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  1. That was interesting, hope my responses help. One comment though regarding questions that relate to "mod types". You have cheats/utilities/tutorials all lumped into one answer, which I found odd as they have nothing in common. I mean, I don't use or make cheats, but I do write tutorials, so I had to check it. Now I feel like you'll think people use cheats a lot. Also, there was no category regarding "textures" as a mod type, which is a popular thing. I tried to include that in "other" where I could.
  2. I was with him till the end, just me, all by myself, because he wouldn't let me go! In the end he fell asleep peacefully. We will miss you, Chat.
  3. Eh, I'm still logged in and everything looks normal. I'm sure that can change in an instant. Have fun over there, people.
  4. This quest relies on a couple of things; 1. No other favor quest is active in your journal 2. His wife Tova is alive. Since you've killed Nilsine, Tova has already committed suicide. Meaning, you won't get his quest.
  5. New release - Common Furniture !
  6. The Downloads section is broken down into game categories, original Skyrim, and Skyrim Special Edition, if that's what you're asking. Just make sure to choose the right category.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Common Furniture Retex ========================================= by Hana / Hanaisse 04/25/2017 v1.0 Description; ------------- A texture replacer for all types of "common" furniture and items. It's a large impact, as the one texture file I recreated touches many, many meshes. Most are found in meshes/clutter/common/ and start with 'common' in the file name, plus the furniture in meshes/furniture/common/. Remade at 1024x1024 - 2x's the size of the original, same as the HD textures. Install; --------- Unzip into a temp folder. Drop the Textures folder into your Data folder. Uninstall; ----------- Delete the files textures/clutter/common/dresser01.dds and dresser01_n.dds ************************************** A HEART Project AFKMods Production. All rights reserved. See the release thread for more information. Permissions: ------------- ** YOU MAY NOT USE ANY TEXTURES FROM THIS MOD WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE ORIGINAL MOD AUTHOR Hana/Hanaisse. Rights to some images are restricted by third party license to this mod. Others are the creation of the mod artist Hana/Hanaisse. Contact the mod author for details if you have questions. If the original mod author cannot be reached, then no texture in this mod may be used for any purpose whatsoever. ** Do not upload this mod on any other site. Credits: --------- Textures are original creations by me or with the help of textures from shutterstock.com and cgtextures.com with Photoshop brushes courtesy of ObsidianDawn.com
  8. Welcome EvilPandaButt. You can say hi to us in the chat room, we don't bite. Please feel free to upload your material, so long as it adheres to our forum rules. Enjoy your stay.
  9. I would say in the "Mods" section for the game. Looks like that's where things landed.
  10. Good work. Did you clean all your mods with TES5Edit?
  11. What "Bug Fixes" ? Not to sound superior or anything, but the only bug fixes you need are in USLEEP.
  12. Couple of suggestions for possible new starts; - A miner, in any of the friendly mines - an actual prisoner, in any of the city jails
  13. I have never heard of this (therefor have never done it). I'm not sure it has any benefit at all. The only rule I follow is installation order matters as much as load order. Keep an eye on conflicts.
  14. From the album Hana's Stuff

    My lil kitten, ready to take on the world.
  15. Tested in LE, used the same start option, could not reproduce the issue. I want to say it was just a fluke, unless you can retest and repeat the behaviour consistently.