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  1. All Legends Eventually End

    I'm open to any solution, but I don't know how to use Blender. The best way for me would be a tool that could convert meshes back to LE format.
  2. @alt3rn1ty : this mod just brings back the main menu from the previous official update (md5 are the same) which means no access to CC at all. Check my mod ' no more creation club news' that still allows CC access and only removes the spam box.
  3. All Legends Eventually End

    I have reasons to stay on the Legendary side. As a player, first : ENB will never be as sophisticated in SE as it is in LE, and Skyrim without any ENB preset is quite pale and has no real visual relief... As a modder, next : most of my creations were incorporated in USLEEP/USSEP. Even if I'm much less available I will probably achieve some other mesh fixes. The problem is that I have absolutely no tool to import meshes in SE format in 3DS. So, basically, if USSEP fixes a mesh and I have to work on it even more, then I have no other choice than restarting from the very beginning, and from the LE mesh...
  4. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    With the latest SSE update (Creation Club support) can we safely clean the DLCs with the current xEdit version ?
  5. Yes, the CK was updated. I don't know exactly when, but only Arthmoor could confirm you if he used it.
  6. I just noticed this while inspecting the patch for an eventual french translation : DLC01RETravelSC02, DLC01WorkshopRobotAttack01, DLC01WorkshopRobotAttack02, DLC01WorkshopBotRaiderAttack01, DLC01WorkshopBotRaiderAttack02 : UFO4P sets these quests names in German (fingerprints from Sclero, eh ? ), I suppose it isn't even displayed ingame.
  7. Confirmed on both LE and SE. Nor USLEEP or USSEP edits this reference. This should be reported as a regular placement error, easy to fix by adjusting position or plugging the hole with another appropriated static.
  8. Information about SKSE64

    Yes, that's quite astonishing. If only old SKSE plugins would work out-of-the-box, then that would be the cherry on the cake.
  9. Information about SKSE64

    It didn't work so easily for me. I had to add 'Skyrim.esm' as master to 'SkyUI.esp', otherwise the esp couldn't remain ticked in my load order (I don't have any other thing than the vanilla mods menu to handle this). Also, in its actual state I have a CTD to report : make a search for a location by its name in the map menu. Once you click on it in the results column you get a CTD.
  10. Aerin's house name contains an improper character. Check record [00022642] with SSEEdit.
  11. [Relz] Cutting Room Floor

    I'm afraid Dreamworks already owns the idea :
  12. Creation Club

    Gruftlord, you're being sarcastic . Quite funny, I acknowledge. If it's true then I doubt it would be retroactive with all what's been done until now. FWIW, let's just wait and see...
  13. Creation Club

    They are unable to acknowledge their 'shit', as you call it. 'You're doing something wrong with your mods' they say. 'The game is perfectly playable in its regular release state', they say, and so on... The truth is that their QA department is (at best) awfully managed (intentional or neglected, who knows ?), or (at worse) non-existent. But we're here totally out of the tracks of the main topic...
  14. Creation Club

    The shape of this new 'thing' is (at least) completely blurred, and it will probably remain 'as is' until we have the final whole product. Well, as Beth' has no plan for an upcoming Elder Scrolls chapter I'd say that the eventuality of seeing worthy official material (something of a DLC size, like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma) is a very good thing. Believe me when I say I'm not an 'easy' player at all : if (imo) it's worth being played, then it's worth being paid. I just hope they will reward their so-called 'partners' in a much better way than the silly low percentage that Steam 'offered' about 2 years ago.
  15. Creation Club

    Eh, smells like a known fragrance :

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