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  1. [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    First try these suggestions- although clearing the browser data usually repairs it.
  2. One of the big hopes of SE was a permanent end to the memory bug. Oh well.
  3. Enchanting - The Mage Stone and Well Rested

    Just in case: Fairly sure they mean The Lover Stone, not the Mage Stone.
  4. [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    Looks like that browser isn't defaulting to https. Bit odd- has the browser cache been cleared at all?
  5. It's there in case something has gone in and eaten your data. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Validate_Forms
  6. FWIW, tried for the Dup with the save but, no, the dang thing wouldn't budge, at least with the Firestorm Spells- and whatever Malkoran and his minions were hitting it with.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    The only true save file for testing is the Helgen one. The console saves are those with the ones marked console and were modified with the perks bat file. The DGBeacon and TryforDupDawnbreaker have extra spells and magicka added re this thread.
  8. Yep, the console breaks stuff- in this case it's most likely to be minimal as it's only triggers and activation etc. But I have not studied in detail the other factors in this scenario enough. If it's to be done the snail way, then then there'll have to be (as @ALt suggested) a repository of vanilla saves at various quest points and levels. Quite an undertaking- but considering this ones progress through it we are looking at centuries. Screwball was quite helpful at this, but now he's gone, and there is none willing to play the game without mods at all. Thought this was one of the things supposed to be fixed in SSE- or still deja vous all over again.. ... It looks like this particular exploit/bug might be reproduced by a significant load on the engine by mods, especially scripted ones perhaps even the armor & weapons mods Leo has. Try running the Skyrim Performance monitor through the scene and post back the results. I can post back results here using the aforementioned console just out of interest- take it or leave- but otherwise it'll be a long wait. Sorry.
  9. Okay, give me a bit, updating stuff... Might also use one of these scripts (with modification) - note his load ordering recommendation weirdly accords to what we are using now! Arthmoor would have then been delighted to know that: Scrap that, ToxicBrown1's should do the trick, even though the addperk refs may fail. Fun Hint: Do not add any COC commands in these perk files as it freezes Skyrim. Task Manager required.
  10. [Skyrim] Interpreting Papyrus Log Errors

    I think if you just let the player on idles, the game turns on abAIDriven which persists in calling OnPackageStart. Also try debugging this in DLC2PillarScript by removing the semicolons: Recompile and run the game to see if there's any difference in the log output.
  11. Got a vanilla setup here- but it's only Helgen- @Leo @Alt: if you can post a console script to fast track Player into the quest & location I can test.
  12. [Skyrim] Information Baked Into Saves

    @XJDHDR: You mean an uninstall version of a mod that set's the script overrides to null? There won't be any scripts to run, so no problem, as long as the mod is de-activated. I'd say all, but if you have Oldrim, fire up Hadoram's script cleaner and search in one of your saves for these. Please post back the results.
  13. [RELz] Oblivion DLC Delayers

    Just curious- does it actually make any difference if this was activated before running the BP in that it checks all tags on all mods on the build? If DLC Delayers were active wouldn't it just de-activate it anyway?
  14. Cannot visit TES Alliance

    There are other possibilities- but as a member, I hadn't received notifications of pending site moves.
  15. Cannot visit TES Alliance

    Doesn't look good: Even the rendering Google Cache has lost format. __FILE__ is missing so the whole site has been removed?

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