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  1. Yes. There are no known bugs associated with topics handling in any game.
  2. xEdit is a tool like a hammer for example, result depends on who uses it and how. If you moved topics into another plugin you also need to change the path of voice files which depends on the plugin's name, changing FormID is not enough.
  3. Large LOD references exist in the old Skyrim too (RNAM subrecords in worldspaces), they simply disabled, cut out or didn't finish that feature before the release for optimization purposes.
  4. Large References RNAM data is merged at runtime as you can clearly see when comparing overrides from DLCs, you don't need to forward it. The script for RNAM generation is for new worldspaces to work in conjunction with SSELODGen and DynDoLOD. You should speak with Sheson anyway because he wrote it.
  5. But Fallout 4 didn't get GOTY award
  6. Update what and how? Nothing technical mentioned there, what is the problem exactly? If you are talking about general Skyrim -> SSE conversion then there is thead here of afkmods with several pages of details on differences in SSE.
  7. Resave in CK.
  8. You'd better speak with VIits, I don't know much about precombines myself and just implemented what he asked for based on his tests. But from what he told me, I assume that CK uses the same names for precombined nifs for each cell, so after regenerating precombination you will end up with the same nifs in the same folder merged from the same references inside the cell. If all those factors match then there is no need to keep all nifs apart from new or changed ones (consisting of different REFRs or modified REFRs), the game will revert to using vanilla meshes. He confirned that precombination for a cell works fine in game when using precombined nifs from different precombinations. That's what this scripts does - finds such meshes. It doesn't modify XPRI list of anything else, simply creates a bat file to clean up unchanged precombined nifs.
  9. Oh no, that's way more simple. After you regenerated precombination, xEdit script compares XCRI lists in master's and mod's CELL and modified REFRs to find precombined nifs that kept the same name and consist of the same unchanged references, and creates BAT file to delete them. VIits experimented a lot with precombines and found out that CK generally keeps unique ID of meshes the same between different precombination regens (maybe CELL's FormID serves as initial seed for random numbers, idk) and those meshes can be safely removed, the game will revert to using vanilla ones. Considering x5-x10 size increase of new precombined nifs from CK as you discovered, this could save some space. He also discovered that you can safely delete entire nif from XCRI list to uncombine it's references, and asked me to create some sort of precombination editor for cells. Read more here. This won't give any benefit for mesh changing mods like SMIM, more intended for ordinary mods that simply add new objects and modify existing ones in cells and regenerated precombination.
  10. Uploaded new build. Fixed wrong FO4 precombined nifs path (non game master nifs are located in subfolder named after the plugin file). On it's own the fix does nothing for xEdit, but required for the upcoming precombination cleaner.
  11. Yes they are alpha blended onto the base texture.
  12. You did not install preloader obviously, maybe put in the wrong folder.
  13. It doesn't work.
  14. xEdit does not support Morrowind, only Oblivion and later games.
  15. Anyway it is just a choice between "rare(s) merchants" (how it works now) and "merchants with rares", both are equally valid.