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  1. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno If you ever need to look inside any game BSAs for any supported games, Zilav has released a new command line tool BSArch
  2. Steve Gibson has produced another helpful tool along similar lines to Never10 .. InSpectre https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm Its a neat and informative tool written in assembler so its small (same as all tools from Steve Gibson), only a week in development, but already looks like its just about done at release #5 .. At time of posting - Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018 at 13:14 Reference another topic on Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, this tool will tell you if you are protected against these vulnerabilities or not A Computerworld Columnist reckons the tool is sending anti-virus software a bit nuts because it is new and unrecognised software .. If you’re not particularly interested in taking a graduate level course in Windows translation lookaside buffers and context switches, InSpectre can help. I’ve also just discovered a free Meltdown/Spectre checker from German software vendor Ashampoo. The results from their Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker match that from InSpectre on my machines. I continue to recommend that you hold off on this month’s patches – that includes Windows patches, .NET patches, firmware patches, and more – but you should disable Equation Editor if you’re in the habit of Enabling Edits on spurious Word documents. See my post from last week, but also note 0patch has just released a fix that specifically plugs the Equation Editor security holes. There are no known exploits for Meltdown or Spectre in the wild, although some are in development. (It’s feasible that nation states have been using either or both for decades!) For regular Windows users, the most likely infection vector, when it arrives, will be via a web browser, and those are getting patched quickly. Wait until the dust settles on this month’s patches before you install something that could clobber or cripple your machine. Share your InSpectre insights on the AskWoody Lounge. .. "They are all false positives" For development discussions, refer to Steve Gibsons Newgroups, News.Feedback Edit : And there is a Security Now! podcast dedicated to the subject https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/646?autostart=false (Scroll down a bit on that security now page too for the link to the show notes which has further helpful links). Edit 2 : NVidia Graphics drivers latest updates (390.65 +) have been adapted to also help prevent these vulnerabilities.
  3. [SITE] Buddah - A modding tools registry

    @WrinklyNinja Two more for you : BSArch by Zilav https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/64745?tab=description Packer and unpacker for Bethesda Game Studios archive files Supported games (archive versions): Morrowind Oblivion Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas Skyrim LE Skyrim Special Edition Fallout 4 General Fallout 4 DDS textures NIF Tangents and BiNormals Updater by Zilav https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/64746?tab=description A command line tool which scans the current directory and subdirectories for NIF files and updates tangents and binormals. Adds them if missing where appropriate. It also automatically removes unused strings from NiHeader strings table. Supported games (NIF versions): Oblivion Fallout 3 and New Vegas Skyrim LE Skyrim Special Edition Fallout 4
  4. Thats what I am using
  5. So as per my test post, if I : 1. Keep my Smithing skill exactly as it is now, and go back to a save prior to improving the armour (so that it has not been improved yet) 2. Level up my blocking skill to Legendary 3. Make the blocking skill Legendary 4. Then try to improve the armour with my Smithing skill You are saying that the expected result is for the smithing skill no longer to work properly ? Because that is what the OP says, no matter what skill you make Legendary, they all affect your smithing ability to improve this particular armour afterwards .. Which is just wrong really, and what I am trying to prove with my vanilla play through that the OP has indeed found a bug, because making any other skill Legendary should not affect your smithing of this armour.
  6. Ok good, so now I will take something like Blocking skill up to level 100, make it Legendary, then I will take the armour back to a workbench and see if I can still improve it. I may be a while levelling up a skill to Legendary ..
  7. Well the good news is the armour improves fine with an all Vanilla setup (no mods, no loose mesh replacers) The following spoiler shows I can improve the armour without any skills being legendary in Skyrim SE - But I need clarification on how you make a skill legendary (I dont think I have ever done that, I have made items improvements to Legendary before, but the skill level Legendary .. Is that where the level of the skill goes back down to 15 and you have to build it up again, but this time around its uncapped? .. And so to reproduce your problem I need to make one of my skills (any) Legendary go back to level 15, and wait until that point before I try to improve the armour again (I will go back to a save before I took these screenshots to continue getting a Legendary skill, and then once more try to improve the armour after that has happened <<- Is that al correct ?))
