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  1. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    1.5 is on its way, 1.5 beta 1 testing https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397
  2. alt3rn1ty

    No Mans Sky - Update

    Another update coming out today .. https://www.nomanssky.com/2018/12/development-update-10/
  3. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    More update news about versions 1.5 and 2.0 to come (currently testing 1.32 beta 1 which should get released soon)
  4. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    I have a tip for anyone playing this that may not be too obvious : During the main quest, you may have need to swap pilots around between ships. I had the starter ship and one I bought, so (without giving any spoilers) it will become apparent why swapping is required if you are in the same situation. To move crew around between two ships, they both need to be docked on the same station. Whats not so obvious is how to get the second ship to dock if its following you around in Defence mode as a wing man. If you are sat in the pilot seat of one ship, you cant order the second ship to dock. If you get up, you cant order the second ship to dock .. If you get out of the ship, and stand on the dock, you can then access the map, right click the wing man, and now you will have the option to "Dock at my location". Now because both ships are docked, the crew / pilots can be changed about. But also note the ships have to be on the dock, and not stowed inside the station, if they become stowed you need to summon them both back up onto the dock again. I've made a post for Egosofts attention that this is not really obvious if you dont accidently walk onto the dock and find out about the suddenly available extra command for the remote guidance of the ship. The whole part of this mission is a bit of a puzzle to solve, as is a lot of mission stages in Egosoft games which is part of the attraction of them, they make you think in some cases to achieve the aim. But this needed to be accidently found which I dont think ought to be part of the overall puzzle. Edit : Apparently there is a command "Dock at .." which I must have missed, will check it out when I get home later. I think I probably need new glasses
  5. alt3rn1ty

    The Outer Worlds

    From Obsidian and the original guys behind Fallout before Bethesda got hold of it, new game in development The Outer Worlds, looks promising : PCGamer speculations https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/obsidians-the-outer-worlds-blends-firefly-and-fallout-into-a-bold-open-ended-sci-fi-rpg/ and Ars technica https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/12/obsidian-announces-the-outer-worlds-frames-it-as-fallout-new-vegas-in-space/ Really looking forward to Obsidians humour and good game balance again .. and here's hoping its on GOG
  6. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    1.30 beta 1 now solves most laptop optimus setup problems (confusion as to which card is in use, Intel or the Dedicated GPU), plus a heap more : https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397
  7. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    I just did something which momentarily took me out of my comfort zone, but turned out to be quite a bit of an adventure. I still have the starter ship, Elite Vanguard, landed on the Argon Equipment dock. I was wandering towards the Trader again when another larger ship landed nearby, the protection barriers fell so I went for a look see. Went inside the ship to find a Teladi Captain at the helm, but did not talk to him, I wanted to turn and get off. However at that moment the door shut, and the Captain was steering us out of the station - Hopefully he would be coming back otherwise I was not sure how I would get back (whether teleports work at long distance?, I dont know) After just watching him travel across 3 systems trading luckily he did come back to the station where I became an unwitting stowaway - But would not land, he just stopped dead quite a way off and did not start any approach to the station. I could not figure out why or even guess the AI intentions, so I went to the Teleport at the back of the ship. One choice was available, "Spacesuit". So I chose it and got ejected into space. After a lot of maneuvering I managed to get close to my ship where it was docked inside the space station, but could not exit the space suit. I right clicked my ship, and chose to dock with it, and thankfully even when landed, you can carefully move close enough to the belly of the ship to dock with it and be ported onboard again. Though there is a bit of an immersion disjoint, in that if you exit the ship you can run around in simulated? gravity, where I was a moment earlier hovering around in a space suit gently adjusting thrusters, but I think I can get my head around it imagining grav boots when you are not in your spacesuit, and there is kind of an atmospheric seal on the area. Awesome little experience though "Oh crap I got the wrong bus!" lol. Wish I took a video of the whole experience. Edit : Oh and its now at v1.21 Hotfix 1 Edit 2 : Here's a good starter video for anyone new to X
  8. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    And the patches begin : Starting with 1.1 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=180&t=402960
  9. For the uninitiated the X series has been an amazing space game with good longevity. I still have X3 Albion Prelude installed. It is releasing on GOG today (I just checked my account and the files are not ready to download yet). GOG page - https://www.gog.com/game/x4_foundations You cant land on planets like you can in No Mans Sky with this game, but there are large space stations (you can build your own too), and you can fly / fight in any ship with many variattions of weapons while building your fleet and economical support. The dog fighting in all previous games has been superb, I dont doubt this will be more of the same. You need a Graphics card that supports Vulkan Expect all bugs to be fixed within two years (Egosoft are another company historically that are pretty good at polishing up the game and not leaving bugs behind) And the modding community is pretty good too (but usually the German side of the forum is where the more technically adept and dedicated community hangs out) http://forum.egosoft.com/index.php?f=152
  10. I just uninstalled Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, got Steam to delete my Steam account, and uninstalled Steam.

