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  1. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Well on the first issue : If the error has all the information the user needs, that does not help the user understand the BashBugDump (nor me to be honest). The issue is something Wrye Bash is not handling so needs sorting out in the code ?, or at least it could warn the user the save files are in the wrong language / date format. I dont understand you responding to that, are you saying in that case we should all understand the bashbugdump errors and not report it here for Utumno to notice (I do this because he doesn't peruse the various nexus sites) ???. Are you now working on Wrye Bash again so are back to trying to help but lost the plot a bit ???. Second issue : Dynamically generated plugins do not have anything to do with this issue, nor do merged mods (unless you have found something in the linked plugin concerned that we dont understand as well as you do?). Try the "Rich Skyrim Merchants" mod which Vyxenne links to in her post, the x10 version of the plugin, and you will see that : This mod is fully mergable using Wrye Bashes own Merge Patcher, it also (and unusually for a fully mergeable mod) comes up in the Levelled Lists patcher I am talking about the Wrye Bash Rebuild Patch dialogue, in the left pane .. Merge Patches Levelled Lists These two patchers for Skyrim SE Wrye Bash Rebuild Patch are supposedly working ok?, but Vyxenne is pointing out that they do not seem to be in this case, because when merged into the Bashed Patch the result in game is not as expected (which is why I say until someone on the Wrye Bash team grokks Wrye Bash Rebuild Patch "patchers" (as far as I know Utumno does not so far, as he says "I need coders"), I dont think this problem will be solveable) Read the last sentence of mine which you quoted and look at the following Oblivion Patchers screenshot .. These are what I am talking about which I think you have missunderstood a little ..
  2. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno Another issue - This time from a user on FAllout 4 Nexus (plus a few other users agreeing they have the same issue) Edit: There's also another issue on Skyrim SE Nexus, Vyxenne reporting a mod when merged does not work as expected, but until someone grokks patchers I dont think this will be fixable. I tried installing the mods plugin with the latest standalone, but Wrye Bash was weird with it, initially it didnt show in any patchers lists, then after reloading Wrye Bash it came up in both Merge Patcher as fully mergeable and Levelled lists.
  3. alt3rn1ty

    [Relz] Vortex - Mod Manager

    Just recently it also now supports BSA Redirection for older games that need it Still haven't got round to trying it yet, but I do intend to.
  4. alt3rn1ty

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    Damn I was hoping for Argonia in the next TES (I know Argonia is going to be part of ESO apparently) No doubt a new machine will be required by then, but I might get away with my current one ( Vanilla Reduced Textures Hammerfell? ) Just .. Not looking forward to another round of bugthesda scripts etc But .. Godz, I'll be damned, I am looking forward to another TES, we are just suckers for punishment. So buggy, but so good at the same time. I am going to complete everything in Skyrim SE before then though, and just for a change get well beyond level 45
  5. alt3rn1ty


