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  1. Fragments of Euclid :
  2. I thought only unmodded savegames were valid for importation, and the only trial I did with a slightly modded one had an instant CTD as result. So I never tried again. Also, AFAIK, forcing 3840 x 2160 res in Oldrim worked but the UI wasn't designed to run at such high res. You got some unexpected UI text displaying :
  3. From the album Nico's album

  4. The process for achieving this in the CK is described in the archive readme that you can download here. Yes, whatever app you choose to generate it (CK or xEdit/xLODGen) you'll get a bunch of bto files for the entire worldspace. In order to grab only the files you need, you have to manually filter them by using the naming rules/conventions described here.
  5. Recovering sovereignty and auto-determination is a sweet dream for some others, too. And I'm not trolling...
  6. 'Copy-paste' is self-explanating. Destination==Source. For Skyrim LE-->SSE conversion you have to use SSE Nif Optimizer.
  7. I redid the fix there by reusing the furniture mesh as a base. Checked and works 100% fine on my end. There's still the slight normals issue as in the base mesh, though... (even if it is greatly improved)
  8. So it happens on PC too ? And on this loadscreen only ? I occasionnally saw some 'black' very quick flashes on various loadscreens but this is probably an unrelated issue.
  9. I can only hardly see the chair feet, but I think I recognize it. It was fixed by myself in ticket #16814. Architecture\WhiteRun\WRClutter\WRThrone01Static.nif The mesh, however, displays at least partly (I suppose something went wrong with your screenshot app). It is also used in many Whiterun interiors and I suppose there's no rendering issue ? I'll look at it again but I don't expect to find something that needs to be redone. What do you mean by 'Load Screen Blocked' ? If it's an infinite loadscreen then my guess is rather about an issue with the cell/worldspace supposed to render just after, or maybe another mod altering this loadscreen, loadscreens camera or ambient space, or maybe UI...
  10. As useless and crappy as the previous update...
  11. v14 was the fix I submitted for issue 22086, only ported to SSE. SSE wasn't tested at all, on any platform. Alpha rendering issues on EEC crates and the Katariah are the biggest clues I saw.
  12. Fix updated to v16 : vanilla mesh restored because of reported crashes. I don't know nor understand what's wrong with this mesh or the XB1 rendering engine. I give up.
  13. This is crazy and silly. The USLEEP/USSEP mesh error was fixed (almost all the entire mesh rendered almost black), but why it renders blue on console is totally beyond my understanding. Fix updated to v15. Please test and report. I tried an ultimate fix : the USSEP patched undersides are now separated blocks instead of being merged with the existing ones. Please note that if this fix doesn't work either, then I'll have no other choice than restoring the original vanilla mesh with a hollow underside.
  14. Fix updated to v14. Please test and report.
  15. I might have found a valid explanation. Look here. Upcoming fix may come soon.