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  1. lmstearn

    Anything Audio Thread

    The cars are the stars!!!
  2. Here's a better one. Why not just rinse the disk?
  3. lmstearn

    SSE light sources casting no shadows

    There's also this one on BSLightingShaderProperty general info which comes up in searches as well.
  4. lmstearn

    Four NPC driving me nuts

    Form version 40 in the master- is that typical for those types of FormID?
  5. With a dedicated sound card the difference would be the most obvious, as well as better performance than on-board sound chips, which may hiccup on larger files- but it really depends how well the chip can handle the paging load. An SSD is certainly recommended to minimise in-game loading times. It also kind of depends on the precision of the original waveform as to the actual perceivable difference in sound quality, perhaps request the author to provide samples at 96kbs and test?
  6. lmstearn

    Anything Audio Thread

    The old songs say it all don't they? Here's a suggestion for a lyrics revamp- bringing it into current relevance!
  7. lmstearn

    Navmesh repair

    Thanks. Couldn't find any difference in the graphic #1 & #2- where to look for the 5 navmeshes on the map? No difference between graphic #4 & #5 either. Another approach for a guide like this is to go in some kind of bulleted point form- with complicated things explained in a separate section later. A can do this & a do not do this tabulation in a pictorial guide might help as well. It's terrific for this good info to be out there, notwithstanding navmeshing having been a longtime bugbear for most at the best of times.
  8. Just remembered there's a fantastic tut right here at AFK! It quotes: It's also possible to have a startup stage other than than 0, but whatever the value, you are assured the stages of the quest will commence at the stage you have designated. Good luck.
  9. Right, well yes there are issues. I made copious notes on the Tutorial quest talk pages regarding it- and elsewhere that even the triggers on many of the SM events nodes were broken.
  10. lmstearn

    Windows 10

    There's also WinRM- here's betting the event messages 145, 254, 161 and 142 we all get as described here will be around for a while as well.
  11. Well, Start Game Enabled only triggers the quest at the beginning of the game as explained here. There were some good discussions on it at the old Bethsoft forums, but they never fixed the search. And Gamesas is kaput. There's a more recent, but brief discussion on it at Nexus.
  12. lmstearn

    Windows 10

    Has there been any dev in BITS in the latest? This is an old thread, but still getting the error on 1709. Also it's also worthwhile checking for WMI Evt 5858 as it could indicate variety of issues. In my case a ResultCode of 0x80041010 is (Gawd yet another crosslink) queried at ASRock.
  13. Is the quest started via the Story Manager?
  14. They have to fix the program. Do you have an account at Bethesda.net? Here's a support link.
  15. Weird, made those edits in CreationKitCustom.ini as described here and it worked. Doesn't for you? Note that in the above linked thread we are using capitalized [MESSAGES] Might be a thing. Also check there are no weird characters in the file and that it has ANSI encoding. The file should be in the SSE root directory, accessible for read/write and tagged with the appropriate security permissions.

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