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  1. BSA load from plugin INI files

    I do not think so. SSE in "sResourceArchiveList2" hawe 259 characters
  2. Anything Audio Thread

  3. Fallout 4 - Game of the Year Edition

    "ability to play Mods for free on PC and consoles" You (Beth or more likely Zenimax) had to squeeze how much money you could get, right?
  4. Wilderness cell inside settlement build area

    When reporting bugs you should also see which of the modifications you're using change something in the CELL (worldspace/interior) where errors occur. Scrap everything is not a modification that is done well. Because it turns off Precombines/Previs completely in all edited worldspaces. Fallout 4 Optimization and Performance Systems Explained List all the modifications you use.
  5. Wilderness cell inside settlement build area

    Because in FO4 "tb" (toggle borders) it Only Works (showing yellow/black and blue lines on the ground) if the cell in which we are located has Precombines/Previs disabled. Or mesh which is part of Precombines/Previs has been edited in ESP/ESM "Initially Disabled" for example. So you have in the Load Order modification(s) which is causing this. Scrap Everything is one of many such modifications for example
  6. I need to use a CD/DVD burner

    InfraRecorder GPL and portable.
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Leonardo It's a simpler solution. Change Environment Variables for Temp in windows. 01 RMB on MyComputer in desktop nad Properities 02 Go to the Advanced tab and click Environment Variables
  8. @Sclerocephalus Fix for #22285 on my Google Drive. I'm linking here because for some reason I can not sign in to Tracer. List of corrected NIF's.
  9. Cleaning FO4 Master files

    That should explain everything. This is for Skyrim but the rule(s) is the same.
  10. [Fallout 3] Windows 7 x64

    New Link
  11. Cheap or Free Games!

    @alt3rn1ty This may be useful.
  12. I started to take care of this, and other similar ones that suffer for the same or other reasons.
  13. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno After the closure of the "original Beth" forum there was no place to write about WB, for me. (new Beth forum... I prefer to get a diarrhea) I'm glad you've opened up the possibility of doing this in normal conditions.
  14. Does the UF4P Team intend to add fix for #21904?
  15. Cleaning FO4 Master files

    I think you meant SSE only. I see masters in FO4 saves without any problem, for a long time.

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