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  3. Dont quote me but I think (having not actually used the new CK's and their associated archivers for Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE myself) that the official archiver packs your textures and automatically optimises how they are stored in the BA2 itself, so will separate out the big layer from the mipmaps for each texture without you having to do anything, and store them how they should be. So if the mods have used the official archiver for creating their BA2's, at least they got that bit right. And if all of the textures contained are originally just the usual DXT1 for example, then the optimisation of the textures with Ordinador is probably good enough too if you are not looking too closely at the resulting textures. Best thing to check them out with is MNelson's <Gamename> Performance Monitor, he now has one for FO4 and SSE Do a strict measured run for before and after, screenshot and compare both sets of graphs and results. Have a look at the images for how I tested my progress with VRT for Skyrim LE using Skyrim Performance Monitor. I ought to have mentioned a disclaimer in my first reply, that my opinion there is just a generalisation and not reflective of the quality of any particular mod - Its just what I have collectively been seeing across nexus since FO4 and SSE have been released. Some mods using old tools may well be okay in use and in quality, only way to know for sure is check em out and see if you get any reduction in quality of texture or fps .. Or DIY. Right, gotta go I shouldn't be here right now
  4. LOL I always learn by reading your long posts, thank you! I've come to having read most if not all of your guides at different points in time. I've read all of the articles you mentioned while learning to implement mods in skyrim. I hope I have learned something... because I'm not extracting bsa's now. But sure as hell I still don't know how the game engine loads them. As an example case, the optimized textures mentioned above are indeed in bsa format. And its assets will probably be overridden in the most part by higher quality texture replacers that I'll be installing (noble skyrim, flourishing floras and whatnot). Will I overload the game in any way by having replacers replacing replacers in succession? Should I try to repack them in one big texture replacer customized for my build and add just that to wrye bash? If that's the case, how do I repack a folder with all my selected assets into a bsa?
  5. deleted.
  6. Oh gods Well first The best way of converting textures is to use the tools which were made for the job, or used by the game manufacturers. For Skyrim LE, Photoshop plus DDS / Normals plugin For Skyrim LE Ethatron made the best home brew texture optimizer in the form of DDSOpt, which was very good in particular at regenerating mipmaps for normals Ordinator by apipino did a good job of simplifying batch processing of textures, but was not quite as accomplished technically as DDSOpt So for Skyrim LE : Textures processed individually, by people who understand all the intricacies of every texture type, using Photoshop, would give best results. Which was also a slow and monumental task given circa 33000 textures to work on. DDSOpt needed a bit of study to get the best out of it for all textures, and necessitated splitting textures up into batches and / or getting to grips with the DDSOpt filters .. but the results were really good (The STEP project has there own bunch of optimised textures done that way). Ordinator was for people who couldnt be arsed, just wanted a quick way to reduce VRAM usage, and were not so fussy about preserving detail from the original textures in the resulting textures. imho. Fallout 4 came along next. New BSA format (BA2), and the way textures were stored in those archives was new. The largest mipmap texture layer is stored separately, because it is rarely used in game, and only needs to be loaded and applied to the model in game if the model is up close. Otherwise most of the time the game engine may aswell just cache the much smaller mipmap layers for immediate use and optimise how textures are used in game. Carry that idea over to Skyrim SE, and you will also realise another reason for not having mod replacers files as loose files (mentioned elsewhere), because when the game loads the textures as loose files it has to load the large texture mipmap aswell, making the newer games less optimal in this aspect. So hopefully the mods you are looking at for the newer Skyrim SE gives its textures in BA2's, and not loose files. Also hopefully they are using the newer plugins for textures (and the newer texture types which are compatible with the newer games) Intel Texture Works. Both DDSOpt, and Ordinator Ordinador .. HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED TO WORK WITH THE NEWER GAMES TEXTURE FORMATS So maybe there are newer textures and formats with layers that were not present in older games that these tools and there filters have not been adapted to. In a lot of cases they will work fine (because both games do still utilise the older texture formats a lot like DXT1) .. .. But really the people making these mods ought to put in a bit more effort to understand what they are doing with peoples game setups, instead of just thinking "worked for skyrim, lets see if it works on FO4 and SSE .. seems fine to me after ten minutes, lets upload it and get a bit of fame and not answer the technical stuff cause I havent got a clue anyway" Your choice. I would imagine they cut down on your VRAM use, probably do no harm, but will look glitchy, and are certainly no better optimised despite the processing if they are uploaded as loose replacers. The BA2 loading as explained elsewhere is not only faster, but also due to not needing the large base image layer the game will just ignore loading that from the BA2 completely when it is not needed .. If the replacers are loose files, the whole texture is loaded. So any VRAM saving from optimising process is lost due to loading the whole texture anyway in the case of the newer games since Skyrim LE. Reference mods being removed - Maybe they did not get permission from the original authors which were for Skyrim LE, when converting someone elses work for SSE (its been happening quite a lot, cheeky copy pastas wanting a quick fix of being an author with very little effort). Someone will probably correct any inaccuracies above (typing this quick because I need to get back on shift soon), but I think that just about sums it up. For further (but getting old now) reading, see the following topic ..
