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  1. Question! (it's been a while since I asked any here... ) In landscape records, there is a bunch of layers mentioned. The UESP documentation say that ATXT subrecords are "Additional Texture", but the name displayed in xEdit is "Alpha Texture". Which one is it ? (as far as I understand what all of those mean, it seem that they're additional textures applied with a given transparency, so both names should be allright, but... you never know ^^)
  2. Good changes overall One thing which is still kinda lacking imo, something like a "Cross-Game Projects" section to host some topics such as xEdit's or NifSkope's dev threads.
  3. Okay, thanks everyone for the feedback. Look like it isn't correlated to the absence/presence of loose files since it can appear on pure vanilla setup. Probably more related to a VRAM cap / hardware limitation... For the record, I have an old profesional mobile card that's not so bad for its great age, a FirePro M6100 with 2Go of VRAM. For now it's all AMD cards, but the sample is a bit too small to make any deduction. Maybe I'll try to find the time to ask around Nexus/Reddit/ this week to gather some more input. Not that it's going to solve anything, but you know... for science
  4. Sorry if the title of the topic sounds alarming, this is definitely not the goal. I just came back after a few months of being mostly afk (and before that, I was on SSE...). I just reinstalled FO4 last weekend, and since I spent my gaming time benchmarking performances configurations, INI settings, and getting a simple base working with just a few UI mods and some in-esp tweaks. Everything went well, zero issues, I was quite happy. Then, I started an actual playthrough yesterday night and thought "Baah, might as well throw in a new weapon for fun", so I installed the Walther P99. Once done, I start playing, exit vault 101, go in sanctuary, begin to scrap stuffs... and notice that the old mipmap corruption glitch is still here (I encountered it often when I was playing and overloading my load order), while it was gone since the beginning of the week: Yes, it's just the mipmap. Getting close to the mailbox turn it back into an actual mailbox with proper rusty texture. Getting away result in the same fancy corruption. So it got me thinking... since this is the first addition to the setup that come with textures and materials as loose files, could there be a correlation between the two ? I know that mipmap management is tightly linked to ba2. Even if it doesn't seem to make much sense (though a few month working in the software industry taught me that nothing is actually a linear logic like modding seems to be at the first glance). That said, even if there was no loose files previously, I still had the relevant INI tweaks. I know this visual glitch isn't 100% reproductible, so it's possible that this is pure coincidence... this is what I'm trying to find out. I'm mostly thinking about the engine trying to "cache" the loose textures to compensate the absence of the .ba2 format one way or the other, and resulting in some corruption, despite the loose textures being completely unrelated to the corrupted ones. Have anyone noticed a correlation between the frequency / intensity of mimap corruption and the usage of loose files ? (Or any specific INI settings ?) I used to think it was mostly due to the amount of VRAM usage, because when it used to happens when I installed a lot of textures mods... but then again, those were loose textures back then. I doubt my VRAM is overloaded in any way after 5 minutes outside of the vault and a vanilla visual setup. (I only have 2Go... no crazy amount, but should be enough).
  5. After 2 years, I finally noticed the AMD auto-updater had been installing completely wrong drivers for my GPU...:wallbash:

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      The wrong driver files? They got the inf wrong? Cow!

    3. MadCat221


      How did you determine this?  I am now paranoid that it's doing the same to me...

    4. Kesta


      @MadCat221 Because the graphic card's name specified in my system info didn't match the name of the actual GPU I knew was in there physically :P 

      I only noticed because while browsing the AMD website for drivers, they're especially mentionning that their auto-installer couldn't manage drivers for my card (FirePro m6100).

  6. Wow... been away for a month, everything changed Ô_Ô !

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      Yep, 2017. The year of change :P

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      I feel you, as you can by my profile pic I haven't really been active on here alot recently 

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      Not everything changed. I'm still a duck... :D

