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  1. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    And add beta 3 and beta 4 fixes to the same Its starting to feel a lot more stable now, and a lot of fun can be had already with the game. The Weapon balance is starting to feel good, and the economy (though the latter still needs work especially for auto-traders). If you are buying an Egosoft game for the first time I would still hold off until it has its first DLC and re-introduces the Split race and more sectors, and hopefully the Boron too, though they have not been mentioned yet so maybe they will be in a further DLC. The whole thing though is certainly shaping up to be a fine addition to the X Series, and Egosoft are proving once again to be consistent with their ongoing support, patching it steadily over the first few years after release to near perfection.
  2. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    Pattch 2.00 beta 2 : Add the following to the previous list
  3. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    Holy cow Egosoft have been busy - Patch 2.00 beta 1 hotfix 1 :
  4. alt3rn1ty

    New DNS Server = Fast

    Ha, yes I have tried it quite a few years ago before David Cancel sold Ghostery to a company called Better Advertising, who immediately had to add clauses to its privacy policy due to hoovering up its established users data. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole now. I dont know for sure if it will be affected by the API change, but considering it tries to achieve similar goals in the background squishing things like web beacons etc I cant imagine it will come out unscathed by the changes. I would rather just have a good filter list provided by Quad9 DNS resolvers than use Ghostery these days. Ghostery is also closed source, whereas UBlock Origin is open to anyone to go through its whole code base on GitHub. If googles changes result in effectively getting rid of UBlock Origin, it will be a crying shame, its the best browser extension ever created.
  5. alt3rn1ty

    New DNS Server = Fast

    If anyone was wondering .. I tried for a long while, but eventually went back to having as Primary, and using as Secondary DNS Reason is Quad9 protects me from loads of malware sites and links, but not so much. With the advent of Google Chrome possibly amending what it allows Extensions to do (UBlock Origin could become so severely hamstrung with this change its author Raymond Hill has said UBlock Origin may no longer be able to exist due to the new API, it is also a major concern for AD Block Plus and other similar browser extensions too). So without such extensions utilising some kind of list of bad URLs (like MVPS Hosts file used to, and the well known EasyList of filters which was basicly MVPS Hosts plus a few more thousand bad site lists), some kind of filtering will have to be done another way .. .. Quad9 can do that for you instead if you find one day your trusty browser extension has died. Not quite as good as UBlock Origin and everything else it does besides filtering URLs, but at least a good filter of all bad sites is better than nothing.
  6. alt3rn1ty

