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    Good morning, today when I tried using Wrye Bash to play Oblivion it pop up whit this information: Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\bash.pyo", line 227, in main File "bash\bash.pyo", line 393, in _main File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 3981, in Init File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 4017, in InitData File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1735, in __init__ File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1268, in __init__ File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1350, in _initDB File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1263, in _initDB File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1720, in __init__ File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1512, in load UnpicklingError: A load persistent id instruction was encountered, but no persistent_load function was specified. I don´t remember doing anything with the configuration or the files in wrye bash. I´m using the latest version of wrye bash from Nexus.

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