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  1. There's a post on USSEP Nexus comments that I think is a valid issue : Bandits still attack after the Toll dialogue at Valtheim Towers and successful use of Intimidation and Persuasion. Video using Intimidate Video using Persuasion Save file is at the start of those videos (includes skse co save) Save files Active Mod Files: (I did also have a Smashed Patch.esp but I took it out of the Load Order before doing the video runs because it was the only potential mod which could have influenced this result. The Bashed Patch has only Wrye Bash Tweaks to Arrows recovery and Crime distance) The only plugin in my load order touching 3F7B8 is skyrim.esm
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    Cheap or Free Games!

    Anyone liked Descent ? Meet Descent 4 A.K.A Overload AT LAST! Edit : Independant review ..
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    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Well on the first issue : If the error has all the information the user needs, that does not help the user understand the BashBugDump (nor me to be honest). The issue is something Wrye Bash is not handling so needs sorting out in the code ?, or at least it could warn the user the save files are in the wrong language / date format. I dont understand you responding to that, are you saying in that case we should all understand the bashbugdump errors and not report it here for Utumno to notice (I do this because he doesn't peruse the various nexus sites) ???. Are you now working on Wrye Bash again so are back to trying to help but lost the plot a bit ???. Second issue : Dynamically generated plugins do not have anything to do with this issue, nor do merged mods (unless you have found something in the linked plugin concerned that we dont understand as well as you do?). Try the "Rich Skyrim Merchants" mod which Vyxenne links to in her post, the x10 version of the plugin, and you will see that : This mod is fully mergable using Wrye Bashes own Merge Patcher, it also (and unusually for a fully mergeable mod) comes up in the Levelled Lists patcher I am talking about the Wrye Bash Rebuild Patch dialogue, in the left pane .. Merge Patches Levelled Lists These two patchers for Skyrim SE Wrye Bash Rebuild Patch are supposedly working ok?, but Vyxenne is pointing out that they do not seem to be in this case, because when merged into the Bashed Patch the result in game is not as expected (which is why I say until someone on the Wrye Bash team grokks Wrye Bash Rebuild Patch "patchers" (as far as I know Utumno does not so far, as he says "I need coders"), I dont think this problem will be solveable) Read the last sentence of mine which you quoted and look at the following Oblivion Patchers screenshot .. These are what I am talking about which I think you have missunderstood a little ..
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    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno Another issue - This time from a user on FAllout 4 Nexus (plus a few other users agreeing they have the same issue) Edit: There's also another issue on Skyrim SE Nexus, Vyxenne reporting a mod when merged does not work as expected, but until someone grokks patchers I dont think this will be fixable. I tried installing the mods plugin with the latest standalone, but Wrye Bash was weird with it, initially it didnt show in any patchers lists, then after reloading Wrye Bash it came up in both Merge Patcher as fully mergeable and Levelled lists.
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    [Relz] Vortex - Mod Manager

    Just recently it also now supports BSA Redirection for older games that need it Still haven't got round to trying it yet, but I do intend to.
