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  1. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    Funny you should mention it .. I have just been updating all four machines in our house with NVidia cards to that version - I didnt know about it helping to protect against these vulnerabilities, I just thought while I am waiting for 4 sets of progress bars and losing sleep I may aswell grab the most recent graphics drivers too. Found out my MSI machine will have bios update either later this month or early next month. Success with windows updates has been great on 3 machines, but one is proving a little troublesome, maybe a corrupt update file causing the damned thing to go round in circles, might be time to wipe that one and start from scratch. So many people are either going to be oblivious to these problems and not realise their machines stopped updating, or not even hear about the main concern, or if they hear about both then they may well come across the many update issues I have been reading about whereby the chain of updates can in odd circumstances lead to machines not being able to update at all even if the correct registry settings are in place. What a mess these vulnerabilities have caused.
  2. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    Seems the free version of Malwarebytes I was using was preventing me getting an important update, Windows update KB4056892 (See this topic for an explanation of why that can happen) After uninstalling Malwarebytes, cleaning the registry, and then manually installing the missed windows update, I am now protected from Meltdown vulnerability Now I just need to find how to protect from Spectre apparently Edit : Ugh! Solution to Spectre includes a device (probably BIOS) update from Intel to MSI, and then an update from MSI to individual machine models = Thats going to take freekin ages .. Micro Star International are good with driver updates initially, but my laptop is getting to the couple of years down the road stage now.
  3. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    Unfortunately no good news on my current version of windows 10 x64 .. (I did run it as administrator, and both buttons remain ghosted because the protections are not in place for me to enable them = I would have thought Win 10 would have had this by now but apparently not for the Creators update anyway)
  4. Steve Gibson has produced another helpful tool along similar lines to Never10 .. InSpectre https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm Its a neat and informative tool written in assembler so its small (same as all tools from Steve Gibson), only a week in development, but already looks like its just about done at release #5 .. At time of posting - Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018 at 13:14 Reference another topic on Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, this tool will tell you if you are protected against these vulnerabilities or not A Computerworld Columnist reckons the tool is sending anti-virus software a bit nuts because it is new and unrecognised software .. If you’re not particularly interested in taking a graduate level course in Windows translation lookaside buffers and context switches, InSpectre can help. I’ve also just discovered a free Meltdown/Spectre checker from German software vendor Ashampoo. The results from their Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker match that from InSpectre on my machines. I continue to recommend that you hold off on this month’s patches – that includes Windows patches, .NET patches, firmware patches, and more – but you should disable Equation Editor if you’re in the habit of Enabling Edits on spurious Word documents. See my post from last week, but also note 0patch has just released a fix that specifically plugs the Equation Editor security holes. There are no known exploits for Meltdown or Spectre in the wild, although some are in development. (It’s feasible that nation states have been using either or both for decades!) For regular Windows users, the most likely infection vector, when it arrives, will be via a web browser, and those are getting patched quickly. Wait until the dust settles on this month’s patches before you install something that could clobber or cripple your machine. Share your InSpectre insights on the AskWoody Lounge. .. "They are all false positives" For development discussions, refer to Steve Gibsons Newgroups, News.Feedback
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    If that goes into Package, then logically Anneal, Install, and Install Missing should too .. But then they become what were previously handy commands going deeper into a sub menu so they are all not so readily available anymore .. UI choices here are awkward Also see my edit previous post, I have just been trying it imagining the scenario of many mods being filed into place in the overall install order and not needing to scroll to the end of the list all the time where many mods zips are involved, Install Last is actually quite useful
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Install Last = "Moves the package to the end of the order list and installs it." http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye Bash Advanced Readme.html#bainInstall Just noticed that quoted text above should be a tooltip text for hovering your mouse over the Install Last option .. But it has not been added as a tooltip in Wrye Bash Nor do any of the Install options (Install / Install Last / Install missing), whereas Uninstall does have tooltip description text. I never had a use for it personally, if I were to desire that I would just drag it to last and then right click install .. its a weird one But weird or not, there may well be many users who occasionally appreciate it who do not frequent here, the original team saw a need for it, so apart from it being possibly annoying is that reason enough to remove it?, though I do not use it personally I have never found it to be any kind of hazard to occasionally trip up on. Is @Utumno happy to remove its function ? Edit : Actually I can imagine a use case for this, take a none modified game, with loads of uninstalled installers .. And the user wants to start slotting these into a custom install order as they work through them, that command could occasionally be useful for speedily installing it but throwing it to the end of the install order to ensure it becomes one of his / her install last replacer mods (small loose texture replacers for example which dont want to be overridden by large loose texture replacer collections of textures).
