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  1. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    [off topic] So now we know where to go for a greyscale wedding: And a lot of places to go hiking besides!
  2. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Yes. On this rig, could play Ob at all without the stutter remover installed. Output using code page 65001 is broken on Windows prior to 8 if that helps any.
  3. lmstearn

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    The good idea of BSAs is not to burden the OS file system, when the number of other programs with vast amounts of files on our disks is also rapidly expanding. The BSA files are speedily extracted into OS memory for fast retrieval, else the game engine must interrogate large file system indexes, which also takes processing resource as there is an allocation for a long path name with each file. Moreover, if the game engine used loose files, it would have to be in reserved or dedicated folder other than Data, so not to cause issue with mods, and this can be an issue with fragmentation on HDDs when official game updates are deployed. Official game updates may remove or rename individual files as well, which requires management of version based code- can be a headache when there are many succeeding versions. A BSA file is just one file, after all. With SSDs, all the above issues are lessened, certainly, and these days CPU crunching and memory transfers are also very fast, so it's not such a big issue as in bygone days. Edit: With BSAs for mods, it's the same thing- they're more portable, and much easier for file management when upgrading or even downgrading. Should be little difference when using either a fast compress or no compression method at all. To test compression, one might consider using the Skyrim Performance Monitor on loading a mod with a BSA and then the same mod with loose files. Start off in an interior cell and time from exit into an exterior cell, and time it. As the difference will be milliseconds, worthwhile results may only come from something like Process Monitor, however.
  4. lmstearn

    Son of Random Stuff

    R.U.R., or Rossums Universal Robots was a play that introduced to us the word "robot" and was adapted in a 1935 movie. Here's an sample: A planned spinoff much later was the Save the Robots, the Rock Musical, but sadly ended up at Archive.org with a lot of broken linked content.
  5. lmstearn

    Anything Audio Thread

    Kiessling was the king of Schmaltz. There's a discog of his 1200 tunes somewhere. Of course, some can be recognized from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  6. Who or what is Bethesdada? Someone having a laugh?
  7. lmstearn

    [Relz] Vortex - Mod Manager

    No dice with Vortex on FOMods as yet? Or is that still on the table?
  8. lmstearn

    Bethesda.net launcher

    There's some weird stuff going on with the S/W as seen on the feedback thread. Even the old bethsoft forums were 503 for a while. No issue with the logon here- but something has changed, since I have remained logged on for two days running.
  9. lmstearn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Got an issue with Ini Tweaks: the following line is the last in the BAIN wizard: The mod ini file itself is set to be installed to the ini subdirectory of Oblivion\Data, which it is. On completion of the wizard there's this message: In such circumstances, it would be really nice if the dropdown list in the RH pane was automatically populated with the ini list, and the ini file just installed made the active ini file, and displayed in the pane below. There is no problem, of course, with browsing to the ini file in the provided dialog and then applying the tweak to it. Now the interesting thing is, if instead, the path in the EditINI line is changed to: The above warning is not displayed, but the tweak is still not applied: When uninstalling the mod, shouldn't the tweak be removed (as they are for mods with Oblivion.ini tweaks), as well as the mod ini file itself (with or without the corresponding tweak)? Thanks.
  10. Best thing then is to post the load order in a spoiler- someone reading might recognize a suspect mod.
  11. Just stuff found- usually from Pastebin which is even more useless since they usually don't include a mod list. Vivid Weathers should be okay- just keep an eye on compatibilities with other mods loaded. Just to verify: The Data directory was deleted (Skyrim re-installed?) all mods uninstalled and a new game was started? Or were you continuing with an old save? If the latter, then old scripts can get baked in. The Papyrus error may not be related to the CTD either.
  12. Definitely from an uninstalled mod- but what? It had an ini file and script that attaches to Player as we see, and usually appears "high up" in the Papyrus Logs, also appearing in logs like this: And And The second error of the last may not be related to the first- Do you ever get that at all?
  13. lmstearn

    Son of Random Stuff

    Welcome to MShub! It'll be interesting to see what they are going to do with it- assuming that it will stay up longer than Codeplex!
  14. lmstearn

    Oblivion Remaster

    Came across this Change.org link- is it possible that all of a whopping 9 petitioners signed up? Only a few years back. Anyone here vote for it- or even heard of it?

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