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About This File

No. This won't turn you into a hybrid between Batman and the Dovahkiin. Sorry :P 


This is a simple bat file I use when doing beta-tests and combat mechanics / difficulties QA.


Put in your installation folder (where Skyrim.exe is, not in Data\ )
Go in-game and open the console
Type in: "bat dovahkiin" (without quotemarks)


This teach you the full FUS-RO-DAH, give you basics items (500golds, 15lockpicks, 3 torches), and automatically give and equip the official Dovahkiin suit as per the trailer:
- Iron Helmet
- Studded Armor
- Iron Boots
- No Gauntlets
- Banded Iron Shield
- Steel Sword


Since this was inspired by the original trailer, bonus vid! :D 



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