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  1. What's the best way to get this Ian guy mad though? I'm not sure he still has it in him honestly. I doubt he could do it in an hour, even if he wanted to... /s (let's hope this works)
  2. 1: Textures, basically textures 2: It's dynamic and is being replaced on the fly. There's a speed limit though usually coming into effect when what you can see on screen no longer fits into the VRAM completely and needs to be replaced during the calculation of each frame. There are programs around to tell you how much your VRAM is occupied at any given time. You will start to see stutters if you get into regions close to 90%. 3: Texture resolution obviously has the most impact. But also Stuff like level of detail/range of sight at which objects in the distance are loaded. Textures have several layers of detail, with receding VRAM impact. Those load the further away an object is, thus lowering VRAM usage for far away objects. There are options to specifically tell the game to load higher or lower level of details of a texture 4: There's no difference really, if they use the same texture resolution and compression level (textures are also compressed with a lossy format most of the time, some mods prefer not to do that, but that's nothing you would need to worry about. Most authors make the right decision). Now as for why textures may sometimes come out right or wrong is a lot more complicated and also depends on the way they are applied. Blood decals for example are put over a surface by the engine to cover what is beneath it. This only works on specified surfaces though, some are missing due to error or excluded due to some even more obscure reasons. Now if a blood decal (texture) is applied to an area where it crosses from a place it is allowed to be displayed to a place it isn't, it simply cuts off leaving an odd shape. The texture itself will still be displayed in the area it is allowed to, resulting in very nice looking non blurry blood (this is what a high resolution texture, using all that precious VRAM, does) splatter, but in the part where it isn't allowed by the engine, it simply is missing. Nothing you could do there, at least nothing do to texture and VRAM allocation.
  3. I think you will be fine there. The game handles replacers replacing replacers without issues.
  4. Hey there and welcome EPB.
  5. Sure, I have no one but myself to blame. But then again, it goes to show that win 10 is iterating fast and several software companies can't keep up. With the current iteration of win 10, the settings app allows for automatic temp folder and trash bin cleaning and the apps and features subpage allows you to uninstall or repair any UWP app or x32 program. Advanced cleaning features and the registry cleaner are highly risky now with windows' rapid iteration, so i no longer will recommend anyone use them (i used them extensively on win 7 and 8 without issues, alas no more). The only function of Ccleaner I still consider somewhat useful is the function to check all autostart entries and scheduled tasks, and even those are less useful now that I keep a closer eye on not bloating my OS.
  6. Got the creators update on four or the six machines i maintain for the family so far. I've basically made the same experiences as alt3rnity. The update went all smooth save a few drivers. The two machines that came with the anniversary update upgraded with only very minor issues (one doesn't show the remaining battery time anymore next to the battery percentage; the other, which has no precision touchpad, seems to have a slightly less smooth two-finger scrolling now). For the others that come from the win 8.1 era, I'm also struggling with losing features from realtek and synaptic drivers. The one laptop that was originally win 7 lost most of it's software like the one for laptop function keys (that was already back during the initial upgrade). In most these cases I did try to install the old drivers again but some of them would not work properly anymore. I'm fine using them with reduced functionality and basic windows drivers (or rather, I said 'fuck it' and stopped fiddling with crappy drivers and carried on). It seems windows 10 and the OEMs are getting better at this. In some cases features have actually returned in recent months or bugs from drivers have been fixed with automatic driver updates initiated by windows 10. The Machines built with Win10 do upgrade very well so far. But I'll keep a lookout in the future for which manufacturer's parts and drivers are well maintained or programmed well enough to not break during upgrades. So far I can recommend getting laptops with precision touchpads (not a manufacturer, but a specification for touchpads made my Microsoft) and Intel wireless chips (definitely avoid killer and Qualcomm if you can). Sadly there aren't many options for sound and Realtek seems to be lacking a bit in regards to future-proof drivers. But as a whole, this was a really nice and smooth upgrade. It didn't change all to much, but the additions (and some of the app updates the last three months) are nice quality of life upgrades. P.S. I use the portable version of ccleaner, so this can't even be uninstalled on my rigs ;). and I heavily advice against using it for a few months after a win upgrade. The win upgrades leave a windows.old folder behind for when you need to roll back. this folder should be deleted after 30 days. After the anniversary update and the subsequent cleaning, the folder and a few kb of files remained. I used Ccleaner and it's function to clean that folder, which completely bricked by device and I had to set it back to mint conditions (after three failed boot attempts, windows will boot into a restore option, where only this most drastic of measures would help me in my case. still I was kind of impressed it at least managed to get itself back in shape). the bug with the remaining files on windows.old was later fixed by a windows update, after which the folder was deleted by itself. Long story short, ccleaner bricked my device because a function that worked on the November update would brick a computer running the anniversary update.
  7. Yes. Ok, that explains it. From your post it wasn't quite clear whether you thought you had the problem or not.
  8. from the looks of it: you're on an AMD card as well?
  9. lol? seriously, it looks like we hit the era of diminishing returns. I mean i can see the difference, but that difference doesn't look like 8GByte of VRAM to me.
  10. The background image moves with the semi transparent windows when scrolling (in MS Edge), and resets it's position a few times per second, which looks super odd. this is present in most semitransparent rectangles, but not e.g. in the reply rectangle. Pretty sure this is something that would need to be escalated to the programmers of the suite, along with the issue of the odd background image scaling on vertical monitors.
  11. Awesome. Got a copy. I keep my fingers crossed more people will come to support you.
  12. 58 GB? Bahahhaaa, that's madness. kavaksallas, High res DLC in Skyrim isn't a necessity for USLEEP. Pretty sure you will be save for FO4, too. It's nice to get our hands on high res files. I'm sure there will be vanilla res mods in the future with better texture clarity than the bethesda vanilla textures. Everybody wins.
  13. personally, i like it when a mobile layout offers the same functionality as the desktop page. All the buttons end up a bit on the small scale, even though they are scaled for the small screens. It feels like they are aiming at 6'' screens nowadays. But i still prefer having all the buttons over having only a few bigger ones. Anyway, here's my main issue so far: The background image is designed in wide screen format, not for vertical orientation. we now get the transparent boxes over the background image on mobile, too. but the image is only displayed scaled to screen width in the upper third of the screen, with the lower part being gray. It feels odd when scrolling. could the design be changed to offer a different background for vertical orientation? Maybe use a 9 to 16 crop out of the original as the image that gets scaled to screen width on mobile/vertical orientation? I hope that's something that's possible with the package.
  14. May i suggest this mod: it forwards all USLEEP changes aside from the speed and noise change, and adds some special effects. The other artifact mod i found pretty much doesn't forward any fix for the ebony blade, poor maintenance if you ask me.
  15. vanilla ebony blade has stats all over the place from one handed and two handed. USLEEP fixes it to be a true two handed weapon for all relevant stats. If you prefer the ebony blade to be a weird mix (or just a fast two handed weapon), may i suggest looking for some unique item rebalance mods?