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  1. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.53

    Tried the team email, and got a reply from Ian Patterson:
  2. DayDreamer

    Skyrim Patch Released

    Ran it, but the only thing that I can see updated was installscript.vdf; must be a Steamish thing. The only reason I've kept a copy around was the old CK for checking conversions.
  3. DayDreamer

    Skyrim Patch Released

    Steam is telling me (Oct 2018) that I need to download an update this old version. Anybody know why? FWIW, it appeared at about the same time as an SE update.
  4. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.53

    However, this time around they have 85 .pex files, but only 61 .psc files. Very fast update, but a bit of a packaging problem.
  5. DayDreamer

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    Whatever happened to the tool in SkyUI? Or was that SKSE? We could just configure a flag in the .ini, and it would remove updating scripts that were no longer in the load. I'll note that I spent some time in Touring Carriage designing the scripts so that nothing was running, when you weren't taking a ride. So there were no warnings after removal. Folks complain that SE and XB gives warnings of corrupted saves. I've not been able to reproduce. But then I've always finished my ride before removal. I'm guessing the problem is timed updates calls. Removing them automatically would be nicer.
  6. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.53

    Do we know how to get something promoted to CC? Touring Carriages is based upon vanilla content. All the voicing and dialogue is original. But only the main cities and settlements have destination numbers assigned, in original plus HF. There's no support for the embassy carriage in the original game (although that would be relatively easy to do, I've never bothered as you only ride it once). They didn't assign destinations (or record voicing) in HF for the houses themselves, although they created carriage locations. Also it doesn't quite work on VR, so we'd need something there, too. Seems like the kind of thing that would be better with a modicum of official support. Likewise, CRF. It's based on extrapolations of vanilla content. Many of us contributed a little bit, and finished what was there already. A perfect candidate for CC.
  7. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.53

    I dunno whether I'm a long time TES fan or not. I've known about TES for years, but seeing Skyrim visuals and the excitement of family members was what brought me back. I think I've mentioned this background before: Played Arena for quite a few hours (took me awhile to get out of the initial dungeon, did it over and over until I figured out the "optimal" path), until I got annoyed after walking outside a city for over a player hour and never arriving anywhere. Although it had good ideas, it got boring -- so I went back to Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, SimCity, and MUDding. As you can see, I'm a builder kinda player. Played Daggerfall. Especially liked the GURPS-style system (as I'd been playing that for years). You could ride a horse between cities! But that game belonged to my youngest brother, he got bored with it, and traded it with a friend for something else. So never got very far with it. Never played Morrowind. Played through the initial Oblivion dungeon during a Christmas day, but that game belonged to a nephew, and I never got around to it again. My guess is that you mean TES fan as these latter two, because they developed a modding community. But I wasn't part of it. (When I bought Skyrim, it was a Feb 2012 bundle with Morrowind and Oblivion, so I really ought to try them.) With that background, and a very long history with open source and shareware, it is my opinion that the Bethesda/Steam paid mods rollout was badly botched. Nothing new, a lot of garbage, no incentive for quality. If you want to be paid, then your work has to be BETTER than Bethesda. Not even just as good (or buggy).... The curated CC model is better, although I've yet to see anything I'm willing to buy. What I like best: Bethesda is staying involved with the game. That is more important than anything. However, I also wish they would directly support the modding community. A built-in scripting library hook would have made SKSE64 a lot easier, and updates would be smooth.
  8. DayDreamer


    No, I've never seen one in SE either. Used to be very reliably out the Riften back door at Snow-Shod farm (and this is currently mentioned in UESP). Also saw them occasionally in other early test runs on the Whiterun road North of Battle-Born farm. Was worried that there was a problem with the encounters system, but didn't see anything wrong in the CK. Besides, why are they in fairly predictable places instead of truly random? Didn't find any priority in the CK either, but could be looking at the wrong things.
  9. DayDreamer

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.53

    Haven't had time to play. Was looking at a nice long weekend. But thought I'd catch up on my AFK threads first. Glad I did. No SKSE64. Game won't run. Why oh why would they release an update just before the holiday?
  10. DayDreamer

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    I see your Wikipedia edit. The community thanks you. Although somebody will probably come along and munge it some more. I'd always thought the first letter in your name here was an 'I' (verbalized in my head as "I'm stern"), but on Wikipedia it's "L". I've gotten out of the habit of fixing Wikipedia, where I'm "DayDreamer", "Day dreamer", and "Day Dreamer" (pre-dating single-sign-on) -- but moved my main "Daydreamer" edits to camelcase "WilliamAllenSimpson" and then "William Allen Simpson" back in 2005 (or 2006?) as the software was updated over time. Some years later somebody else came along and made a lot of edits under the Daydreamer user on the Greek version (where it was supposed to be in greek letters), then claimed the global Daydreamer single-sign-on. Sneaky and annoying. Anyway, Latin vulgar originally meant common. As in those non-religious elitists who claimed the Earth circled the Sun, rather than the true believers who knew otherwise!
  11. DayDreamer

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    I suppose in further full disclosure, et alia includes licensed amateur and commercial radio operators (my early training), and airplane pilots (my later training). Although in both cases we have a tendency to say Zulu rather than UTC.
  12. DayDreamer

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    If you mean the intellectually aware, then please don't confuse with Personal Computers. BC/AD is another Medieval Latin anachronistic dating system based upon the Dionysian papal calendars. Not only is it offensive to Protestants (full disclosure, the faith in which I was raised) and many other faiths in the rest of the world, it's archaeologically and technically incorrect. So it was replaced some 400 years ago by Vulgar Era, and 300+ years ago by Common Era. Computers and computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, et alia use BCE/CE.
  13. DayDreamer

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    Whether anybody likes it or not, GMT was abandoned in the '70s. Same with frequency in cycles per second. My grandfather used to say "It hurts to say Hertz." When even 61-year-old official "Old Farts" such as me find references to GMT to be anachronistic.... See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwich_Mean_Time instead, where a suitable reference is cited: Computers and computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, et alia use UTC.
  14. DayDreamer

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    GMT is the old term prior to 1970's. UTC (coordinated universal time) is au courant.
  15. Realistic Ragdolls fixes a lot of issues. So it could be I've never seen that paralysis bug. As I'm the guy who figured out the fix that Wiseman303 uses, we already decided not to include that undocumented xEdit hack in US*P. I've never seen a missile reach a target before firing. Count me as not knowing those others "really exists in the first place."

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