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I dont know what the internal behaviour of the code is reference the Brackets for default, but the default setting should be what the game has as default for that GMST - I think the main reason for that logically is so that the same value can be reverted to if the user does not like the in game implications of the changed setting (for example extreme changes to time passing settings can have weird / complex and undesirable effects depending on which game it is applied to) Each GMST needs prior investigation into what is actually set by default for a vanilla game, that then becomes the [[value]] From a users POV, the default value when you select them from the right click menu are enclosed by one set of [ ] Here I have 70% Arrow recovery set, and the default value of 33% is marked by the single brackets But on the Selected Tweaks, all settings which have not been changed have double brackets to make them distinct from changed values with only single brackets.
  8. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Like the Right click menu Changing "Wizard" to "Manual Wizard" .. I think would work better as "Run Wizard", its an action you wish to do which also ties in with its tooltip text "Run the Install Wizard" .. Manual Wizard sounds a bit ambiguous imho Wizard Installer .. Run Wizard Wizard Installer .. Auto Wizard Wizard Installer .. View Wizard And "Auto Wizard" needs its Tooltip explanation changing, currently it reads the same as for Wizard = "Run the Install Wizard", Auto Wizards tooltip should read "Run the Install Wizard auto accepting default selections" Wizard Installer .. Run Wizard - Tooltip text "Run the Install Wizard" Wizard Installer .. Auto Wizard - Tooltip Text "Run the Install Wizard auto accepting default selections" Wizard Installer .. View Wizard - Tooltip text "Edit the wizard.txt associated with this project" The rest of the right click menus look good and more compact, without being too stacked so as to become annoying navigating menus. You have done a good job on it, and I agree the other wording changes you did are also good. Although maybe the "Open ReadMe" command ought to be in the Package sub menu ?, because you are opening a Readme from within the Package structure, whereas in your example you have moved it to the File sub menu, bundled out of place with actions that are performed on the file as a whole, not within the package. Really looking forward to more GMST tweaks - But usually the Brackets are populated with the Default value in double brackets [[10]], and only when you right click and change them to a higher or lower value do they go to single bracket [5] - Plus a Value is what we have all come to expect with these, using the default value as judgement as to what the selectable values in context would achieve, I dont think we ought to start changing those to labels like "STEP recommended". Say Moon size [[10]] describes the default game setting. Moon size [8] says to me I will be making it 2 tenths smaller than game default, or 80% of its normal game size. "STEP recommended" doesnt say anything to a non step goer, nor does it give any possible credibility that whatever that setting may be is any better than the default setting or worse because its a subjective description according to a few people at step who convey the best technical judgement among that forums peers. In your screenshot you use double brackets, so [[Step recommended]] = Default game size ?, and if changed to a different value, how much are we changing it away from the default value if we do not have the default value as a basis for comparison.
