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  1. 1. DynDOLOD 2.23 2. DynDOLOD Resources 2.22 3. DynDOLOD Resources SSE 2.22 .. Have all been released For Old Skyrim you will need 1. and 2. For Skyrim SE you will need 1. and 3. For Old Skyrim users, the guide in the OP is still good For Skyrim SE users : You will basicly be using it without SKSE 64, and without PapyrusUtil for the time being. There is not currently any Dynamic generation going on - But apart from that its nearly the same as the guide in the OP .. If you are running SSE then you are on Windows x64, so you may aswell use the x64 TexGen and DynDOLOD exe's When it comes to sending the icons to Desktop part of the guide, add another command line switch to the icon properties, so that aswell as giving the -o:<PathForOutput> you can add to that -SSE switch ( for both TexGen and DynDOLOD ). This switch is what tells TexGen and DynDOLOD what game it should be producing files for, so it needs to be correct. See the following new topic for updated documentation and download links : I decided I will not be updating the OP until the new SKSE is released, and DynDOLOD is then updated to bring it back to its former glory of being fully Dynamic .. .. But thats no reason for anyone not to be using it, I am using it without issue, and the serious amount of static LODs generated do make quite a difference to SSE. I am also using Fadingsignals Simply Bigger Trees SE, and his newly generated billboards files for those ( dont forget to right click the zip for the billboards and choose "Override Skips" ), and Shesons new colour average setting for Tree LOD generation which is a very nice addition ( and on by default ) Have a good comparison of the following two images ( best to right click and open each of them in a new browser tab, then you can flick between tabs to immediately see the differences )
  2. Oh yes I know Sharlikran, you have done a lot toward the communities, your documentation is linked all over the communities and is very good My last post was just talking generally to anyone listening really, and not meant to be at yourself.
  3. Yep for Oblivion Mods Thomas Kaira put quite a bit of effort into making lists .. And I think all of that was also included on the old Construction Set Wiki by Brumbek ( Warning : Repetitive Strain Injury possible due to scrolling ) .. And further Unclean mods were then all submitted to the old BOSS masterlist thereafter for that game To my knowledge there has never been any similar community effort put into Skyrim / Fallout by new bloods, and new mod authors. Nor has there been any great uptake contributing to the LOOT masterlist with Load After / Prioritisation metadata which would make LOOT just as comprehensive as BOSS used to be in its detailled collective knowledge, which is a shame because its the ideal tool for the job and most people just use it as it comes for its automatic Load Ordering when it is capable of being refined so much more just from community feedback if they would just spend a bit of effort building upon what Wrinkly has provided. I dont think the community in general gives a rats arris as much as the Morrowind and Oblivion communities did to help each other help themselves.
  4. @Leo The fixes you quoted were posted 30 days ago here on BGS new forum. Though the VC Redist update which did happen today I wouldn't disregard that update so quickly as insignificant .. VC Redist problems I reckon may have been behind the old Dawnguard CTD from C++ Runtime Error R6025 .. But also I just started a new game, and went up to the point where I was in position to do a fast travel from Riften to Whiterun, and see if the consistent glitching graphics still happens : Seems to me its not happening anymore .. Going to test it out a lot more to be sure, but if I dont get back to correcting this post or anyone else corroborates the claim I think we can assume the VC Redist update was part of the fix at least. The issue is posted here ( Scroll down a bit to see a few images of what happened ) It also solved a repeating problem for me of VC Redist update always being launched by steam every time I started Skyrim SE Edit : Effing doodaas, disregard my claim of fixing the graphics glitch, I reproduced it again ..
  5. @Arthmoor I linked that Fixing Navmesh Deletion guide of yours in this Cleaning guide a few days ago, Hana gave me a poke that it would be a good idea for Mod Authors initially reading this guide if the Automatic cleaning of mods gave them warnings about Navmesh deletions, then they should be pointed towards that guide to solve those problems. So your guide has now been given a bit more of a wider audience via this guide being plastered everywhere.
  6. Well now that Zilav and Arthmoor have discussed undocumented reasons for cleaning I am convinced - The guides stay put. I was playing it safe with my description "Why Clean the Master Files" .. But knew there were other good reasons for cleaning which have appeared many times in forum troubleshooting topics, I am just not experienced and technical enough to articulate any further reasons. Now that our vastly experienced and knowledgeable community members, with many years handling a wide diversity of problems thrown at them from the community have weighed in, I have no doubt that the guide is not misleading anyone into placebo and unecessary actions, and is still a recommended and needed practice. For anyone further curious about the description and in need of more reason to clean .. I will just link back to this conversation commencing with this post. Well thats most of the guide pages descriptions amended, with the exception of Nexus guides and Nexus Forum guides which are down for the planned maintenance at the moment .. Will do those later. But it now just includes a couple more lines in the Why Clean Master Files section .. " For further explanations of why it is still recommended to clean the games masters .. Read on from this post, Zilav and Arthmoor, most valued technical and vastly experienced modding authors, weigh in on the subject. " I think that should do for anyone needing more detail, maybe Mator does not entirely trust the word of more experienced mod authors when it comes to modding advice but I certainly do, kept me straight for many years with their knowledge, and I greatly appreciate they took time out from the many things they do for this community to participate here. Thank you.