    Wrye Bash, LOOT, SKSE and all the xEdit tools no longer live on my HD.

    Bethesda modding support now ceased completely, all mods and backup files deleted from my HDs.

    Freeeeeedom! :)

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    2. alt3rn1ty


      Yep the TES communities over the years have been the best.

      One mod I will regret never seeing finished is Inigo SE, the best Companion mod ever. Gary has made a beautifully complex and endearing character, the voice acting is amazing, and the situational humour had me laugh out loud many times. The bar has been set, the finished version has a lot to aspire to. Never felt so close to an in game character before as I did with Inigo. Emma's Vilja was good (and all of her previous games characters starting with work she did with Grumpy (R.I.P) for Morrowind, and CDCooley for Oblivion and original Skyrim). But Inigo is just about as good a friend as a computer can portray who you can get quite emotionally attached to. Outstanding.

      In fact, if Skyrim SE ever comes out on GOG, I might re-install just for the finished Inigo experience one last time (plus the Unofficial patch of course, I wouldn't entertain a Bethesda game without an unofficial patch installed, waaaay too many bugs to ignore for my OCD).

    3. Leonardo


      It's sad to see you go, but anyone has a RL to attend to I guess.

      Does this mean you won't playing any TES games in the future, I mean TES 6 is announced to be released in 3-5 years?

    4. alt3rn1ty


      Yep, no more Bethesda games for me. Wasted too much life time on waiting for the typical 6 year cycle :

      TES 6 = In about 14 years time when the community has fixed all it can with the game, we might be able to fully enjoy it by then, because no doubt it will introduce a whole heap of new technical issues not encountered before, aswell as adding the usual vast array of issues which get left behind.

      Once I know a game has bugs, I really do not want to play it until they are all fixed, so the cycle with Bethesda goes ..

      1. Release, much applause, and then all the usual flow of thousands of bugs get discovered over the next couple of years. All the mesh issues, the complex scripting issues which only people like Sclerocephalus are capable of fixing, all the quest issues, all the texture issues, all the sound issues, all the looped model animation and timing issues which hardly ever get fixed because there simply aren't any community members with the knowledge and relevant software, etc etc etc.

      2. An unofficial patch begins (hopefully someone has enough determination to see it through to completion, we have been fortunate so far having Qarn, Kivan and followed by Arthmoor at the helm, and a lot of community support along the way).

      3. Another hopefully, we have some in depth enthusiasts to fix the not so easy issues with the game, such as SKSE team and people like Sheson

      .. All the above understandably takes a lot of time and is very much appreciated - But the thing is, Bethesda do so much to get the game (again hopefully) free of CTDs (although having experienced the Dawnguard C++ r6025 issue for a few years, and the LOD issues Sheson gave Bethesda enough information for them to solve their problems, and Bethesda completely just ignoring us since 11.11.11) .. I now think they just get to a certain stage and dont give a rats arse afterwards, evidenced in the fact that every re-release of Skyrim for different platforms still have the same issues we have been reporting for about 6 years.

