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  1. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Since ESL came into play, the load order id (FExx) and the actual order of loading are no longer identical. A form named FX01nnnn can be loaded before a form named 08nnnnnn. To find the actual order you have to follow the logic that the runtime applies, which should be: vanilla esm in order of publication (the table is inside the runtime). vanilla esl in the order of the ccc file. other master files (esm/esl or esp with master flag) activated in plugins.txt in the order they are listed with dependent esm/esp/esl "injected" before if they aren't selected yet. remaining files activated, with once again dependent esm/esp/esl "injected" before if they aren't selected yet. That is what I concluded by "reading" the code in the next to last version of Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. Though there was also a difference between F4 and SSE I don't remember right now. We probably need to create a test suite of plugins that can be used and shared to confirm every hypothesis we have so far. Just no time for it at the moment.
  2. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    I'm afraid this reminds of issues I never solved. I can try looking at it again, but I am not optimistic.
  3. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    v110 is VS 2012. That's the toolset used for Fallout 4.
  4. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    Since ESL were introduced there is no guarantee than the plugin id and the actual load order of that plugin are equal. When a plugin, whether esm/esp or esl is elected to be loaded, any dependent plugin, whether esm/esp/esl not yet elected to be loaded will be inserted in the load order before the plugin currently being processed.
  5. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    Go by the ccc order. We can hope they add new names at the end which will minimize plugin load order changes.
  6. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    The game will load them in the order they are specified in the ccc file , which is, currently, lexicographical.
  7. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    OK. I'll try to make an xEdit script later. Thanks anyway.
  8. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    Do you have your test set available online ? I want to recompile the plugin with SKSE64 2.0.5 and look at this issue but I'd rather not have to script the plugin creation thanks
  9. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    No. All internal counters start at 0 and the esl counter exists inside the game and is part of the runtime formID. Starting at index 1 will create inconsistencies when converting.
  10. Information about SKSE64

    The new SKSE64 is out. People should update. And by the way, properly setting your game in steam makes all this unnecessary and a lot easier. a) set steam to autostart so you don't forget to launch it before the game. b) set the games you mod to "Only update this game when I launch it" c) start the game through the corresponding script extender, always. This will allow you to keep steam in online mode even, if you feel need to keep other games up to date. If you need to test vanilla things then either use virtual machines for that or make multiple independent install of your game by copying the steam game directory , each one can then be at a given version.
  11. Information about SKSE64

    They did not break things. They just updated their software.
  12. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    So we now have a reference file to check for CC content (Fallout4.ccc and Skyrim.ccc)
  13. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Since Skyrim and for plugins that are translatable, like all vanilla ones, are the text is outside of the espX. The "Unofficial ... Patch" though do not use translatable plugins because coordinating translations with releases was a nightmare for Arthmoor. Those contains their own strings. (I haven't used it in a long time but my script ExportImportTexts.pas should give you a starting point for extracting text data).
  14. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Guess! That's how MO works for new files. And when saving, xEdit creates a new file, it doesn't overwrite the existing one. You could use MO setting to specify an alternative directory for files "overwritten" by xEdit (or use the xEdit -D parameter which is pretty much the same). But that won't work if you edit multiple mods at once, in which case the standard overwrite is just as well.
  15. Plugin Files And You (ESM/ESL/ESP)

    Something I found yesterday for FO4 1.10.26 and SSE 1.5.3 : any file whose extension is .esm or .esl will have its esm flag set inside the runtime. any file whose extension is esl will have its esl flag set inside the runtime. (FO4 1.10.20 cleared the esm flag if the extension was different, which explains while "fake esm" were no longer working). Also (I did not test it) it looks like any file whose extension is .esn or .eso would be loaded as an esp (if they contain the proper header ).

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