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  1. Well having prompted the moderators a couple of times since my last post .. I think they are just not getting a response back from Bethesda so far So still being patient .. Meanwhile I just turned the nexus page into another iteration of the manual guide, with an empty BAIN template for a file
  2. @Leonardo See the last link in the previous post - There is a file on Nexus now, which is just a folder template to make the BAIN Still needs DIY and put the Original and Cleaned masters into the BAIN yourself .. But until Bethesda give permission its all I can do is to show people how.
  3. Changed the guide to be dual format - It now covers Skyrim Original and Skyrim Special Edition All results have been done with xEdit 3.2, and CRCs / MD5 checksums rechecked .. .. also found a couple of useful links to just drag and drop resulting files to get the checksums : And I think the following is enough coverage for everyone to see it
  4. SSEEditMasterCRCs.png

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  5. Just downloaded and re-installed Old Skyrim - updated the first post to reflect correct CRCs and MD5 Checksums, using the newer TES5Edit version 3.2 ( There were different results on the auto cleaning and manual cleaning of the Dawnguard.esm with the new TES5Edit ) Fingers crossed I can uninstall Oldrim for good this time
  6. Does this mean aswell as smashing records, MS will now smash sub-records ? and that also applies for Skyrim / SSE / FO4 ?
  7. Glad it was useful. I am not going to start a serious playthrough just yet on FO4, I expect this beta is pretty close to RelZ, so after it goes live will start anew completely again and see whats left to catch, from then on will regularly keep note of any log spam / errors which are new to what I have seen before and get it all down in here. Hope to help weeding out any instances not everyone will catch throughout the game. ( I can hear everyone thinking "yey more log spam posts" )
  8. I would say both but I was under the impression the official game beta is now finished and we are supposed to be out of the latest official game beta ? ( Steam client still tells me the game is beta .. But cant be trusted ) But yes to Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch BETA 2.0.0
  9. Has anyone looked at Papyrus logs for the beta ? I dont know what I am looking for with Fallout 4 yet, but seems there is an awful lot of logging going on with this game. Heres a new game start up until getting to Sanctuary for the first time after emerging from the vault ( with the new unofficial patch beta installed and no other mods ) ( If you click in the code box you can use cursor keys to scroll it left right ) Line 529 has a name I recognise C:\Users\Samson\AppData\Local\Temp\PapyrusTemp\RadioFailsafeScript.psc
  10. That really needs a nopetopus
  11. Confused Pre-Official beta I was on version GStaff made an update post about 6 hours ago saying the Update is now live .. But - He still has a link in that update post to steam beta community .. Which does not work, my browser just keeps trying to reload also on any bookmarked links I had for beta topic bugs I posted there and those go mental as if the site is trying but failing without any html error given. I can understand if the Beta topics have been closed again, and our bug reports once more are eaten by the bethesda forum void but .. .. just to add to the confusion, Steam client says the game is still Beta Beta ( nope, thats not a typo, not from me anyway ) The game still thinks it is version I think its a similar circumstance for Fallout 4 too.
  12. Camilla Valerus can sometimes get stuck in front of the Sleeping Giant, possibly due to the space between her AI markers being too far apart. (Bug #21734) : Confirmed fixed, I just did a new game start to let her escort me to the bridge, not even a momentary pause in front of the sleeping giant. I remember she was fixed before, but occasionally if you were not a few feet in front of her she could pause at that spot and needed the player to try different positions away from her before she started moving again Karan (spawned corpse in The Reach) had the black face bug and needed new facegen created. (Bug #21749) : Also confirmed fixed, went to have a look before starting a new game ..
  13. Same. And because this may well be the last chance to push it under their noses .. I am raising issues again which are still extant No response to this one yet for Fallout4 But this issue with SkyrimSE has been a constant since SSE was released and never solved .. This time around they have asked me for a DXDiag ( sent ) So in the latter case I have been surprised to see it finally getting some attention ( I posted it thinking it would probably get deleted as a reproduced issue which has happened before ), when it has been brought up many times before in collections of issue posts, beta topics which are now buried, and sent directly to Bethesda without any response at all previously. Wish the major bugs which were brought up before by Sheson and large references being edited by mods causing flicker, and the issue with Fallout 4 and .. combined? .. mesh editing problems could finally get solved.
  14. In game press Esc, click System, and in the lower left the version number should currently read Edit : PC version
  15. Nice, looking forward to grabbing a few textures out of those ( I think the GPU requirements are going to be a little OTT for my new laptop now, its a Geforce 970 with 3gb ) But looking forward to the game patches themselves even more. Fallout 4 in particular, I wonder if they may have back ported the much more efficient SSE Shadows for Fallout 4, and hopefully solved the technical problems holding up any major modding of meshes throughout the game.