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  2. I would agree that it could be possible, if the author was not so well known. His Bug Fixes mod for original Skyrim is genius, and widely used. It is getting to the point where I almost have forgotten about the lip sync bug. :-) Not to mention Crash Fixes...while controversial, it is widely used, and to great effect. And the collaboration with Sheson for the SKSE plugin preloader, which has basically made the SKSE memory patch obsolete when used with Crash Fixes. The guy is a hell of a software engineer. I seriously doubt he has any malicious intent.
  3. This might seem like a conspiracy theory but I'm really just curious..... This 'fix' uses a DLL umm .. Hack right. Basically he rewrote the Bink dll that Skyrim.exe normally loads and made it load his fix dll ... That's my understanding of it. What concerns me is that while the virus scans on Nexus shows each separate file is ok.... couldn't the chain loading of the dlls combine to something that the virus scans would alarm on? The files on the fix page he has main file, misc file that says source code for main then there is a newer Alternate file - and no source for that file. Everyone is seeking better performance and I worry that someone might take advantage of that.
  4. Please excuse my intrusion. I am new here and I have an issue. The link on the first page which is supposed to take me to the instructions for reporting a bug ( ) is broken. Could the link be corrected so that it takes me to a page which exists.
  5. My point was more that not everyone is going to have this supposedly universal problem. It would be strongly advised to test for the fps drop first before applying the fix he's uploaded. If you don't need it, then there's no reason to install it.
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  7. Apparently Monsignor plaza has an occlusion box which is not needed ? "Also recommend it to be incorporated to the Unofficial Patch"
  8. Well it is still beta, so as with anything there will be system differences throwing curve balls for some but not others which in time will be ironed out I would imagine - The CTDs were due to the other beta having some kind of error to do with caching .. meh321 has now taken that beta down and working on what may be a better way of achieving his aims. Still havent tried it myself, just dont see the need at the moment on my machine, SSE runs better than any Bethesda game I have ever tried.
  9. Test your game first. I've seen reports of this issue before and tested it using the suggested 240 blank esps twice and both times was unable to reproduce any sort of frame drop or performance drain in Riften or anywhere else. The Nexus page for this "fix" has plenty of people who have reported that it either causes them CTDs or wildly erratic frame rates after installing it, which is clearly not going to solve anything. So I'd be extremely leery of suggesting this to Bethesda because that's all we need is to trade a corner case issue that doesn't affect everyone for something that could end up making the game entirely unstable for everyone.
  10. Someone know at what point(the amount of mods) the FPS drop will be noticeable? Is this dependent on CPU performance?
  11. Hi I think I figured it out. - It was a Settlement/Settler Quest which had hung/bugged out somehow. Quest = Minrecruit02 - in this instance Kidnapped settler at Sanctuary Condition observed. = Settlers at Sanctuary dialogue indicated they need help. One settler confirmed as missing. No settlement boss/spokesperson to provide quest. Quest did not appear in PipBoy quest list. Further observation = Using console commands (Am on PC) it was possible to use ShowVars on all settlers and on Workshop. This revealed that all settlers and workshop had a script running "Alias settlementNPC's on Quest minrecruit02" I didn't screenshot it so cannot be sure but I think "getstage Minrecruit02" revealed the quest stage was 40(?) Resolved by finding the kidnapped settler. (I searched all common kidnap locations and found her at Medford Hospital) then used "resetquest" and "completequest" commands in that order. - "completequest" alone did not appear to fix the issue. I should also have tried a reset/complete test without rescuing the kidnapee first. However I guess this would result in a lost settler as they would not have a script running to bring them home? - I still have my save games from this experiment/process if this would be a helpful test? Since performing this reset process I have had one additional quest trigger at this settlement (raider troubles at...) with settlement boss/spokesperson settler appearing in the correct location to deliver the quest. Therefore this appears to have resolved the issue.
