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  1. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Are you sure you're not missing some steps? At what point did you export the .npc file and import it into the CK? I don't use ECE so flying blind here on advice, but a quick google search found this very detailed tutorial you might find helpful. It'll also help you create the NPC without using a new Race.
  2. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Good, so we agree we're dealing with two different things here. Right, ok, I looked at the LE version in game, this is what I found; Front view; You have to get in very very close to see the seam, but yes, there is a seam (front of neck). The other thing I noticed is the "bulging neck" at the back. Not to mention the blocky shadows. Back view; This is so much worse. Again, bulging neck (blue), plus there's part of the skin coming through the hair when she moves a certain way (red). That's either a hair mesh weighting problem or, more what I'm starting to suspect with all these issues - a problem with the head mesh. You say you created the head with ECE? What process did you use to get the head onto your follower? Seems to be something here that didn't quite turn out right. Is there a reason you want to use ECE? What changes did you make? Until you get this perfect in LE it's never going to be right in SE.
  3. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Im getting seriously more confused with each post. Why did I spend 2 days helping you convert her to SE when you're not even using the same body? Apples and oranges, my friend. Out of those 4 pictures above, the 2 for Oldrim with UNP look perfectly fine to me, I don't even see a neck seam. So let's put Oldrim to bed. So, SE + CBBE. That last picture you posted I don't see a neck seam either. And I assume when you say CBBE textures you used both body and face textures. I'm not sure what it is you think you're seeing that's not as close to perfect as the game will be?
  4. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Wait a minute .... in the other thread you said the body was UNP. You cannot use CBBE textures on a UNP body mesh.
  5. Ok, so .. 1. Neck seam Relooking at the meshes I missed a few things, namely vertex color flags missing. So instead of going through an explanation for you, take these fixed meshes and replace the LE version files. Then re-convert with Nif Optimizer. This may or may not "fix" the issue. UNP is well known for having neck seams and not much can be done except to minimize it. new body meshes.7z 2. Warnings in CK Ignore them. But lets make sure your process is right. Before running Nif Optimizer on your meshes, follow this warning from the author; So, remove Brows, Eyes, Hair, Head and Mouth folders from your archive and put them somewhere else. Also, remove the FaceGen folder (not needed, never run facegen through nif optimizer). Run Nif Optimizer on your body folder. Now run Nif Optimizer on your temp folder with your head parts (excluding faceegen) with the proper options. Put all your folders back together into your mod folder, except FaceGen. Open the mod in SSE CK. It will auto-create its own proper facegen for you when you save. Test. (I don't actually have SSE so I probably can't help you any further if you're still having issues.)
  6. Hey Pokestar, Nice, looking good. Just a couple more things; - underwear_n.dds was not converted back to DXT1 format (if you're not going to release an LE version then fine, don't worry about it) - still getting errors about hair.tri and hairline01.tri - meaning these files are useless, remove the ref in the headpart records - none of the meshes were fixed Regarding the Voice Type. The way you did it is perfect, but only if you're getting a voice actor to record new lines for her. Otherwise, just use a vanilla voice type - one of the ones that a vanilla follower already uses so she can use the follower dialogue. Almost there!
  7. Well she definitely looks alot better! But what happened to the underwear? I will take a second look at it tomorrow.
  8. Hey there, I've gone through the LE version of your mod and found the CK throwing quite a few errors, any one of which could be the cause of the SE CK choking (its very sensitive and unforgiving). These need to be fixed first before trying to convert again. Race Record > Skin should point to your new FJS01ThaliaBodySkin (otherwise body does not show up in preview) and not in NPC record Head Parts > FACEGEN: Could not find (and apply) race morph 'FJS01NordicHighHalfElfRace' in TRI file 'Actors\Character\Character Assets\FemaleHeadRaces.tri' for geometry FemaleHead. > FACEGEN: Could not find (and apply) race morph 'FJS01NordicHighHalfElfRace' in TRI file 'Actors\Character\Character Assets\FaceParts\FemaleHeadBrowsRace.tri' for geometry FemaleHeadBrows. - Were these tri files edited to include your new race? If not, remove the Race Morph and Chargen Morph entries in all your head parts records. > FACEGEN: No morphs found in TRI file "meshes\actors\character\FJS01Thalia\Hair\hair.tri". Please do not use empty TRI files > FACEGEN: No morphs found in TRI file "meshes\actors\character\FJS01Thalia\Hair\hairline01.tri". Please do not use empty TRI files - No idea where you got these tri files but they are no good. Might as well not indicate tris in the head part record. NPC Record > Remove Skin > Voice type different than Race Record - since it's a dedicated race to this NPC, it should be the same Models > MODELS: BSBodyMorph::InterpSkinnedGeometryUnPacked() Model vertex counts between morph models don't match. '0' (3591), '1' (3584) - This means femaleHands_0 and femaleHands_1.nif - are different sizes, will cause distortion when weight not 0 or 100. - has Has Normals Yes, should be No - same with 1stperson hands meshes - femalebody_0, _1.nif - has Has Normals Yes, should be No - partitions are incorrect, may cause problems with armor/clothing - femalefeet_0, _1.nif - has Has Normals Yes, should be No Textures > DEFAULT: TEXTURES: texture does not contain mipmaps & will not be used : textures\actors\character\FJS01Thalia\Eyes\eyegreen_e.dds > TEXTURES: Texture Set missing texture textures\actors\character\FJS01Thalia\Eyes\eyegreen_e.dds. - as zilav mentioned above, the file eyegreen_e.dds is corrupt, a 0kb file. Either redownload from wherever you got it or recopy the vanilla cubemap and rename. > TEXTURES: BSFaceGenNiNodeSkinned : FJS01ThaliaEyesHP is missing an environment map - this is the facegen file, saying the same as above, it won't use the corrupt _e.dds file > DEFAULT: TEXTURES: texture does not contain mipmaps & will not be used : textures\actors\character\FJS01Thalia\Body\femaleunderwear_n.dds > TEXTURES: Texture Set missing texture textures\actors\character\FJS01Thalia\Body\femaleunderwear_n.dds. > TEXTURES: FJS01Thalia (02003882) -> Thalia (02000D62) : bra is missing a normal map - these are all saying what zilav mentioned above, it cannot use the texture femaleunderwear_n.dds because it is in the wrong format. - femalebrow_n.dds has no mipmaps - eyegreen.dds has no mipmaps - mouthhuman.dds has no mipmaps, no alpha doesn't need to be dxt5 You can resave any of these in paint.net to the proper format.
  9. Does the mod actually work in LE format? I'm seeing some odd setup in the race record, so just wondering. Also, you'd be far better off keeping and working in LE format until you're finished anyway, then convert. SE CK does not generate LIP files, which you'll need for her.
  10. Am I Lost?

