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  1. "Unintended ways." More "fixes" for the grouping tool.
  2. Apparently they've "fixed" the grouping tool yet again.
  3. That article seems suspicious, but if Matt Firor did say that then it he's probably trolling people. The fact that it's a completely online / multiplayer game means it fits in the MMO category.
  4. Patch 3.0.9: Looks like some stuff and things were fixed.
  5. Another patch:
  6. Not sure if it's really a thing or not, but someone else made a bug ticket for the same (or similar) issue years back. We weren't ever able to reproduce the problem because no followup was provided. Chances are a fix could be done if we could narrow down where any bad navmeshes are located which would require that a game save be provided or at the very least a detailed description of where in the cave followers get stuck. Without specifics the chances of finding the problem are not good since it's a rather large location.
  7. Most recent patch notes:
  8. @Ethruvisil Something that you're either missing (or ignoring) here is that we have proof of intent in every one of these instances. Arthmoor (and others) already touched on that with the script and Auriel's Bow. These other things that you're mentioning also have proof of intent or we wouldn't have touched them in the first place. I don't really think it's necessary to have to keep on justifying the reasons behind why we made the changes we did; that's why there are beta periods for people to express their concerns. The only thing that is going to get any of these reversed is a message directly from Todd Howard himself saying that the way they were in vanilla was correct. Kelsenellnelvian is right in saying that if you don't like some of the changes we made, you can easily make your own personal fix file to reverse them. These changes have been in the patch for years now and 99% of people are either okay with them or don't care so I don't think there's any point in debating this any longer, especially since we're doing this stuff for the community with zero financial compensation for our time.
  9. Yeah, somehow I got early access to it, even though it was only last week that I bought the $40 upgrade. For some reason I thought that deal expired weeks ago. Either way, don't worry because I won't spoil anything. I'm not even sure I'll get very far into the new content before the rest of you get it on June 6th anyway. For those who aren't already aware, there's an introduction quest for Morrowind that was added in a patch a couple weeks ago. It's actually a pretty good length for an ESO quest and is probably something you will want to complete before getting into the expansion itself. The quest giver seems to appear in various locations like inns and banks. On my main character he appeared in the Mournhold bank building and on an alternate character he appeared in the inn in Shornhelm.
  10. It hasn't been fixed because I saw two different NPCs sleeping with their eyes open while playing SSE last week. It's another engine bug that got carried over from Classic Skyrim, unfortunately.
  11. A lot of people on, Nexus Mods, and other sites are greatly exaggerating or outright not telling the truth about graphical problems in SSE. I don't use any graphic enhancement mods and everything looks just fine which makes me wonder if a lot of the people who are reporting these things are using bad mods or mods that haven't been properly converted from Classic to SE. Some people's reasoning for not going over to SSE is that SkyUI isn't available and they really dislike dealing with the default UI. Not sure if it's possible to make a version of SkyUI that doesn't require SKSE or not, but that seems like a small price to pay for the improved (64-bit) performance. Of course, I'm used to using the default UI so it make not seem like as big of a deal to me as compared to others. As far as flickering goes, I haven't noticed anything like is being described in those posts. The issue with shadow striping that was a problem in Classic Skyrim has either been fixed or is not noticeable in SSE. The same seems to be true of distant LOD objects like the mountains to the southwest of Whiterun that would noticeably flicker in Classic Skyrim.
  12. They originally said it would be done in April. It will be June in about 10 days so they're already way behind schedule. If I had to guess, it's either going to be months from now or never at this rate, which would seriously stink because a lot of people (not including me) are waiting for SKSE64 to even play start playing SSE.
  13. The patch for Morrowind and Update 14 is huge (8-10GB). Also, I don't think it's supposed to be available until June 6th, so they must be trolling us. ? Sounds like they've "rebalanced" the Champion Point system too. I hope this is a good thing and won't make it harder to get them than it already is. Took them long enough.
  14. Not much again.
  15. Yeah, I put both versions of my mod on TAL as well, but it's not a popular mod like USSEP. I think Arthmoor is worried that putting USLEEP and USSEP in one category could cause additional support headaches since there are those who don't understand the difference. Maybe the admins over there will create a SSE category like was done here at some point.