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  1. Yep, cleaning the masters is certainly the recommended cause of action, there's no hard right or left to it for anyone's particular config. Guess common pains for a gamer include Steam file verify when the cleans are replaced by dirties, or the occasion of Beth releasing frequent updates during play, when if the updates are configured to run in the background, it may be missed, and then after manual clean at a later stage they might be asking the question: When could this all be automated by some kind of listener anyway? Perhaps a plugin script using the XEdit API for one of the mod managers a possibility?
  2. The red Hulk is an inspired choice. Maybe a short tilt-shift video with roaring noises for the up-sell? The CVoxelEngine looks interesting.
  3. From the album lmstearns stuff

    Together with General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. More info here.
  4. Put up a little ramble on HTMLHelp at the AHK forums. Can copy it over here if anyone closer to home wants to use it. Context driven help in apps like Wrye Bash and XEdit is still a bugbear for many, but not so much when the already superlative HTML based docs can be ported over with relative ease.
  5. Close-ish. Very much a local phenomenon. Another favourite (antonym) here is not within a bull's roar.
  6. AMD H/W has always been within coo-eee of advertised specs. IMOP the only little blot on AMD's S/W copybook perhaps was Raptr- and the addition of Crimson to Radeon. (Don't know if this applies to newer GPUs- but if they just bundled all the driver stuff into one program...) Are NVIDIA and Vulcan et al going to join the party?
  7. This sounds like the beginning of a new game we're all invited to participate in (or not). It's called the "Revenge Of Tannin." But really? There's nothing in the description page directing mod authors to include an "info.xml" in their packages.
  8. A one-way merry-go-round on that bookmarked links page. Don't they even check these at all?
  9. They called Consequences a flop. Well yeah, maybe, possibly. No. Thought at the time it was great. Certainly more interesting and evocative than other productions of the era. Perhaps the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.
  10. Did you win him at a carnival?
  11. Found this markup to go nicely with Notepad++. Better visibility with Cleartype text as well!
  12. There is a helper in OBMM, but had trouble getting it to work (wrong game anyway) Have you looked at the technical readme in Mopy/Docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Technical%20Readme.html? The actual command layout in the installer follows along the lines of matching what a user would input in the RH GUI pane. Should be easy enough to edit in N++ or Sublime etc and give it a language flavour. Just involves a judicious use of SelectOne or SelectAny blocks. Alt3rnity is the best resource in that regard. Here's an example wizard for COBL.