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Skyrim LE (2011) | Skyrim SE (2016)

None know your nature;
none share your fate;
none welcome you as kin;
Save Us.



Ever think it odd that vampires live among mortals undetected despite their eyes being lit up like flashlights and their face disfigured? This mod gives vampires, including the player, a more subtle red eye, and removes facial disfigurement from vampires that have not gone feral, (those that don't live in caves or castles). For example, Hert at Half-Moon Mill will no longeSubtle Vampires.zipr have a disfigured face, and Alva will have proper vampire eyes. If you used a Bashed Patch or other plugin merger, feel free to merge this plugin as the textures and meshes are now loose and not dependent on an esp to load the bsa archive.

Huge thanks to Hana for the amazing vampire eye texture, and nuska for releasing Ethereal Elven Overhaul assets as modders' resources!
This mod requires USLEEP, and hence all the official DLC.
Compatible out of the box with Ethereal Elven Overhaul; you shouldn't need to do anything special. If using mods that alter the appearance of specific vampires, such as Serana or Harkon, load those mods after this one.

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