  9. Due to anti virus vendors having a need to get hooks deep into the windows kernel (which has in the past led to them ironically being an enabler for malware to also get deeper into the system), microsoft is making an effort to try and get them to change that and protect the kernel from being accessed by anything. The solution is a bit bizarre, but when you understand it and the objective it does make sense. Thought I would bring this up though because unless you go searching MS Knowledge base for issues you may never find out about it. TL : DR - From the January 3rd 18 windows updates forward .. Those updates will only happen if your system has a special Registry Key set. If you use Windows Defender (or for older windows 7 you use Microsoft Security Essentials instead .. Which is the same thing as Windows Defender with a different name), then the registry key will have been set by that software, and windows updates will progress as usual automatically. If you use a third party anti virus which comply with Microsoft and also sets the same registry key, again updates will proceed as usual. However if you have no anti virus solution (you chose not to have any sometime in the past), or you have an anti virus which does not comply with microsoft (possibly causing Blue Screen errors due to the anti virus behaviour) and not setting the registry key .. You will not get anymore updates until something has set the registry key Personally I just use Windows Defender on Win 10, and I have Malwarebytes Antimalware installed (but not resident), so I can run that for a second opinion occasionally. And otherwise stick to some basic rules - Dont use "adult sites", dont use cracks / warez / pirate software and sites. Updates continued and I was blissfully unaware that this issue even existed More info : Read on .. Microsoft: "Important: Windows security updates released January 3, 2018 & antivirus software" https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072699/january-3-2018-windows-security-updates-and-antivirus-software Overview Microsoft has identified a compatibility issue with a small number of antivirus software products. The compatibility issue arises when antivirus applications make unsupported calls into Windows kernel memory. These calls may cause stop errors (also known as blue screen errors) that make the device unable to boot. To help prevent stop errors that are caused by incompatible antivirus applications, Microsoft is only offering the Windows security updates that were released on January 3, 2018, to devices that are running antivirus software that is from partners who have confirmed that their software is compatible with the January 2018 Windows operating system security update. If you have not been offered the security update, you may be running incompatible antivirus software, and you should consult the software vendor. Microsoft is working closely with antivirus software partners to ensure that all customers receive the January Windows security updates as soon as possible. More information Windows Defender Antivirus, System Center Endpoint Protection, and Microsoft Security Essentials are compatible with the January 2018 security updates and have set the required registry key. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 Customers Microsoft recommends all customers protect their devices by running a compatible and supported antivirus program. Customers can take advantage of built-in antivirus protection, Windows Defender Antivirus, for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices or a compatible third-party antivirus application. The antivirus software must set a registry key as described below in order to receive the January 2018 security updates. Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Customers In a default installation of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, customers will not have an antivirus application installed by default. In these situations, Microsoft recommends installing a compatible and supported antivirus application such as Microsoft Security Essentials or a third-party anti-virus application. The anti-virus software must set a registry key as described below in order to receive the January 2018 security updates. Customers without Antivirus In cases where customers can’t install or run antivirus software, Microsoft recommends manually setting the registry key as described below in order to receive the January 2018 security updates. Setting the Registry Key Caution Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. For information about how to edit the registry, view the "Changing keys and values" help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) or view the "Add and delete information in the registry" and "Edit registry data" help topics in Regedt32.exe. Note: Customers will not receive the January 2018 security updates (or any subsequent security updates) and will not be protected from security vulnerabilities unless their antivirus software vendor sets the following registry key: Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat" Value="cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc" Type="REG_DWORD” Data="0x00000000” Frequently asked questions Q1: Why are some antivirus solutions incompatible with the January 3, 2018, security updates? A1: During testing, we discovered that some third-party applications have been making unsupported calls into Windows kernel memory that cause stop errors (also known as bluescreen errors) to occur. Microsoft has assembled the following resources to help potentially impacted customers: ● Troubleshoot blue screen errors in Windows 10 ● Resolving Blue Screen errors in Windows 8.1 ● Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7 Q2: What is Microsoft doing to help mitigate issues caused by these unsupported applications? A2: To help protect our customers from "blue screen" errors and unknown scenarios, Microsoft is requiring all antivirus software vendors to attest to the compatibility of their applications by setting a Windows registry key. Q3: How long will Microsoft require setting a registry key to receive the January 3, 2018, security updates? A3: Microsoft added this requirement to ensure customers can successfully install the January 2018 security updates. Microsoft will continue to enforce this requirement until there is high confidence that the majority of customers will not encounter device crashes after installing the security updates. Q4: I have a compatible antivirus application but I’m not being offered the January 3, 2018, security updates. What do I do? A4: In some cases, it may take time for security updates to be delivered to systems, particularly for devices that have been turned off or not connected to the Internet (offline). After they are turned on again, these systems should receive updates from their antivirus software providers. Customers who still experience problems 24 hours after ensuring that their devices have proper Internet connectivity should contact their antivirus software vendor for additional troubleshooting steps. Q5: My antivirus software is not compatible. What should I do? A5: Microsoft has been working closely with antivirus software partners to help all customers receive the January 2018 Windows security updates as soon as possible. If you are not being offered this month’s security update, Microsoft recommends that you contact your antivirus software provider. Q6: I have a compatible antivirus software application, but I still experienced a bluescreen. What should I do? A6: Microsoft has assembled the following resources to help potentially impacted customers: ● Troubleshoot blue screen errors in Windows 10 ● Resolving Blue Screen errors in Windows 8.1 ● Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7
  10. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    CBBE SE 1.2.3 remains compatible with the current wizard.
