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  1. Hi there, welcome to AFKMods. The steps would be mostly the same for any other type of object, with just some minor differences. Step 1; Create the Texture Set - exactly the same. Step 2; Instead of creating an ArmorAddon, you would create a duplicate of the architecture mesh you want to use, then go into the Model box of that. You'll want to keep the same model open in NifSkope as well while you do this, so you can tell which TriShape name (3D name) you want to replace the texture on. There will be a lot of them so it could get confusing. Step 3; you obviously won't need. And that's about it. Try it, and you can post any other questions here. I'm always around.
  2. AFAIK any of them do. Figments I guess is most popular, this one is specific for 2017 version.
  3. I see an obvious black square covering 3/4's of the screen. It looks more like a loadscreen loading issue. It's not a mesh issue. I think perhaps someone should test the loadscreen in SE PC version. Though, if we can't reproduce I'm not sure there's much we can do.
  4. That's the problem right there. NiTriShape 19 is the skinned mesh, and you cannot just copy/paste over that with an unskinned mesh. Have you tried replacing NiTriShape 38 instead? What exactly are you trying to do? I haven't looked at the tutorial you linked above but I know there's tree mesh resources on Nexus, so it is do-able. Perhaps just a retexture can get you what you want?
  5. Right, so, hang on, let me look at the mesh... It's a NiSwitchNode, so that means, there's basically double of everything, one skinned, and one (the one you see of the tree and foliage) is not skinned. They relate to each other. Which NiTriShape were you 'replacing' ? If you do one, you have to do the related one.
  6. Hi, welcome to AFK Mods. Have a First the obvious questions; - did you place the modified nif file in the correct path? Data/meshes/landscape/trees ? - are you sure you're looking at treepineforest01 in game? - are you sure you're up close enough you're not looking at the old LOD model?
  7. Thank you! Made sure to download it on Nexus so I could endorse.
  8. Now that I've read the press release marketing babble, what does this actually mean?
  9. New release - Noble Bed !
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Noble Bed Retex ========================================= by Hana / Hanaisse 02/27/2017 v1.0 Description; ------------- A texture replacer for noble beds. Time to change the bedding to nice crisp linen sheets and fluffy soft blankie! The wood is untouched. Remade at 1024x1024 - twice the size of the original, same size as the HD textures. Install; --------- Unzip into a temp folder. Drop the Textures folder into your Data folder. Uninstall; ----------- Delete the files textures\furniture\noble\noblefurnbed01.dds, noblefurnbed01_n.dds ************************************** A HEART Project AFKMods Production. All rights reserved. See the release thread for more information. Permissions: ------------- ** YOU MAY NOT USE ANY TEXTURES FROM THIS MOD WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE ORIGINAL MOD AUTHOR Hana/Hanaisse. Rights to some images are restricted by third party license to this mod. Others are the creation of the mod artist Hana/Hanaisse. Contact the mod author for details if you have questions. If the original mod author cannot be reached, then no texture in this mod may be used for any purpose whatsoever. ** Do not upload this mod on any other site. Credits: --------- Textures are original creations by me or with the help of textures from shutterstock.com and cgtextures.com with Photoshop brushes courtesy of ObsidianDawn.com
  11. There's already a bug ticket open for this. We're looking into it. Please report any bugs in our bug tracker in the future. Thanks. https://bugtracker.iguanadons.net/index.php?do=details&task_id=22060
  12. What is your character currently wearing? Some armor are set to not allow circlets when worn.
  13. Ok, so, being Crossbows, InsanePlumber is correct - turn off AutoSanitize on Save option (although I thought it was off by default in the latest version of Nifskope). The main problem here is some of your meshes are out of order, along with a few other issues. Stahlrim crossbow - out of order. The NiNode of the CrossbowRoot needs to come before the NiTriShape branch. So move the NiTriShape (and all its blocks) down below the NiNode. Highlight the NiTriShape line, use CTRL + down arrow, you'll see the block number change. Keep going until the number won't change any more. Now expand the NiTriShape block and do the same for each branch in that block so its all in order. Horker crossbow (love this btw!) - the two NiTriShapes are named the same, thats a no no. Rename the second one to crossbow:1 or something. Otherwise it appears to be in order. Wooden crossbow1 - this is a mess. Are you sure this even works? You have all the NiTriShapes bundled up under a BSFadeNode - you can't have two BSFadeNodes in a mesh. It needs to be a NiNode (use the convert option). I'm not even sure that'll work anyway, just leave the NiTriShapes as children under the root BSFadeNode. Besides that, it's out of order, the CrossbowRoot NiNode needs to be above the NiTriShapes, so do as above. Also, none of the NiTriShapes have names, they need a string name and each unique from each other. Wooden crossbow2 - same as wooden crossbow 1. Wooden crossbow3 - while this one doesn't have the extra BSFadeNode, the NiTriShapes are still out of order and have no string names. So, a little bit of cleaning up to do. Even then, I'm not sure if any of these with multiple NiTriShapes are rigged properly. Also, every NiTriShapeData Consistency Flag should be CT_Static.
  14. If it's for original Skyrim, if you want to share the files, I'll take a look at them. Can't think of anything off the top of my head that wouldn't let them show when dropped. Assuming you have a 1stperson model and a world model even though they're typically exactly the same. If it's for SSE, sorry, can't help.