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  1. JayCrane


    Something to tide me over while I wait for BGE2 I am definitely interested though!
  2. JayCrane

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    Hammerfell High Rock Akavir
  3. Going to stream working on either one of my models or mods for the first time on Youtube. Come drop by and Roast Me ™ in 2 Days!


  4. JayCrane

    [REL] Wayshrines of Old - Alt. Fast Travel Network

    As of today, Wayshrines of Old is officially discontinued. Further development of the reboot can be found here.
  5. JayCrane

    [WIP] Wayshrines - Remnants of a Forgotten Era

    Progress on the Nordic Style Wayshrine!
  6. JayCrane


  7. JayCrane

    Feedback thread

    I agree. Would make things a little bit less confusing.
  8. JayCrane

    Cannot visit TES Alliance

    Now that the site is back up, I can confirm that there definitely was a message about it in the forums. http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/topic/7521-support-donations-needed/&do=findComment&comment=145594
  9. JayCrane

    Cannot visit TES Alliance

    I did say if I remember correctly (IIRC). Days before the site was taken offline, the "Under Construction Logo" was on the site. I tried to donate after reading the post about the site in need of donations to move to a cheaper server, however I always received an error whenever I tried to do it through the site. Rider said that it was another thing to fix after I sent him the following video. So, I think it is safe to assume Rider is more than aware of the situation, as Arthmoor said.
  10. JayCrane

    Cannot visit TES Alliance

    IIRC, there was a post about the site being transferred to a cheaper server.
  11. JayCrane

    [WIP] Wayshrines - Remnants of a Forgotten Era

    After a bit more consideration last night, I decided I am going to redo this project from the ground up, rather than modifying Wayshrines of Old. I am not exactly all that satisfied with Wayshrines of Old and I would prefer to start fresh over cutting bits and pieces out of something I am not satisfied with.
  12. JayCrane

    Affinity Photo - Replace Adobe

    Sayonara Photoshop!
  13. JayCrane

    Affinity Photo - Replace Adobe

    May look into getting it at some stage whenever my pay comes in. Not sure if I will cancel my subscription as I also use Photoshop for illustration. Though if it has support for ABR Brushes, then sayonara Photoshop! (I do have a copy of elements on hand, but it's really limited which is why I got a subscription)
  14. JayCrane

    [REL] Wayshrines of Old - Alt. Fast Travel Network

    What is the plan for 1.2? - See below for more information.

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