  11. @Arthmoor <Jaw hits the floor after seeing the UL uploads> I wish there was a RL medal for "Diligence and unprecedented ability to Up-keeping Outstanding Mods" - You would be awarded it yearly. :unworthy:

    Edit : #NotTakingThePissTheManIsDedicatedToTheCauseLikeNobodyElseEver + #MuchThanksOwedFromSoMany

    1. Arthmoor


      Sadly it was not done purely for the sake of doing it. It was an act of preservation that really should not have been necessary.

  12. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno I found a thing ( .. or two ) Reference : https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/projects/1 Projects \ Miscellaneous \ Put ghosts to rest - apparently shademe hacked oblivion so it's not a problem to have inactive esps - still looking for forum link ShadeMe did that with Trifle I think - https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44108/ Old beth topic by ShadeMe supporting Trifle (and where everyone went WOOOOP!) http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1473226-rel-trifle/ And here is the old topic where Wrye discusses such issues http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/941296-bugz-oblivionexe-filedirectory-thrashing/?hl= thrashing And I think the following post is where Wrye got the idea to try and hide plugins somehow http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/941296-bugz-oblivionexe-filedirectory-thrashing/page-2#entry13643956 .. In the following comments and the next page Auto-Ghosting beta was born. And then the topic was bumped, ShadeMe got nosy, and later people were referring to the topic historically and linking to ShadeMe's Trifle.
  13. The format you describe there has always been supported by Wrye Bash, that is what is known as a Complex / Simple BAIN Simple Bain = 1st level - <name of the archive.***> 2nd level (Root, or Top-Level) - all necessary folders and files e.g meshes, textures, <mod name>.esm/esp, mod - readme The 2nd Level in the above example is known in the Wrye Bash documentation as the Top, or Root level within the compressed archive (ie when you double click a Zip, and the Archiver opens it, you are looking at the contents of the Root of the archive .. Typically in a Complex Installer which has a wizard.txt script file, the wizard would be in the root of the archive) Have a look at the Wrye Bash Documenatation here http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye Bash General Readme.html#bain-structure Scroll down a bit to the Boxes that have the description for Simple, Complex, Complex / Simple Complex / Simple = 1st level - <name of the archive.***> 2nd level - Data\ 3rd level (inside Data\) - all necessary folders and files e.g meshes, textures, <mod name>.esm/esp, mod - readme Complex Bain = 1st level - <name of the archive.***> 2nd level - Data1\ 2nd Level - Data2\ 2nd Level - Data3\ 3rd level (Inside Data1\)- all necessary folders and files e.g meshes, textures, <mod name>.esm/esp, mod - readme 3rd level (Inside Data2\)- all necessary or optional replacers for Data1 folders and files e.g meshes, textures, <mod name>.esm/esp, mod - readme 3rd level (Inside Data3\)- all necessary or optional replacers for Data1 or Data2 folders and files e.g meshes, textures, <mod name>.esm/esp, mod - readme What has not been allowed previously (but is now allowed in the latest Wrye Bash) was a Complex BAIN (or Complex / Simple Bain) which was one folder too deep, which people usually create when using Archivers, or making fomods (and which other mod managers just accepted because far too many people made the same mistake, hence why Wrye Bash has now changed to accommodate them aswell) So a Complex / Simple Bain one folder too deep used to look like this = 1st level - <name of the archive.***> 2nd level - Mymodname\ 3rd Level - Data\ 4th level (inside Data\) - all necessary folders and files e.g meshes, textures, <mod name>.esm/esp, mod - readme .. But is now accepted by the latest version of Wrye Bash, as will be any Complex Bain which is also constructed one folder too deep. A Simple Bain could never be made one folder too deep, because Wrye Bash would just consider it to be a Complex / Simple Bain. How deep can a too deep folder structure go for Wrye Bash these days ? .. I dont know to be honest, I am pretty sure Utumno just made it allow one folder too deep, but the other restriction would be the 256 character path name restriction on path lengths (which is an operating system restriction). Anyone has any issues with newer version of Wrye Bash and its new abilities in this regard do not make sense for some reason .. Please bring it up in the Wrye Bash Dev topic.