  6. Vortex - Limited Alpha released See Edit below Announcement here https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/6354696-redesign-launch-stage-2-in-progress/ Download Page here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14987 (It is being released in steps of 200 downloads, up to a limit of 1000 users initially, so the page may be hidden with a note explaining when the next download window will be. Currently it has already been downloaded 400 times, 600 to go before the door closes on this limited alpha) Support forum here https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/forum/4301-vortex/ Providing this topic for a place to discuss on AFK Mods, for any support / technical help use the Nexus support forums linked above where developers will be monitoring feedback. Will probably grab it myself to see if my dual Wrye Bash Wizard / FOMod script driven mods still install ok. But will probably miss this limited alpha. What is it ? - Replacement for Nexus Mod Manager, and combine the simplicity of the Nexus Mod Manager with the advanced functionality of Mod Organizer and create something that is accessible to all types of modders. Current Description : EDIT: As of 15/02/2018 Vortex Alpha is now live for all to download on its Nexus page linked above It's important we adequately warn you of the state of Vortex (as we are, right now!) because if you run to the forums or elsewhere to complain about Vortex breaking your mod install, and you didn't make any backups of your save files or game states, knowing full well what we're telling you right here and right now, we're honestly not going to have much sympathy. We're going to want to know about whatever bug is causing this issue and will work our hardest to fix it ASAP, but I want you to be under no illusions that this is Alpha software, and we're treating it like Alpha software with the expectation for there to be unfound bugs that will need fixing.Who is this for? Should I use Vortex? Ask yourself whether being an early adopter is right for you at this time, or whether it makes more sense for you to wait until Vortex reaches a more polished Beta or full release state. Considering we're being fully open about the fact Vortex will have bugs and is not in a feature complete state, do you really want to be using the software in this state? Are you going to get upset if it does not function properly or creates issues that mean playing your game is not possible until Vortex is updated or until you fix things manually? If so, this is NOT the right time for you to be using Vortex as your mod manager.Are you competent enough to know how to backup your save games and modding folders, and able to rectify any issues manually or in another mod manager if Vortex doesn't work properly for you? Do you want to help us by providing constructive feedback and bug reports without getting emotional and rude? Are you patient and able to wait for fixes and functionality to be developed? Then we'd love it if you could download Vortex and give it a thorough run through, and we're looking forward to hearing from you.Does Vortex replace NMM/MO/my current mod manager? Right now? No. We're not recommending anyone fully switch to Vortex from their current mod management tools. We think it will get there in the not too distant future, but it's not there yet.Many users in our testing group and in the limited Alpha we did over the past couple of weeks have been able to switch over fully. We do recommend that you try and switch over, but that you backup and keep whatever current mod manager you're using (and your mod setups/savegames attached to them) so if something goes wrong with Vortex, you can easily and quickly switch back so it does not affect your gaming.With all this in mind, we're not officially replacing NMM on the site at this time. We're keeping the "Install NMM" button in the top nav, and the only place you're going to be able to download Vortex is from our own Nexus Mods game page, which will also hopefully include extensions for Vortex moving forward.This, in itself, should tell you how we're treating this release of Vortex. This isn't an all singing and tooting release of Vortex to the masses where we tell everyone it's the best thing since sliced bread and that everyone should switch. This is still us releasing quietly, telling you that we're happy with the direction it's heading but we know that it still needs more time in the oven.What type of people are you looking for during the Alpha? We really want people to try Vortex and we're really grateful for any help you can provide in bug reports and functionality feedback. What we're looking for right now are individuals who are competent in modding their games, who understand the risks of using this Alpha software and are willing to be patient with bugs and possible missing functionality to help us develop something really good.How long is the Alpha going to last? We're aware that NMM was in a permanent Beta state and this was not ideal for anyone. We want to avoid that with Vortex, but we cannot give you a timeline or roadmap at this time.Our initial focus is going to be on fixing bugs in the Alpha and addressing any issues that it brings to light. We'll then work on a roadmap moving forward, establishing what goals we want to hit before we're confident with it reaching Beta.Is there any documentation? Right now documentation that is ready for public viewing is very limited, but we hope to rectify that over the coming months. In the meantime, popular YouTuber Gopher is working on some tutorial videos that will introduce Vortex to users and help guide you through the process of using the software. I'll update this news post when his Introduction video is ready, and you can get further