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  1. If you've (or someone who did them) made these Meshes have forgotten (or did not know about it) to turn off (uncheck) option "Auto Sanitize before Save" is in Nifskope menu (Files->Auto Sanitize before Save) and restart NifSkope (I have always turned off this option) It is this option in my case, cause the disappearance of my edited and custom weapons when I drop them on the ground. The only way I managed to fix it (avoid this problem) it was to re-export again NIF from 3d max and using NifSkope with disabled above described option.
  2. PipPad

    From the album Insane Fallout 4

    Step closer to Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. PIP-Pad on Nexus
  3. It's like trying to wring whip from s**t.
  4. Give a link to a file that causes CTD to "diagnose it". (with textures if you do not use vanilla)
  5. - do Meshes just as you do for SKY. (with collisions) - use SSE NIF Optimizer Done
  6. Thank you for the information Hana.
  7. Is there any possibility to remove images from gallery because somehow I can not find such an "option".
  8. Is there any way to remove it. Because somehow I can not find such an option.
  9. Is there any way to remove it. Because somehow I can not find such an option.
  10. As for Skyrim just here only ask questions about Fallout 4. When creating a modification adding new STAT with NavCut for workshop I noticed that none of the meshes from Vanilla or DLC which have NavCuts do not have "Obstacle" flag for them. ( reference) I have add "Obstacle" flag to the new STAT with NavCuts or not?
  11. Try this SSE NIF Optimizer @Arthmoor Maybe add link to SSE NIF Optimizer in "Meshes" section would be a good idea.
  12. BSLightingShaderProperty has "SLSF2_Duble_Sided" flag in "Shader Flags 2" orginal SSE eyes mshes do not have such flag. Also mesh is optimized with SSE NIF Optimizer make sure that you use the latest version. @Hana Threshold value is ok.
  13. Can you share mesh and texture(s) taht will make it easier to "diagnose" the problem.