  14. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    You missed Bushier Brows Light .. FTFY : ;=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ;-- Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -- WizBAIN by Mertz -- ;=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= RequireVersions "", "", "", "307" ResetAllEspmNames DeSelectAll MOD_Readme = str("CBBE replaces the vanilla female body that all adult female characters \(player and NPC\) share, with one that is fully customisable with the BodySlide tool. By default there are three nude options available that don\'t require anything but installation\, as well as two underwear styles for these body shapes.\n\nAlso included are all vanilla and DLC outfits converted to the base three body shapes, with additional BodySlide compatibility including sliders and many zaps.\n\nThe body mesh is completely custom and has 13554 vertices\, which is more than 20 times the resolution of the vanilla Skyrim body and 6 times that of the older CBBE.\n Included are textures made from photographs of real women\, and multiple choices of high-res normal map to fit the body shape you want. Also redone are the mesh weights for animation\, offering improved deformation in many poses.\n\nNote to modders: If you wish to create armour\/clothes for the bodies\, make use of the conversion references coming with BodySlide in Outfit Studio \(the base shape of CBBE\, otherwise the \"Outfit\" presets\) or your preferred modelling software. Ideally\, create BodySlide projects so that your outfits will fit regardless of shape preset.") bSlim = False bCurvy = False bVanilla = False bUnderwear = False bNeverNude = False bVanillaOutfits = False bFacePack = False bPubicHair = False bNoSkinMaps = False bUnderwearRevealing = False ; added in 1.17: bDirtToBeautyMarks = False bThinTrimmedBrows = False bThinTrimmedBrowsLight = False bTrimmedBrows = False bTrimmedBrowsLight = False bBushierBrows = False bBushierBrowsLight = False ;== Welcome screen and install core mod SelectOne "Welcome",\ "|Welcome","Welcome to the Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer installer.\n\nClick Read Me below to select the Readme for this mod\n\nClick 'Credits' above to view the credits.\n\nClick Next to continue the installation","FOMod\\CBBE.png",\ "Read Me",MOD_Readme,"FOMod\\CBBE.png",\ "Credits","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer was brought to you by:\n\n - Caliente\n - ousnius\n - Jeir\n - Alecu for the underwear assets and design\n - Lunyra for some of the blend options in the PSD resources\n - MrTroubleMaker for the subsurface maps resource\n - XunAmarox for the innies layer in the PSD resources\n\n- Face Pack:\n - tktk1 for Pretty Face \(edited v1\)\n - HHaleyy for tintmasks and \(edited\) specular of Fair Skin Complexion\n - AluminumFoil for Eyebrows Match Hair \(edited\).\n\nIf you enjoy this mod\, please make sure to show your thanks by endorsing!\n\nWizBAIN installer by Beermotor S. Mertz\n\nClick next to continue the installation","FOMod\\CBBE.png" EndSelect SelectSubPackage '00 Required (Slim)' SelectOne "Body Shape\n\nPlease select one of the following options.",\ "|Slim","Choose this option if you want to use the slim body shape. Affects the other options as well.","FOMod\\Slim.jpg",\ "Curvy","Choose this option if you want to use the curvy default shape. Affects the other options as well.","FOMod\\Curvy.jpg",\ "Vanilla Shape","The CBBE body\, shaped to conform closely to the proportions of the vanilla female body - with a few adjustments. Affects the other options as well.","FOMod\\Vanilla.jpg" Case "Slim" bSlim = True Break Case "Curvy" bCurvy = True SelectSubPackage '01 Curvy' Break Case "Vanilla Shape" bVanilla = True SelectSubPackage '02 Vanilla' Break EndSelect SelectOne "Underwear Options\n\nPlease select one of the