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  1. I am currently at another play-through, and I have that bug again. Yes, you are correct if you say that the cave underneath Red-Rocket is an exception, as I observed exactly the same. I didn't encounter the bug there. And even though I haven't installed a single new mod since I killed those mole-rats at the Red-Rocket cave, I now have to deal with this bug again. And I don't have Sim-Settlements installed either (never had in this play-through). I am not so sure about your theory about the bug being related to specific locations, as the bug also affects mole-rats from mods: Wild-Wasteland: - the R.O.U.S-mole rats at the gambling bunker South of the Sea: - the mole-rat just to your right when you leave Necropolis And the bug also occurs in the Vim-Pop-Factory from the Far-Harbor DLC. ....of course there is also the possibility that the modders copy-pasted that buggy mole-rat script as well. That could also explain the "missing activator" or "activator set to attack furniture" from Gentester's link above. If the modders just copied one of the mole-rats which did have a faulty activator, then that could account for the bug showing up in mods as well. So the bug may not be due to a universal buggy script, but to single individual buggy mole-rats that get copied-pasted all over the place (still doesn't explain as to why it occurs only in indoor-cells and not above ground as I assume that indoor and outdoor mole-rats are identical). Unfortunately I have only understood about half of what Gentester wrote in his post, and I currently don't have enough knowledge of CK in order to apply those fixes he described.
  2. Hi there somethingbrite, you are definitively not alone with this bug. It is mentioned on steam a couple of times: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/144513248282521815/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/360670708776433033/ And I think I have seen discussions about it on Reddit as well, although no one has ever found a real solution for it. I just wanted to thank you for the trick with "tDetect". I have been dealing with this bug for months now, and I have been researching all over the internet but unfortunately haven't found a real solution yet. Until now I always just used the "killall" command before I have even seen the molerats. However your work-around seems to be a bit more immersive. If you ever find a better and more permanent fix for this, I would be glad you could share this here. Edit: I just noticed something weird. If I use tdetect and my NPC's trigger the molerat-aggression (not me, as they can't detect me), then the bug doesn't occur either. Other observations; - the bug only occurs if the molerats are in an indoor cell, not if they are outdoors - however, when playing through "South of the Sea" I found that it also affects radscorpions that are encountered underground (they aren't found underground in Vanilla Fallout 4) - for me disabling Scrap Everything didn't solve the problem, and I also didn't have the faulty mesh from CBBE. So the same bug can be triggered by various causes. Thinking out loudly: - do both molerats and radscorpions have the same attack script? - is that script different if triggered underground? - is that script so badly written that it can corrupt at a whim? - potential for streamlining that script?

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