updates by visiting his channel.Does Vortex include an import tool from NMM or MO? Vortex installs as a separate application on your computer. Any existing installations and setups you have of NMM and/or MO will not be affected by you installing and using Vortex. The only thing that will be affected is how NXM (download) links are handled on the site, e.g. what application starts and downloads files when you click the "Download with manager" button on the site.Vortex includes an "Import from NMM" and "Import from MO" functionality that will attempt to copy your mod setup from those respective mod managers. This is non-destructive and will not impact your setups.Please be patient during the process, it might take a little while for Vortex to read your current mod setups if they're particularly large.Because of the (now) archaic way that NMM handles files in the data folder, we recommend disabling any mods you have installed in NMM (or switching to an empty profile, that will in turn clear up any files NMM has placed in your game data folder) if your import to Vortex is successful. This is because Vortex and NMM both try to keep track of which files they've installed, and using multiple modding tools for the same game at the same time makes that difficult. If you need to revert back to NMM, you can simply disable Vortex and reapply your NMM profile to return your setup to how it was before.As always, please backup your current modding setups in case the worst happens. Ensure you create a safe copy of your mod installations somewhere else so that you can restore from this backup in case of a problem, and ensure you know how to restore these backups properly before you attempt to use Vortex.How should I provide feedback? Vortex contains a feedback and bug reporting system built in to the software, which can be access from the menu in the top-right corner. If you experience issues while using the software please report them using these methods, providing detailed information about what you were doing at the time the problem occured. This is the direct line to Tannin and the fastest way of getting any bugs spotted and fixed.If you post your bugs in the forums or elsewhere, without using the bug reporting tools in Vortex, it's honestly not helpful to us. Feel free to discuss any bugs elsewhere, but at least ensure you give us a proper bug report from within Vortex first (if you can!).A note on feedback Please keep in mind that, currently, Tannin is the only developer working on Vortex and as such, we need to manage his time carefully. To us, it's more prudent that he spends the vast majority of his time actually working on Vortex to improve it, because every hour he spends responding to user feedback is an hour he hasn't spent working on Vortex itself. So while it's my hope we can respond to as much as possible, please be aware it's unlikely we're going to be able to respond to all feedback. We will read it all, however.A common thing we're hearing at the moment between the Vortex release and the release of our new site redesign is this concept of "you don't listen to us". I want to take this time to nip this silly notion in the bud right now.There is a big difference between not listening to what some of our users are saying and not acting on what some of our users are saying/asking for/outright rudely demanding. I guarantee you, we read all the feedback we receive on Vortex and on the site, but not acting on that feedback does not mean we do not listen.We might not act or change something that you or multiple users request for a number of different reasons and you should not expect to always get your way. We need to cater for a user base of over 14 million users, some of whom may completely disagree with what you're saying or have completely different wants and needs to your own. Yes, we want to try and cater for all users, but sometimes that simply isn't feasible or possible.If we agree changes need to be made, or even contemplate them, then you need to be aware that our to-do list is years long, and acting on your feedback might not be placed right at the top of the pile (nor is it just going to be dumped at the bottom). This, once again, does not mean we "do not listen" or that your feedback is not valued. Thank you for your understanding.Is Vortex open source? Where can I get the source code? We plan to release the source code to Vortex as soon as possible. You will see the repos show up on GitHub, step-by-step, probably over a day or two. I shall update this news post and we shall post in the Vortex Code Development forums when they're ready.I've read all of this and I'm sure I'd like to use and help test Vortex. Where can I get it?Vortex can be found via the "Nexus Mods" game page where we've setup a special mod page just for Vortex.
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    The Elder Scrolls VI

    Damn I was hoping for Argonia in the next TES (I know Argonia is going to be part of ESO apparently) No doubt a new machine will be required by then, but I might get away with my current one ( Vanilla Reduced Textures Hammerfell? ) Just .. Not looking forward to another round of bugthesda scripts etc But .. Godz, I'll be damned, I am looking forward to another TES, we are just suckers for punishment. So buggy, but so good at the same time. I am going to complete everything in Skyrim SE before then though, and just for a change get well beyond level 45
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    Also genuinely curious .. But not quite teased or excited. There's just nothing to get excited about. Is it 3D Missile command? Space walking simulator? We can only guess there may well be far more content to the eventual game, but a bit more of a hint would have been good.