following options",\ "|Nude","Nude body with no underwear","FOMod\\Slim.jpg",\ "Underwear","This will replace the nude body with underwear\. Color and shape options for this one follow in the next step. The bows can be removed in BodySlide. To stay nude\, don't select this!","FOMod\\Underwear.jpg",\ "NeverNude","This will replace the nude body with the vanilla underwear. To stay nude\, don't select this!","FOMod\\NeverNude.jpg" Case "Nude" Break Case "Underwear" bUnderwear = True Break Case "NeverNude" bNeverNude = True Break EndSelect ; New Dirt-to-Beauty-marks option added in 1.17. SelectMany "Additional Options\n\nPlease select or deselect any items below",\ "|Vanilla Outfits","Choose this option if you want to install the adjusted vanilla outfits for CBBE. Required for the shape and properly appearing body textures. Includes BodySlide addon for the outfits as well.","FOMod\\CBBE.png",\ "Face Pack","Installs female head textures and masks that are compatible with the default CBBE body textures. Required if you don't use another CBBE compatible set of head and body textures already.","FOMod\\Face Pack.jpg",\ "Dirt to Beauty Marks","Turns the facial dirt options in the character creation into three beauty mark options. Doesn't affect NPCs, unless their face is regenerated in the Creation Kit.","FOMod\\Beauty Marks.jpg",\ "Pubic Hair","Installs a body texture with pubic hair on the front.","FOMod\\Pubic Hair.png",\ "No Skin Maps","Prevents bronze lines that sometimes appear on skin by installing fully black maps for the _sk\.dds textures. However\, this will make the body look slightly less smooth also!","FOMod\\Skin Map.jpg" Case "Vanilla Outfits" bVanillaOutfits = True Break Case "Face Pack" bFacePack = True Break Case "Dirt to Beauty Marks" bDirtToBeautyMarks = True Break Case "Pubic Hair" bPubicHair = True Break Case "No Skin Maps" bNoSkinMaps = True Break EndSelect ; Added in 1.17 and 1.22 - Eyebrow options SelectOne "Eyebrow Options\n\nPlease select one of the following options",\ "|Thin + Trimmed Brows","Female eyebrow textures that are both thinned out and trimmed. They match the hair colors more closely than vanilla eyebrows.","FOMod\\Thin + Trimmed Brows.png",\ "Thin + Trimmed Brows - Light","Female eyebrow textures that are both thinned out and trimmed. Light option is recommended for very light hair colors.","FOMod\\Thin + Trimmed Brows (Light).png",\ "Trimmed Brows","Female eyebrow textures that are a little more trimmed compared to vanilla. They match the hair colors more closely than vanilla eyebrows.","FOMod\\Trimmed Brows.png",\ "Trimmed Brows Light","Female eyebrow textures that are a little more trimmed compared to vanilla. Light option is recommended for very light hair colors.","FOMod\\Trimmed Brows (Light).png",\ "Bushier Brows","Female eyebrow textures that aren't trimmed, so they are a little bushier just like vanilla. They match the hair colors more closely than vanilla eyebrows.","FOMod\\Bushier Brows.png",\ "Bushier Brows Light","Female eyebrow textures that aren't trimmed, so they are a little bushier just like vanilla. Light option is recommended for very light hair colors.","FOMod\\Bushier Brows (Light).png" Case "Thin + Trimmed Brows" bThinTrimmedBrows = True Break Case "Thin + Trimmed Brows - Light" bThinTrimmedBrowsLight = True Break Case "Trimmed Brows" bTrimmedBrows = True Break Case "Trimmed Brows Light" bTrimmedBrowsLight = True Break Case "Bushier Brows" bBushierBrows = True Break Case "Bushier Brows Light" bBushierBrowsLight = True Break EndSelect If bUnderwear bUnderwearDarkPurple = False bUnderwearAqua = False bUnderwearGray = False bUnderwearDarkRed = False SelectOne "Underwear Options",\ "|Normal","The underwear in its normal shape. The bows can be removed in BodySlide.","FOMod\\Underwear.jpg",\ "Revealing","The underwear in its more revealing