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  1. Eversense I downloaded USSEP the briarheart warriors spawn naked for some reason. I am playing Skyrim on the PS4. I have try to figure it out by deleting other mods but, when I deactivated USSEP the briar warriors don't spawn naked. Other than that I don't know what other mods cause this.
  2. SS_Vegeta

    Briarheart Warriors Spawn Naked

    But, I started playing a new game with the USSEP and that happen. I deactivated all the mods that I download. Except the USSEP and the briarheart warriors we're still naked. So I don't know how to fix it. Is it possible that is the USSEP that causes it?
  3. SS_Vegeta

    Briarheart Warriors Spawn Naked

    Yes, all of the mods that I have downloaded are updated.

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