as Bethesda leave old GMST's from old games in the engine and just dont use a heap of them, sorting out whats valid for FO4 versus FO3 or NV might be a bit of a trawl.
  4. Wrye Bash - All Games

    More like value-comma-space-space-value-comma. it was actually a typo more than anything, but typos are bad. Yes that's exactly the mindset I took. I have many "fix" mods that are just GMST edits (see the No BS AI Dodge fix as an example) that would save a lot of slots. I also looked at SkyTweak and nicked a few ideas. Edit: because you edited around the same time I did - yep I got that too. I actually overflowed the little tooltip box once and had to pare it back a bit.
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Beermotor Ooh thats a nice development, adding more GMST tweaks for newer games than Oblivion makes the Bashed Patch even more attractive for users. Each one is potentially a mod which is no longer needed (thats how quite a few of the original Oblivion Tweaks were included, permission was gained from a mod author to include their GMST tweak find into the Patchers, cutting down on another mod slot use) Looking forward to be able to reduce the Greeting Distance in Skyrim SE, maybe when you enter Breezehome while a guard walks past he will be less likely to engage in conversation and will not follow you into the house. Dont forget you will need a small description as a tool tip for each one (when you hover the mouse over a Tweak there is a description in the info bar at the bottom of the Rebuild dialogue above the action buttons)
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Story of my (computing) life right there. Darn tuples'll getcha every time! Let me guess.. value-comma-SPACE-value?
  7. I dunno what you guys think, but someone or a group of people are using Bethesda.net to upload animated gif's then jump over to TWC and post spam with the uploaded animated gif from Bethesda.net as images. Just minutes ago I sent a message to PseronWyrd about it and that was the second time in a few days.
  8. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Ok I was a noob and didn't do my tuple right on the horse thing. I fixed it and now it works. I've got a nimble horse now. My pleasure. It'll be a while before these are in. Once Beta 2 is released and work starts back up I may do a test commit with these included. Right now I'm just messing around learning things.
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  10. I prefer to play as a mage so this looks very cool. Thanks VaultDuke!
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    That's awesome Beermotor! Thanks!
  12. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Okay, I'm going to have to check that one out just due to the name. It's got me thinking of baaaaaahd things involving sheep or something.
  13. Windows 10

    That's good to know, thanks! I will just let them install. It's too much trouble to keep adjusting the settings, as you said, and I don't want to forget. I wonder if they take into consideration that all the data they hoover are from the lazy and/or non-tech savvy, and that those who are concerned about privacy aren't getting their data gathered. Basically they're not getting the whole picture. It probably doesn't matter as they're still able to sell that info or use it to target those same people as consumers. This is what I've done with Cortana: https://www.askvg.com/windows-10-tip-remove-cortana-microsoft-edge-contact-support-and-feedback-apps/ Plus I've completely disabled OneDrive. Lots of great info on that site, if you haven't run across it before. HowToGeek's site annoys me but I'll take a look at those links, thanks for providing them. I too use an external HDD for dedicated backup, but also use a cloud service with a private encryption key. Just switched to IDrive after CrashPlan effed their home users. Haven't had a chance to assess them very well yet, but so far I've been pleased. Managed to finagle a deal for 5TB, unlimited computers @ $10/year.
  14. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yep that was one that was already present (it has been there since 2011 IIRC) that probably needs to be confirmed, but for the ones I did today I checked against the Creation Kit wiki and a couple of other sources (usually I googled them but took the results with a wheelbarrow of salt) to make sure the right GMSTs were being used. In a lot of cases there were no corresponding Skyrim versions of the Oblivion setting. One thing I learned is that in some ways Oblivion was more advanced than Skyrim is. So far in my testing there were a few of them that wouldn't build.. namely the horse turning & turn ramp-up speed. They didn't throw an error but they weren't added to the Game Settings in the Bashed Patch. The 'iAINumberActorsComplexScene' tweak stuck however. I just need to spawn a bunch of Stormcloaks in the middle of Soltude again to see how it plays out.
  15. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Those will need to be checked to be sure they even apply to Skyrim at all. For example, I'm not sure the one for "AI Max Active Actors" actually works in Skyrim since the entire AI system was changed.
  16. This is splendid. I'm doing a mage play-through and this will come in handy.
  17. Wrye Bash - All Games

    So you guys got me thinking and I got bored, so as part of some prep work for v308 I ported some of the Oblivion tweaks to Skyrim/Skyrim SE and added a few new ones. Et voila: This is for later (e.g. after Beta 2 or even later depending on priorities) and just a proof of concept. I still have a lot of in-game testing and code clean-up to do.
  18. I have stopped twitter, but I am still alive here.

  19. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Updated Crimes against Nature BCF to match the new 5.1.1 release.
  20. If anyone is interested in testing the ALPHA for the update, I have uploaded it on Google Drive. Download it at this link. Only LE for the moment, sorry! Please make note of the following: Not all shrines have functioning blessings yet. Some have new blessings, default blessings or none at all. I still need to generate the LOD for some of the shrines. There are some really bare bone Shrines with no decor whatsoever. So, what exactly is in the update? More locations: Hold Capitals, Towns, Settlements, Orc Strongholds and Unique Locations Click here to read a list of all the added locations. Travel is now actually fast. Sadly, followers will no longer accompany you. :*( Activation Costs: By default, traveling between shrines is free of charge. However, if you wanted to spice things up a little, you have the option to charge the player 500 Gold or one full Grand Soul Gem. Discovery: Before you can go on any adventures you first need to discover some shrines. Every location can be found inside of categories and in order for any locations to show up, you will need to discover the shrines at those locations. Otherwise, the only thing you will see inside in any of the categories is 'More' or 'Exit'. (Alternatively, you can unlock almost all locations by toggling the cheat on through the Configuration Book or the MCM) Configuration. Read the FAQ for more on it. Will get screenshots and a video up ASAP so you can see the update in action
  21. Windows 10