  8. In my vanilla playthrough making saves, I am on my way there, smithing is at level 58, and I have received the black hand message so will soon be doing quests to eventually get the armour (I know its a case of one quest has to be done before another is triggered, a bonus quest must be earned and the secret location will not unlock without the correct quest being started .. Dark Brotherhood questline is a favourite of mine). Will get there and test the issue myself aswell.
  9. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Woah heck no, Wrinklyninja deserves all praise for this project, and if anyone deserves thanks for maintaining the Nexus Page that would be pStyl3, he does an excellent job of fielding all questions and problems there. I just jumped in because I was loafing around at the time , and had a rough guess pStyl3 might not be around for a while.
  10. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Just about to update Nexus @pStyl3 I will only update the file and the Changelog, just to get it out there. Edit : Its done, and a test download proved to be fine .. I used it to update myself.
  11. So one way or another havoc could unearth it with an area of effect spell either from the player or from Malkoran. The spell just needed to be closer to where the sword was, and probably why attacking Malkoran first in my case and triggering him to use his area of effect spells could get it up on the floor, because that location is pretty much where he stands to start with where I hit him with my first arrow to kick off the fight, if he then reacts with an area of effect spell .. Its up on the floor before I get there, which is pretty much what happened for me without using my own area of effect spells. Well, glad the mystery is now solved anyway. One less annoying bug. Nice one Arthmoor.
  12. Yep here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/da52zlz6lrnenkp/Save28_33BA3D06_0_4C756E6B_KilkreathRuins03_001216_20180316160920_19_1.7z?dl=0 Save is just before entering the chamber where Malkoran and all the Shades are, my approach is to just pick them off one by one but hit Malkoran first : I think the key to making this work without the area effect spell, is to provoke Malkoran so that he does something which somehow dislodges the Sword from its housing, maybe he has some kind of area effect spell, or I had a thought that the sword itself has its own explosive area effect spell for Vampires and undead .. Maybe hitting Malkoran somehow gets him to trigger the swords area effect and it blows itself out of the pedestal ... .. Whatever it is, something occasionally (but not all the time) makes the sword end up on the floor. I found it only happens if an auto reload has happened from this save (as opposed to a quit to desktop and then reload). It may take a couple of tries but thats how I made it happen, attack Malky with a sneaky arrow, put some Frostbite spider venom on it for good measure, then withdraw and pick them all off one by one. Your initial attack will have made Malky perform some kind of spell while he is next to the pedestal. Now during the first fight die and auto reload. Then commence with a serious approach to wiping them all out. Luring them down the corridor and up the steps has the advantage that wherever the sword drops on the floor, it does not get further bounced around the room during the battle and end up in the rafters or somewhere daft. Edit : And yep I know I get that the sword is not actually there to start with .. But somehow it ends up in the room afterwards. The pedestal is being activated somehow and not by the player. If you want to try the fireballs, I have a scroll in that save, but also Malky has a staff of fireball. I dont have anything else, for trying out all other area of effect spells (which did not work anyway) I did a separate load and used player.additem to get a few spell books for explosive runes etc, I know using console, but that was just to see if any other area of effect spells would have influenced the pedestal instead of fireball, which turned out to be fruitless. The save you have there though has never seen a console command all the way from the game start to that point.
