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  1. NifSkope is a tool used to edit meshes. Have you presented your problem to the author of ICH? Or looked through posts for other users having a similar problem on his mod page? That'd be your best bet for a solution.
  2. It's possible ICH is conflicting with changes we made to dragonpriest helmets in USLEEP. This was the bug we fixed here. I'd guess ICH meshes still use the previous dismember skin partition. That can easily be changed in NifSkope.
  3. Hi, and welcome to AFK > I downloaded SMC (Skryim Mod Combiner) and downloaded all the texture mods I wanted with that > I downloaded the optimized vanilla, hearthfire, dawnguard, and dragonborn textures > also the steam workshop HighResTexturePack 1,2 and 3 > Registered Bloody Facials at MCM > Registered Enhanced Blood at MCM > Registered BFS Effects at MCM > Registered $Wonders of Weather at MCM Honestly, I think you're just seriously overloading your graphics. I've heard of issues with optimized textures, although why you have both the HiRes Texture pack and that I don't know. I've also heard of issues with Enhanced Blood. I've never heard of this SMC or Wonders of Weather. You should try a test by removing ALL your graphic enhancing mods and see if you're still crashing.
  4. Just tried in safe mode, same deal. Not gonna try IE, I haven't opened that since I installed Win7 years ago so its super out of date lol. There's been no updates to FF between the day it was working just fine and the next day when it suddenly broke. As I mentioned, the PM was the only "new" thing that happened. It's like something's stuck.. Sorry Leo, I didn't say it had anything to do with you?
  5. Hello, I have some notifications pending, but when I try to check them I get an infinite loading box instead. When I click down on View all Notifications at the bottom there, I get this error. Says to contact you, so here it is This has been occuring for 3 days now. I know this because I know one of the notifications is telling me I have a PM, and that's when this started (if that helps narrow this down in any way). My Firefox is up to date so I don't think that's an issue.
  6. Looking at that, it's a little obvious it was written by someone simple-minded. There's mispelled words all through it. Looks intended and not a typo.
  7. > Open Cities Skyrim 3.0.3 > Windhelm: Landscape raised during the previous update was not properly leveled out around the New Gnisis Corner Club. That was two updates ago. Are you sure you're up to date?
  8. Walk up closer to the wall, open the console and click on the wall to get the RefID please.
  9. Stendarr Order Recast

    I really like that armor mashup. Keep up the good work and good luck with the project.
  10. Actually, the most obvious thing that stands out is UFO4P requires all the DLC's, of which you say you have none so you won't be able to use it.
  11. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Are you sure you're not missing some steps? At what point did you export the .npc file and import it into the CK? I don't use ECE so flying blind here on advice, but a quick google search found this very detailed tutorial you might find helpful. It'll also help you create the NPC without using a new Race.
  12. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Good, so we agree we're dealing with two different things here. Right, ok, I looked at the LE version in game, this is what I found; Front view; You have to get in very very close to see the seam, but yes, there is a seam (front of neck). The other thing I noticed is the "bulging neck" at the back. Not to mention the blocky shadows. Back view; This is so much worse. Again, bulging neck (blue), plus there's part of the skin coming through the hair when she moves a certain way (red). That's either a hair mesh weighting problem or, more what I'm starting to suspect with all these issues - a problem with the head mesh. You say you created the head with ECE? What process did you use to get the head onto your follower? Seems to be something here that didn't quite turn out right. Is there a reason you want to use ECE? What changes did you make? Until you get this perfect in LE it's never going to be right in SE.
  13. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Im getting seriously more confused with each post. Why did I spend 2 days helping you convert her to SE when you're not even using the same body? Apples and oranges, my friend. Out of those 4 pictures above, the 2 for Oldrim with UNP look perfectly fine to me, I don't even see a neck seam. So let's put Oldrim to bed. So, SE + CBBE. That last picture you posted I don't see a neck seam either. And I assume when you say CBBE textures you used both body and face textures. I'm not sure what it is you think you're seeing that's not as close to perfect as the game will be?
  14. WIP Companion Neck Seam Issue

    Wait a minute .... in the other thread you said the body was UNP. You cannot use CBBE textures on a UNP body mesh.
  15. Ok, so .. 1. Neck seam Relooking at the meshes I missed a few things, namely vertex color flags missing. So instead of going through an explanation for you, take these fixed meshes and replace the LE version files. Then re-convert with Nif Optimizer. This may or may not "fix" the issue. UNP is well known for having neck seams and not much can be done except to minimize it. new body meshes.7z 2. Warnings in CK Ignore them. But lets make sure your process is right. Before running Nif Optimizer on your meshes, follow this warning from the author; So, remove Brows, Eyes, Hair, Head and Mouth folders from your archive and put them somewhere else. Also, remove the FaceGen folder (not needed, never run facegen through nif optimizer). Run Nif Optimizer on your body folder. Now run Nif Optimizer on your temp folder with your head parts (excluding faceegen) with the proper options. Put all your folders back together into your mod folder, except FaceGen. Open the mod in SSE CK. It will auto-create its own proper facegen for you when you save. Test. (I don't actually have SSE so I probably can't help you any further if you're still having issues.)

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