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  1. Subtle Vampires

    Version 1.0.0


    Skyrim LE (2011) | Skyrim SE (2016) None know your nature; none share your fate; none welcome you as kin; Save Us. Introduction Ever think it odd that vampires live among mortals undetected despite their eyes being lit up like flashlights and their face disfigured? This mod gives vampires, including the player, a more subtle red eye, and removes facial disfigurement from vampires that have not gone feral, (those that don't live in caves or castles). For example, Hert at Half-Moon Mill will no longeSubtle Vampires.zipr have a disfigured face, and Alva will have proper vampire eyes. If you used a Bashed Patch or other plugin merger, feel free to merge this plugin as the textures and meshes are now loose and not dependent on an esp to load the bsa archive.Huge thanks to Hana for the amazing vampire eye texture, and nuska for releasing Ethereal Elven Overhaul assets as modders' resources! Requirements This mod requires USLEEP, and hence all the official DLC. Compatibility Compatible out of the box with Ethereal Elven Overhaul; you shouldn't need to do anything special. If using mods that alter the appearance of specific vampires, such as Serana or Harkon, load those mods after this one.
  2. [RElz/WIP] Wayshrines of Old - Alt. Fast Travel System

    This looks awesome! Looking forward to using them!
  3. Just a question.

    There will probably be a variety of opinions on the topic, but I think it may be within scope. I'll wait to see if anyone else chimes in, I feel like this may be something that was looked at previously.
  4. I can't load Dragonborn.esm in the original CK

    I've never gotten that error, but I did have issues loading Dragonborn.esm in the original CK last week. Is the CK showing the EMSs out of order? It should be showing Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfires.esm and then Dragonborn.esm. Sometimes Dragonborn.esm will load above the other files, and that means you need to redate the plugins using Wrye Bash, (assigning the most recent times to the bottom plugins), in order to get it to load correctly.)
  5. Hair texture bug 2

  6. Hair texture bug

  7. It's smart of them to start fresh, at the least. I've often heard builders tell me it's easier and less expensive to demolish and start new than renovate an old building. I think the same is probably true of code. I don't want NMM to end up where WB is, where only a few people have the expertise to understand the code, and it struggles to maintain any kind of support going forward. I'm also optimistic about seeing our mod managers consolidate a bit. Having one actively maintained mod manager is much better than watching NMM and MO go nowhere fast.
  8. I'd be interested if you found a better way, but the janky way I ended up doing this in my wizard was to create multiple SelectMany lists and bracketing the entire thing by a if getespmstatus or if var resulting from a previous getespmstatus check.
  9. Subtle Vampires [BETA]

    Oh thanks! I knew she had the glowing eyes but didn't realize that she also had a slightly disfigured face. Uploading a new version with her face fixed now!
  10. Subtle Vampires [BETA]

    Version 1.1


    Massive shoutout to Hana for generously donating the vampire eye texture and teaching me how this all works. Please check out her mods on Skyrim Nexus and AFK Mods, in particular Hana's Eyes and all of her HEART project retextures! Ever think it was odd that vampires live among humans undetected, but their eyes light up like flashlights, and their face is often disfigured? This mod gives vampires, including the player, a more subtle red eye, and removed facial disfigurement from vampires that have not gone feral, (those that don't live in caves). Hert at Half-Moon Mill will no longer have a disfigured face, and neither will Sybille Stentor at the Solitude palace. Also, Alva and the vampire possessed by the Wolf Queen will have proper vampire eyes, though using the more subtle texture, of course. Requirements This mod requires USLEEP, and hence all the official DLC. Compatibility Generally, you should load this before most of your player texture mods to make sure they overwrite this one. However, if things don't look right, try installing and loading it after your other texture mods. If you use Ethereal Elven Overhaul, make sure to load this after. Also, make sure you use the Dawnguard and Dragonborn patch from the EEO Patches mod, as well as the EEO USLEEP update and the EEO vampire fix patch. Sorry, I know it's a lot of work, but I can confirm it works and prevents a neck seam on your vampire elves! Known Issues Because this uses the vanilla eye mesh rather than the vampire eye mesh, and the eye texture has a white part around the eye rather than the vanilla vampire eye's black edges, it can notable clip through your face if you're an elf, depending on your eye preset. I've noticed this issue mostly with female elves. Unfortunately I don't think there's anything that can be done about this except to pick a different eye preset. If you're making a new elven character, it's a good idea to use Live Another Life to run your test character through the vampire start to see if their eye will have the issue. I went through and edited the elf vampire faces in the CK to avoid using eyes that have the clipping issue, but if you see an NPC with a clipping eye mesh please let me know and try to grab their ID with the console. Permissions Just shoot me a message on Skyrim Nexus or AFK Mods if you'd like to use part of this mod somewhere else, I'll probably say yes. Only the eye texture is original, the rest is just using the CK to export facegen and changing the appearance of a few vampires to be less conspicuous.
  11. [RELz] Castle Volkihar Rebuilt

