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  1. Aerin's house name contains an improper character. Check record [00022642] with SSEEdit.
  2. [Relz] Cutting Room Floor

    I'm afraid Dreamworks already owns the idea :
  3. Creation Club

    Gruftlord, you're being sarcastic . Quite funny, I acknowledge. If it's true then I doubt it would be retroactive with all what's been done until now. FWIW, let's just wait and see...
  4. Creation Club

    They are unable to acknowledge their 'shit', as you call it. 'You're doing something wrong with your mods' they say. 'The game is perfectly playable in its regular release state', they say, and so on... The truth is that their QA department is (at best) awfully managed (intentional or neglected, who knows ?), or (at worse) non-existent. But we're here totally out of the tracks of the main topic...
  5. Creation Club

    The shape of this new 'thing' is (at least) completely blurred, and it will probably remain 'as is' until we have the final whole product. Well, as Beth' has no plan for an upcoming Elder Scrolls chapter I'd say that the eventuality of seeing worthy official material (something of a DLC size, like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma) is a very good thing. Believe me when I say I'm not an 'easy' player at all : if (imo) it's worth being played, then it's worth being paid. I just hope they will reward their so-called 'partners' in a much better way than the silly low percentage that Steam 'offered' about 2 years ago.
  6. Creation Club

    Eh, smells like a known fragrance :
  7. Cheap or Free Games!

    Unless I have mud in eyes Oldrim is not available anymore on Steam for fresh customers that never bought it.
  8. I still haven't seen it in SSE, but I haven't played it much. I often saw it in Oldrim, until I installed a SKSE plugin specifically designed to fix it. "HDT sitting height fix" if I remember right.
  9. Information about SKSE64

    alt3rn1ty, I think that LOD meshes persisting in children worldspaces was already an issue in Oldrim. OCS unvoluntarily avoids this. You should definitely give it a try, I couldn't play without it anymore even if there are still a few odd things in some meshes (that I still wish to fix shortly).
  10. Cheap or Free Games!

    I'm offering a redeem code for Mount & Blade on GOG. First login to your account at GOG.com, then use the following link to get the game : https://www.gog.com/redeem/57BFC-6FAE3-5FA17-9B9D2 Enjoy !
  11. Cheap or Free Games!

    I'm offering a redeem code for Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition on GOG. First login to your account at GOG.com, then use the following link to get the game : https://www.gog.com/redeem/1E814-853A6-13773-5B123 Enjoy !
  12. Yes, by looking at the file size I could tell for sure that they only translated the esp. No localized voice acting here.
  13. Cheap or Free Games!

    Fragments of Euclid : https://nusan.itch.io/fragments-of-euclid
  14. [Skyrim SE] Old LE Saves - Don't Do It!

    I thought only unmodded savegames were valid for importation, and the only trial I did with a slightly modded one had an instant CTD as result. So I never tried again. Also, AFAIK, forcing 3840 x 2160 res in Oldrim worked but the UI wasn't designed to run at such high res. You got some unexpected UI text displaying :
  15. Thanks Jenny.jpg

    From the album Nico's album

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