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    Data Export Using QuickDisplay Issue

    Thanks zilav. I really appreciate the reply. Yeah, I asked already but haven't had any joy so I went reaching out on the net for likely people that could help. I've tried every combination of path to extract this data including DATA on it's own like you suggested but the script seems quite strict with it's pathnames. Every other element in this record is fine -- It's just this one with the slash that refuses. I'll just have to go through it manually which is kinda annoying but that's life.
  2. Hi, bit of an ask but... I'm trying to export some data using the QuickDisplay script in xEdit but the script is having issues exporting the final data with any header that has a forward slash in it's name. Specifically: DATA - Position/Rotation Now I'm going to assume that it's a limitation on the script when entering this literal forward slash and it's breaking there but I do not know Delphi and do not know how to edit the script to account for this forward slash in the Header. Can anybody help please?

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