    Good catch Arth, that's a wild edit that snuck in. I probably accidentally duplicated that fog at one point instead of a railing I attempted to grab.
  12. [RELz] Castle Volkihar Rebuilt

    I've put a file with the railing fixes I mentioned (and a few minor pieces of debris I found) here. I couldn't figure out the cause of the Molag Bal fountain not having sound like the one in the cathedral since it doesn't seem to have a dedicated sound marker, but that's pretty minor.
  13. Troubleshooting Some Odd Forcegreet Behavior

    Quick update. The issue seems to be something inherent in the forcegreet package. Moving the script to the end of the fragment keeps the spouse in place as hoped (yay!), but forcegreet won't trigger unless you're at least a few feet away from your spouse. Has anyone ever run into a way to make forcegreet work when the distance between the player and the speaker is near zero? Also the forcegreet package mysteriously kicks in no matter what you do to it, but that's not a huge issue, more of a curiosity.
  14. While working on a mod, I decided to see if I could make a few tweaks to the marriage quest, (which spans across RelationshipMarriage, RelationshipMarriageWedding, and RelationshipMarriageFIN). With the current setup, (with USLEEP), after the player character says their vows, the love interest attempts to leave the altar and usually stops within a second or two, and then looks back toward the altar. After Maramal is done talking, they try to deliver their forcegreet package, but end up just saying it out loud without forcegreeting, forcing you to go talk to them to hear it again. I wanted to see if I could change this behavior. The first part, (the spouse trying to leave the altar), was a fairly easy fix. By moving the code (GetOwningQuest().SetStage(100)) from the beginning to the end of the papyrus fragment TIF__00075CA2, attached to Maramal's final monologue on the RelationshipMarriageWedding quest, your spouse wouldn't attempt to move until after Maramal was done speaking. As an added bonus, they would even forcegreet the player character as expected and deliver their line. However, this leaves a few issues and introduces some others I was hoping to get some guidance on. None of this is really game breaking stuff, but I'm hoping to use this as a learning opportunity and hopefully someone here knows more about this than I do, (actually, I'm sure of that, I'm just hoping someone will share that knowledge ) After moving that script to the end of the fragment, as soon as Maramal is done speaking and you can control your character again, some odd stuff happens. Your spouse won't deliver the forcegreet dialogue until you walk a few steps away from them, and then they'll walk towards you and forcegreet. Sometimes they deliver the dialogue immediately, but they won't say it via forcegreet. They then will wait for you to talk to them or for you to move away to forcegreet, repeating the dialogue. Even weirder, sometimes a dialogue menu will flash by and then disappear as if you had opened a dialogue menu with your spouse and then closed it. I thought maybe this was a timing issue, and that if I could introduce a delay into processing the forcegreet package, it would work successfully. This is where I ran into a truly baffling issue. The forcegreet package (both the vanilla one and the HF variant), are attached to the LoveInterest alias on the RelationshipMarriageFIN quest. During my testing, I discovered that even if those packages were removed from the alias, the spouse would still act as if they were assigned to them. This was the case even if I deleted (!) the packages altogether. I'm not sure if I've stumbled into an extremely bizarre bug that's forcing NPCs to process these packages in a specific way despite how I attach them (or don't), or if I'm fundamentally misunderstanding how something works. Any advice would be very appreciated. I'm happy to provide any more detail if needed.
  15. Modding Guide [WIPz]

    Google killed the publish feature on me. The guide is pretty out of date now anyway, given all that has changed with the mod managers. I'll have to take some time and rewrite it.

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