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  2. Well having prompted the moderators a couple of times since my last post .. I think they are just not getting a response back from Bethesda so far So still being patient .. Meanwhile I just turned the nexus page into another iteration of the manual guide, with an empty BAIN template for a file
  3. Coconut Pete Level Up

    Version 1.0.0


    Replaces the level up drum roll with a short clip of Bill Paxton, as Coconut Pete, screaming, "Yes! Yes, godd****t! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" *throws coconut at wall*" Made on a whim, it has brought me an unexpected amount of joy. So I share it with you.
  4. Hmmm, something still doesn't seem right. After installing the newest 2.0 patch, I went to a known random encounter "hotspot" (road to cambridge polymer labs) to see what's new Found plenty of things happening: preston garvey impersonator, ness (related to the skylines crash site quest) even was able to recruit the scribe as a vendor. All working good, no problem. Then I played some more, completed automatron. Went back to the same place to see if I could find smiling lary - The only thing I could find after a hour trying: Rust devil patrols, over and over again. It's intended to random encounters AFTER automatron be only about rusty devils or robots? I read something like that in the wikia.
  5. Finally found time to check that (FNV GECK + PowerUp), and I don't see anything new for those condition functions, no parameters and no changes in Run On list. Where did you get that information?
  6. @Leonardo See the last link in the previous post - There is a file on Nexus now, which is just a folder template to make the BAIN Still needs DIY and put the Original and Cleaned masters into the BAIN yourself .. But until Bethesda give permission its all I can do is to show people how.
  7. Last week
  8. There is a huge (relatively) gap between the inside mesh and outside mesh. Wish I knew more about this, I could articulate it better. It's like the holes in the outer layer are form the gradient texture alpha not the alpha property on the mesh itself. The problem was like the alignment of that texture maybe?
  9. 3.1.5a minor nuisance ARTH_LAL_FriendlyFireScript has a debug.trace line that is not commented out. As a result, it spams the papyrus log quite a lot. It makes it difficult to check for errors related to mod(s) being tested. Not sure how the GetCombatTarget() function works, but it seems to yield mostly my followers. It also outputs to the log when there is no combat. It may be possible that there is a 'cloak effect' added by a mod which triggers it (much like what the brawl bug intends to fix). The following is a 'small' section of the log. I suspect that for it to go away naturally, I would need to return to the specific Forswarn location that I started out in and attack them so that the HostileIntent variable gets set to true.
  10. Thank you I'll give these are swing when I get home.
  11. Ok, so, being Crossbows, InsanePlumber is correct - turn off AutoSanitize on Save option (although I thought it was off by default in the latest version of Nifskope). The main problem here is some of your meshes are out of order, along with a few other issues. Stahlrim crossbow - out of order. The NiNode of the CrossbowRoot needs to come before the NiTriShape branch. So move the NiTriShape (and all its blocks) down below the NiNode. Highlight the NiTriShape line, use CTRL + down arrow, you'll see the block number change. Keep going until the number won't change any more. Now expand the NiTriShape block and do the same for each branch in that block so its all in order. Horker crossbow (love this btw!) - the two NiTriShapes are named the same, thats a no no. Rename the second one to crossbow:1 or something. Otherwise it appears to be in order. Wooden crossbow1 - this is a mess. Are you sure this even works? You have all the NiTriShapes bundled up under a BSFadeNode - you can't have two BSFadeNodes in a mesh. It needs to be a NiNode (use the convert option). I'm not even sure that'll work anyway, just leave the NiTriShapes as children under the root BSFadeNode. Besides that, it's out of order, the CrossbowRoot NiNode needs to be above the NiTriShapes, so do as above. Also, none of the NiTriShapes have names, they need a string name and each unique from each other. Wooden crossbow2 - same as wooden crossbow 1. Wooden crossbow3 - while this one doesn't have the extra BSFadeNode, the NiTriShapes are still out of order and have no string names. So, a little bit of cleaning up to do. Even then, I'm not sure if any of these with multiple NiTriShapes are rigged properly. Also, every NiTriShapeData Consistency Flag should be CT_Static.
  12. It might be a simple transparency engine issue specific to SSE, such as the one responsible for issues 21754 and 21936. If so, then the solution consists on creating a slight gap between layers.