  12. My bug hunting expedition continues, this time into the dark lands of BCF creation and application. Since I created a BAIN wizard for the Immersive Citizens AI mod, I thought I might try my hand at BCF creation since concept could conceivably be more palatable to some mod creators. BCF creation went Ok by all indication, but applying the BCF bugchecked. I'm able to reliably reproduce the error. Steps to reproduce: Create BAIN for the donor package including addition of wizard.txt. Archive (compress) the BAIN package Back at the donor package, select "Conversions -> Create" and pick the name of the new BAIN package created in step #1. Check that the BCF has been created in the right location, check contents. Remove all traces of BAIN package created in step 1 from BASH installers. Close Wrye Bash Launch Wrye Bash Go back to original donor mod, right click, select "Conversions -> Apply -> BCF created in Step #3" Bugcheck. I've attempted to test with several mods I've created BAIN installers for (SkyHUD for example) and can replicate the issue. Attached is my BashBugDump for the steps above done with the Immersive Citizens mod. Beermotor-BCF-apply-BashBugDump.log Since I'm a BCF noob, If I'm doing this all wrong (it is possible - I followed both the Advanced Readme and the STEP guide) please let me know and I 'll try again. Edit: I forgot to mention that this is in the 6/16 BE WIP build.
  13. Probably not as remarkable, I only have 9 plugins beyond the official content in my SSE setup, so have never noticed any degradation (and being on a much better machine now than I have ever had before it would have to be quite a difference to make me notice I think). Anyone with really light load orders will probably not notice, depending upon how fast their machine is at executing the extra loops per plugin Edit : Just saw a comment by Gamer Poets, he has seen someone test Fallout 4 with the 240 empty plugins test, and did not experience any reduction in FPS .. So this problem seems confined to Skyrim Special Edition.
  14. Curious if instead of 240 empties, what the FPS would be with 120 of them?
  15. wizbain

    6/24/2017: Two more releases today: Immersive Citizens for SSE: I've had this one for a while but it needed a minor polish. Nexus Skyrim Overhaul Patches - this is a compatibility patch compilation that was release as a FOMOD-only with incomprehensible subpackage names. I needed one of the patches while I play around with the parent mod (which is just in a simple BAIN format) so this one was created out of necessity. I kind of enjoy doing this, so if anyone has any requests I'll be happy to consider them.
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  17. A new fix by meh321 for Skyrim Special Edition has been released, if his previous fixes are anything to go by this may well bloom into a few other fixes as time goes on. SSE Fixes - Its currently in beta, but apparently fixes an SSE bug which "causes low FPS with many ESP or ESM plugins installed. Also adds option to enable OSAllocators like in vanilla Skyrim, but it's disabled by default because for me it lowered FPS slightly". To test the issue : I haven't tested it personally yet, but have no doubt meh321's results will prove true, thats an astonishing difference. ( I also do not have enough mods to make this problem manifest on my setup, so have never been aware of such a problem before now ). So anyway, do we have a list of mods recommended in addition to the USSEP somewhere that this may be added to ? Edit : It would not surprise me if this is also a Fallout 4 problem (it has already been mentioned that it is not a problem for Oldrim) Edit : Just saw a comment by Gamer Poets, he has seen someone test Fallout 4 with the 240 empty plugins test, and did not experience any reduction in FPS .. So this problem seems confined to Skyrim Special Edition. Edit 2 : Ousnious has passed the info along to Bethesda, so possibility of it getting fixed in future .. maybe / maybe not / in the hands of The Nine
  18. wizbain