    Also genuinely curious .. But not quite teased or excited. There's just nothing to get excited about. Is it 3D Missile command? Space walking simulator? We can only guess there may well be far more content to the eventual game, but a bit more of a hint would have been good.
  6. Apparently it does still happen .. https://bethesda.net/community/topic/196503/any-plans-to-fix-the-dreaded-c-runtime-error-r6025-pure-virtual-function-call-programming-error I am once again sending a Support ticket about the issue, linking the report to the above topic by FF7Legend, and this forum topic. Also sending them one about the EULA Agreement in Japanese
  7. I cant reproduce this issue on Skyrim Special Edition. I have now been all the way through the Dawnguard main quest and waaay beyond that, even popping back in to the Soul Cairn to say Hi to Serana's mum again .. Without completing Jiubs Quest, and having picked up a couple of the pages. I also left Arvak's Skull quest hanging (pardon the pun), and did not pick up all of the Reaper Shard Fragments (just one). But then, I also have a new machine these days which may be as most people experience = There is no issue unless you have a machine with certain conditions / hardware. So whether its because I have a new machine I do not experience this issue on Skyrim SE .. OR .. The issue is just no longer happening with the newer game engine for Skyrim SE .. I cant prove either way. I'm just thankful at this moment I will never have to be concerned with wandering through the soul cairn and making sure I have done x, y and z to make sure I dont get the r6025 bug ever again. Sorry if anyone was hoping for something more conclusive either way or the other, but its beyond me to help.
  8. This topic is just for anything anyone hears of related to games / setups / clients which gives your computer security more holes than Swiss Cheese. Just use the topic as a heads up to gamers along the lines of "You may not ordinarily bother your ass with this stuff .. But check this out" To kick it off here's a beauty recently which is now fixed (so long as you have updated recently and not run it in offline mode permanently) .. Steam Client UDP issue - Apparently this issue has been open to exploitation for the last 10 years : Go to the following linked video at time 1:07:21 Security Now! episode 666 Valve have fixed it if you have let the client update since. Historically, the NSA had another exploit they had been using for a while (no idea of the duration) to spy on daddies machine via Steam installed by their kids, that one was fixed pretty soon after the Edward Snowden leaks - Rob Joyce NSA Chief of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) at the time said they do not need to use Zero Day exploits .. I doubt the NSA have anything to be interested in me, but the point is if they can do it anyone can do the same. I gave steam a support ticket at the time, asking what the state of play was with the fix, the ticket was replied within about 30 seconds "Yes we have fixed the issue" and the ticket was deleted straight after the reply. Ouch!, sore point, valve must have been a bit trigger sensitive about the issue So anyway, if that was fixed .. Then the UDP one noted in Security Now! 666 was another separate issue .. Or maybe valve thought they had the right hole fixed but fixed something else?. I guess we will never know, its probably too embarrassing for Valve. Not noted in this video, but if anyone uses the GOG Galaxy client (personally I prefer not using it, Steam are a lot better established and if they can get the client wrong from a security POV ...). I just manually update games with the downloadable manual installers when they update), that client also had quite a bad exploitation a while ago which was also updated soon after being informed. I dont know if you can run that client offline, but if you can and have been .. I would get it up to date if I were you. I also recommend not having these clients auto-start with windows. Get into all the settings and switch off behaviour you might not be happy with, which is most likely on by default because of the need to get that advertising window on your desktop in your face with all of its capabilites enabled with no restrictions.
  9. Yep, since then I am finding on average the game is only using around 2.8gb system ram, and so far running through the whole of Skyrim using the Memory Manager is not highlighting any more bugs in the game itself. Skyrim SE has always been very stable and smooth for me (never having any great amount of mods installed), but I am appreciating all the little things it does, and the fixes which have uncovered game engine issues we would probably have never known about, overall I think its marvellous. I am now permanently running around with Mutex fix and the Memory Manager on, and enabling Tree LOD Reflections (I dont use enb) Love the new Orphaned SKSE Co-Save Cleaner ..
  10. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Cool, I was going to start on those but after seeing his latest release combining all towns .. I held off for the SE version appearing sometime too.
  11. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    @cptmcsplody Another one for Skyrim SE masters Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town ShezrieOldHroldanVer2.esp v2.1 v2.2 - CRC = 22DAD810 = Verified Clean with SSEEdit v3.2.1 + Masters sorted [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1150984 Elapsed Time: 00:17Removing: GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:040393DA] (in aa11UTOldHroldanWorld "Wood Haven" [WRLD:040211BB] at 0,-2)[Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 12110, Removed Records: 1, Elapsed Time: 00:00[Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 12109, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Aswell as needing cleaned this is another with out of order masters, the above CRC 22DAD810 is with both cleaning and masters corrected.
  12. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno another possible issue that seems like a refresh issue after Wrye Bash regains focus from me Cleaning and sorting masters for a plugin with SSEEdit, then after closing SSEedit and going back to Wrye Bash, the CRC on the file did not update to the new CRC. I am still using the same Standalone as per my previous BashBugDump. You can try right click on the Mods Tab Header bar and choose "Recalculate CRCs", and you get the message that no cached CRC issue detected .. But then close Wrye Bash and reopen it .. And the correct CRC is displayed. Read on from this post in the LOOT topic, open the spoilers too, the issue is found to be Wrye Bash within about 6 posts on from that one.
  13. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    I Cleaned first then Sorted Masters .. But same result 102BBC11 = Wrye Bash has an issue refreshing CRCs after SSEEdit has done its thing then Wrye Bash comes back into focus and does not pick up on the CRC change. It used to, but this may be tied in with another odd issue Utumno is looking into recently. Will point him to what has transpired here for a read through of the issue. Thank you for confirming, and that will be another necessary CRC for Verdant, which is clean and has had its masters sorted.
  14. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Just managed to get Wrye Bash to get the correct CRC, if you right click on the Mods Tab Header Bar and choose "Recalculate CRCs" It will come back with it could not find any cached issues Close Wrye Bash and reopen it .. You will have the same CRC as LOOT and 7Zip are giving I am using the same Wrye Bash as you are now, so I am pretty sure this is a Wrye Bash problem Edit : @cptmcsplody Did you also use SSEEdit to Sort Masters after cleaning the plugin? .. I thought previously that did not make a difference to the CRC result, but I may have been duped by Wrye Bash not showing a difference
  15. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Yep so did I until I cleaned it with SSEEdit v3.2.1, now the two cant agree. Though 7zip x64 v18.05 agrees with LOOT that it should be CRC = 102BBC11 Here I have repacked the cleaned plugin back into the zip .. So maybe Wrye Bash is getting this wrong ?

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