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  1. Thanks DayDreamer - I'm going to copy paste that info to the Nexus thread here
  2. Curious about this as well. Is it new stuff to play with? or is it packaging error?
  3. Went ahead and published it onto the Nexus - find it here
  4. Uploaded the file here. Please check it out. There is more info in description.
  5. Jebbalon

    Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq

    Version 1.0.0


    Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq Find on the Nexus here. Changes made M'aiq The Liar NPC record - increased speed multiplier to 120 - Changed Wander Package to point to new package. MaiqTheLairWander - Old wander pacakage included a Travel, a Wander and a Sandbox procedure in sequence. The worst part was that the travel package had the Near Self target. M'aiq then would run off only to stop after realizing he was hear himself! JEB_PackageForMaiq is quite different from his old one. - New package is a set of 4 Travel packages set to pick one at random and repeat when complete. - The 4 target locations - I picked locations near the 4 border gates in skyrim. - Stendarr's Beacon - Halldir's Cairn - Refugee's Rest - Southfringe Sanctum - Set flag to allow swimming in package - just in case The way the Wilderness Encounters work is that when M'aiq (WE35) becomes unloaded he will be returned into the fold to be spawned again at another encounter site. If you follow M'aiq long enough, not allowing him to unload, you'll see him run all over the map. It's great!
  6. Well, yeah, but it's him that needs to unload before he is available to be respawned at another WE location. I ran along behind him from Windhelm area all the way to Falkreath area. Along the way there were plenty of other WE events we ran into. So, I'm thinking that the location we started at won't spawn again until he is recycled but others obviously did. It would need some testing I guess but I like the idea of him running like in Oblivion.
  7. So, I made a bug report not long ago - Issue #25037 - In which I point out that M'aiq has the travel target set to Near Self. This doesn't work well because as the package does its checks he is always near himself and won't then run around as intended. After looking into his package some more I realized what he needed was a whole new package. So, I made one. Now he runs and runs - all over the map! (if you follow him enough. He will still go away if you let him unload like other Wilderness Encounters) Question is do you think this could be a fix for Unofficial Patch or should I upload to Nexus? Or both?
  8. I debated with myself and finally decided to post this here... Issue # 21261 Mead Barrels have only 1 bottle of mead My Mead Barrel Fix mod 'fixes' this. All I did was create the missing leveled lists - allowing regular mead barrels to have similar quantities to those of Honningbrew and Black-Briar (1 to 10 bottles) The doubled version doubles the possible number of bottles to 20. Just because! ..... and yes debates with myself take nearly 2 years to complete
  9. The comments can be helped with the mod by CrushBoss called Longer Durations and Annoyance Fixes Not sure about the hotkey equipping of shield.
  10. Jebbalon

    Hanged Man Example

    First here is link to My Stuff page - Jebbalon's Stuff That is where I uploaded an example of how to Hang NPCs in Skyrim. (there's other stuff on the page - or - will be) Here I'd like to discuss it more, maybe answer questions and offer other uses for the technique used. Vanilla Skyrim comes with an attempt to provide a method of Hanging NPCs. However, it is not used - because it doesn't work. Following objects and scripts are involved... hangedManRopeTRIG [ACTI:00035328] rigidBodyDummy [MSTT:000D19BA] fakeForceBallNudge [EXPL:000C800D] HangedManScript.psc DefaultWerewolfAttachPointSCRIPT.psc That last script is what I used to combine with the HangedManScript to make my example mod. It is used on a Werewolf in Gallows Rock - he is hanging by one hand. This works and it was not hard to figure out how to combine the two. Here is my final script to use on corpses you want to send to the gallows!! You'll notice I made comments in some places. The OnHit and OnItemRemoved events are optional - if you just want the hanging you can comment them out. OnHit event currently just drops the body but you could add the ApplyHavokImpulse to hit the corpse and make it move instead. The OnItemRemoved is setup to have a letter placed in inventory and when removed the body drops. You can easily change that to any item, use OnItemAdded instead, or have some other action take place instead of dropping corpse. Original setup used the activator hangedManRopeTRIG - I think they wanted the cool effect of Robin Hood shooting the rope and saving his friends! But this doesn't work. One reason is that the rope mesh has collision on it. This makes the NPCs head sit all weird and causes it to flip out. In my example mod I used a rope that doesn't have collison DockColStrSignRope01 [STAT:00093480] As seen in the Werewolf example - it's script is attached to the corpse, not the rope. This works much better. If you still want the Robin Hood effect you could add small collision box around rope and attach an OnHit() script to that. Now for the other script I included in my example mod..... This is attached to the rigidBodyDummy and will translate the node back and forth slightly to simulate the body swaying while hung. Okay, that's all I have for now. Any questions or comments ? Thanks all, -Jebbalon
  11. .... and .... it makes it to hot files ... on both Skyrim and SSE Maybe my next mod should have the word Fix in it - seems popular
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. It just changes the 'M' marker in CK to Foxes. It won't look at the Level list to pick from rabbit or fox. The ctd is referenced in description - apparently the Crash Fix mod by Meh123 can dump info that relates to a missing combat style form. An actor without that may crash the game - which is nonsense when looking at all the npcs that do not have a combat style defined. That crash dump is supposed to include the actor form id and that led the author to the ambient creature leveled character which shows (like all LvlChar) the default Fox Race with no combat style. That led then to the mod. Also, with all the changes they left the use template flags in place which makes most of the changes moot. It just doesn't do what they think it does.
  13. This mod claims to fix TESCombatStyle Form ctd https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19265 Wondering if anyone here has looked into it and what your opinion about it is. Looking at the records changed - it doesn't really do what they claim. Seems like placebo. The question of the 'fix' being added to USSEP inevitably came up so I thought I'd post here. Thanks
  14. Thank you Imstearn. That link helped.
  15. Ok, Thank you Arthmoor. That pretty much answered my questions.

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