  9. There have been many topics across many forums reference this extremely annoying problem, and a topic started on BGS forum eventually found a working solution : http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1421930-c-runtime-error-mega-thread/ The problem : You have Dawnguard installed, and some time after entering the soul cairn you start randomly getting this error which crashes the game. Where the error occurs and the frequency is variable, but usually once it starts it can occur seconds after a reload of a save, having previously loaded the same save and played on from there for a minute or two. You can play on for a minute and manage to get another save in before it crashes, and then you load up only to rinse and repeat this seconds or minutes later .. Clearly the game becomes unplayable once the problem starts to occur. It can be quite a while after leaving the soul cairn before the errors start occuring, and if you have made it all the way through DarkFall Passage, and progressing the dawnguard quests after there without issue, then you are probably among the lucky people with a machine this problem does not occur on. ( I have three computers, all set up the same for Skyrim in the mod content being used, and can concur the problem does not manifest on all of them ). The start of discovering a solution was in the following post : http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1421930-c-runtime-error-mega-thread/page-6#entry22932701 Like jag272 I also have redone from game start many times trying to isolate the problem, and agree that the only solution we have is .. Go back to a save prior to entering the Soul Cairn for the first time, then : A ) If you see one of Jiubs Pages around the Soul Cairn - Do not pick any of them up or B ) If you do pick one of the pages up - You must complete Jiubs quest "Impatience of a Saint", collect all ten pages and finish the quest. Doing either A or B appears to solve the problem for other people, but for me I always choose to do the quest, option A sometimes fails for me, but option B guarantees success. If you choose B and want to do the quest, you may have problems picking up a couple of them. If you are using the Unofficial Patches these problems with picking up the badly placed pages have been solved, but if for some strange reason you dont use them then you will need to use a console command TCL so that you can go below the surface of the object / landscape blocking you from picking up the page. If you just want to get this over with, here are the page locations : There is obviously something wrong which possibly could be solved to allow this quest to be left hanging, but nobody has found the underlying cause. The UPP team have had a few good looks at the problem http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/tracdown/issue/13562-dawnguard-c-runtime-r6025-error-jiubs-quest/, but cannot determine what the cause is. And IanPatt from the SKSE team was going to look into it when he has time http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1447848-wipz-skyrim-script-extender-skse/page-6#entry22491105 For now, just do either A or B, personally I have chosen to complete the quest approximately 8 times since finding out that solution, and it has worked each time. I am now confidently able to enjoy the Dawnguard questline, instead of using a delay dawnguard quest mod indefinitely. EDIT: If the above does not solve it for you, try also completing Arvak in the soul cairn .. For me Jiubs pages is a guaranteed fix, but there have been a couple of reports to the contrary which also needed Arvak to be done. EDIT2: If you have not gone back to a save before entering the soul cairn for the first time, then any of the above is useless .. The problem has already become embedded in your save. EDIT3: There is a Trackdown Bug Report already submitted for this problem Issue #13562
  10. Apparently it does still happen .. https://bethesda.net/community/topic/196503/any-plans-to-fix-the-dreaded-c-runtime-error-r6025-pure-virtual-function-call-programming-error I am once again sending a Support ticket about the issue, linking the report to the above topic by FF7Legend, and this forum topic. Also sending them one about the EULA Agreement in Japanese
  11. I cant reproduce this issue on Skyrim Special Edition. I have now been all the way through the Dawnguard main quest and waaay beyond that, even popping back in to the Soul Cairn to say Hi to Serana's mum again .. Without completing Jiubs Quest, and having picked up a couple of the pages. I also left Arvak's Skull quest hanging (pardon the pun), and did not pick up all of the Reaper Shard Fragments (just one). But then, I also have a new machine these days which may be as most people experience = There is no issue unless you have a machine with certain conditions / hardware. So whether its because I have a new machine I do not experience this issue on Skyrim SE .. OR .. The issue is just no longer happening with the newer game engine for Skyrim SE .. I cant prove either way. I'm just thankful at this moment I will never have to be concerned with wandering through the soul cairn and making sure I have done x, y and z to make sure I dont get the r6025 bug ever again. Sorry if anyone was hoping for something more conclusive either way or the other, but its beyond me to help.
