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  1. Thank you Imstearn. That link helped.
  2. Ok, Thank you Arthmoor. That pretty much answered my questions.
  3. Been wondering about this for awhile now and haven't really found an answer.... Recent bug report on OBIS SE page indicated that USSEP fixes a hair mesh that some bandits use and that OBIS needs to generate its facegen with that mesh installed. So, no problem I can extract the meshes from USSEP's bsa and run the facegen. However, in my modding endeavors I've often used vanilla scripts that I copy and adapt to my different mods. Although I do try to check with USSEP scripts - I really only check in xEdit for any changes made. This is what I've been thinking about for awhile now... Should I unpack USSEP.bsa and install as loose files? This would be useful in the CK but not for playing game is my understanding. So, my questions are... - How do you all do it? - Can I add USSEP to the INI archive loading section? - Is there a guide somewhere that I haven't come across? - Should I only unpack some things (scripts and above mentioned mesh) what else would be needed? Thanks in advance! -Jebbalon ............. How did I get this far without knowing this info?
  4. Jebbalon

    [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    I tried some stuff, but Chrome doesn't want to do it. I read 2 articles that said it can be fixed on your end. Using relative links instead of absolute ? something like that. Has to do with there being Mixed content. Like I notice on this page 2 of comments the green lock and Secure https is there. On page one where the images don't show, there is the circle with exclamation mark (mixed content warning) One of the articles mentioned this is known issue when sites switch from http to ssl https even with the htaccess file - looking through some other older threads like this one I see same thing. ... Clearing browser data did not work. Trying to force it didn't work either although I'm not sure I did that correctly. Thanks guys
  5. Jebbalon

    [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    It's Chrome. So, I tried Right clicking on the 1st image and it comes up like my first image with the not found error. I clicked on the url and entered https:// in front of the www.iguana..... and that worked the image displayed correctly. I guess it is what ImStearn mentioned, that my browser is not defaulting to https. I looked for where to change that setting but it wasn't clear. I'll look it up again. Thanks.
  6. Jebbalon

    [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    I don't know what to tell you.. here is what your signature image looks like when I right-click and open in new window... The images in original post have http not https in their url.
  7. Jebbalon

    [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    Hmm... This is what I see when trying to open image in new tab... Maybe it's an http vs. https thing. - Not that anyone was wondering - This topic did fix my issue. Even without the images I knew what to look for and corrected my navmesh - Thanks!
  8. Jebbalon

    [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    This is just what I needed! Arthmoor, I noticed in the original post that all the images are not showing. Probably pointing to old servers or something. Would it be possible to re-link the images if they are available ?? Thank you!
  9. Jebbalon

    Nobles WE

    Cutting Room Floor handles this. Immersive Citizens also edits this quest, changing the guard AI package. So either load CRF after IC or patch in xEdit.
  10. What's my XYZ is simple mod that reports position in skyrim every ten sec. Gives coordinates x,y,z and also Block and SubBlock numbers. Block and sub-block are useful in xEdit as you expand the worldspace tree. In CK you can enter the x and y numbers, in Cell View window, to take you right to the cell in render window. For reference on the negative, positive numbers ... The center of Skyrim is at Bleakwind Basin, the giant camp outside Whiterun. North and East is positive from there. South and West is negative. I put screenshots on the mod page around center point.
  11. I've always had logging enabled, since i learned how in Oblivion. I check them regularly also. Nothing related to these crashes has shown up. It's not a crash log of course, just nothing related to WETriggers or Wilderness Encounters in general shows up in log. If I get done with update to OBIS Patrols and really want to use SIC again I guess i'll delve into their use of the WE quest system. For now I'm not crashing and that was my goal. Thanks
  12. I've got merges and mod files i'm working on, it barely makes sense to me when i look at it. All I was asking for was some guidance on how to track down a WETrigger related issue. Wilderness Encounters are complicated - to me at least. SIC ties into them and after uninstalling it today, then starting a new game I haven't had crash in same areas as above. For that mod, it could be a mesh issue on a creature that it is trying to spawn or some WE quest/script error. i don't know. With that hopefully corrected - now I can proceed with the mods I'm working on. Thanks
  13. 1. load order won't help you. and frankly you wouldn't understand it. 2. Only thing I've found was the mod Skyrim Immersive Creatures SSE - It uses the WEncounters system. Not saying that it's the cause of my crashes, just saying it's one I found to use that system and that system is what is having problems. 3. IF I find more information I'll let the folks at SIC know. 4. Thanks - Have a nice day!
  14. Not sure how to track this down. I get a crash after crossing certain areas and looking in CK they are areas where a WETrigger is placed. On the road below Karthwasten - Leaving Karthwasten if you go East (toward Rorikstead) there is trigger and if you go West (toward Markarth) there is another. Another is below Fort Sungard - the intersection with road going south to Sunderstone Gorge. Anyway, when crossing the trigger I can already see a character up ahead (I think it was M'aiq the Liar one time) shortly after it CTD. I went through as much as I could in xEdit and found a couple things related to WEs but nothing that would cause crashes in my limited opinion. If anyone can point me in a direction to figure this out that would be great!

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