  7. You can check if your quest is running through the console. (Will help to figure out if it's really the quest not starting from a technical standpoint, or just its "effects" in game no showing up). Check your EditorWarnings.txt in the Skyrim install folder after loading your plugin in the CK, it should help figure out any major issues (typically, aliases that can't be filled properly). A very common case is to have a an alias "create reference at" which have a hicher index than the alias its creating the ref in/at. Also, turn on the storymanager debugging in SkyrimPrefs.ini (bEnableStoryManagerLogging=1) and check the storymanager log (near the same folder as the script log). there is a lot of info in here concerning all the nodes processed, and why they've been skipped, including cases where the issues is that the quest couldn't be started due to technical errors. Also, though it should be obvious, try on a new game. Btw, marking a stage as "start" mean that this is the stage that will automatically be set when the quest start. Not that setting this stage will start the quest. Simplest thing to do is to call myQuest.Start() As for the rugs, I don't think the issues is with the nif. More that rugs are static and as such aren't mean to be activated. If it is just one rug, put an invisible activator on top of it. If it's for all the rugs, the best thing to do is to provide an xEdit script that will automatically place an activator on top of any rug in the game (thus including mod-added one, and ensuring it work for rugs that have been moved by other mods). Last solution is to pool at short intervals to find the closest rug to the player, and dynamically place an activator on top of it. But that's pretty heavy.
  8. Last time I saw Jon being wrong, I wasn't born Need third-party confirmation for this one: AI bug NPCs set as "player's teammate" (not recruited as followers, but who behave as such, usually for quest purpose) may sometimes get stuck crouching, apparently until you change the current cell. Potentially real followers too, but I don't want to make assumptions as the two occurrence I had were with quest-assigned teammates. I had this happening with Aela during the quest right after you turn into a werewolf, as well as with Neloth when you go get the black book for the dragonborn questline. They do not stand up for fighting. Hitting them (I mean, forcing them to ragdoll and stand up again), disabling/re-enabling doesn't fix it, forcing them to evaluate their package doesn't help either. Nor entering combat. Even when they get a scene where they're forced to standup, walkup to an activator and use it (Neloth in front of the dwemer ruin), they stand up 1 second for the iteration then get back to crouching. I didn't check yet if they are actually forced as player's teammate through the papyrus function, or if they have specific packages. The first time (with Aela) was on a pure vanilla setup (1st version of SSE). Probably worth mentioning that in both case, it seemed to have been triggered while they were in combat.
  9. Creation Kit 64bit : The text for "add activate choice" in perk entry is truncated everytime you exit the perk entry window, only displaying the first letter of the word(s) entered.
  10. YES! I usually don't get beta when they're from Beth (I mean, not what they label as beta. I still play what they consider release), but I'm probably going to make an exception. IIRC USSEP had some workaround for an issue with slow time... not ending soon enough was it ? Going to need to review this. I also an update for the Beth launcher one or two hours ago, which most likely mean an update of the CK ? Hopefully they fixed *some* of the broken things...
  11. Just a thought as I re-read the description: I believe you can just skip the "Known issue" part for SSE as this is related to versions of the mod that never got released on the "new game". Yeah, trivial, I know
  12. Not much solutions. Basically, the three options are: 1) Provide one core mod published as Master, and several others intended as options that require it. Pros: - Allow user's choice Cons: - Multiple mods page - Master order loading issue - Really bothering for the author 2) Provide multiples versions of the mod. Pros: - Allow user's choice Cons: - Multiple mods page - Extremely super very bothering because you actually need to edit the core mods for each version 3) Provide a single mod which is basically "author's cut" and say f*** Pros: - Proper management, no need for additional steps. - Easy issue tracking because there only is a single version. Cons: - No user's choice Personally, O go for option 3 and recommend anyone to do the same. Experience have proven that people don't actually care for the options, they just want options for the sake of seeing options, even though they usually don't even notice the different between multiples ones. Plus I like to stick to my initial philosophy since console mods are a thing, i.e. : "Gladly sharing stuffs working out of the box, but never going to bother for console-specific adjustments".
  13. About this latest update (1.2.39), is it me or they changed a few things in the interface's behavior ? Two things I noticed yesterday night that I'm 99% sure didn't behave this way previously: Lockpicking menu: Can't use W anymore to rotate the lock, now you can only use A or D. Or my finger memory completely fail me ? Container menu: When moving the mouse around, the object's preview rotate, even if you never selected it, if you picked at least one item in the container. Edit: This issue can sometime appear after alt-tabbing. Might be related to the v1.2 since they changed some things about it in it.
  14. Then the executable is doing the calls on the actionscript. Not sure where the F4SE guys are at into decoding this part yet, but there should be some things in here since expired already managed to do a few stuffs for the character menu. As for the relation, glad to see I was right Beth really went the cheap way with this. Convert those hexadecimal formID into their decimal equivalent (with this for instance), and that should be pretty obvious to you (The first 4 digits of the decimal value of the FormID are what is used as VDSG number).
  15. Shared.GlobalFunc.SetText(this.LeftText_mc.VDSGText_tf, "$VDSGPrepend", false); Shared.GlobalFunc.SetText(this.LeftText_mc.VDSGText_tf, this.LeftText_mc.VDSGText_tf.text + arg1.toString(), false); Those are the related lines (arg1 being an uint). The first set the "VSDG" part based on the translation strings files (i.e. localized string), the second append the number to it. Now to figure out how is this number is changed/decided, you'll need to find the part of code that's actually calling this function, and see how it generate the uint passed as argument. If I were a Beth' dev, I'd probably compute a number based on the FormID of the loadscreen's form, if the actionscript had access to such data. That would ensure consistent numbering accross multiple game sessions while ensuring every different loading screen have a different number.