    Those bad penny apps I just keep them installed : Reason .. Most of them will auto appear in Settings / Privacy / Location | Camera | Microphone | Contacts etc etc, when they auto re-install. Leave them installed and your preferences in Privacy settings of having them not gathering data about you, and uploading it to MS via the OneDrive, remains in force. Uninstall them and they will again appear in those settings with default On (At least they have done once in the past for me, never uninstalled them since and keep them set to off for data gathering) You're right they have nothing to do with the system, but this is why Win 10 was initially free : As they say "you have become the product", imagine the behaviour science applied in analyzing all your data that MS has access to now, assuming most people will never touch privacy settings and use all the default programs including Edge and Cortana, People / Photos / Contacts etc, the amount of meta data scraping too from just the information held in a photo these days. Thats also why OneDrive is not made easy to turn off / get rid of, its crucial to all the data gathering stored in MS Cloud. Who else has access to all that ?. Anyway, this is a bit of a leap from discussing Paint3D, but I do believe Win 10 is all about marketing and advertising, and being a data hoover. Just switch off what you can without uninstalling because if its important to the data gathering machine it will get re-installed. Notice how you cant get the old Windows Picture and Fax Viewer back easily?, its still part of a .dll, but Win 10 has buried its registry settings, and gets rid of them again after any major update because they want you using Photo instead. https://www.howtogeek.com/225844/how-to-make-windows-photo-viewer-your-default-image-viewer-on-windows-10/ The old registry tweak to add "Copy to .." and "Move to .." back into the right click context menu also gets removed by major updates to windows 10, not entirely sure why but its a PITA. It still works fine on Win 10 https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/add-copy-to-move-to-to-the-windows-explorer-right-click-menu/ On the subject of Clouds - I prefer my external USB HD, doesnt cost bandwidth and so long as I use it once every couple of month to do backups of documents / bookmarks / emails .. Having a trashed HD is not something I worry about. Thunderbird and all my email accounts get backed up with MozBackup (it still works for the latest version of Thunderbird), probably the most important backup file out of all of them.
  22. Cheap or Free Games!

    In addition, it looks like Betheseda titles are discounted on GOG as well! (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, etc.)
  23. Windows 10

    CCleaner & SpinRite help keep my old HDD's in decent shape. At least as long as Avast doesn't let CCleaner get hacked... Oh wait.. Yeah, I do a clean up after every update. It's pretty amazing the crap that gets stored. I once even compressed Windows.old and sent it off as a just-in-case backup. After a while I saw the foolishness in that & just delete it. I'm getting more than a little annoyed that they keep reinstalling "system applications" I've very intentionally uninstalled, and reverted various settings to how THEY want them. How on Earth can 3D Objects & Paint3D be considered a necessary "system application"? LOL, I've learned not to mess with Old Man Murphy!
  24. Windows 10

    Whatever doesn't kill this poor old HDD makes it what? Certainly not bloat resistant. Has anyone done a disk cleanup of previous Windows after the 1709 update? Here that amounted to well over 35 GB. 35GB!!!!! No wonder the system has been running somewhat sluggishly since the update. This raises the hairy question of dedicated MS servers for backup & restore. Something like this but the prices! Makes no sense periodically shunting yottabytes of the same data through the internet- thus the focus would be on a better way to preserve the few user settings these updates actually respect. Thus for system restore, core files of a previous OS are retrieved from an internet server, local settings & files are retrieved from a local source. This would work providing there is no major blunder in the shipped update so that everyone is not rushing to D/L the restore package:- our friend Murphy is forever waiting in the wings for that eventuality!
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  26. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno I dont think there are any issues to be concerned with on Nexus, maybe the one who cant Create a Dummy Master .. He posted on Skyrim SE Nexus reference this Oblivion issue, but has not followed up with a reproducing scenario (I dont know what this "Item I /Better Cities issue" is) / bugdump / version of WB in use or reverted to .. And its not a function I know how to use or in what circumstance (its ghosted for me so I am obviously missing something that is a precondition to it being used). Otherwise, most people just dont follow up with enough info or even if what was suggested worked .. So as far as I know there's nothing worthy of noting that is not more than likely user error, or missing game registry settings due to Steam deleting them etc etc.
  27. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Gotcha--good little summary there. I bet Utumno works and a programmer in RL too. Program all day at work, come home, program some more. Programming could get repetitive in a case like that. Anywho, thanks for clearing things up, Alt.
  28. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Nope, it has been talked about but its not likely to happen for quite a while. Priorities I think are first on getting a new beta published on Nexus so that everyone can use it with the most recent updates to Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE (due to new save formats and esls, anyone using Wrye Bash who are not using the nightly builds will be having some bad problems, which is probably a lot of users right now). Utumno is doing some final updates to dev, and then I think the new beta can go live .. But Utumno is very busy RL too. After that, a period of letting everyone get settled in with the new beta2, and hopefully not many issues will be found by the masses. And then a full public release of 307 should go live sometime thereafter. Then I think plans and priorities for 308 will start to take shape, hopefully patchers for each new game the project currently supports, and also finishing off the whole refactoring and outstanding bugs which may be easier to finally solve once the refactoring is complete. Somewhere among that over the coming years maybe?. I'm just hoping that the project will get to a point where its a lot easier for Utumno to manage, or more talented Python programmers join in and ease the load. Because I think Utumno is a bit threadbare / worn out with the project and keeping his RL job going. He is getting a bit more support these days on the coding side.
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