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  1. GoG Connect has the following from Steam Darwinia Evoland Brutal Legend Amnesia: The Dark Descent The Walking Dead: Season 1
  2. boooored

  3. There are two cannibals in a tree. A knight in armor come around. The first cannibal says to the other "dude, canned food again?"

    1. MadCat221


      Change "cannibals" to "wood elves", and then you have a elder scrolls racist joke! :D

  4. nice
  5. I might kill my computer, but darnit, I'm going to run that texture pack one way or another
  6. XCOM: UFO Defense for free on Humble Bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/store/xcom-ufo-defense-free-game
  7. cute
  8. I've used the mod for years and haven't seen this issue. Check to make sure you don't have a mod interfering with NPC's. CRF doesn't touch the NPC textures or faces.
  9. There is nothing wrong with Discord. Nothing. Not when it's moderated correctly.
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    2. lmstearn


      Yep, remember reading about that in one of my tree books as a toddler. :(

    3. Donnato


      I`d like to see them saw off the top and stand it back up with a historical presentation with pics and stuff. Some sort of monument.

    4. MadCat221


      Well at least it wasn't toppled by a philistine land developer...

  10. I've FIXED Windhelms crappy models and replaced them. Check out the new Windhelm

    1. J C
    2. MadCat221


      Excellent. So when does bundling with the Unofficial Patch occur?

    3. Sah


      has no idea what your talking about, but can see a Nero fetish when she sees one!

  11. Well. I went into ESO and sadly no one was on :(

    1. Arthmoor


      Too early :P And tonight is maintenance so most of us won't be there at all.

  12. It's a couple of days old, but I'm still peeved that my Dwemer ruins mod was corrupted. Luckily Todd did something right with the plugin backup system in the CK, so I lost no work. I had a backup, but it was an older one. I thought I had more backups than that. :| I still shake about finding out that it was corrupted.