  12. This topic is just for anything anyone hears of related to games / setups / clients which gives your computer security more holes than Swiss Cheese. Just use the topic as a heads up to gamers along the lines of "You may not ordinarily bother your ass with this stuff .. But check this out" To kick it off here's a beauty recently which is now fixed (so long as you have updated recently and not run it in offline mode permanently) .. Steam Client UDP issue - Apparently this issue has been open to exploitation for the last 10 years : Go to the following linked video at time 1:07:21 Security Now! episode 666 Valve have fixed it if you have let the client update since. Historically, the NSA had another exploit they had been using for a while (no idea of the duration) to spy on daddies machine via Steam installed by their kids, that one was fixed pretty soon after the Edward Snowden leaks - Rob Joyce NSA Chief of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) at the time said they do not need to use Zero Day exploits .. I doubt the NSA have anything to be interested in me, but the point is if they can do it anyone can do the same. I gave steam a support ticket at the time, asking what the state of play was with the fix, the ticket was replied within about 30 seconds "Yes we have fixed the issue" and the ticket was deleted straight after the reply. Ouch!, sore point, valve must have been a bit trigger sensitive about the issue So anyway, if that was fixed .. Then the UDP one noted in Security Now! 666 was another separate issue .. Or maybe valve thought they had the right hole fixed but fixed something else?. I guess we will never know, its probably too embarrassing for Valve. Not noted in this video, but if anyone uses the GOG Galaxy client (personally I prefer not using it, Steam are a lot better established and if they can get the client wrong from a security POV ...). I just manually update games with the downloadable manual installers when they update), that client also had quite a bad exploitation a while ago which was also updated soon after being informed. I dont know if you can run that client offline, but if you can and have been .. I would get it up to date if I were you. I also recommend not having these clients auto-start with windows. Get into all the settings and switch off behaviour you might not be happy with, which is most likely on by default because of the need to get that advertising window on your desktop in your face with all of its capabilites enabled with no restrictions.
  13. Yep, since then I am finding on average the game is only using around 2.8gb system ram, and so far running through the whole of Skyrim using the Memory Manager is not highlighting any more bugs in the game itself. Skyrim SE has always been very stable and smooth for me (never having any great amount of mods installed), but I am appreciating all the little things it does, and the fixes which have uncovered game engine issues we would probably have never known about, overall I think its marvellous. I am now permanently running around with Mutex fix and the Memory Manager on, and enabling Tree LOD Reflections (I dont use enb) Love the new Orphaned SKSE Co-Save Cleaner ..
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Cool, I was going to start on those but after seeing his latest release combining all towns .. I held off for the SE version appearing sometime too.
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    @cptmcsplody Another one for Skyrim SE masters Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town ShezrieOldHroldanVer2.esp v2.1 v2.2 - CRC = 22DAD810 = Verified Clean with SSEEdit v3.2.1 + Masters sorted [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1150984 Elapsed Time: 00:17Removing: GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:040393DA] (in aa11UTOldHroldanWorld "Wood Haven" [WRLD:040211BB] at 0,-2)[Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 12110, Removed Records: 1, Elapsed Time: 00:00[Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 12109, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Aswell as needing cleaned this is another with out of order masters, the above CRC 22DAD810 is with both cleaning and masters corrected.
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    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno another possible issue that seems like a refresh issue after Wrye Bash regains focus from me Cleaning and sorting masters for a plugin with SSEEdit, then after closing SSEedit and going back to Wrye Bash, the CRC on the file did not update to the new CRC. I am still using the same Standalone as per my previous BashBugDump. You can try right click on the Mods Tab Header bar and choose "Recalculate CRCs", and you get the message that no cached CRC issue detected .. But then close Wrye Bash and reopen it .. And the correct CRC is displayed. Read on from this post in the LOOT topic, open the spoilers too, the issue is found to be Wrye Bash within about 6 posts on from that one.
