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  1. Hi there somethingbrite, you are definitively not alone with this bug. It is mentioned on steam a couple of times: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/144513248282521815/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/360670708776433033/ And I think I have seen discussions about it on Reddit as well, although no one has ever found a real solution for it. I just wanted to thank you for the trick with "tDetect". I have been dealing with this bug for months now, and I have been researching all over the internet but unfortunately haven't found a real solution yet. Until now I always just used the "killall" command before I have even seen the molerats. However your work-around seems to be a bit more immersive. If you ever find a better and more permanent fix for this, I would be glad you could share this here. Edit: I just noticed something weird. If I use tdetect and my NPC's trigger the molerat-aggression (not me, as they can't detect me), then the bug doesn't occur either. Other observations; - the bug only occurs if the molerats are in an indoor cell, not if they are outdoors - however, when playing through "South of the Sea" I found that it also affects radscorpions that are encountered underground (they aren't found underground in Vanilla Fallout 4) - for me disabling Scrap Everything didn't solve the problem, and I also didn't have the faulty mesh from CBBE. So the same bug can be triggered by various causes. Thinking out loudly: - do both molerats and radscorpions have the same attack script? - is that script different if triggered underground? - is that script so badly written that it can corrupt at a whim? - potential for streamlining that script?

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