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  1. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Like Arthmoor said TES4 (and new records in bashed patch depending on format) form version is 43 for Skyrim, 44 for SSE. Overrides must use the version from the winning plugin unless WB forcefully writes records in the new format.
  2. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yes, Trifle fixed that bug and ghosting is not needed if you have it installed.
  3. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    By using a custom scripted filter https://pastebin.com/raw/T4FD6fY5
  4. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Then I probably didn't unserstand you, because your words "Plugins.txt is the order all of the games go by whether that file was generated from timestamps or otherwise" imply that timestamps should be completely ignored and order in plugins.txt to be used instead even for older games.
  5. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas use timestamps only, nothing else. And this is the reason why they changed that in Skyrim - timestamps affected Steam's mod update feature which also uses timestamps, so Bethesda had to change that to use the order from Plugins.txt instead.
  6. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Check the modification dates on plugins, GOG version has issues with them https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/51500-tes4lodgen/page-53#entry51019507
  7. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Order in Plugins.txt is used in Skyrim and later games only.
  8. [WIPz] TES5LODGen for Trees LOD

    xLODGen picks up only TREE, STAT or ACTI records with "Has Tree LOD" flag set, then it will print out found and not found billboard names, so you can simply copy it from messages log. However I don't recommend you to use Tree LOD system in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, it is bugged there. Sometimes when approaching a tree it's LOD will disappear and then the full tree reappear a second later. The other bug is when LOD doesn't switch off at all up close for trees placed by plugins. That's why I use it only for smaller objects like bushes where this is not that apparent and distracting in game. New Vegas doesn't use Tree LOD system at all because of those issues, Obsidian guys were clever enough to avoid it. For real trees I recommend to use Objects LOD and create _lod.nif mesh, check optional FO3LODGen resources for your mods on Nexus. It is a flat mesh (I stole it from New Vegas yucca trees LOD) with billboard image on it and ~15-20% empty border to avoid aliasing issues of LOD atlas texture (black lines at the top of distant objects, you can see them even in vanilla FO3 game sometimes). Ideally those _lod.nif meshes for trees should be real low poly meshes if you have time to model them for better look and to avoid aliasing bug. They can have any number of shapes using different textures, however all textures must be not tiled with UV values in 0..1 range. Vertex colors are not supported by the game in LOD. Also records which use _lod.nif meshes must have "Visible when distant" flag set.
  9. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    By the way after cleaning plugin in xEdit you can right click on it again and view cleaning statistics in BOSS/LOOT format.
  10. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Uploaded new build. Added support for ESL plugins in SSEEdit and FO4Edit.
  11. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    You get it like any other linked record. There is a "Cell" element at the top of ACHR, so cell := WinningOverride(LinksTo(ElementByName(e, 'Cell'))); But you are already removing test cells entirely which also removes all children refs inside them.
  12. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Not much point in using array here, you can simply OR several checks: if (s = 'aaa') or (s = 'bbb') etc. Ignore empty blocks, they do nothing. Or just ITM clean your plugin, I think this should remove them.
  13. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Define what is a "test", it is too vague. Cells containing "test" word in Editor ID or what?
  14. Archive and texture BSAs for SSE

    "MyMod.bsa" and "MyMod - Textures.bsa" only I think.
  15. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    That check ensures that script processes only NPC_ records. A 'while' loop stops when template can not be get anymore from the current record be it LVLN or NPC_

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