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  1. Yes. Ok, that explains it. From your post it wasn't quite clear whether you thought you had the problem or not.
  2. from the looks of it: you're on an AMD card as well?
  3. lol? seriously, it looks like we hit the era of diminishing returns. I mean i can see the difference, but that difference doesn't look like 8GByte of VRAM to me.
  4. The background image moves with the semi transparent windows when scrolling (in MS Edge), and resets it's position a few times per second, which looks super odd. this is present in most semitransparent rectangles, but not e.g. in the reply rectangle. Pretty sure this is something that would need to be escalated to the programmers of the suite, along with the issue of the odd background image scaling on vertical monitors.
  5. Awesome. Got a copy. I keep my fingers crossed more people will come to support you.
  6. 58 GB? Bahahhaaa, that's madness. kavaksallas, High res DLC in Skyrim isn't a necessity for USLEEP. Pretty sure you will be save for FO4, too. It's nice to get our hands on high res files. I'm sure there will be vanilla res mods in the future with better texture clarity than the bethesda vanilla textures. Everybody wins.
  7. personally, i like it when a mobile layout offers the same functionality as the desktop page. All the buttons end up a bit on the small scale, even though they are scaled for the small screens. It feels like they are aiming at 6'' screens nowadays. But i still prefer having all the buttons over having only a few bigger ones. Anyway, here's my main issue so far: The background image is designed in wide screen format, not for vertical orientation. we now get the transparent boxes over the background image on mobile, too. but the image is only displayed scaled to screen width in the upper third of the screen, with the lower part being gray. It feels odd when scrolling. could the design be changed to offer a different background for vertical orientation? Maybe use a 9 to 16 crop out of the original as the image that gets scaled to screen width on mobile/vertical orientation? I hope that's something that's possible with the package.
  8. May i suggest this mod: it forwards all USLEEP changes aside from the speed and noise change, and adds some special effects. The other artifact mod i found pretty much doesn't forward any fix for the ebony blade, poor maintenance if you ask me.
  9. vanilla ebony blade has stats all over the place from one handed and two handed. USLEEP fixes it to be a true two handed weapon for all relevant stats. If you prefer the ebony blade to be a weird mix (or just a fast two handed weapon), may i suggest looking for some unique item rebalance mods?
  10. And again without the dlc, which you need to buy bioware points to get, and there's not a single bundle for any Mass Effect game including its dlc to be found anywhere. Meh.
  11. I went through all of the WaAF changes once and posted them to the old bug tracker. A lot of things inside (adjusted weights and prices, most of the damage changes) were not within the scope for USKP (meaning, all of the changes from WaAF were reported, all were looked at by the team and decided upon based on the USKP vision), but those that were, were included. When clothing and clutter fixes came along, i once again took a peek at all the changes, this time reporting those, that i had learned from the earlier report to be within the scope of USKP. so, bar any errors from my side, whatever falls within the scope of (nowadays) USSEP is covered. But if you find anything specifically that you consider to be essential, feel free to post a bug report yourself.
  12. I've been using the addon in edge since the beta went public, and i can report for the few who also use edge, that it brings its optimized code over to the new browser. Loading times of web pages on low end atom tablets are a lot faster than with addblockplus before. Actually, with addblockplus on the tablet i'm currently using, it was faster to just load the fucking adds than use addblock. Do you have a link to that official site with edge extensions alternity? Haven't found a comprehensive list myself yet :/
  13. With or without all the dlc?
  14. I though there was always the idea, that Argonians have both lungs and gills, and the deep breath after diving is needed to refill the lungs with air.
  15. I always thought that's just to pick up the story again, in case you did spend a rather lengthy session in character creation