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  1. Ooo, that could be interesting, yes.
  2. Privacy policy and future content. 1 GB. Seems like a whole lot of nothing.
  3. It could probably be argued that they didn't list fur, scaled, steel plate, and maybe a few others that I may be forgetting about at the moment too. Not sure why they made the choice to not include them either unless the description is limited to a certain number of characters. It seems these actor value descriptions can't be edited through the Creation Kit so probably no way to find out.
  4. Those did seem like they were being awarded less often than other kinds of master writs. The trouble is that t seems like the overall drop rate for master writs is too low.
  5. That was my initial thought, but just wanted to be sure I remembered correctly. I may have been thinking of the Dragonbone weapons that were only craftable with Dawnguard. Anyway, we'll have to discuss if it's appropriate to make changes to these. Sometimes we do make even very minor changes like this if they're in fact bugs.
  6. Yeah, they left out Dragonscale on the Light Armor skill menu as well. Not sure whether these qualify as bugs or not, but it does seem a bit odd to me that they left those out. I'm trying to remember if they're available without DLC or only when Dawnguard is installed.
  7. Yeah, I wish they would too. Something makes me think the drop rates are deliberately low, but there's probably something broken too if I had to guess. Same thing with the surveys, they don't drop often enough.
  8. Took them long enough. Also, had to look it up but these "Collector's Edition treasure maps" are apparently the ones that come with an Explorer's Pack for those that per-ordered the game. More crash fixes.
  9. No, that wouldn't make any difference. It will reset regardless of whether you kill all NPCs or not (including the boss). Going back before the 30 day reset period is complete will reset the timer though.
  10. I was able to confirm it in my game in SSE. Just wanted to say thanks for providing the details to help us reproduce it, that speeds up the process a lot. Now to figure out what went wrong, because I didn't think there was any change to these between 4.0.5 and 4.0.6.
  11. Well crap, that seems lazy of them. Luckily I haven't used any treasure maps yet. Guess it'll be at least another week before they fix that then, assuming they don't start skipping patches for a while again. That's really bad. Seems like when you think they can't break stuff any worse, they do. Oh okay, good. That would have been really bad to have to deal with for a whole week.
  12. The patch on 2/20/17: No mention of increased drop chances for Master Writs. Looks like they finally got around to fixing it this time. We won't have to hold on to all of the treasure map anymore now. Not sure if this is good or bad. Sounds like they added a number of additional places where Decorative Wax can be found, but the plentiful harvest perk no longer works for wax, pelts, and maybe other furnishing materials. Good. That was annoying. At least the few times it did happen to me.
  13. Latest patch notes: Looks like they fixed a few things, but I don't see anything about treasure map chests. Was that actually ever an issue or was it just rumored that certain Homestead items weren't appearing like they should? It would be kind of nice to be able to use those again since I have quite a few in my inventory, but if they're still broken that would stink. Not sure if Lorelai will be pleased about this or not. It seems that they discovered her secret to ganking all those people in PvP. So many crash fixes. Ah, so that explains what the "Unused 21" style actually is. Looks like Grim Harlequin is a crown-store only style.
  14. Yeah, those homes prices are insane especially if you were to buy them using crowns which I wouldn't even consider I don't know about Roomba. Can't recall it being one of the add-ons that needed an update, but maybe I missed it since I bulk updated like 5 or 6 at once on the day the Homestead stuff came out. Edit: I checked in Minion and Roomba had an update on February 4th, so pretty sure any changes related to stacking motif pages were taken care even though the change log doesn't specifically mention it. But the listed log changes are a bit hard to understand for someone like me who's not a programmer so who knows. Also, patch notes for big the Homestead update: (in case you haven't already seen them)