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  1. [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    Yes, dawnbreaker triggers the previously missing dialogue (I witnessed it myself). IDK about Azura's star but if I remember correctly the dialogue triggers by checking keywords on inventory items, so I think it would happen too... Dayspring canyon : setting up a map marker will not help much if the associated quest objective doesn't point on it. And here it would be a modification, not a bug fix.
  2. Hi Leo. Sorry to be that guy but... I see no problem here (not any mod on my side except USSEP, CRF and OCS), nor why just moving 2 references could fix anything (and it exposes a big gap in the back of the gear mesh). Have you checked in SSEEdit if any of your other mods modifies these 2 references ?
  3. Unfortunately, I'm afraid not. These markers do not use any texture at all anyway. It's not a texture problem. It's a console engine rendering issue.
  4. Information about SKSE64

    The very first SKSE64 release triggered a CTD when going into a specific ingame settings menu, if I remember right. This was avoided by an additional plugin developed by a 3rd party modder, and I think this is what Leonardo is talking about. Anyway, in its actual release SKSE64 is working flawlessly and doesn't require this 'bypass' anymore.
  5. It occasionally happens with all animations performed by npcs. It's a bug at the engine level. Unfixable by us.
  6. female argonian animations

    I just checked the appropriate RACE record in USSEP and the fix is properly in place. So, if you can clearly see that your animations are not fixed in your game then we have 2 possible explanations : - console sorcery : some edits are properly working on PC, but are void on console. That's not a joke, we've already seen this... - you have another mod editing this record, overriding the USSEP fix.
  7. Translations bethesda.net upload

    Arthmoor will probably elaborate more but here are my tips : -unpack ALL UFO4P resources in your data folder. ALL UFO4P files should be present as 'loose files'. Of course, ONLY UFO4P files should be present as loose. Absolutely no other 'foreign' loose file should be present. -when time comes to build the ba2 archives, open a new window in your computer browser (I mean Windows explorer), go inside the 'textures' folder and STAY at this level. Initiate a search (ctrl + f) and type '*.*' . All the files located in the subfolders will be listed. Select them all (ctrl + a) and just achieve a big 'drag n' drop' in the proper CK archive building window. Proper paths for each file will be automatically logged. -now do the same from within the 'meshes' folder, the 'sound' folder, and so on... You will be able to rebuild the ba2 archives in only a few 'drag n' drop' manipulations. No .achlist file needed.
  8. Yes, all esm were updated.
  9. "Burguk's cellar" name contains an unregular character. Also, this cell's name modification wasn't ported to USLEEP.
  10. Help with LOD for a building

    Hi ninework1, LOD files generation from the CK is bugged for SSE, you can achieve it only for LE. Check this post and this post to obtain informations and the source files in order to achieve it. You can also use xLODGen (a fork from xEdit) to achieve this.
  11. All Legends Eventually End

    I'm open to any solution, but I don't know how to use Blender. The best way for me would be a tool that could convert meshes back to LE format.
  12. @alt3rn1ty : this mod just brings back the main menu from the previous official update (md5 are the same) which means no access to CC at all. Check my mod ' no more creation club news' that still allows CC access and only removes the spam box.
  13. All Legends Eventually End

    I have reasons to stay on the Legendary side. As a player, first : ENB will never be as sophisticated in SE as it is in LE, and Skyrim without any ENB preset is quite pale and has no real visual relief... As a modder, next : most of my creations were incorporated in USLEEP/USSEP. Even if I'm much less available I will probably achieve some other mesh fixes. The problem is that I have absolutely no tool to import meshes in SE format in 3DS. So, basically, if USSEP fixes a mesh and I have to work on it even more, then I have no other choice than restarting from the very beginning, and from the LE mesh...
  14. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    With the latest SSE update (Creation Club support) can we safely clean the DLCs with the current xEdit version ?
  15. Yes, the CK was updated. I don't know exactly when, but only Arthmoor could confirm you if he used it.

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