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  1. Slightly off-topical but from memory the idea of in-game bug reporting was new back in 2011, but now it's getting traction: World of Tanks Blizzard Wildstar Many others. Not such a huge immersion breaker if MCM can be harnessed for such now SKSE is out. For up and coming releases this would motivate Bethesda to continue Game Support for longer, and to provide a larger number of regular patch updates. Perhaps providing patch content for the game through CC might be an idea once the product lifetime support phase for the game has expired.
  2. Bugtracker Offline

    Interesting, but wasn't intended. The script just collates and posts data. Never going to happen-but what then? Will we just lose interest? :)
  3. Bugtracker Offline

    Have you ever considered a bug tracker as an in-game mod that pulls location & co-ordinates, bug description & screenshot and posts them to a temp repo for confirmation & validation? The mod would be based on username keys to eliminate- or at least reduce spam. Might be an interesting exercise for an AHK script perhaps.
  4. @ejnomad07: Just curious if there are any mods for the Xbox version which provide current Loc and cell co-ordinates. Something like this from which might be extracted into a little script if not directly portable. The USSEP team might appreciate that a little more. Edit: That link is for exterior co-ords only. Then we would have to look at something like Manny's- but since MCM is dead- we have to >> to file or something.
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    More recent versions of Windows now encourage the use of Powershell, but the original cmd shell will hang around for years. Powershell can upload the files to a repo apparently, but haven't dabbled too much. Will it run on a Mac?
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    That's kind of a good idea really. You know, MS have always "welcomed" users to post their crash dumps to some kind of Room 101 repo for years. With an increasing user base why can't WB? Consider a filter bot to remove sensitive data, and to remove duplicate dumps from different users, but keep a tally of the dump category. Comes with the usual disclaimer, feedback box, and the usual blah about how much the team is dedicated to your issue and the lightning speed of response times. And for a certain set of OS related segs, provide an option to send a copy to MS. They will love it too! 8|
  7. Wrye Bash and BAIN installers

    Let Ganda's efforts not be in vain! This will put BAIN light years ahead of the competition. Perhaps Tannin might then implement BAIN for Vortex?
  8. Wrye Bash and BAIN installers

    OBMM had an FOMOD installer creation section that never worked (for me at any rate). Did FOMM fare any better? Being XML based, it might be better to get something like WIX hooked in- ultimately for BAIN too, but is that too tasty a morsel for Utumno I wonder?
  9. Lost NPC

    She might have died. There are suggestions for a workaround here.
  10. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Just a shot in the dark: are there any mods in the list that LOOT isn't likely to handle? (I sometimes run some of my own which have to be sorted separately). Or even reducing the mod list just to test if it will work with a basic mod load?
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Wow- Metallicow has become quite the Pythonista!
  12. [WIP] zEdit

    Me too.
  13. Son of Random Stuff

    Well now the computer's broke. Thumbs up to the tech support at the It Crowd!

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