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  1. alt3rn1ty

    No Mans Sky - Update

    1.65 is now public https://www.nomanssky.com/2018/10/development-update-7/
  2. .. ok, I fibbed a little, has been released There's also a couple of DLC for it now. Anyway Patch notes in the spoiler below :
  3. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yep I understand. I'm loving the huge amount of changes and development to xEdit recently (and the knock on effect of adding more ability to Shesons projects in beta at the moment), dont knock yourself out on too many projects.
  4. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    So that would work for CBBE.esl, but not my Wrye Bash Eslified esps' .. Bugger.
  5. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yes Wrye Bash would have to check that file every time it loads, in case an official update comes along and adds more official content wiping out the edits Wrye Bash last did. But its no worse than me adding Cleaned Official DLCs into a BAIN, and setting the Installers switch to NOT "Skip Bethsoft Content" in packages, so that I can install official content that has been cleaned with xEdit Edit : Anyway, its just an idea I thought worth throwing in there. People are already manually doing that in the modding community.
  6. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Thanks Sharlikran, when I test things I give feedback from a users point of view, you need never take anything as if its personal from me. Suggestion : I wonder if Wrye Bash would be able to check, and edit, the content of .. Skyrim.ccc Then if Wrye Bash could add Modders ESLs (aswell as Official ESLs), to that list, then it could still deactivate light plugins so long as they remain in that list. This would act like the old merging, instead of Wrye Bash merging them into the Bashed Patch, its telling the game to auto load them like official ones do, and so they can be deactivated if that condition is true .. And still manage to free up slots ?
  7. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    My bold - Nope, I am just pointing out that Wrye Bash is giving users a message that makes us think something is wrong, so if ESLs are to be supported then Wrye Bash needs to change the messages it is giving - IE The orange colouring which people are looking up in the Docs, which are telling them and I will quote it again so that it is clear .. "Some plugins have changed order. the game and the Construction Set/Creation Kit will adjust for this when loaded. However, if some of the plugins that you depend made conflicting changes to the same item, a different plugin may now dominate because of the reordering." I feel the changes are marvellous, and hope they can be made to work. The only downside is losing the ability to free up slots by fully merging some mods, but if that can be made to work one way or the other as previously discussed it would be excellent .. Personally I never use above say 50-100 mods anyway, makes no difference to me :), but there are a lot of people out there can never have enough slots and will moan about the ones they have to prune because Bash has lost the ability. Tis just something to consider thats all.
  8. alt3rn1ty

    Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    @Tanker1985 Also watch for responses to this post in the Wrye Bash dev topic.
  9. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Sharlikran something else to note, Save games are always coming up Orange : "Some plugins have changed order. the game and the Construction Set/Creation Kit will adjust for this when loaded. However, if some of the plugins that you depend made conflicting changes to the same item, a different plugin may now dominate because of the reordering." This is with the version I was using yesterday, and also with 307.201810141217 See also Tankers post in the Plugins and You topic In the following screenshot, Load Order has changed for some of the older saves, but the most recent two at the top there has been no change at all Here is the actual Load Order Note that Maximum Player Runes / Minimum Jump Height / Social Conversation Distance are ESP which have been Elsified by Wrye Bash. In the Load Order they are being positioned up with the other ESL. But in the Save Game Masters, they are further down (and out of view) in that list. I think Wrye Bash new ELSified plugins are causing this out of order issue making saves orange when they should not be. If you want to try the plugins and "Elsify Self" on them to see what happens, they are here Game Tweaks SSE. Once they are Elsified, these plugins can be positioned anywhere in the Load Order (in fact LOOT does reorder them to a bit further down), but I wanted them positioned with CBBE.ESL just to keep them together and because it doesnt really matter where these are positioned, their records will always win anyway. So I dragged them back up in Wrye Bash to follow CBBE.esl in the Load Order. However the save game obviously has different ideas about where these have been positioned. -------------------------- @Utumno Another issue with a reproducer, I am separating this out from the above because its a more complex Python issue which I think is not specifically related to Sharlikran's testing build Using a Wizard Back button can lose the plot a little, this issue has happened before which Lojack fixed many moons ago, but seems to be occurring again in recent dev builds : Reproducer - Grab CBBE SE v1.5 Main file, also make a wizard.txt out of the code box in the spoiler in this post. Put the wizard in the package. When using the WizBAIN, choose whatever you want until you get to the page with "RaceMenu Morphs" option. Put a tick in the box for that option. Now go forward to the finish page. When you get there note that there are two plugins ready to install, CBBE.esl and the RacemenuMorphs plugins, now dont click anything except the Back button, and keep going back to where you ticked the box for the RaceMenu Morphs option. Untick it, now go forward to the finish page again. Now note that the RaceMenuMorphs plugin is not selected for installation - And now finish the Installation. After that you will see the RaceMenuMorphs plugin got installed anyway, which it shouldn't have done. Apart from that wizards seem to be working fine, its just when using the back button to change your mind about some options and then going forward again.
  10. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Hmm, @Beermotor gone dark again, well when you emerge here's another update for you : CBBE SE v1.5 Since last you looked it has an added RaceMenuMorphs option, and a new ESL I also made the Face Pack option selected by default - That option is Required, if you do not use any other CBBE compatible Face textures, and previously you had that option not selected = Anyone not reading closely and just clicking quickly through the options may well easily miss the fact they really ought to select it - So I made it selected by default. New Wizard.txt is in the code box in the spoiler below, anyone copying it into the old wizard.txt, make sure when you left click and drag to highlight all the text in the code box, to keep dragging and scroll to the right when you hit the bottom, so that all the off screen text is also copied (some of these lines are loooong) ..
  11. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yup Plus see my edit in my last post, I just read back a bit and reference the +, you dont need to look into that in your build I dont think, that was the result of Utumnos build merging the plugins and still having them marked appropriately as being merged ( I included Wrye Bash title bars in my screenshots to show which version is in use ) Edit : I think that about covers all and all is understood, gotta go, stuff to do.
  12. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yes, thats what I thought, so to eliminate that problem ESLs should not bump the 'normal' Index. Someone has 0-255 slots already taken, actually I think it should be 254 now FF (slot 256) is the hard coded save game slot FE (slot 255) is now the hard coded slot for all ESL forms So we only have 0-254 for plugins (including vanilla plugins and a Bashed Patch) So someone has filled all 254, then they add another esl Wrye Bash will complain that there are too many plugins and will not rebuild the patch Whereas if this newly added ESL did not bump the Index, Wrye Bash would be happy. If ESL forms are all going to load at FE, then ESLs bumping the Index is an unnecessary hindrance .. When we used to Merge plugins fully into the Bashed Patch, this was not an issue because Wrye Bash would auto-deselect them (putting a + indicator in the tick box to let the user know the mod had been merged into the bashed patch, and was not counting towards the plugin limit of activated mods) Edit : Note .. My earlier Screenshot of Wrye Bash with + next to the mergeable plugins, was a screenshot of Utumno's nightly build having merged those plugins (see the version number in the title bar of Wrye Bash)
  13. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yes but if we are bumping the Index in Bash, then Bash will only allow you to go up to 256 plugin slots (0-255 including vanilla plugins), if someone has 260 plugins, and 4 of them are ESL, really they should all Load in Wrye Bash for the purpose of rebuilding the patch, because 4 which are ESL should not count towards the normal index limit .. Or has the limit been removed, which puts the onus on the user not to exceed the limit without warning ? Edit : .. Or, does Bash now automatically allow an Index overspill of an equal number to the amount of ESLs are in the Load Order
  14. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Er, AHA!, lightbulb moment - Removing a feature which has always been unique to Wrye Bash, Mark Mergeable and the associated Merge Patches in the build dialogue freeing up slots for more mods .. Seems a bit radical, but I get it : Right click and check if a plugin Qualifies for being an ESL (and I guess most of what we class as mergeable, comes up green, will qualify) If the check proves positive that the plugin is capable of being an ESL - Eslify self Which then turns it into an ESL .. Which will have all of its records load at FE = Replacing one method of freeing up slots for another Cool So effectively sweeping all those records into FE loading later than everything, which would have been the same as merging them into a Bashed Patch loading last. Now we just need Wrye Bash to allocate FE 000, FE 001, FE 002 etc etc to such plugins Index (just like LOOT does) instead of bumping the Index, then we are once again fully freeing up those slots for even more mods (which was the whole point of Merging mods fully into the Bashed Patch) Is that roughly the plan?, I'm guessing someone still needs to pull off the snake charming on the Index to make it work Edit : Woops, just seen your huge amount of edits, doesnt matter though I got the gist of it. Thanks Sharlikran.
  15. alt3rn1ty

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Sharlikran - Just tried your 20181013 build of the Installer (and installed Standalone from that) My suggestion about changing the colour of ESL's .. Someone already thought of it eh? The Index number though, could Wrye Bash be made to work like the most recent LOOT does, it lists the ESL plugin as active, and gives it a special FE Index number, which does not bump the normal Index number .. .. Whereas Wrye Bash bumps the Index number. So anyone with one plugin less than the Maximum, thinking an ESL addition will not bump the Index because the game loads it at FE, will in fact stop the game from loading because what was their last mod at FD has now been bumped to FE .. Which is reserved (like FF is for the save game). Found a problem (I went ahead and started trying your version, and Rebuilt the Bashed Patch) First the Progress Bar box Rebuilding the Bashed Patch is popping behind Wrye Bash window a lot more than it used to, you have to occasionally click the Wrye Bash window to make the progress bar pop back to front again. Second - After Rebuilding the Bashed Patch, those three fully Mergeable Mods (Green) become completely de-activated (no tick in the box and also no + in the box - They should have a + as they have been merged into the Bashed Patch. Edit : REALLY NICE TO SEE MORE PATCHERS FOR SSE :D, they have been needed for sooooo long. Edit 2 : Aswell as the Mergeable mods not being deselected properly, it seems the whole "Merge Patches" option in the Rebuild Patch dialogue is missing, so Wrye Bash cant currently Merge them

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