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  1. I have a few inquiries about precombined meshes in FO4. I recently just successfully fixed a positional issue via directly altering a precomb mesh in NIFSkope, circumventing the problem of disabling precombines in that cell when doing so (here). I am now searching for some way to more reliably correlate a precomb BSTriShape to the object it represents. To find the precomb nif in the first place, you have to get the RefID and then use FO4Edit to get its formID; [REFR:00066BCA] (places BillboardWilsonAtomatoys01 [STAT:00178BC7] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of AtomatoysFactoryExt04 [CELL:0000E2C6] (in Commonwealth "Commonwealth" [WRLD:0000003C] at 4,-22) in Precombined\0000E2C6_3BB2127F_OC.nif) I am wondering... could any of the unknown ints in the BSPackedCombinedSharedGeomDataExtra be a FormID? I tried converting the hexidecimal integers in the bit above to just Decimal to see if I could match up any unknown ints, but nothing. What are these VF1 VF2 etc etc things? Could they be some means to identify?
  2. I just found a third security controller terminal without a holodrive; the sergeant's in the BADTFL office. This time, I corrected it via de-nulling that COCT subrecord to 0 in FO4Edit, going around the CK entirely. Its attached turret was responsive to alterations made with the Total Hack turret tape.
  3. It appears that those two unknown flags are ultimately irrelevant to the holodrive. I unflagged those two on the Curator terminal in the Boston Public Library while still leaving that COCT at 0 (not null) and it still accepted holotapes. The Total Hack Turret holotape still functioned on its attached turrets too; scrambling the turrets' targeting parameters causes them to shoot each other. The existing unaltered terminal in Sanctuary Hills that had COCT = non-null 0 and never had Unk 4 and 13 ticked also accepted holotapes. No turrets to test since it's just a chem dealer's log, but the game holotapes work in it. The CK tagging those flags could just be extraneous stuff.
  4. I was tasked with killing some thug murderer and a crooked chem dealer before getting to Kendra. Are you listening to the radio while inside Goodneighbor's boundaries?
  5. The COCT field is actually an item entry count. The grayed out subrecord right beneath it is "Item", and gives a form record reference and item count to a holotape when the COCT reads 1. Here's the Vault 111 rec terminal that I used as a "has loaded holodrive" reference: It too has Unknown 4 and Unknown 13 tagged in the header subrecord. I randomly clicked around, however, and found a terminal that has COCT = 0 (and not null) and it did not have Unknown header flags 4 and 13 tagged. I'll check in-game to see if it has a holodrive.
  6. I am really sure. Here's some screenshots: In the CK, it is clearly a checkbox. Leaving the dropdown blank results in an empty holodrive (as opposed to no holodrive) I analyzed other terminals to make sure that's how it's supposed to be. The screenshot reflects my alteration to that terminal to enable the Total Hack tapes to be used on the turrets and protectrons attached to it. In FO4Edit, it goes from null to 0. On computers with a drive and a holotape in it, it is a 1 and has the item ref info listed below it. Additionally, Unknown 4 and Unknown 13 were flagged in the override record's header subrecord. The second terminal I altered already had those flagged in Fallout4.esm.
  7. It seems that the checkbox for "Has Holotape" and possibly also the referred holotape (note?) form is not known to FO4Edit. Simply checking the "Holds Holotape" on the Terminal form and leaving the holotapeblank results in the terminal having an empty holodrive in-game, allowing one to insert things like the arcade games, or text/audio data holotape, or, more importantly for security control terminals, the Total Hack holotapes allowing you to hijack spotlights, turrets, and protectrons linked to the terminals. I've discovered two security controller terminals so far in my new UFO4P adventures and am expecting more. Can the next version of xEdit have these? It seems that "COCT - Count" is the subrecord in question that is the governor for this. It doesn't have an apt descriptor for it though, and doesn't register as an overridden subrecord when "hide no conflict rows" is enabled.
  8. I think there may have also been an underlying soreness from Zenimax thinking they'd be getting Carmack as a principal at their newly acquired subsidiary studio... and then he up and leaves.
  9. "The Floor Is Lava" is a child's game that originated in Pompeii, Italy all the way back in 79 AD.

    1. JayCrane
    2. BlackPete


      The Cat heard about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius then. Sounds like a game of madness to me.

  10. From the album MadCat's WIPpage

  11. It only needs to be done once as a retro, as the revisions I did should make it stay in place without scriptiness. The retro just needs to reset to editor position an already havok'd spigot so the separate spigot mesh with a proper static collision setup can stay put. The problem is that the spigot mesh pointed to miscitem inventory mesh that you can havok about in the gamespace, and the script commands to lock havoky things in place are known to not work as well as they should.
  12. Ceiling Dentist is watching you masticate.

  13. Looks like Balmora Syndrome is alive and well.