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  1. DayDreamer

    The Fall of Granite Hill

    I've wanted a Granite Hill for years. There's another newish one (from last year) on Nexus, but it's too elaborate. This is just right! Works with Touring Carriages (although I've only tried one path so far). The stable shed is just across from the Inn, and the horse positions don't interfere. However, 5 years ago in anticipation of this, I'd chosen an injected number for the Map Marker (01018a48 matching the 00018a48 location), so that others could override/share it. If you use the same, we won't have 2 map markers so close together. I'm using the location HorseMarkerRef. Hopefully, that isn't wiped out by your patch. Or you could add one in the same place to yours. That wouldn't need an injected number. Also, I've just seen the woman at the northern farm slowly force her way through the chicken coop and the railing to her next sitting position. Likely something odd about the navmesh there.
  2. Sadly, although I'd thought I understood navmeshing fairly well, this isn't making any sense to me. They seem to be trying to go up the middle of the rock (where there are no links), but down the side of the rock (where there are links). That upward path has a yellow cover edge, while the downward path has a blue cover edge. A strict Dykstra algorithm shouldn't be doing that. So the game engine is taking something other than the path into account. Maybe one or the other triangles is too skinny? (I'd tried to move as few vertices as possible.) I have 2 suggestions. Try setting the navmesh along the path you want them to take as "Preferred". Just select the triangles one at a time, and press 'p'. Put the patrol markers nearer the links, perhaps one on either side of the jump. That worked for me with Touring Carriages on some cell boundaries. Jumps use the same table as cell boundaries. Arthmoor has already put this (presumably v2) into the next version of USSEP. But I'm sure he'd accept some preferred triangles, assuming it worked better. I'm more concerned with followers than the patrol. But the patrol makes an excellent test! Could you post the patrol here as a separate patch, so that I can test too?
  3. OK, I started over. Last time, I moved the rock underneath the existing navmesh, and added triangles to bring them near each other to link them. This time, I raised the rock more and changed the Z of the navmesh to match, without adding as many triangles. So it only has links on one side. 00061aa9v2.7z
  4. DayDreamer

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Version 4.0.1: When I click on a navmesh the first time, the vertices and triangles are numbered. When I click on another, the # numbers all disappear. Also, additional Edge Link table entries are not showing as yellow changes.
  5. Issue #25775 Here's how it looks. The double pink lines are probably jump both ways, while the blue/pink is one way.
  6. Found the rock, it's of one the few rocks in the area (all the rest of the hillsides are massive static forms), put it back in the middle of the path. There was also a tree stuck into the navmesh on one side, moved it out of the way. There were also some missing triangles in the path, possibly former trees or shrubs or something, so filled them with a few new triangles. Put the jump links on either side of the rock, so the NPC movements should seem natural. The rock is placed low enough that the PC can easily walk over it. Generating cover made almost no changes. Finalizing had no problems. No muss, no fuss. Of course, looking at the navmesh in the area, it's quite a mess. Lots of mid-air or underground. But we've seen than all over the place. So I've only touched the two that had to be fixed. 00061aa9.7z
  7. Look at the side of that navmesh. It goes up into the air -- like going up the side of a rock. My guess is this used to have a rockfall across the path, then was changed without updating the navmesh. Looking at the border with 29,-13, the border vertices are much higher on one side. NPCs often have troubles at those inconsistent heights, they come to a stop. I'd fixed a bunch of those on roads. This clearly is now intended to be the main path up from the road to Clearspring Tarn. But it's going to be tricky, because all those light and dark blue lines indicate elevations and hiding places (and they are in the middle of the road). So we'll also need to regenerate cover and Finalize. With all those existing ISLANDs, it could be a mess.
  8. The join/jump technique is what I'd meant by "link". It's stored in the edge link table. We've had to do this in several places. Deleting/Merging navmesh is bad....
  9. This seems to be a valid issue, although I've not yet looked at the terrain closely. If you join the two, one of them will be deleted (and the other renumbered). I'll try to put together a patch this weekend. There are other problems in this area. The fix has to be a "link" (select the two adjacent edges and join them). Unfortunately, it has to be done very carefully.
  10. DayDreamer

    [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    Tried Cidhna Mine quest today for the very first time (had to do it 3 times because of annoying bugs). Thought that CRF added an additional tunnel, but we came out in town. Checked Left Hand Mine, can see the new door. SSEEdit says data seems to be in place. What did I miss?
  11. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    The .9 had extra files, with no changes to the source other than adding a SKSE comment line. The later ones removed those non-changed scripts, but you have to revert one-by-one by hand (from your Source/Scripts folder to Scripts/Source). Anyway, LOOT just told me we are up to .12 now (apparently released on the 10th).
  12. DayDreamer

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    It's been awhile since I'd updated my SSEEdit. Given the recent SSE update that required me to clean again, it seemed time. Just wanted to say 3.3.11 beta is amazing!
  13. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    SKSE64 has been updated to 2.0.11 and this time around it doesn't have all the extra .pex, although you have to remove the old extras by hand. Easy enough by date. There's one more to remove/replace in Data/Scripts/Source, Light.psc, that didn't actually have any changes in it other than a comment line (so it doesn't hurt anything). You should have a copy of the original in Data/Source/Scripts.
  14. DayDreamer

    Windows 10

    While I was playing Skyrim on Thursday (Thanksgiving), it downloaded 1809 in the background. I had no idea until shutdown, when the prompt changed to "Update and Shutdown". I'd set the Update Advanced to wait 30 days for new features, so looks like they are pushing this one now (even though it had only been a week after the relaunch). Nothing like wasting an hour on a holiday morning checking for new security settings. Grumble.
  15. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    Tried the team email, and got a reply from Ian Patterson:

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