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  1. Bethesda hates me...


  2. You wont get any additional protection if your resistance is capped. By default it's capped at 80% damage reduction. But you can help reduce it further with blocking.
  3. It wont. Bethesda stopped fixing bugs since i think Fallout 4 1.5 and Skyrim SE 1.3 All they care about doing is "fixing" the ingame mod menu and nothing else so far It takes years to fix 1 engine bug and you need a programmer to make the fix into a mod. (which mostly likely requires the script extender or some other 3rd party method)
  4. Yeah that is what happens in my game, sometimes a random encounter zone glitches up and doesn't clean up properly, or stays empty and desolate no matter what, even if i wait for a cell reset.
  5. Try setting your files and folders as exclusions so avast wont scan them. That's what i did.
  6. Im using a mod where i can control raid chance, the mod changes it from 2% to 25% but i changed it to 0% *snarky laugh*
  7. There is one settlement where you can say "i'm not with the minutemen but i am here to help" So you can help some settlements as a pure independant.
  8. The radio beacon still recruits settlers but you can't turn the beacon off. Even if you delete the beacon it still runs the radio station And the happiness meter is glitched, so all it does now is show happiness in 10 digits. so pretty much 10 20 30 40 50 etc. and the up/down arrow doesn't show up until after happiness changes.
  9. THis is unlikely but its possible a ghoul could have spawned inside a building and can't see you or danse so it wont agro.
  10. The enchantment reload fix, does it fix the gold value so it calculates properly or no? Because it doesn't make sense that higher enchant skill makes your enchanted items less valuable compared to weaker enchantments you made prior.
  11. I play Breton and some wood elves just say Breton to me... I don't understand. do they hate me? just acknowledging me? whatevering? Edit: and yeah sorry I haven't been online in ages ^^;
  12. Oh great... BOSS is putting 2.0.1 patches in the wrong spots again... I didn't even realize that until I looked at my load order today. it is supposed to remember the 2.0.0 load order and follow that by example.
  13. BOSS is claiming that breezehomelightfix.esp is included in USKP. Does USKP fix any lighting issues for breeze home?
  14. Has the invisibility eye glitch been fixed?
  15. I know it's not a bug. I have to do a quest for them to gain legit access to their mines.