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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is an ALPHA RELEASE. Do not install on any saves you intend on keeping as there are still elements that have not been fully implemented: You need to activate a shrine twice in order for the dialogue to show up. You are not charged on the second activation. The shrine is still active from the first activation and will remain that way until you choose a location / travel. If you switch over to a different cost when a shrine is already active, you will not see it take any affect until you choose a location / travel. Shrines are currently using placeholder statics / custom assets for the moment until I complete the assets. Random Encounters have not been fully implemented. Wayshrines – Remnants of a Forgotten Era is a simple plugin that adds remnants from the second era, wayshrines, as an alternate means of traversing Tamriel. Unlike the shrines left behind the Snow Elves, these shrines can be used by regular mortals at the right cost. This project is a reboot of “Wayshrines of Old”. Requirements: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim + Dawnguard + Dragonborn Optional: SKSE Optional: SkyUI Files have been checked and cleaned with TES5Edit! Multiple Activation Costs and Consequences Select one of the multiple activation costs: Magicka, Dragon Souls, Soul Gems, Gold or completely free. Magicka You will be charged 30% of your Magicka to activate a shrine however if you have exhausted all of your Magicka it will eat into your Stamina and then eventually your Health. Chances of arriving at your chosen destination will decrease when you reach below 50% of your Stamina. Dragon Souls You will be charged 1 Dragon Soul to activate a shrine. Soul Gems You will be charged one full lesser soul gem to activate a shrine. Gold You will be charged 50 Gold to activate and travel with a shrine. Free You are able to travel between shrines without any sort of cost. Discovery Before you can go on any adventures you first need to discover some shrines. Every location can be found inside of the following categories: Hold Capitals and Cities, Towns and Settlements, Orc Strongholds, and Unique Locations. In order for any locations to show up, you will need to discover the shrines in those locations. Alternatively, you can unlock almost all locations through an optional cheat which can found in the book “Configure Wayshrines” or the Mod Configuration Menu. With the exception of a few shrines, which were intentionally left out to not break the quests that unlock those locations. If you want to reach them, you are going to have to discover them on foot. Configuration Take charge of how the shrines operate in your game by configuring options through the book “Configure Wayshrines” or the Mod Configuration Menu.The book will be added to your inventory whenever you load a save for the first time. Make sure you do not lose your copy of the book as you will not be given another one the next time you load the save. In case you ever lose your copy of the book, open the console, type help JC_ShrineConfigBook, add the book to your inventory with the following code player.additem xxxIDofBook. Alternatively, you can use AddItemMenu – Ultimate Mod Explorer by Towawot to add it to your inventory.Both more or less offer the same options so it doesn’t really matter which one you use. However, do not use both simultaneously as it will only create problems. Simply use one or the other. If you are going to switch from one to the other MAKE SURE that you reset all options to their DEFAULT options. Civil War Limitations You will not be able to use the following shrines during any of the sieges: Whiterun, Solitude, Windhelm. The shrines are being maintained by the people and they would not leave a backdoor open for enemies to come in through. They will blocked off during the sieges. This has not been fully tested. Frequently Asked Questions What makes this different to Skyrim Wayshrines – Immersive Fast Travel – SWIFT? It’s basically the same concept but implemented differently. How is this even lore-friendly? Not keen on my take of Wayshrines? Not a problem! Check out the following alternatives: Skyrim Wayshrines – Immersive Fast Travel – SWIFT by Pharros Wayshrines of Tamriel by Arizona_Steve Why would I use these when I can just use the carriages for a cheaper price? This is only offers an alternate method of travel, no different to the other alternatives that already exist i.e riding a mount, hiring a boat or even using the map. Whatever you use is up you. Known Issues Unfortunately followers will not accompany you when you travel between shrines. To get around this, I recommend using one of the following tools to summon your followers: Extensive Follower Framework Amazing Follower Tweaks Ultimate Follower Overhaul Summon Followers Locations Hold Capitals and Cities Riften Solitude Whiterun Windhelm Winterhold Morthal Falkreath Dawnstar Markarth Towns and Settlements Riverwood Ivarstead Shors Stone Rorikstead Karthwasten Kynesgrove Skaal Village Raven Rock Orc Strongholds Dushnik Yal Largashbur Narzulbur Mor Khazghur Unique Locations High Hrothgar (High Hrothgar's Shrine Gates are locked until you start the The Way of The Voice) Castle Volkihar Soul Cairn Dayspring Canyon Tel Mithryn Skyhaven Temple Eldergleam Sanctuary Blackreach Credits ZeniMax Online Studios for The Elder Scrolls Online which serves as the inspiration for this entire project. Bethesda Softworks for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Creation Kit. Schlangster for providing the resources (SkyUI SDK) needed to create a Mod Configuration Menu. DarkFox127 for his various tutorials on how to create a Mod Configuration Menu on Youtube. Special thank you to everyone on AFKMods, Pyro's Asylum, JayCrane's Brewhouse and the following people for all of their suggestions, assistance and support. DSoS Arthmoor Winterlove Undriel Arron Dominion Enai Siaion CyborgArmGun WalkingMassofComplexes
  2. JayCrane

    [WIP] Wayshrines - Remnants of a Forgotten Era

    Wayshrines: Remnants of a Forgotten Era (ALPHA)
  3. JayCrane

    Light Moss Hall

    Thank you! AND I AM SO SORRY FOR THE EXTREMELY LATE REPLY. Unfortunately, I have had no luck porting this over to SSE. It always instantly crashes my game. The plan was to remake it from scratch entirely for SSE.
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    Something to tide me over while I wait for BGE2 I am definitely interested though!
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    The Elder Scrolls VI

    Hammerfell High Rock Akavir
  6. Going to stream working on either one of my models or mods for the first time on Youtube. Come drop by and Roast Me ™ in 2 Days!


  7. JayCrane

    [REL] Wayshrines of Old - Alt. Fast Travel Network

    As of today, Wayshrines of Old is officially discontinued. Further development of the reboot can be found here.
  8. JayCrane

    [WIP] Wayshrines - Remnants of a Forgotten Era

    Progress on the Nordic Style Wayshrine!
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  10. JayCrane

    Feedback thread

    I agree. Would make things a little bit less confusing.
  11. JayCrane

    Cannot visit TES Alliance

    Now that the site is back up, I can confirm that there definitely was a message about it in the forums. http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/topic/7521-support-donations-needed/&do=findComment&comment=145594
  12. JayCrane

    Cannot visit TES Alliance

    I did say if I remember correctly (IIRC). Days before the site was taken offline, the "Under Construction Logo" was on the site. I tried to donate after reading the post about the site in need of donations to move to a cheaper server, however I always received an error whenever I tried to do it through the site. Rider said that it was another thing to fix after I sent him the following video. So, I think it is safe to assume Rider is more than aware of the situation, as Arthmoor said.

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