  7. @Arthmoor @zilav @hlp @Sharlikran and @anyone who wishes to give two pence worth : I was contacted privately by @Mator, I think to dissuade me from having these guides up ( I havent seen mention of just changing certain parts ). Apparently someone on Reddit thought the Guide was a good idea .. .. And Mator is currently laying into every post made with counter arguments to gather support from the Reddit community and downplay the practice of cleaning Masters Does he have good points, is cleaning ITMs and UDRs from the Masters really detrimental to modding ( see a later post there where he mentions this is so .. though no details have been given ) ? And if so .. Should I remove part of the guide if not all of it .. or, all of it ? Personally I see no harm in cleaning, it certainly does not cause problems in my experience. So I call upon the community to give a good opinion on whether or not I should keep this guide up / change it in some way / or get them brought down. See the conversation linked above on Reddit for Mators arguments against the guide and particularly against cleaning Masters, before giving a response. I am not a member at Reddit so cannot participate there ( and after seeing the kind of people giving death threats to mod authors during the pay wall episode and the typical cesspit of awful comments you see there quite often, I do not wish to join either ) .. Hence why I am consulting the more knowledgeable people I know and trust here for good opinions. Its just a guide and game anyway so this is not any kind of serious matter, if it has to go for good reason then down it comes. The floor is yours .. Cast your own honest summary appraisals for or against parts or whole.
  8. 2. Ah understood - That will be due to the new Loading mechanism Bethesda put in place for Skyrim SE, the games masters do not go in plugins.txt, they are just loaded automatically in the correct order by SSE engine, and only mod plugins end up in plugins.txt, with Active plugins having a star before the plugin name .. *Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp *SimplyBiggerTreesSE.esp *Run For Your Lives.esp *Ars Metallica.esp *When Vampires Attack.esp *Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim.esp DesyncBirdsOfPrey.esp *Bashed Patch, 0.esp *DynDOLOD.esp In my SSE plugins.txt load order, DesyncBirdsOfPrey.esp is fully merged into the Bashed Patch, so does not have a star at the start of that line because it is not selected as active 3. Feedback on irrelevance is whining ? - Why do you seem to take my posts as if there is any emotional content rather than matter of fact ?. 4. Excellent. 5. Okay. 6. Well, good for those 'fair number'
  9. For a simple explanation See my bold in the quoted text. If you need something more technical Zilav will be the one to advise
  10. A few unintuitive parts I feel .. First hurdle, you have a really old video which does not match the newer features, for example the initial plugin selection screen similar to xEdit .. the video goes straight to the splash screen .. which by-the-way is still glitchy on Win 10x64 .. The plugin selection has a ghosted Okay button, and will only unghost if you select masters. Question: Why are they not auto selected ( when all other plugins are ) if selecting masters is necessary to proceed ? Next part of the video - All about setting it up in MO, which is irrelevant to anyone not using it ( and is no longer supported by its author who has gone on to be employed by Nexus reprogramming NMM ). Are users going to think they need an unsupported tool aswell so as to use MS properly ? Eventually figured out that the reason I could not build a new patch is because I needed to set the output path for the patch, which is odd that the utility can configure itself to find installed games via the registry keys and present you with a selection of games profiles, but does not default an output path for the main event ( and strangely the patch gets put into a folder inside Data and not in Data when so configured ) Anyhow hope some of the points made above are helpful for the project, though you probably realise some of them already. I still think most users just aren't going to be able to understand this well enough to make good use of it. Smash.all everything is most likely to be used because going any deeper or selecting tags per mod they do not understand will be either random or just avoided. Fingers crossed it becomes more intuitive in that respect as development progresses, I personally dont feel qualified enough to be making suggestions for settings. Just not expert enough at that level
  11. SPOILERS are spoiled I just wanted to put the "Why Clean The Master Files ?" section into a spoiler and it dont work, because the rest of the post becomes encompassed by the spoiler, not just the bit you wish to include
  12. Well having prompted the moderators a couple of times since my last post .. I think they are just not getting a response back from Bethesda so far So still being patient .. Meanwhile I just turned the nexus page into another iteration of the manual guide, with an empty BAIN template for a file
  13. @Leonardo See the last link in the previous post - There is a file on Nexus now, which is just a folder template to make the BAIN Still needs DIY and put the Original and Cleaned masters into the BAIN yourself .. But until Bethesda give permission its all I can do is to show people how.
  14. Changed the guide to be dual format - It now covers Skyrim Original and Skyrim Special Edition All results have been done with xEdit 3.2, and CRCs / MD5 checksums rechecked .. .. also found a couple of useful links to just drag and drop resulting files to get the checksums : And I think the following is enough coverage for everyone to see it
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