  13. Sounds good to preserve the uniqueness of the weapon, so long as that method does not prevent grabbing it from the pedestal .. No doubt there's going to be a few moans about fixing this though But if peeps want a second one its easy to use console player.additem <whatever refid it is> 1 Edit : I think I will keep my saves handy for testing a future USSEP
  14. @Leonardo no, I dont think this is a baked in save issue, I think its a memory state issue on auto-load. When that happens the game does not wipe all memory states of objects. If you quit to desktop completely (so that all memory of the game is wiped) before loading up again, you dont get the duplicate (with or without any mods). I reckon people die there often, and the majority of people do not quit to desktop on death, because they dont know about memory state issues and its easier / quicker to let the auto load happen. So the duplicate (however it is being made to jump on the floor as a memory state corruption .. personally I dont know the technical detail of what is happening there) will probably happen for a lot of people dying and reloading there.
  15. Ok I cant think of anything else to add to this .. So reverting to normal setup and continuing my associated saves for that setup. At least I have a good set of vanilla saves again when needed for my machine.
  16. @Arthmoor I can reproduce it .. .. But its not due to the USSEP being installed (as Leo wondered), nor do I think its a Vanilla bug that can be prevented : First I could not repro it with no mods installed (see previous posts) nor could I repro it with USSEP installed, so I had a think about whats likely to happen for most people here : Death and reloading (especially if they try it at level 12 when you are likely to receive Meridias Beacon). I wondered if this could be a strange memory state thing (as mentioned earlier, the mines scenario in Fallout 4 being a good example, all beth games suffer from memory state issues which is why you should always quit to desktop and then load up) .. So I tried with USSEP installed, getting killed, and letting the game reload automatically without quitting to desktop .. I did not even have to hit the pedestal with any area effect, after luring the shades out and Malkoran to kill them one by one in the corrider, I then walked in to the pedestal, and Dawnbreaker was already on the floor .. If you quit to desktop, then reload ^^ That does not happen I think that the memory state if you have not quit to desktop is part of the issue here. I also then tried without USSEP again, went from the save I have prior to entering the temple again and made another save just prior to entering the area where Malkoran is so that I had a quick load save in the vicinity of the problem .. .. Fought on, and let myself die, then let the game auto reload from the closest save = Bingo the Dawnbreaker was on the floor again in the same position without any mods installed - But also prior to dying, I hit Malkoran with a long shot just to get his attention to kick off the fight, he immediately casts some kind of spell on himself next to the pedestall while he is turning to face you and commence the fight .. So possibly this with an auto reload could be the method by which the duplicate ends on the floor in the position in my screenshot. So I think to repro it you need to do the following (whether with mods or not does not matter I think) 1. Have a save close to entering the fight. 2. Sneak down the corridor until you can see Malkoran next to the pedestal, Attack malky long range with a bow, he should make some kind of protection spell while turning to face you 3. Fight until dead 4. Let the game auto-reload 5. Fight until win = You may find Dawnbreaker on the floor somewhere near the pedestal If you quit to desktop at step 4. Then load up the game afresh, you will not find Dawnbreaker on the floor at step 5. Thats why I think this is memory state linked .. And also means its a game engine bug = Not fixable So the age old advice of always quitting to desktop instead of letting auto loads happen (or even manually reloading without quitting to desktop) still stands for SSE aswell. Always quit to desktop before loading up again to play on. Unless of course you want to cheat and have (not so unique daedric artifacts) and dual wielding Dawnbreakers
  17. I can do that too if you want, now I have a save just outside the temple anyway, I can install USSEP and continue into the temple from there with it installed .. .. Save you doing the whole thing from start and levelling with just the USSEP installed, I am already there and can test it thoroughly. I seriously doubt the USSEP would introduce this, and the UESP / TES WIKIs all claim it to be a vanilla bug .. Maybe it was a vanilla bug at one time with oldrim, and / or having mods somehow shakes it loose, script timing, chaos engine being flaky when the machine is stressed with non standard settings or going too high in the fps department, or too many scripts firing in loops, too much memory being used etc etc etc .. Anyway, will test it just to clear that once and for all that it is both not a vanilla bug, and not a USSEP introduced bug aswell - Beyond that though I am not going to be testing any mods, I want to go back to my own setup after this (which I also know cannot reproduce the issue). Edit : preparations already done (and if anyone is wondering .. No I am not even using a bashed patch)