      The only time they do updates now, is to add content that gets more money, ie the Creation Club updates. There have been ample opportunity during all of the CC updates for Bethesda to fix some long standing issues, but they just havent. And the CC updates are now coming at a time when the community needs a stable game to develop the more long term community complex projects, instead of needing to respond to game updates which necessitate community executables to be once again updated, and the knock on effect of that to dependant plugin .dlls (example = SKSE needs updating every time a CC update comes along, no simple task, then PapyrusUtil plugin needs updating in response to SKSE again no simple task, then major projects like DynDOLOD (solving all the games horrendous LOD issues) needs updating in response, again no simple task .. Meanwhile thats another couple of month waitting for updates so that our modding can continue, at a stage in game development (long since finished) when we should be getting comfortable with a stable setup

      Basicly .. I'm done with supporting Bethesda with my time and money, which I would rather devote to other games companies who do come good on after sale support fixing the vast majority of their bugs with their own time and money, and respond well to our reports / concerns. And dont just try and cash in on your devotion by trying to milk the cow for more while ignoring outstanding issues, and laughing it off at E3 with a cheeky "Apparently we have bugs" <rolls eyes>. That little moment was the turning point for me, our collective modding communities have made Bethesda games a lot more lucrative and long lasting than the games would have been on their own, if Todd does not appreciate that he can take a long walk off a short pier backwards. Since 2006 when I became involved with Bethesda games, all I have seen is the same cycle of events repeated with each new game. No more for me :)

      Edit : I also think its now getting to the stage where if you havent been modding this game series for at least 10 years, you really need a degree in modding. I used to enjoy explaining and helping new modders, these days I look at a question and think "I really cant be arsed with the long winded explanation this deserves, which will probably not be entirely understood anyway"

      TL:DR ..


  11. alt3rn1ty

    TESVedit - cannot remove records

    Ehm, looks to me like you are not editing what you think you are ..
  12. alt3rn1ty

    No Mans Sky - Update

    The most recent experimental testing has now completed and 1.76 just went public Edit : https://www.nomanssky.com/2018/11/development-update-9/ Latest changes on Experimental (26/11): Fixed an issue where the Farmer would request that Coprite was planted without the player knowing the Coprite recipe. Fixed an issue where the Farmer would teach the wrong Nip Nip recipe. Fixed an issue where commas were missing from some large numbers in mission notifications. Fixed an issue where some of the new hazardous flora would not appear on certain planet types. Fixed an issue that could cause Big Ball to become permanently stuck in a refiner output (this fix prevents any new occurrences, existing blocked refiners continue to be blocked). Fixed an issue that caused too few crates to spawn near buildings. Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from firing while the Blaze Javelin is equipped. Improved the appearance of the Bubble Cluster and Glitching Separator when displayed in your base. Fixed a collision issue with the Portable Reality Generator. Fixed a collision issue with the ceiling of the space station. Fixed an issue that could cause debug strings to be visible when selling items at a trade terminal. Fixed an exploit that allowed the placement of infinite fireworks. Fixed an issue that could cause Community Mission Tier progress to be incorrectly reported in the Log. Fixed a crash that could occur when warping a freighter in multiplayer. Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing Community Research progress in the Log. Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when encountering anomalous creatures. Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when encountering strange rocks.
  13. alt3rn1ty

    Windows 10

    My machine updated yesterday to 1809 and has been okay, no random mass deletion of documents anyway <touch wood> . It also resolved the slight issue I had remaining with the Game Bar (having uninstalled previously all XBox apps, realised the Game Bar was part of that, reinstalled Game Bar only (which then gets listed as "XBox Overlay" in the installed apps), then to occasionally have it ask for an app to run for the Game Bar hot key even though the Game bar was installed ... ) I no longer have any XBox apps in my installations list, but a separate Game Bar app is now listed (so it seems 1809 flushes the XBox Overlay app, and replaces that with the Game Bar app), and all works as it should. Strange sequence of events, at one point I had about five apps in the install list called Xbox whatever, none of them have reappeared thankfully.
  14. alt3rn1ty

    No Mans Sky - Update

    I think its time, the game I think is in a good state (at least there is nothing buggy enough to make me want to restart again later on) .. So I am starting Survival mode for a long term play through. Already got to the first space station, so things are off to a good start in a more challenging game. Game on ..
  15. alt3rn1ty

    No Mans Sky - Update

    Bah humbug, seems the NipNip Bud Blueprint fix is not retroactive. The atmospheric immersion though .. Huge improvement.

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