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  1. I just uninstalled Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, got Steam to delete my Steam account, and uninstalled Steam.

    Wrye Bash, LOOT, SKSE and all the xEdit tools no longer live on my HD.

    Bethesda modding support now ceased completely, all mods and backup files deleted from my HDs.

    Freeeeeedom! :)

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    2. alt3rn1ty


      I have been wanting to back out for a few years now .. But then GOG started churning out beauties like No Mans Sky (small dev team, superb dedication), Kingdom Come Deliverance (totally replaced Skyrim as my go to adventure, devs also good at bug squashing), Overload (THE best Descent remake, flawless), Redout Solar Challenge (Wipeout / F Zero GX fans will love this, also flawless), and more recently X4 Foundations (not sure I have enough life left to play this, its awesome, I am also going to be helping Egosoft as I am still a Level 3 DevNet member (from about 12 years ago)) - Something had to go.

    3. JayCrane


      I feel the same way. I have been planning on retiring for a few years now, but I never had the strength to do so. Mostly because I really loved being apart of this community. However, I am at a point where they love is no longer able to keep me here  as now I have to worry about matters offline I have put off for far too long. I am glad you have found something that you can enjoy now, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors :)

    4. alt3rn1ty


      Yep the TES communities over the years have been the best.

      One mod I will regret never seeing finished is Inigo SE, the best Companion mod ever. Gary has made a beautifully complex and endearing character, the voice acting is amazing, and the situational humour had me laugh out loud many times. The bar has been set, the finished version has a lot to aspire to. Never felt so close to an in game character before as I did with Inigo. Emma's Vilja was good (and all of her previous games characters starting with work she did with Grumpy (R.I.P) for Morrowind, and CDCooley for Oblivion and original Skyrim). But Inigo is just about as good a friend as a computer can portray who you can get quite emotionally attached to. Outstanding.

      In fact, if Skyrim SE ever comes out on GOG, I might re-install just for the finished Inigo experience one last time (plus the Unofficial patch of course, I wouldn't entertain a Bethesda game without an unofficial patch installed, waaaay too many bugs to ignore for my OCD).

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