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  1. Just Wow- Archive.org has saved more than 299 billion web pages over time. Imagine what the tally will become in 10 years.
  2. wizbain

    Not sure- is there an extra space after the if in the condition? The parser is very paranoid about spaces.
  3. wizbain

    Maybe WB has a special Room 101? But jesting aside, define variables first BowQuiverBolt = 000 DaggerBack = 000 SwordBack = 000 Then BowQuiverBolt can be either 100 or 000 DaggerBack can be 010 or 000 SwordBack can be 001 or 000 Adding these with + should get the req'd result.
  4. Try this as well as IP's solution: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-files/change-location-of-temp-files-folder-to-another/19f13330-dde1-404c-aa27-a76c0b450818 Or Utumno could consider this, but that's a huge lot of time and resources for little outcome.
  5. wizbain

    That's pretty. For N++ would have been nice to add a keyword list, auto-indenting, auto complete- even a little parser to test the script. But it's awkward without the extra functionality of their official languages list. Perhaps VIM's more flexible. Remember it from the Amiga- it was a cool program then. Wow, it's still being updated. Looks like a much better alternative to the N++ compiler even though it has been recently updated.
  6. wizbain

    Try this for N++ syntax Although my flavour is dark themed so using Hinkerloden for everything.
  7. Funny, not seeing mugshot at the top of forum pages anymore. Also the main page has changed- no right sidebar anypane. Was there a silent update? Edit: Ew the horz window size matters! Stretch it a bit and all is returned!
  8. Good idea IMOP. Let WB completely manage the installation of FNIS so then users don't have to use things like this or this.
  9. For anything approaching sensible results on testing a program like Skyrim a clean boot is required. Keep all TSRs and services to a minimum, and refrain from (dare I say even) running it with a mod manager or sorting program in the background. And to get the FPS- does SSE have its own counters? Still recommend the SPM but note his Limitations and Troubleshooting section.
  10. Curious if instead of 240 empties, what the FPS would be with 120 of them?
  11. SSE purchased here. Thanks. Now to clear up some of the junk on this rig before installing Steam etc.
  12. Remember in Oblivion that run was the caps lock. But the map... has that anything to do with the Werewolf FOV=100?
  13. A Univac? Oblivion would have been very interesting in black and white- (30 lines by 62 ASCII characters or thereabouts) A blinking square cursor for a weapon- lets make that a Player.