  7. I haven't listened to it yet (on night shifts at the mo), but apparently you can remove an unecessary block on Win 7 / 8.1 updates "This week Steve and Leo discuss how one of the NSA's Vault7 vulnerabilities has gotten loose, a clever hacker removes Microsoft deliberate (and apparently unnecessary) block on Win7/8.1 updates for newer processors, Microsoft refactors multifactor authentication, Google to add native ad-blocking to Chrome… and what exactly *are* abusive ads?, Mastercard to build a questionable fingerprint sensor into their cards, are Bose headphones spying on their listeners? 10 worrisome security holes discovered in Linksys routers, MIT cashes out half of its IPv4 space, and the return of two meaner BrickerBots. Then some Errata, a bit of Miscellany, and, time permitting, some "Closing the Loop" feedback from our podcast's terrific listeners." ----------- Also O/T a bit but Steve Gibsons SQRL Login client is quite stable now and nearing completion for Windows, I think he just wants to make an installer for it (not really necessary). Anyone who wants to try it out / beta test : Dev build (current update version is 6325.11.exe at time of writing) Run the client (from wherever you put the client, I just copied it from downloads into the root of my D: drive), when run it will register itself as an auto start Systray App - Once running, Right click its systray icon and choose Manage SQRL, you will then be able to setup a username and ID with an associated password (you only need to do this once, though you can have other IDs) Now restart your machine, Squirrel should auto start and be running in your Systray, go to the Demo Page and click the square QR code .. It will ask for your password and log you in. If you accepted defaults for SQRL and the Quick login default of 4 characters, then next login will just ask you for those four first characters of your password. From then on, (when all sites support it), whenever you go to a site, you dont need to type in username and password anymore, you just click the QR code, type your first four characters of the password and you are in .. The site knows nothing about you except that you are for example in my case "Alt3rn1ty", it does not store your password so cannot be hacked, and only shares a public key which also cannot be used again anywhere else ... So the problem of having to redo passwords when a website gets hacked will become a thing of the past aswell. This also means website admins will have less worry about hosting and hashing all users private information. Besides the Dev builds of Steves Assembly language client linked above, there are also the following projects completed Here's me logging in to the Demo page (using Win 10 Creators Update Game Bar to record Chromium (you will not be able to see me enter my password just after clicking the QR code because the interface for that is presented by the SQRL client not Chromium, so is not being recorded by the Game Bar recorder) ) .. GRC's _ SQRL Secure Quick Reliable Login - Chromium 27_04_2017 13_18_05.mp4 (Just use VLC Media player to play it if you havent got anything which supports .mp4 files, VLC supports everything) Edit : Forgot to link the GRC Discussions for SQRL Edit 2 : Should you wish to get rid of the current beta client from your setup, just delete the copy you ran which registered itself (in my case I would just delete the copy I placed in the root of my D: drive) .. It will no longer run at windows startup. It will leave behind a registry entry for auto starts which will always fail because the exe has been deleted .. You could use CCleaner to clean such redundant registry entries .. If you dare -- This is one of the reasons Steve is making an Installer / Uninstaller wrapper for the client when it goes live
  8. Do you think it's beneficial to install a set of optimized vanilla textures at the top of your installer list? I found these. They were processed with 'Ordenador' according to the description. Is there a better alternative? I found references to two, both of which are unavailable at the moment: SSE - Optimized Textures 1.7 gb Project Optimized Textures Skyrim Special Edition 650 mb Is there a problem with people and nexus or something? I'm getting A LOT of recent mods being remove/hidden... By no means do I imply that mod authors don't have the right to share or not share as they please, I'm just curious as I've been finding so many unavailable mods that had been released only a few months ago.
