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The fastest and lightest Skyrim overhaul ever made

Old-style roleplaying overhaul.

Your game. My vision.

Yash is a Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit word that means

success, splendor, grandeur, magnificence, prominence, illustriousness,
majesty, distinction, luxury, renown, eminence and fame.

What's New in Version 2.10


- speeds and maximum ranges of arrows depend on their material 
- added MCM option to disable warning messages regarding low-skilled followers 
- fixed incomplete description of the 2nd rank of the Barbarian perk 
- added MCM option to enable crossover skills once the player reaches 20 in the 'main' skill: 
One-Handed slightly increases Two-Handed 
Two-Handed slightly increases One-Handed 
Block slightly increases Light Armor and Heavy Armor 
Light Armor slightly increases Heavy Armor and Sneak 
Heavy Armor slightly increases Light Armor and Block 
Enchanting slightly increases Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion and Restoration 
Smithing slightly increases Light Armor, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Two-Handed, Archery and Block 
Sneak slightly increases Light Armor and Pickpocket 
Pickpocket slightly increases Sneak 
All magic skills slightly increase each other 
- fixed an issue with the Mercy Stroke perk improperly targeting the player as well 
- fixed an issue with a few penalties not taken into account by the fix for the ability condition bug 
- synchronization for USSEP 4.1.4 
- several Ivy plants added by SE couldn't be searched for ingredients 
- fixed a mind boggling bug that on a random basis caused Bosmer to get stuck with +30% weaponspeedmult with any kind of weapon if they changed location within 1 second after having equipped a bow; part of the fix involved removing the Bosmer ability to draw bows faster than any other race [NR] 
- fixed an issue with several mid and high level NPC lacking the necessary perks and abilities due to the loss of a flag to inherit perks and spells, in turn rendering the game too easy at mid / high levels -- since the SE CK seems to have the bad habit to remove that flag at will upon saving, the necessary perks and spells are now added directly to the NPC records 
- Ghosts don't flee in fear anymore when low on health 
- fixed an exploit that could allow to buy Spell Tomes at vanilla prices 
- fixed an issue with the Elemental Walker, Elemental Protection and Spellbouncer perks not properly targeting magical traps 

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