    Sure, we're still active. Sorry but you won't find any pre-USLEEP patches available for download. They are no longer supported. (Dark Creations is another website that used to host them as well)
  11. Nobody can really help without you posting your load order. Make sure all your mods are properly ported with Form 44 in the header, not Form 43. You can see this by loading your mods in xEdit.
  12. HDT SMP for Skyrim SE initial release

    SMP and not PE, eh? That's a shame. Current SMP is not without its own issues but good luck to them.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Keno, an Animal Companion =============================== v1.0 12/08/2017 by Hanaisse Requires Dawnguard DLC. Description: ------------- Keno is an adorable unique red husky waiting to adventure with you! He can be found living behind the Moorside Inn in Morthal. Just talk to him and he will instantly follow you anywhere. Talk to him again while he's following and you'll find the options; - Stay (wait) - Trade (Keno can hold a small amount of gear for you) - Dismiss (send Keno back home - don't forget to take anything he may be holding first) If you want to bring him along with you again, he should be waiting in his makeshift doghouse. He will not set off your sneak meter and will not set off traps. He should be quiet enough to sneak around through dungeons, regardless of his barking. Install: ----------- Install the .esp and .bsa with whatever mod manager you use. Activate the .esp. Uninstall: ------------ De-activate the .esp. Uninstall with whatever mod manager you use. Support: --------------- Keno was made for fun and to learn about making a companion. If there are serious issues with his behaviour I will try to fix them, but for the most part he comes as is. That means, if there are compatibility issues with other companion mods or multiple companion mods there is nothing I can do. He is a 'pet' companion, not an NPC so should behave like the vanilla dog companions. Hope you enjoy his company.
  14. Dead link

    The view bug button works for me, entering any bug # leads me to the bug ticket on afktrack. All the tickets were ported over, should be no reason it leads to the old tracker. Perhaps you need to clear your cache or your cookie?

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