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  1. I always have three copies of Beth games on SSD... First for Creation Kit with vanilla files only or with the files for modifications over which I am currently working/checking. (together with all DLCs), second to test modifications and third for current game play. FO4 Example. Each in a separate directory (Fallout 4, Fallout 4 CK, Fallout 4 Test) along with INI files (in Fallout 4\INIApp, Fallout 4\INIDocs) and My custom Wrye Bash (Fallout 4\Mopy) in every directory. I use NTFS Junction Points for all Beth games INI directory. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Fallout4\ -> Fallout 4\INIApp C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ -> Fallout 4\INIDocs When I want to play FO4 I use "Fallout 4" directory and when I want use CK I use "Fallout 4 CK" directory. I change the directory names Fallout 4 -> Fallout 4 Game Fallout 4 CK -> Fallout 4 As the directory name changes I do not need to change/edit/replace INI files because they are in every copy of the game. I have been using this system since Skyrim (2011) which almost eliminated my problems with the stability of CK or game. Fallout 4 Meshes... Fallout 4 meshes are one for which Beth has provided plugin (I omit Morrowind) but as always, do it yourself and at the same time they are one of the worst done out there. The number of people who know how how properly do meshes is small, this is due to the lack of support/guide from Beth for doing them and many guides that are wrong. This is the result of my experience based on the analysis of several hundred meshse for FO4 (~600 modifications) If something is not clear let me know, my English is not very good. That's why sometimes I have problems expressing what I know/think.
  2. And how many trees were in sight? (more or less)
  3. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is free on STEAM ( time limited )
  4. Good to know. But out of habit I will continue to do NIFs sanitize myself. (Manual/Spells)
  5. Always Disable "Auto Sanitize before Save" (Unmark in Menu, File -> Auto Sanitize before Save)
  6. From the album Insane Fallout 4

    Small steps from Wasteland Workshop: Orginal 812 triangles My version 264 triangles This is 67,49 percent less ! Suppose we want to construct concrete circle. Using Vanilla Meshes we need four quarter-circles and circle will have a 3728 triangles. Mesh from my modification will have 1920 triangles allowing you to build a larger number of objects in the settlement. Example for Wall. Example of Stairs.
  7. From the album Insane Fallout 4

    Blue objects are placeholders that are not yet completed, suggestions welcome.
  8. Once I had problems with the stability of NifSkope. (dev5 or dev6 I do not remember exactly) The solution for me was to completely remove the registry entries for NifSkope. - Make sure you turn off NifSkope. - Create a TXT (NifSkope.txt) file and put in it what I wrote in the "Code" window. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NifTools] - Change extension to REG (NifSkope.reg) - Run as Admin When you restart NifSkope all options will be default.
  9. @Jon Are you planning to add the ability to preview collision for FO4?
  10. Try again by changing fSandboxCylinderBottom and fSandboxCylinderTop GMST. I am using these values: ( Vanilla=-100 ) fSandboxCylinderBottom=-500 ( Vanilla=100 ) fSandboxCylinderTop=500
  11. It is only update for M$ Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (14.0.24215) Except that nothing new... I'm curious when and if at all they fix CK (you can always dream about it)
  12. Spiral staircase for Fallout 4 still WIP. Thank you for inspiration.
  13. AMD made a CPU/GPU for consoles and I think that TES6/FO5 will be released on current consoles. So there is something about it...