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  1. I read it, and yep, I'll repeat the question: are you level 12 or greater without using any console commands. And further, a mod list will still help as one of us might be able to ID the mod(s) that have affected your game save. And your question is: you want help,- so there's a couple of things above to consider as well. But when starting out a brand new character or brand new game, do you do anything with the console to get to the location quickly? That won't work in most cases. The whole game has to be played through. However, there is help here, @alt3rn1ty may have a prior save to this quest- if he's around he can pop one in here for you.
  2. You are level 12 or greater? Else a mod might be playing funky with one of the boss chests containing the beacon in the quest. First thing to do is to go back to a saved game some time before Player enters the cell with the Statue of Meridia. Does the same thing happen? Mod list in a spoiler would help as well, thanks.
  3. Not so much hate as having to get used to new stuff. Not an easy get for some of us doddering modders. Perhaps if BGS could have presented it in a different way? Not enough cherry on top is the flavour I got.
  4. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Just a tiddly issue with the Windows snip tool- there may be a similar issue with other screen capture programs: The LO column (for example) snaps back to default before capturing the image of it. Anyone else with same? Thanks.
  5. lmstearn

    Feedback thread

    Doesn't like any of my images (the attached is <20kb) uploaded anymore- is a limit reached on allocation- or something else? Thanks
  6. lmstearn

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Consult the prefix ID of your mod in LO through Wrye Bash.
  7. lmstearn

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Have you given the formId the prefix ID for your mod?
  8. lmstearn

    Skyrim SE Sudden CTD\Freeze

    Is the game itself crashing at all? For reference there's a very good thread on converting old mods and another one on Papyrus Errors in the Oldrim thread- (presumably those are very much the same as in SE?)
  9. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash. Error at start up.

    Best to obtain a full bugdump with the latest WIP and post it to that thread. @SharlikranCurious about the LOOT API version 0.13.2. Does it relate to the program version?
  10. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Compressed (zipped) files can be attached to the posts here. Look for the: It's the Bleeding Edge code. Might be more noticeable with a nice bloody red colour and extra font weight.
  11. lmstearn

    [Relz] Vortex - Mod Manager

    Going to be some time before they ever match the capabilities of LOOT & Wrye Bash, if that's the objective. In any case, there's a multitude of non-Beth games they plan to support, so they'll have their work cut out supporting those, and this will end up make the program code-heavy. Moreover most of the established TES mod authors prefer WB, thus they are sure to continue WB recommendations to the subscribers as well as Vortex.
  12. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Just curious to know how this poster got the GUI so small! (NVM my input there- yet another S % M (Senior % Moment) Adjusted the borders on this rig (1360 X 768) but couldn't get the form any smaller than around 480 X 380. One way to redress it might be to implement a message yes/no warning box in the window size event to the effect
  13. lmstearn

    Windows 10

    Keep any old KB article numbers for reference? Please place them in the bit bucket as technology progresses! Some very old ones are still kept- here's a thread with some links.
  14. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    A snapshot overlay form with scrollbars of the modlist activated by a button on the status bar or hotkey might not be exactly what you are looking for, albeit an easier alternative for the programmer than a form with controls. The idea being that, as soon as it is clicked on, it goes away.

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