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  1. lmstearn

    CTD at higher levels

    The author of FEC mentions something about an FPS dip with multiple targets- that may be an issue. The CTDs are from one (or more) of the mods in the list. They may be from a conflict or from a mod(s) just doing bad things to the game. With that mod list, try paring down payloads via ini or MCM in-game configuration. Try a binary pare-down by de-activation half the mods testing, then half again or the other half. In this situation it might save time perhaps to leave out from the testing the more "popular" or well-patronised mods on account of that explaining their assumed stability. Once a suspect mod is found, try uninstalling it and cleaning it with a save cleaner, but that's no guarantee the save will be usable in future quests if it has been damaged in some other way by the mod. Edit: Reverting to the saves before the L25-30 issues arose is another idea. There's a small possibility of save game corruption on an in-game load of a save, and then saving.
  2. lmstearn

    [SITE] Buddah - A modding tools registry

    Looks like a name change. (Farewell Wrinkly and welcome Ortham!)
  3. lmstearn

    CTD at higher levels

    Looks like it's not working as intended. If you can find out what mod it's from, might help. CK or TESEdit required.
  4. lmstearn

    Windows 10

    Gamebar isn't all that perfect either. The 1534 looks like it's for the Tiles in the start menu. They come through as warnings, and there are not too many here at this stage- but will keep an eye on them, thanks. The fiddly-doo fix in that thread looks like it has promise!
  5. lmstearn

    Windows 10

    That's interesting- the hotkey (def win-G) invokes the gamebar settings within game for a non XBox app? Sadly not here. The XBox app here can't be uninstalled gracefully either: It also has a service- is yours running?
  6. lmstearn

    Cheap or Free Games!

    Yes, much better than the regulation synth fare. Here's the preview uploaded March last year:
  7. lmstearn

    Windows 10

    Another beauty in the 1803 upgrade is having games previously configured in Xbox so they reap the super snake oil benefits of extra OS grunt. Great- except tips are turned on by default after installation (which had to be done via the Update Assistant) , and this has to be done to dismiss. Game pass for Windows anyone?
  8. lmstearn

    "Mod it till it breaks"

    It depends on the health of the system, and if SSE is correctly configured for it. It's always a good thing to use ini parameters slightly under spec as using mods will in most cases reduce performance. There was a thread for Light impact & Heavy impact mods for LE somewhere. And mods can break things as well. Watch the logs! There still hasn't been a good Papyrus Log Analyser created for SSE- this one for LE is okay- but light on analysis. Benchmarking mods? It will surely be coming! In Oblivion NPCs were a thing, performance impact is not so much in SSE per NPC now- but there can be a lot more of them! Can Inconsequential NPCs be configured for performance? There's also the much bigger Interesting NPCs, the SSE port (is it still in alpha?) is one to watch.
  9. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Unordered lists are easier to handle. Suppose we have 4000 of the things- it's not going to look nice on the WB tabs. The option of having them either merged or filtered out in the mods tab might be better. The only way it can be done is to snapshot or dump what's in the save header each load and use that as the current comparator. Then match the alphabetic list to it. Checking the changing order of mods in the save header might be a thing as well. Snapshot that on load and see. Best trialed on a small mod load. There's a tiny one here if you want to test.
  10. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Didn't read the thread right through, sorry. This issue only arises when the ELSified feature is applied? Sounds as if the saves tab would want two lists anyway Thus any changes in the ESL list reflect there only, so it's then possible to have a different colour for each list. But a bit of work because the ESL info in a new array would also have to be stored in .dat.
  11. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    We need our saves to show up good and healthy! ... There may be some kind of ephemeral type of bug in the ini tweaks section. Loaded up a mod A via wizard and checked its ini tweaks were applied. All nicely activated and showing up in Oblivion.ini. Uninstalled mod and the tweaks nicely reverted to vanilla. Installed mod B with wizard and checked its ini tweaks were applied- but then there was a message about not finding Oblivion.ini albeit its contents still showing up in the ini tweaks section. When that message was okayed I think the tweaks were applied and Oblivion.ini was edited. However when it came to uninstalling B and re-installing A as before, the "missing Oblivion.ini" popup did not arrive- and although the ini tweaks showed as applied, Oblivion.ini was not changed - even when restarting WB and running as Admin. That's all the info on offer at this time- the file system here is fairly healthy and Oblivion.ini has never been removed. (Edit:) Also worth noting the Anneal function was also used when the yellowed package showed the ini tweaks as missing. Could that have broken something? Thanks.
  12. lmstearn

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    @Dragonblood: There's this old thread which kind of explains stuff. It recommends the CK. Any good to you?
  13. They smack strongly of ghost for sure- but the patch only runs off game data. Feel free to mod them.
  14. I read it, and yep, I'll repeat the question: are you level 12 or greater without using any console commands. And further, a mod list will still help as one of us might be able to ID the mod(s) that have affected your game save. And your question is: you want help,- so there's a couple of things above to consider as well. But when starting out a brand new character or brand new game, do you do anything with the console to get to the location quickly? That won't work in most cases. The whole game has to be played through. However, there is help here, @alt3rn1ty may have a prior save to this quest- if he's around he can pop one in here for you.

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