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    I Cleaned first then Sorted Masters .. But same result 102BBC11 = Wrye Bash has an issue refreshing CRCs after SSEEdit has done its thing then Wrye Bash comes back into focus and does not pick up on the CRC change. It used to, but this may be tied in with another odd issue Utumno is looking into recently. Will point him to what has transpired here for a read through of the issue. Thank you for confirming, and that will be another necessary CRC for Verdant, which is clean and has had its masters sorted.
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Just managed to get Wrye Bash to get the correct CRC, if you right click on the Mods Tab Header Bar and choose "Recalculate CRCs" It will come back with it could not find any cached issues Close Wrye Bash and reopen it .. You will have the same CRC as LOOT and 7Zip are giving I am using the same Wrye Bash as you are now, so I am pretty sure this is a Wrye Bash problem Edit : @cptmcsplody Did you also use SSEEdit to Sort Masters after cleaning the plugin? .. I thought previously that did not make a difference to the CRC result, but I may have been duped by Wrye Bash not showing a difference
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Yep so did I until I cleaned it with SSEEdit v3.2.1, now the two cant agree. Though 7zip x64 v18.05 agrees with LOOT that it should be CRC = 102BBC11 Here I have repacked the cleaned plugin back into the zip .. So maybe Wrye Bash is getting this wrong ?
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Oh wait, I think I found a bug with LOOT, @cptmcsplody which explains where I got the strange CRC from for Verdant @WrinklyNinja Compare the CRCs of all plugin in Wrye Bash v LOOT in the following two screenshots, primarily looking at Verdant different result between the two, but check the two plugins above and below verdant which match between Wrye Bash and LOOT, whereas Verdant does not match and gives the false CRC CptMcSplody queried about my earlier report
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm Hearthfires.esm Dragonborn.esm I dont know how MAs get this wrong, because most mod managers stick to the same rule of following the order in which they were released, and as per the Load Order required by the Unofficial Patch. Anyway there are technical issues that can be result of getting your masters wrong, I forget the detail, but also you may get confused users of mods then trying to arrange the masters the same as a mod has them .. Which would make them wrong for anything that explicitly needs the masters to be in the order they should be so that .. for example .. fixes in the USSEP do not break. If the plugin was an esm or fake esm itself, then it may also upset LOOT trying to get the Load Order correct for explicit dependancies?
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    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    @cptmcsplody Ah .. Good catch Seems there has been a stealthy re-upload or something since I grabbed it last (I think that is actually possible on Nexus, you can reupload over the same file on the CDN without bumping the version .. or maybe I did some custom editing I cant remember) : main file CRC = 730EF406, Dirty: 11 ITM, 0 UDR, 0 nav [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1025401 Elapsed Time: 00:22 Removing: [LAND:000383C6] Removing: GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0001A280] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 4,-3) Removing: [CELL:0001A280] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 4,-3) Removing: [LAND:00038406] Removing: GRUP Cell Temporary Children of WhiterunWindDistrict01 [CELL:0001A27E] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 4,-1) Removing: WhiterunWindDistrict01 [CELL:0001A27E] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 4,-1) Removing: [LAND:0001B0D6] Removing: GRUP Cell Temporary Children of WhiterunPlainsDistrict02 [CELL:0001A277] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 6,-3) Removing: [CELL:00009BDF] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at -12,-17) Removing: DragonMoundPineForest03 [CELL:00009ADE] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at -19,-9) Removing: [CELL:00009ADC] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at -17,-9) [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 2911, Removed Records: 11, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 2900, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 I concur with your findings - Becomes : CRC = 76E6CE3C Clean SSEEdit v3.2.1 The CRC still matches that result also if you use SSEEdit to Sort Masters (they are out of order by default)
  23. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Thank you - Got a few more for Skyrim SE .. Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin SSE Version.esp - v1.5 - CRC = 102BBC11 = Verified Clean with SSEEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1025390 Elapsed Time: 00:22 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 2900, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 2900, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Simply Bigger Trees SE SimplyBiggerTreesSE.esp - v1.0SE - CRC = ADC2F6AF = Verified Clean With SSEEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 906349 Elapsed Time: 00:15 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 267, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 267, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 + SimplyBiggerTreesSE.esp - v1.0SE - CRC = 0BA34575 = Verified Clean With SSEEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1004958 Elapsed Time: 00:18 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 830, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 830, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 The second plugin for SimplyBiggerTreesSE (0BA34575) .. Is a third party edit of the same plugin to solve the original plugins floating tree moss issues, by Archphaeton in the comments. Fadingsignal has recently noticed it (been busy elsewhere) and will be incorporating the moss edits in the main file .. Until then there are two version of the plugin as above, both clean.
