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  2. IIRC there are ways to move your steam install folder and then run "verify steam cache" in steam to relink everything. not sure how it's done in detail, but maybe this gives you an idea of what words to google for?
  3. Wait, have they even announced anything about the way the creators will be paid? i must have missed that. My temperamental ramblings above aside, could we agree, that it would be dope if bethesda managed to apply their newly developed 'submit creations and have them reviewed and published' system to a community sourced bug fix application thingy?
  4. No, no we are not. Bethesda made QA a central piece of their offering in Creation Club. Read their faq, it's in there in capital letters. I'm still laughing each time i think about it 😆
  5. Meh, I've always been a supporter of the idea behind paid mods, but i don't think either Bethesda's not Valve's approach are/were any good in total. They both have their strengths and weaknesses of course. What i really appreciated about Valve's way was their system to differ some of the money as a gift to the tool developers working for the modding community. That was an acknowledgement of the complex nature of creation engine modding by Valve and a take on nourishing that culture i see lacking in Creation Club (correct me if i'm wrong) Bethesda's solution has a much higher chance to circumvent to massive problem of mod theft due to the lengthy and in-depth release process, so that is good. Also it cuts out one middle man, so that may mean more revenue for "outside developers". I think by offering their "quality control" and professional release management, they kind of try to also justify their own share of the money (something which, imho and quite legally, they already earned by owning the IP, providing the game and the toolset, but meh, some people like to complain). But there lies the irony in this. Bethesda's big improvement in the new paid mods service is offering their professional quality control. I can't be the only one on this board who raised an eyebrow at that thought. Add to that, that they don't allow the entrance of existing mods (we have seen the outcry that happened overre-released improved mods in particular, so i at least can't blame then here), only allowing original content and wanting to profit off of a community, that had to provide their own tools and fix the underlying game itself to even start modding to the extend we see today. The minimum they should do, imho, and this is my proposal, is acknowledge the massive work the community has done to make their games better. If they are accepting outside input and offering internal quality assurance, the least they should do is providing an official channel to submit bugfixes. Send in a reproducible bug report and a fix. They test, go through their what-ever process and if accepted, pay 5$ for each texture, Script or mesh and lets say 1$ for each fixed form ID. If i just gave Sclerocephalus, Black Pete and Arthmoor a boner, you are welcome. What i'm trying to say is: in the system they are setting up, they can no longer accept the community to fix their shit for free, but need to internalize the community patch efforts and reward them equally with the other modding efforts. Of course due to the obvious nature of not accepting already existing mods, this would be a system that would have to wait until the next game. As for the tool creators: I don't have an idea, yet, but why not just copy what Valve did. So, that's my take on it. Let's hope it all works out better this time. edit: oh yeah, i'm of course not buying into the "creation club is not paid mods" rhetoric.
  6. The patch is in English. It is not a multi language release. The engish names of things that have been fixed are "imprinted" into the patch. As Nebulous112 said, you need to find the German version. There is a 'Transl' button under the total download numbers on the nexus page of UFO4P, that has links to all the international versions. Cheers
  7. Hey there fellow kinsman and welcome to AFK Mods, you will need the german translation of the patch: and you might want to take a look at this extension: In any way, as hard as this is to tell you and your wife: it is heavily discouraged to transfer the save data, since it might mess up all kinds of stuff. You transferred a safe from XBox Legendary edition to patched PC Special edition. Neither the switch of platform nor game version is guaranteed to work and not mess up anything. If you want, i can help you transfer the face data/look of the old character to a new game file/preset. But this is all that really could be done with good conscience.
  8. There is a mod that fixes that (among other texture tweaks not associated with the chain): artwork for the ripper shows teeth, game version does not. Is that something that might be useful for UF4P?
  9. Maybe it is a Win 10 feature, in that they now detect all exes from old GfWL games and display that message. If gog do their development on Win 7 that might explain, why they missed this.
  10. It's not a true unofficial patch if you don't find voices on the internet claiming it is out of scope!
  11. there's a big X in the upper right corner?!?
  12. interesting info, though who knows, what gog does at the backend regularly. might not have meant much. i mean if it meant something, it begs the question: why the long wait? could it be the new GoG Galaxy functions? Also, there was no launcher two years ago, so yeah, things have changed... I wouldn't hold my breath for further games from beth, though a few ID games are still missing (e.g. doom 3).
  13. Uh? what API leaks? first time i hear about these...
  14. Oblivion, Fallout 3 and NV (GotY each) are now on GoG, and with a 50% discount. This is especially good news for Fallout 3 i guess since it removes the hazzle of dealing with the Games for Windows Live DRM. (edit: yep GoG developer confirmed it in the forum. Multicore tweaks to run out of the box after installation are also added.) Also i think it means all Bethesda games not available in the Bethesda launcher are now on GoG. Here's to hoping they get added to GoG Connect soon.
  15. It's their jab at ChromeOS and Chromebook. The current Win 10 Pro version already has a setting to limit installs to apps from the store, which can be flipped by admins through windows' centralized tools (forgot the name), so in a sense, corporations already have the ability to use this security feature.