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  1. Sounds mighty trivial. Even more so than usual. When is the last time an official changelog was provided?
  2. Glad Nexus finally responded. I downloaded the mod before it was hidden but had neglected to endorse it. It is really a great addition to the game. Thanks.
  3. So now the mod is only available on Nexus at least for those who want a Spanish translation which is still up I see.
  4. Thenryb

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    He has not. I wish he would. I do not like the Falrim tool and have stopped using it.
  5. Thenryb

    Karliah Bug

    If you are talking to Ondrea, why would she bother to prove anything? She already agrees with Arthmoor's view that it is not a vanilla bug and her experience has been that it does not occur in her games where AFT is not installed.
  6. Thenryb


    I see them in almost every game, often more than once.
  7. Thenryb

    Karliah Bug

    I use AFT-SE and have also read that it causes the Karliah behavior complained of. However, I never use aft to manage her until after the TG questline is completed.
  8. Thenryb

    Karliah Bug

    That always happens to me too, but I have read that the team cannot reproduce it even though many players have experienced that problem for years. This is as poorly designed as Blood on the Ice.
  9. Thenryb

    [RELz] fireundubh's Skyrim Mods

    I have it if you want it:)
  10. Thenryb

    [RELz] fireundubh's Skyrim Mods

    Whatever happened to Stupidly Simple Mining? I am sure glad I grabbed it before it was taken down. I was always hoping you would do something similar of wood chopping. Those animations are tedious beyond belief.
  11. Yes. It went along with an early version of The Choice is Yours by Kryptopyr. I am one of those who hates both forced greets and especially hates having quests forced upon you and stuck in the log. I dislike the Thieves guild, the Dark Brotherhood, escaping the Cindra Mine, and almost all Daedra quests and do not even want them in my log, especially not as a main quest. And I do not want some inkeeper giving me a quest I do not want just because I ask about rumors. This places a book in the Drunken Huntsman which allows you to opt out of one which you may have accidentally accepted. It is probably not necessary but does no harm. If I recall correctly, it only allows erasure of the quests covered by The Choice is Yours Mod. Eg you accidentally read that stupid Boethia book and do not want to kill a follower to get a dumb piece of armor, that book will allow you to erase it. If you decide you do not want to cure the tree in Whiterun, I do not think the book would allow erasure of that.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I recall earlier complaints with the quest much have which involved the level 81 issue. I guess I just missed reading about how it was fixed.
  13. I have a current game where my character completed the quest to clear out Wolfskull Cave and has leveled up three times since then with no appearance by the Courier. The following is my load order: Active Mod Files: The frustrating thing about this quest is that by the time one concludes that the courier is not going to appear, it is too late to do anything about it, which is why, in the past, I have disabled the patch temporarily just to get the courier to spawn with the letter, since there is no way through the console to force that (from all I have read). And, yes, I have spent plenty of time in cities other than Solitude hoping to see him trundling up to me with the letter. I notice in my scripts subfolder, two pex files which appear to relate to this quest.
  14. @Leonardo- I am aware that I do not need to wait in the Drunken Huntsman or in any particular spot, but have found it convenient to step outside and meet the courier rather than having him "find me". Without USLEEP enabled he is always there and I grab the letter, save the game, exit and reenable the patch. I thought that letter was supposed to come in 24 hours after you level up, so when it did not arrive, I figured the quest was borked. However, Arthmoor says seven days. However, with the patch disabled he appears like clockwork outside the Drunken Huntsman in 24 hours after you level up. So convenient. You have the letter and do not have to be further concerned.
  15. This hardly qualifies as a new topic, but I cannot find any recent discussion about it. After completing the clearing out of Wolfskull Cave, reporting to Firebeard, going to another city, leveling up and waiting 24 hours, I still do not get the courier with the Firebeard letter. I did an inventory search of Firebeard when I reported the results at Wolfskull cave and he had the (blank) letter in his inventory. I then went to Whiterun, leveled up, waited in the Drunken Huntsman for 24 hours and no courier appeared. I reloaded my Drunken Huntsman save with the latest USLEEP patch disabled, repeated the process and the courier appeared.

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