  18. I got bored levelling and went for it at level 19. Good One handed, Blocking, Archery and sneak is all I needed for this anyway. Spent the last couple of hours reloading from just before meeting Malkoran and his shades, having him in the room launch all sorts of spells at me while he was stood by the pedestal, while also launching my own scroll of fireball and fireballs from a staff at him, plus using unrelenting force at full power at him and the pedestal, also tried a lot of landing some explosive runes on the pedestal and close by to be triggered by Malkoran or his shades near the pedestal ( and lots of drinking healing potions for me ) .. Then reloading and taking a different approach of luring out the shades one by one up the corridor while sneaking, to pick them all off individually before luring Malkoran out of there and repeatedly hitting him with every poison I had on successive arrows until all were dead and had no chance themselves to accidentally hit the pedestal, so I could concentrate hitting the pedestal from all angles with many fireballs .. = I cant reproduce the issue. That sword with just vanilla setup, no mods, no mesh replacers, no console commands, no ini tweaks, all progress up to that point via the normal progression .. Will not blow free of the pedestal. Or at least .. Not in Skyrim Special Edition anyway ( I will not be doing oldrim ), it may have a heap of other bugs ( the game horrifies me without the USSEP installed ), but not with this sword. I agree with lmstearn, it just dont budge. I have replayed and searched the area thoroughly five times now today - Dawnbreaker does not have a vanilla bug enabling it to fly free of its pedestal. Here's some screens, and a video of just using many fireballs .. But be assured I did try quite a lot of shouts, electric attacks and explosive runes aswell, but personally I think the strongest area of effect spell for this purpose is probably the fireball at close proximity, so for the video run I just used a lot those ...
  19. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    .. aaand CBBE 1.24 wizard remains compatible
  20. Getting there, now at level 17, and I have the artifact Meridias Beacon. A few more levels and I will be going for it.
  21. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    O_o the microsoft fix list for Spectre has grown quicker than expected https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4090007/intel-microcode-updates When I posted that link 6 days ago they only had two processors covered with that Microsoft boot fix, so it is as they say expanding with more coverage the more Intel adds Spectre Microcode fixes to it. Shouldn't be too long before they have the majority of them done and we can all use that update. Though I think if my machine vendor comes out with the BIOS update I will probably still use that.
  22. Progress so far : 11 levels yesterday, lots of vanilla save points created, archery and one handed coming along nicely, sneak is rising, I need to develop magic a bit more but have a few powerful scrolls in case I need them to blast the pillar.
  23. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    A bit off topic but a heads up .. AMD chipset users who escaped the Meltdown vulnerabilities (but some still need a bit of attention for the Spectre vulnerabilities apparently) have a new thing to be concerned with. If you have Ryzen or EPYC then there are some serious flaws (4 types including back doors implanted by a contracted company outside of AMD) which have been revealed (well not just revealed, the security firm made a dedicated website for it, and only gave AMD 1 days notice) AMD Flaws If you want to know why so little notice was given have a read here http://www.tomshardware.com/news/cts-labs-amd-ryzenfall-ryzen-epyc,36660.html Edit : Seems to be a bit of doubt about the validity of this, but : Go to about 20 mins in on the Security Now podcast https://twit.cachefly.net/video/sn/sn0654/sn0654_h264m_864x480_500.mp4 Lets see what AMD have to say about this in due course Found someone with a sceptical opinion, suspecting stock manipulation https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3028437/amd-ryzen-epyc-cpus-critical-flaws-linus-torvalds-fake But note that report ends with the following :
  24. New game commenced in vanilla state, Data has been cleaned out of all mods and loose resource files, INIs at defaults, not even using the USSEP Just got a new game a few days ago on GOG called "Kingdom Come : Deliverance" and it is seriously taking me away from doing anything else , so going to have to be strict with myself for a few days and just do this quest instead.

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