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  1. Is there a list of unsolvable problems? If there is then I'll check first.
  2. My game and saves are quite clean, 2 mods in all, as I said. Both the game and mods are original English version and up to date.
  3. I tried fighting Miraak yesterday, backstabbed him, and encountered the stuck in ethereal problem which was fixed in V2.0.7 (Bug #16813). I'm using USSEP 4.1.2a with OSC, two mods only. And btw, there's a "Mirrak" in USKP version history in Bug #13655
  4. I can't log in the bug tracker, should be the same username and same password, dunno why. 1. When fast traveling to Hag's End, dead thralls will be teleported to the entrance of Deepwood Redoubt. 2. With OCS installed, when fast traveling to any of the 5 main cities or their castles, dead thralls will be teleported to the stable. 3. When in 1st-person view, single pressing Sprint button will cause continuously rolling, until you stop moving forward. While in 3st-person view, you roll only once. 4. While I have Twin Souls perk, Summoning Arvak will cause both of my Thralls to die. But if I Summon a thrall after Arvak, the horse will not be dismissed, which means Arvak takes only one slot.
  5. I just realized I didn't make myself clear : I wasn't saying I can't get inside, I meant there's no animation for the character opening the door...
  6. I only installed USSEP and Open Cities Skyrim, nothing else, even texture replacement, so OCS should be the last mod to load. The only reason I could imagine is that I created this save with an old version of the game, and USSEP with OCS. Perhaps last September? Not sure if it will cause problem like this. It's no big deal, just curious.
  7. Oh, and there's a minor problem with New Gnisis Cornerclub, there is no interaction with the door when entering. Does AFKtrack require an independent account? I can't log in.
  8. I forgot to check Open Cities Version , it remains 3.0.2. Thanks for reminding me!
  9. Seems it doesn't have one. I've disabled all objects nearby, still can't select the ice in console. Maybe it's part of the landscape?
  10. Vanilla game with USSEP and Open Cities. I didn't realize there's a door behind the ice until I tried to find Malborn after Diplomatic Immunity...
  11. We've talked about this years ago, since you switched all forsworn weapons from "EitherHand" to "RightHand" with Bug #13389. In the same patch, you changed some of the Briarhearts' combat style to csForswornBerserker (Bug #17518), which at least helped the one with the baseID 44313 to keep his dual wielding ability. But not all Briarhearts were included in Bug #17518, like the one in Hag's End. I bring this up again, because the 51 level dual wielding Briarheart has the No.1 DPS among all enemies in the game, including the Ebony Warrior. So it's quite a shame he lost his competitiveness.
  12. "From what we've seen, there are folks working on an update for 3rd party mod managers." Can't believe if it's an official answer.
  13. Thanks for your advice . I used Notepad++ actually, text editor anyway. This should be just a few lines of code for Bethesda if they want to fix it, god knows what they are thinking.
  14. Windows 10, 10.0.14393, no virtual machine. Maybe system language has something to do with it? I'm a Chinese, and what about this Shroob? The game is affected in some ways by an esp file that is not in use, simply put in the data folder, so I guess it makes no difference weather I use the in-game mod UI or a mod manager. And FYI, when USSEP.esp is in the folder, the game will load in Dragonborn-Hearthfire-Dawngurad order.

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