shape. The bows can be removed in BodySlide.","FOMod\\Underwear Revealing.jpg" Case "Normal" Break Case "Revealing" bUnderwearRevealing = True Break EndSelect SelectOne "Underwear Color",\ "|Black","The underwear in a black color.","FOMod\\Underwear Black.png",\ "Dark Purple","The underwear in dark purple.","FOMod\\Underwear Dark Purple.png",\ "Aqua","The underwear in aqua","FOMod\\Underwear Aqua.png",\ "Gray","The underwear in gray","FOMod\\Underwear Gray.png",\ "Dark Red","The underwear in dark red","FOMod\\Underwear Dark Red.png" Case "Black" Break Case "Dark Purple" bUnderwearDarkPurple = True Break Case "Aqua" bUnderwearAqua = True Break Case "Gray" bUnderwearGray = True Break Case "Dark Red" bUnderwearDarkRed = True Break EndSelect EndIf ; Conditional File Installs If bNeverNude and bSlim SelectSubPackage '03 NeverNude Slim' EndIf If bNeverNude and bCurvy SelectSubPackage '04 NeverNude Curvy' EndIf If bNeverNude and bVanilla SelectSubPackage '05 NeverNude Vanilla' EndIf If bVanillaOutfits and bSlim SelectSubPackage '06 Outfits Slim' SelectSubPackage '09 Outfits BodySlide' SelectSubPackage '10 Outfits 1st Person' EndIf If bVanillaOutfits and bCurvy SelectSubPackage '07 Outfits Curvy' SelectSubPackage '09 Outfits BodySlide' SelectSubPackage '10 Outfits 1st Person' EndIf If bFacePack SelectSubPackage '11 Face Pack' EndIf ; Added in 1.17 - Brow options and Dirt-to-Beauty-Marks, ; Added in 1.2.2 - Lighter brow options If bThinTrimmedBrows SelectSubPackage '14 Thin + Trimmed Brows' EndIf If bThinTrimmedBrowsLight SelectSubPackage '14 Thin + Trimmed Brows (Light)' EndIf If bTrimmedBrows SelectSubPackage '15 Trimmed Brows' EndIf If bTrimmedBrowsLight SelectSubPackage '15 Trimmed Brows (Light)' EndIf If bBushierBrows SelectSubPackage '16 Bushier Brows' EndIf If bBushierBrowsLight SelectSubPackage '16 Bushier Brows (Light)' EndIf If bDirtToBeautyMarks SelectSubPackage '17 Dirt to Beauty Marks' EndIf If bPubicHair SelectSubPackage '12 Pubic Hair' EndIf If bNoSkinMaps SelectSubPackage '13 No Skin Maps' EndIf If bUnderwear and bUnderwearRevealing == False If bSlim SelectSubPackage '20 Underwear' Elif bCurvy SelectSubPackage '21 Underwear Curvy' Elif bVanilla SelectSubPackage '22 Underwear Vanilla' EndIf EndIf If bUnderwear and bUnderwearRevealing If bSlim SelectSubPackage '23 Underwear Revealing Slim' Elif bCurvy SelectSubPackage '24 Underwear Revealing Curvy' Elif bVanilla SelectSubPackage '25 Underwear Revealing Vanilla' EndIf EndIf If bUnderwear and bUnderwearDarkPurple SelectSubPackage '26 Underwear Dark Purple' EndIf If bUnderwear and bUnderwearAqua SelectSubPackage '27 Underwear Aqua' EndIf If bUnderwear and bUnderwearGray SelectSubPackage '28 Underwear Gray' EndIf If bUnderwear and bUnderwearDarkRed SelectSubPackage '29 Underwear Dark Red' EndIf ;== Finish Page == Note "Confirm your selections above - if you are not happy with the selection use the BACK button below.\nWhen ready, tick 'Apply these selections' Below, and then click the 'Finish' button.\n\nIf You Have Auto-Anneal/Install Wizards set in Wrye Bash preferences, the Wizard will install your selections after clicking Finish\nOtherwise, right-click the installer again and choose Install"
  15. wrye bash running steam loader instead of skse

    Oblivion does have the toggle button for when Script Extenders are installed, maybe Oldrim Wrye Bash got it too I cant remember, but the newer games supported I dont think have it (certainly not Skyrim SE anyway, I have now got SKSE64 installed, beta testing the new DynDOLOD beta 2.37 with PapyrusUTIL), and Wrye Bash has no SKSE toggle .. http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye Bash General Readme.html#launchers-toggles It needs to be implemented in some cases, but its probably a bottom of the heap to-do item.

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