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  1. Kunerec

    Does Fallout have a future?

    I hope so..Tonight i tried to sell my fusion cores and stimpaks and it's look pretty https://odealo.com/games/fallout-76 Big IF Falllout 76 will grow, that will be worthy
  2. Kunerec

    Add Fallout 76 subforum

    Thank you
  3. I was starting to be interested in the fashion at Morrowind, but this game was amazing. I also remember the beginnings of TESO, but the game has been modified and is great - do you think that FO76 has a chance to become a great game?
  4. Kunerec

    Add Fallout 76 subforum

    Like in the title, soon the premiere will have a new Fallout and it is worth being ready, especially since the hottest discussions about FO76 are going on now.

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