  24. alt3rn1ty

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Thats pretty much what I was thinking too, my post was more of a prompt for discussion of how to present what could do with being mentioned. Still dirty for the remaining 6 ITMs And for the final 2 stages Both marked as clean but an additional advisory message and link to achieve the last CRC sounds good to me too, the last CRC just being noted as Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 and LOOTs new Clean Water Drip icon. Just updated my masterlists and noticed you already have updated them ------------------------------------- A few more for you from Skyrim SE Skyrim Project Optimization SE - (Recently updated to carry forward USSEP changes) Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version.esm - CRC = 45374C76 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1219756 Elapsed Time: 00:19 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 1198, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 1198, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version.esp - CRC = 137A03B3 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1219756 Elapsed Time: 00:19 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 1198, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 1198, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 SKY UI SE SkyUI_SE.esp v5.2 - CRC = 79ACE179 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 10 Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 9, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 9, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Relighting Skyrim SSE RelightingSkyrim_SSE.esp v1.0.2 - CRC = AD0407B5 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1303149 Elapsed Time: 00:55 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 17389, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 17389, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Audio Overhaul Skyrim SE Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp v3.0.0 - CRC = 96BF25A6 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1239395 Elapsed Time: 00:21 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 2475, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 2475, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Run For Your Lives SE Run For Your Lives.esp v4.0 - CRC = F3EF2798 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1237093 Elapsed Time: 00:21 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 173, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 173, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Special notes : Run For Your Lives SE now includes the old mod When Vampires Attack, if you are still using RFYL and WVA, then uninstall WVA Inigo SE Inigo.esp v2.4c - CRC = 9CCE987C = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 917154 Elapsed Time: 00:15 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 11072, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 11072, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp v4.1.3b - CRC = FD8D6035 = Verified Clean with xEdit v3.2.1 : [Filtering done] Processed Records: 1285759 Elapsed Time: 00:50 [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 48839, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 [Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 48839, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 Special Notes : 1. Users of USSEP should never try to clean this mod. 2. This mod (by design) is a fake esm, it has the esp extension but will be grouped among the esms. Do not rename it. Edit : I think Note No. 2 for USSEP would be good to have, because one of the mod managers (I think its NMM) is giving a Warning to users that the mod is a Fake.esm .. As if thats something to warn people about and is not a valid modding practice for special cases such as the Unofficial Patches. The result of that warning is a lot of users repeatedly asking the unofficial patch team "why is my mod manager warning me about your mod?", when there is nothing to be concerned with. Some of the above are pending updates, but ETA unknown. And I have a few more beta plugins like DynDOLOD plus support plugins .. But leaving them until they go live etc.
  25. alt3rn1ty

    SSE NIF Optimizer

    Version 3.0.5 - Fixed deletion of NiTriStripsData associated with bhkNiTriStripsShape blocks (16 NIFs in the vanilla game use it).

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