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  1. Oh, he's enmeshed. Happens seldom but happens. Does it occur again on loading a save just after dealing with Mirmulnir?
  2. Any chance of a close up? Looks like he's missing head and a leg. Was it after an in-game load possibly?
  3. Or something like the revamped FDM: http://filehippo.com/download_free_download_manager/tech/ Good program back in the day, and then abandoned until recently.
  4. Actually went to download the 0kb file at Nexus to see what marvellous compression is being used. The sticky in the locked posts section also directs us to TesReloaded. Looks ok. Nicely timed with the demise of the old Beth forums- but are there other reasons for bailing?
  5. @Alt: Thanks for the heads up. From the show notes: and Feeling better now? As Anthony Quail used to say on the Evil Touch: Pleasant Dreams!
  6. No idea about those- but generally speaking most of the seasoned mod authors bundle their mods with textures optimised in the box. There's a thread with more info for SSE here. It's all fairly dynamic, cells (quadrants?) and such are loaded and unloaded according to inifile settings as you move through the worldspace .
  7. The Skyrim Performance Monitor gives a pictorial view of VRAM usage. Here's a recent thread on texture optimisation.
  8. From Wikipedia:
  9. Hi Steelbeard, welcome to the forums. Yes, you have a point. Have you also considered other NPCs in Skyrim whose name ends with S? Perhaps if the USSEP folk were presented with a list of such sic with accompanying examples of use/abuse in dialogue it would add weight to the case. And of course deciphering the over arching intent of the Skyrim authors if there were ever any inconsistencies extant.
  10. @Leo: Sure you can test it yourself. Just make a dummy (test) copy of the esp and try this suggestion.
  11. Here's a lively (and recent) discourse on cheat scripts. No such problem with Bethesda games at this time, but will it change? But the question remains whether by means of some kind of community consensus mods can ever be categorised as having a cheat component in percentage terms. Who knows if Bethesda will take a turn to the redoubtable XEdit in favour of its own (leased) software? Unlikely, and ill-advised if it ever happens, but if they ever embark on that path it looks as if things might ultimately devolve into some weird contest of the setting up of, breaking and bursting of various kinds of encryption barriers.
  12. Yes, there's a fair bit of work there. Have you checked out Chesko's Wearable Lanterns? It has a large SKSE component but there maybe something in the bsa that can help. Or this older mod, but not sure if they have modified any animations.
  13. @Dovapix: Can't help with too much- but here's the Tutorial Reference and example scripts. Try searching nexus for mods that use accessories for equipment. It may be using e.g. OnItemAdded but not sure.
  14. Billboards, Billboards. Scattered all over the world, just like trees! How much is that hound dog?
  15. Yes. One can still login, but there is a "You cannot reply this topic" at the top of every thread to remind us of our predicament!