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  1. Dead link

    The view bug button works for me, entering any bug # leads me to the bug ticket on afktrack. All the tickets were ported over, should be no reason it leads to the old tracker. Perhaps you need to clear your cache or your cookie?
  2. Not able to post bug report

    Not a bug. Castle Dour is the name of the castle, not a mispelling of "doors". I'll leave this here for the tracker issue. Have you received the email confirmation of your registration?
  3. Feedback thread

  4. USSEP Update

    Official USSEP thread. in which someone has already asked. I'm just guessing but, have you seen the changelog and all the fixes?
  5. Welcome Beermotor! It's nice to see a more (slightly) older generation come around to our little corner of the internet. You'll fit right in. That's an impressive resume! If you're up for it you should come join us on our Discord channel to hang out.
  6. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    It's on the main Profile page, it's called "your own feed" now lol (I think it was there before too, I haven't done status in a while) I also wonder why the grey header on my profile page is larger than yours .....
  7. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    Nice new look. Sleek. I still, however, see no way to delete either my own images, or my own files.
  8. USLEEP = Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch USSEP = Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Two different things for each edition. If you currently have a mod that dependant on USLEEP, you'll have to 1) Remove any USLEEP references from your mod, 2) Convert your mod to Special Edition, and 3) Rebuild any patch dependancies with USSEP.
  9. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    Hi, and welcome to AFK Mods. I exclusively use Wrye Bash/Bain for all my installs, and did so with BS:B too, however, on the LE version. I understand the SE version is packed differently, with a mix of .bsa's and loose files, but that shouldn't be any different. Just make sure after you install there's no missing or mismatched files.
  10. [Skyrim] Texture Sets

    Awesome! You're welcome.
  11. [Skyrim] Texture Sets

    Hello there, clockworkmurderer, and welcome to AFK. I'm not aware of texture sets not working for weapons, though I'll admit I've never tested it myself. Your process sounds right. Can you be more specific about "it doesn't work"? What are you seeing in game? Are you sure you have the correct new weapon (the duplicate you made) and not the vanilla weapon?
  12. Lots still hang here, or perhaps moved back to Nexus. Pretty much scattered, I'm not aware of one specific place everyone went. Feel free to find us on our Discord channel (link on main page) for random chats.
  13. That was interesting, hope my responses help. One comment though regarding questions that relate to "mod types". You have cheats/utilities/tutorials all lumped into one answer, which I found odd as they have nothing in common. I mean, I don't use or make cheats, but I do write tutorials, so I had to check it. Now I feel like you'll think people use cheats a lot. Also, there was no category regarding "textures" as a mod type, which is a popular thing. I tried to include that in "other" where I could.
  14. IPB Chat service being discontinued

    I was with him till the end, just me, all by myself, because he wouldn't let me go! In the end he fell asleep peacefully. We will miss you, Chat.
  15. Eh, I'm still logged in and everything looks normal. I'm sure that can change in an instant. Have fun over there, people.

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