    @alt3rn1ty Thank you for the awesome reply. I'm going to take some time this weekend to take an in-depth look at those links. I've already encountered a few instances of #1, but surprisingly most people I've approached have been super-accepting and seemingly delighted to get a BAIN wizard. I don't ask the reasons why, but frequently the author gets someone else to write the FOMOD or has a person on the team that handles it, and that person doesn't understand BAIN or wizard scripting. I always communicate that I'm willing to update the wizard as they update the mod, and that I'll give them feedback on mod structure if they ever do anything that would make it difficult to install via BAIN wizard scripting. In my previous life (I was an IT architect at a US government agency that lobs things out of the atmosphere) I dealt with a few high-visibility open source projects and I understand that once you release or share something it is your baby until you give it to someone else to raise, fully documented of course. It is interesting that you brought up the FOMOD format. Since it is XML I just use Notepad++ to fold the elements up and expand each of them one by one to step through the options. I usually draw a flow-chart of the logic down on a notepad by hand then structure the wizard based on that logic. This can be nightmarishly tedious but it is the most accurate in making a cosmetically similar WizBAIN. I really appreciate the advice (and all the other advice you've given me), thank you. What I've been working on lately is a gigantic monster wizard for the Static Mesh Improvement Mod (the latest mega-release that covers both Oldrim and SSE). I worked on it for twelve hours this past weekend just going item by item, making sure each option is covered. I'm still not finished but I work on it a bit here and there. I finally got burned out and did the Realistic Water Two wizard I just posted. What I've been curious about is why are there so many people out there that don't know that Wrye Bash is even a mod manager? In my experience NMM and MO/MO2 are absolutely terrible and pretty much only exist to keep new content consumers from destroying their game (and failing in the case of NMM) by means of aimless mod installation. Using one of those after using Wrye Bash is like trying to sew with your thumbs cut off. I think once the next beta release is out it will be a lot easier to evangelize WB. Cheers, thank you again, and I owe you a beer.
  19. Okay, well in SSE CTRL-F4 doesn't seem to do anything for me. And the auto facegen on save doesn't put files outside the mesh and textures \ MyMod.esp folders. Am I missing something else? Do I have to create the mesh and texture folders for skyrim.esm and dlc? If it won't put them into skyrim and dlc folders - should I manually move them before packaging mod?
  20. That article seems suspicious, but if Matt Firor did say that then it he's probably trolling people. The fact that it's a completely online / multiplayer game means it fits in the MMO category.
  21. lol, ESO isn't an MMO. That's a good one
  23. Well, no, it technically isn't. It's a convenience feature for modding. I like that they're willing to do things like this though, I just don't think stripping the timestamp off so it shows up as being from 1969 was the proper way to go about it. Wrye bash has been setting the BSA files to 1/1/2006 for ages now and that's worked out just fine.
  24. SSE purchased here. Thanks. Now to clear up some of the junk on this rig before installing Steam etc.
  25. Is this the first step towards Python 3.x? If it is then what impact/consequence would it have for WMSA, at least Yacoby's WMSA since it's more or less independent of Python. Although, Melchor's WMSA seems a little affected to what Python version the user has installed.
  26. I also gave GOG another report to highlight that the new CS update Oblivion.esm is completely missing any kind of timestamp ( I thought something was odd when taking that screenshot back there, and didnt realise that windows was probably having to give the plugin a default but really old timestamp ). So I guess Wrye Bash will need an amendment so that it does not fail in such circumstances .. But the GOG package may well receive an update to correct it ( They have already acknowledged my previous report about the path issue, so I linked that to this topic with the screenshot about the timestamp issue aswell ). Looking forward to the next beta
  27. Thanks @fireundubh - good job @alt3rn1ty ! > Not sure why GoG did what they did It's called a ... bug ? I am very busy lately (and very tired, duh) but I need to proceed with the second (and final) 307 beta. Will try my best - I still need some help from Lojack to include a nice performance boost for BAIN initial scan and finalizing some stuff by @nycz (who is very active and taking over stuff off my shoulders that's been annoying me since forever - thanks!) One change that will be coming over soon is a switch to wx 3.02. Be prepared to update your wx install you pythonistas! wx 2.8 we're using is paleolithic (and slow) and we need to move ahead.
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