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  1. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    We're almost there. Just a tweak here or there is all maybe. Here's hoping it's just a font that isn't right in the ini. Edit: Will want to update links first. The custom font One selections include the tweaks for font Two font three etc The selection of large/normal has to be changed similarly: Will try this on the Oblivion machine at some stage and use the following OMOD as reference. The HGEC sounds good.
  2. Dead link

    It may be (yet another) issue in Edge. The cloud cache may be interfering. See here and here for details.
  3. No problem in modifying existing properties (edit: see below), or adding new ones. But if the wish is to remove properties (not recommended), then applying 0 to the record value is possible instead, but it can bloat the save and possibly interfere with other mods further up the load order. Polling activators isn't a bad idea, (can you limit the timeslice?) especially in interiors where not much is expected to be going on process-wise.
  4. lmstearns stuff

  5. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Thanks, added more conditions to the installer as anything with ";;;; note" still in the wizard there has to be coded in. Will fix the rest later. Run a diff with the following inclusions. Do you have Oblivion XP installed? That would explain a lot. Edit2: Done! wizard.7z
  6. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Looks fantastic! "KCAS-AF Menus","Choose this if you have Kobu's Character Advancement System, AF leveling mod or Realistic Leveling installed. These mods use a different set of menus for the stats and level up menus.\n\nKCAS: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1888\nAF Level Mod: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3244\nRealistic Leveling: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13879","Images\\ui\\dui_install1bg.jpg",\ The "Images" at the end is "Wizard Images" Same for the following: "No Quest Added popup","This gets rid of the Quest Added dialog alltogether. Your quest log still updates normally.\n\nAdded by request in 1.2.6, original mod & idea by andro: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3394","Images\\ui\\dui_install1bg.jpg" Are the ini tweaks working for the selections? Does it continue to crash after uninstalling? Guessing the ini tweaks will have to be reverted as well- or are they done automatically?
  7. Bethesda.net launcher

    Think the launcher is awesome? Well, at least it uses an awesome number of libraries as listed in Settings>About. FFMPEG GNU tinyxml2 FlatBuffers Freetype2 JPEG [libjpeg] version 8c ANGLE (Nvidia) PNG Reference Library (libpng) version 1.6.17 HarfBuzz Unicode Data Files and Sofware QUrl::FromUserInput Zlib.h Open-vcdiff Original SSLeay OpenSSL (same as above) LibSSH2 JSONCpp JSON Licence BSD Licence (Wikipedia just about covers it ) RapidJSON LibCurl TomCrypt Chromium Embedded Framework (BSD new) Popsicle Moment Velocity i18next Riot The Font Awesome Font The Font Awesome CSS, LESS and Sass files
  8. Creation Kit (SSE & Fallout 4)

    The CK is still crashing on exit (no Data loaded) either as admin or invoker. Issue logged with Beth. Here's the GPU profile- if that has anything to do with it: Edit: In this game, because of not proceeding past Helgen, none of the Meshes or Textures sub-directories have been created yet. Thus the ini points to invalid paths/files here: CreationkitPrefs.ini: sLastTexturePath=Data\Textures\ sLastModelPath=Data\Meshes\ Creationkit.ini: SFaceTestSoundName=Data\Sound\Voice\Test\CharGen QA1.wav SPreviewLandTexture=Landscape\Dirt02.dds SPreviewLandTextureNormal=Landscape\Dirt02_N.dds Might be an idea to advance the game a little just for kicks.
  9. Did anyone get an update for the CK? Mine's still on 1.5.3. Came up with a small version update bug fix box on first click in the launcher- but then no further activity. Didn't check the version on that. All validations & scans okay etc..
  10. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I agree with @alt3rn1ty, AFAIK Oblivion can even still be played by some tragics as Oldblivion where on ancient cards it remains an issue. But the question remains as to whether these days it should be turned on by default. Probably not.
  11. Information about SKSE64

    This from the great Panjandrum himself:
  12. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    @alt3rn1ty: Wrye has not dealt with the possible mod incompatibilities dealt with in the Omod. A (completed) wizard may handle them better. @RavenMind: Yep, On return to Oblivion, gonna see if I can import a modified version of the Skyrim Futura font into DJ Cobb's Jquery for a more definitive and shapely outcome.
  13. Information about SKSE64

    The latest official update broke it, apparently. But as Lethie suggests, there's plenty to do in the meantime.
  14. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    An ini is just one big string. It's not parsing the ini correctly then: WB is creating an Exeter.ini file?? Do the tweaks still appear orange when Darkui is uninstalled? Edit: Also another error- doubled a ".fnt" Also the "!" in the following may but shouldn't be a problem: The Fonts section may require hard brace as well (check @Alt, @Utumno): ... Best to code in the Notes: Requires more ifs but at least makes it on par with the omod. Can help there too.
  15. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Oh dear. All the ini tweaks were applied after the BAIN install? It might be worth taking a snapshot of Oblivion.ini before and after. Did all the nominated files actually get installed I wonder? @Beermotor: There's a "menus - Shortcut.lnk" in 000 core\textures\menus\. Did I put that there?

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