    No Mans Sky - Update

    There is a new update, purely for GOG owners of the game .. If you ever wanted Multi-Player on GOG, apparently its now a thing (both for the GOG Galaxy client installation of the game or the manual installation, I dont know if there are any functional differences between the two) If you dont want multiplayer, I would visit your preferences first thing after the update so you dont get griefed in any way. Maybe turn off your internet connection before starting the game and set the preferences first. Files are called 1.77_GOG_MP So I think it is purely a MulitPlayer addition, without any other fixes or additions for now (previous version was also 1.77). Edit : If you dont have any Internet connection (switched off wifi or whatever), you will not see any Network options at all. However if you do have Internet connected, the settings default to all being on!.
  7. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    1.60 Beta 3 adds a few more fixes to the growing list [Beta 3] Fixed planned station builds being lost after saving and loading. [Beta 3] Fixed setting formations through the UI not working for docked ships (problem introduced in 1.51 Beta 1). [Beta 3] Fixed several other causes of crashes.
  8. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    1.60 beta 2 (follows on from 1.51 beta 1), a few more fixes in addition to the last list https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397
  9. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    Egosoft have recovered from Holidays and back pushing out the fixes again : 1.51 Beta 1 - https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397 (This is quite a nice bunch of fixes, there are some fixes which have been done (mentioned in bug report topics in response to the author of the reports, but not specifically mentioned in this list) too which have been desirable for a while, and make the game a lot more trouble free. IMHO though there is a lot more work to do yet, its nearly in a good state already now .. Though v2 by the end of the month / maybe early Feb' will be even better).
  10. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    Visitors are not such a bad thing as I thought (I am a bit twitchy about games companies these days adding online aspects .. after the game has been sold to us) But I still turned them off due to game performance considerations. These may only be scripted visitors without any connection to the machine that sent them on a venture, but they are added Jobs to the game engine. X Games are always heavy later on with Jobs, especially when a war breaks out in a sector and lots of beams / projectiles / missiles and various different ship classes / types are dog fighting making thousands of jobs happen simultaneously .. I think I would rather keep the game running smooth than let unwanted jobs increase the numbers and possibly be the straw that broke the donkeys back when things get busy. I may be wrong and they will not cause a problem, but they are just annoying bright Yellow "Visitor 96" (again), its kind of a bit immersion breaking because they stand out like a sore toe.
  11. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    Ugh!, everyones at it with the online connected / multiplayer ideas Switched it off, I prefer X to be the Single player game its always been.
  12. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    Ooh yeah dont compare this with Rebirth, most people who have played the Series since X2 The Threat will agree that Rebirth was an oddball offspring. I had Rebirth installed, but went back to having X3 Albion Prelude (even after all the Rebirth updates, it just wasnt X for me). X4 is fast growing on me as the replacement for X3 Albion Prelude. X4 has taken the best bits from all of the series (including Rebirth because there were some good ideas in there) and added them to a traditional X game where you can pilot anything from anywhere, either in the seat role playing a frontier miner, or trading first hand or remotely, or Standing behind the pilot of your fighter, which is in the gravitational field of your Frigate being pulled along with its momentum and you are left to control your fleet and stations from the map while the frigate and its escorts are fending off any attacks so you dont need to worry about them .. Its as hands on / micromanaged / or controlled fully remotely as you wish to tailor your game play. But .. I would rather not sway any opinions right now for this game. My recommendation is wait until at least version 2 in Jan / Feb, or even longer. The X series games tend to mature around the 2.5 or 3.0 stage of updates. And the beta testing period for each new update gets a bit longer each time, because they want to be sure they do not mess up anything that has been fixed before. The most fully featured and debugged X game was X3 Albion Prelude, the last update to that being v3.4. The most recent X4 v1.5 released today though feels good on my machine, not a single lag to occasionally distract your attention. But no doubt after a few thousand people have been going at the quests from different angles there will be a fair few more unforeseen script loops or combinations of circumstances in the game causing hiccups along the way in the next year. The X games are really complex in keeping the game balanced (economy, war, weapons loadouts, trade routes which form and reform after stations are taken out etc etc. Egosoft do end up pretty much squishing all bugs though so keep the patch fixes topic bookmarked This afternoon into tonight after 1.5 released, I bought a new Transporter with the proceeds gained from various methods. I had 500,000 credits to use, so kitted it out with a medium setup and a decent 3 star Pilot, assigned it to do Auto Trading (under Behaviour), and selected about 20 different wares it can trade in. The cost of setting that up was 450,000, leaving 50,000 to kick off trading while I went exploring in the Falcon again. Within an hour I am now back up to 300,000 credits, so after a bit of a slow start things are starting to bloom, and at this rate of financial recovery considering going on with the main plot and expanding .. something not to be spoilered If you do ever get into it though, be warned, it can be a life eater, especially when the mods also mature. Edit : Note also this being X4 Foundations - It will not really be the full experience until the DLCs have fleshed it out into what will become the full game (and obviously those will need bug patches too after they are released). I am enjoying it for what it is at the moment, but its a fair way away before it can be considered the complete and bug free version.
  13. alt3rn1ty

    X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

    1.5 released to public
  14. 6 Degrees Of Freedom heaven I am no expert at this type of game, but loved the original Descent. Overload has been created by the original Descent team members, and is I think the definitive remake utilising modern hardware. Currently I am nearly at the end (far more levels than I was expecting) .. On Trainee (the lowest setting to play through the game), and looking forward to trying it on all five of the increasingly harder settings, and maybe having a bit more success with all the secrets on every level. In terms of patches, I believe its already at the mature stage, pretty much all bugs have already been squashed. Overload on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/overload Overload on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/448850/Overload/ Discord https://discord.gg/n8Tu3j Home site and links to Community forum https://playoverload.com/ Reviews on Steam "Overwhelmingly positive"
  15. alt3rn1ty

    Kingdom Come : Deliverance

    I haven't updated this in a while, but the game is now at version Patch notes since last post are all here https://forum.kingdomcomerpg.com/t/patchnotes/42808 And there are a few DLCs out now

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