  9. Yes they are alpha blended onto the base texture.
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  16. Yeah that was pretty much what I was asking, sorry if it didn't come across as understandable, I've been pretty tired lately with binge watching tutorials on how to script and make custom items using the creation kit.
  17. New release - Common Furniture !
  18. The Downloads section is broken down into game categories, original Skyrim, and Skyrim Special Edition, if that's what you're asking. Just make sure to choose the right category.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Common Furniture Retex ========================================= by Hana / Hanaisse 04/25/2017 v1.0 Description; ------------- A texture replacer for all types of "common" furniture and items. It's a large impact, as the one texture file I recreated touches many, many meshes. Most are found in meshes/clutter/common/ and start with 'common' in the file name, plus the furniture in meshes/furniture/common/. Remade at 1024x1024 - 2x's the size of the original, same as the HD textures. Install; --------- Unzip into a temp folder. Drop the Textures folder into your Data folder. Uninstall; ----------- Delete the files textures/clutter/common/ and ************************************** A HEART Project AFKMods Production. All rights reserved. See the release thread for more information. Permissions: ------------- ** YOU MAY NOT USE ANY TEXTURES FROM THIS MOD WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE ORIGINAL MOD AUTHOR Hana/Hanaisse. Rights to some images are restricted by third party license to this mod. Others are the creation of the mod artist Hana/Hanaisse. Contact the mod author for details if you have questions. If the original mod author cannot be reached, then no texture in this mod may be used for any purpose whatsoever. ** Do not upload this mod on any other site. Credits: --------- Textures are original creations by me or with the help of textures from and with Photoshop brushes courtesy of
  20. I was going to but felt intimidated, also thank you, I will certainly host my mods here but one question before I do so, how exactly would I go about doing that? with bethesda and nexus being very different and confusing at first (nexus especially) I just want to ask how to would post a mod that one is for the old version and another for special edition? (I dunno if I explained it properly but hopefully it came across as intended)
  21. Welcome EvilPandaButt. You can say hi to us in the chat room, we don't bite. Please feel free to upload your material, so long as it adheres to our forum rules. Enjoy your stay.
  22. Hello, I go by the name EvilPandaButt on most websites I use on the interweb. I started my modding career as porting mods to console for Xbox One and a few months after that I started making on own mods. All weapon mods as I can't properly model armour, anyways, I want to thank all the modders on here for the awesome work. I was just wondering if I could also host my mods here? I know you guys are probably going to say go ahead but I wanted to ask first. Anyways I'm currently working on one of the biggest mods I have ever worked on or probably will work on (not really relevant but I'm excited about the mod so I pretty much announce it everywhere). If you want details on the mod I can provide some. PS. For those who stumble across and have recognized my name or is by any chance a fan of the work I have uploaded or ported. I want to thank everyone for the support Anyways that's enough out of me, thanks again to all the modders for the awesome work.
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  24. Question! (it's been a while since I asked any here... ) In landscape records, there is a bunch of layers mentioned. The UESP documentation say that ATXT subrecords are "Additional Texture", but the name displayed in xEdit is "Alpha Texture". Which one is it ? (as far as I understand what all of those mean, it seem that they're additional textures applied with a given transparency, so both names should be allright, but... you never know ^^)
  25. Ok, that sounds like a plan to me. I think one tools section should suffice considering we don't get tons of traffic for each individual program here. We can always fiddle with that later if that turns out to not be the case.
  26. I suggested "Tools" in the Announcement topic but your idea is even better since it's a little more broad. I had trouble finding my NifSkope and B.A.E. threads.
  27. @Arthmoor I had to go to "My Followed Content" to figure out where my NifSkope thread (and B.A.E. too) went. I think this is probably proof enough that with this reorganization we need a dedicated Tools/etc. forum next to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 4 categories.
  28. Good changes overall One thing which is still kinda lacking imo, something like a "Cross-Game Projects" section to host some topics such as xEdit's or NifSkope's dev threads.
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