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  1. I assume you are playing on XB1 as it's a known and specific console rendering engine issue, you should have mentioned it. A fix does exist (with a few counterparts, though). Gift :
  2. I can confirm the fix for the Peryite dialogue is perfectly working as intended. Thanks for the update.
  3. Nico coiN


    Hana, you have eagle eyes !
  4. Nico coiN

    Cabbage Bleeds Bug

    I'm now playing Skyrim quite rarely and I'm not very active on the modding/fixing bugs scene but I assume it's a wrong material set in the mesh collision layer. The cabbage (and all flora in general) has the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_GRASS' one. Try another one (just to see). You can also try SMIM meshes to see how they are behaving. The problem could also come from the cart mesh, which material could be set to something that 'bleeds on impact'. EDIT : I checked, and it looks like the cabbage01.nif mesh from USSEP sets the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_ORGANIC' material, where SMIM keeps the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_GRASS' one. That's the explanation... Also, rifrmsmpartitionbase01.nif from USSEP has no material set where it should have the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_STONE' one. Pete, was it the wall you were refering ?
  5. That's the point. But for your modding purpose why don't you use a dedicated actor template rather than modifying a vanilla one ? Find the one you want in the vanilla game, make a copy of it (from within the CK or in xEdit by using the 'copy as new record' feature) and then mod it to your taste. Of course, here, as you created a new record you will need to keep the generated facegen files.
  6. AFAIK, anything changed on an NPC (even if you don't change the morph data) results in the CK regenerating the facegen data, both the face mesh and texture. However, from the 2 trials I made a few months ago I determined that the CRCs /md5s of the resulting files are exactly the same as the vanilla ones (no morph or tint modification from you, I insist on that once again). This should probably need more testing but imo and in this specific case you can just throw out these files, even if you can't prevent the CK from regenerating them again and again...
  7. @Andreaskhic : this is a XB1 specific issue. I designed this to 'cover' the visual glitch. It has undesired side effects (although not game breaking) and is more a 'hack' to lure the XB1 rendering engine than any other thing, so it is improper to include it in USSEP (and is designed to hide a problem that doesn't exist on the PC game). So yes, if you're playing on console and don't mind about the described side-effects then you still need it.
  8. Just my 2 cents here : wolves do not howl anymore on my side with the latest USSEP, and using the fix restores them. I guess the Nix hound howls like a wolf with this fix ? (I don't own it and have no intention to purchase it). However, strange and unexplainable things happen on my SSE install, even on a brand new game with these mods enabled from the very beginning : Open Cities Skyrim : Oblivion gates are disabled. The control book and the MCM are unable to activate them. 2 gate attendants cannot process their AI package to open the gates. Heimskr doesn't preach at all. Provincial Courrier Service : the courrier seems to have no sandbox package and remains sticked in front of his house 24/24. And disabling OCS solves the PCS issue... I already sent some savegames to Arthmoor a few months ago and everything processed fine on his side... And these 'mirror' mods are working perfectly fine on Oldrim. Sorry for the off-topic, but I have no explanation other than the engine behaving differently on specific hardware / OS.
  9. Nico coiN

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Strangely, gate attendants and lighting can be toggled through MCM or the dedicated book in Temple of Kynareth. Oblivion gates, however, remain invisible whatever I'm doing...
  10. Nico coiN

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Arthmoor, are you planning to restore the MCM menu to handle OCS settings ? You can actually access it, but changing options from there actually has no effect. And btw, I also have the same question for Provincial Courrier Service.
  11. I hate to be that guy but the 5 following scripts only have their source code embedded in the archive, the compiled versions are missing : defaultsetstageondeathrefalias.psc dlc2dunseekerinvisscript.psc qf_tg04_00021550.psc udbp_qf__03056632.psc uskp_tif_freeformmarkarthj_030528f7.psc Some of them look like leftovers from the old stand-alone patches but I'm not sure about it. Are these scripts still needed ?
  12. Just if anyone cares, scripts can be decompiled with Champollion. Here are the decompiled scripts from 1.5.39 update.
  13. @Leonardo : sorry, no mention in their logs... Have anyone reported them the issue ?
  14. Well, Hearthfire now has new dialogue entries to redirect a pet, a spouse, freshly adopted children or just moving to a new home called "Tundra Homestead", which formIDs clearly show that this will be a new Creation Club content. That is matching the latest update logs. Shame on Bethesda : these entries are not translated in anything but english...
  15. Let's hope the SKSE64 team is still reactive...

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