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  1. All games except for old Skyrim load archives by partial matching. SSE also uses partial matching. In newer games partial matching is limited to predefined names like 'Plugin - Main.ba2', 'Plugin - Textures.ba2' etc., but xEdit doesn't care and loads up everything. Due to that only in old Skyrim one mod can load a single archive. In other games several archives. Yes, voice files paths are named the same in all games using plugin's name with extension.
  2. Apply this script in TES4Edit unit userscript; function Process(e: IInterface): integer; begin if FormID(e) = 0 then if Signature(e) <> 'TES4' then AddMessage(FullPath(e)); end; end.
  3. No, the special storage system for textures was introduced in Fallout 4 only.
  4. Nope, because "unnecessary" persistence is to vague in Skyrim and FO4 due to the multiple persistence levels.
  5. Does this value affect anything? Usually only the presense of marker subrecords has meaning, not their value. That's why all markers are displayed as a raw hex data.
  6. No such option.
  7. It already recursively takes in account all child locations based on "referenced by" information (so it requires built references to work properly). You can uncomment this line //AddMessage('Processing child location of ' + Name(loc) + ' : ' + Name(ref)); to see what locations are being drawn.
  8. Nexus' shenanigans. I wrongly uploaded FO4Edit archive and then replaced with correct FO3Edit one, but looks like Nexus permanently remembers the first upload name only.
  9. The question was about bugs in xEdit.
  10. Yes. There are no known bugs associated with topics handling in any game.
  11. xEdit is a tool like a hammer for example, result depends on who uses it and how. If you moved topics into another plugin you also need to change the path of voice files which depends on the plugin's name, changing FormID is not enough.
  12. Large LOD references exist in the old Skyrim too (RNAM subrecords in worldspaces), they simply disabled, cut out or didn't finish that feature before the release for optimization purposes.
  13. Large References RNAM data is merged at runtime as you can clearly see when comparing overrides from DLCs, you don't need to forward it. The script for RNAM generation is for new worldspaces to work in conjunction with SSELODGen and DynDoLOD. You should speak with Sheson anyway because he wrote it.
  14. But Fallout 4 didn't get GOTY award
  15. Update what and how? Nothing technical mentioned there, what is the problem exactly? If you are talking about general Skyrim -> SSE conversion then there is thead here of afkmods with several pages of details on differences in SSE.