  13. Thx! Rest in the brief moment.
  14. Yes. Ok, that explains it. From your post it wasn't quite clear whether you thought you had the problem or not.
  15. No it's the mesh itself .......... I think I fixed it !!! Here look... below image is what I did... After looking and looking I didn't see any change in the mesh in-game when I did changes in NifSkope trying to figure it out. so I wanted to just make sure the loose file mesh was even overwriting correctly. Decided to try and turn off that outer layer and see if anything changed. If worked so then I tinkered some more and made the following changes to get the look above.... In the blocks of NifSkope 6 BSEffectShaderProperty - Shader Flags 1 - Removed SLSF1_Vertex_Alpha and SLSF1_Use_Falloff flags and in the alpha section 10 NiAlphaProperty - Lowered the Threshold to 50 That's it ! Removing the 2 flags makes the flags the same as that of the bubble on the other lava mesh. Mostly it's the falloff I think. The alpha threshold number seems to control the height of the open spaces. Try changing the Greater flag to Lesser and change number up and down to see what I mean. Very hard to explain that one. I was just trying out stuff till it did what I wanted. Here is mesh if you want to try it out ...... it's in the proper folder Jebbalon - Lava Column.7z
  16. Do you use any custom meshes in your interior cell? Sometimes badly configured shaders in a custom mesh can affect rendering of everything else. Try to create a new interior cell with that mesh only just in case to test.
  17. Here are the files I am having trouble with. Thanks guys.
  18. Well that didn't work. I'm at a loss. I don't know why it would look different in game than what is shown in nifskope. If anyone wants to look at the lava column in game - you can use player.placeatme 02014E98 That's the static object DweSpecialForgeLava03 [STAT:02014E98] ... It will be at your feet and extend down into the ground so might have to TCL to look at it. Thanks all for looking at this. -Jebbalon
  19. If you've (or someone who did them) made these Meshes have forgotten (or did not know about it) to turn off (uncheck) option "Auto Sanitize before Save" is in Nifskope menu (Files->Auto Sanitize before Save) and restart NifSkope (I have always turned off this option) It is this option in my case, cause the disappearance of my edited and custom weapons when I drop them on the ground. The only way I managed to fix it (avoid this problem) it was to re-export again NIF from 3d max and using NifSkope with disabled above described option.
  20. I noticed that with the Merchant Perk items that have the VendorNoSale keyword suddenly become available to sell to the merchants. Is there anything that can be done to prevent such items from being available for sale to merchants at any point in the game despite the perks that the player has? I have some items in one of my mods that I need to ensure cannot be sold.
  21. After making the statement about the lava Bubbles ... I went back and looked at that mesh and noticed that it was correct in game.. And that the NiAlphaProperty has a controller (BSNiAlphaPropertyTestRefController) attached to it that the Lava column does not ... So, maybe I'll try attaching one in the column mesh alpha ??? - crosses fingers -
  22. @GruftlordAre you asking me if I ave an AMD card? Cause if so, yes, an RX 480.
  23. Right, Arthmoor's image is same as my game which is not how it looks in Nifskope (with Alpha enable testing) and that image from UESPwiki is from original skyrim/dawnguard not SSE. I have a nVidia GTX 770 card. Yeah, section 4 and 4.1 ... It's still unclear to me though... is it the same for the Effect Shaders. Arthmoor, Also in that same room the lava surfaces, if you look at the bubbles that come up and break at the surface - they use the same effect shader and "look wrong" to me as well. (Different from the mesh in nifskope)
  24. from the looks of it: you're on an AMD card as well?
  25. If it's for original Skyrim, if you want to share the files, I'll take a look at them. Can't think of anything off the top of my head that wouldn't let them show when dropped. Assuming you have a 1stperson model and a world model even though they're typically exactly the same. If it's for SSE, sorry, can't help.
  26. Used your save, this is what it looks like for me: Are you by chance using an AMD card? I've heard before that something in AMD's drivers going back 10+ years doesn't handle multiple transparency layers properly. I'm wondering if this might be due to that.
  27. Well crap, that seems lazy of them. Luckily I haven't used any treasure maps yet. Guess it'll be at least another week before they fix that then, assuming they don't start skipping patches for a while again. That's really bad. Seems like when you think they can't break stuff any worse, they do. Oh okay, good. That would have been really bad to have to deal with for a whole week.
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