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The Fall of Granite Hill 1.0.1

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Granite Hill - Three Farms and an Inn, just North of the Falkreath. A Market is Held here Weekly. -- Survey of the Holdings of Jarl Gjalund

Granite Hill is mentioned in a few places in lore and existed prior to the 4th Era. However nothing remained of it in Skyrim by 4E 201 except the dragon mound where Vuljotnaak was buried in ancient times. All well and good, but with no explanation for what may have happened to the place it felt like a good enough opportunity to tell my own version of events here. With this mod, the 3 farms and the inn are back, but instead of the weekly market, the town has a blacksmith. Of course, that would not be much of a fate, would it? Granite Hill's fate is sealed from the moment Alduin burned down Helgen. Surely the beast and his newly resurrected allies didn't stop there...


* A fully working town prior to Alduin's return. 3 farms, an inn, and a blacksmith. Plus town guard patrols from Falkreath Hold.
* Upon Vuljotnaak's resurrection by Alduin, the village will be in flames. This will last as long as the dragon is alive.
* Following the dragon's death, the fires will go out but the town now lies in ruins, swallowed by the World Eater.

What's New in Version 1.0.1


The blacksmith's feet were clipping through the ground when using the armor workbench.
His ore and ingot stacks on the ground were also not flagged as owned.
Kiarde (and others) could get themselves stuck on a navmesh island on the hill somehow. That island has now been given jump links so the NPCs can get down.
Her voice type also did not work with generic dialogue for some reason. So she's been given the FemaleCommoner voice now.
Some of the NAVCUT boxes were not set to the right collision type which was causing NPCs to try and walk through fences.
The crop farmers should now offer to buy any crops you've picked for them.

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