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  1. We've talked about this years ago, since you switched all forsworn weapons from "EitherHand" to "RightHand" with Bug #13389. In the same patch, you changed some of the Briarhearts' combat style to csForswornBerserker (Bug #17518), which at least helped the one with the baseID 44313 to keep his dual wielding ability. But not all Briarhearts were included in Bug #17518, like the one in Hag's End. I bring this up again, because the 51 level dual wielding Briarheart has the No.1 DPS among all enemies in the game, including the Ebony Warrior. So it's quite a shame he lost his competitiveness.
  2. Unofficial Skyrim Patch

  3. "From what we've seen, there are folks working on an update for 3rd party mod managers." Can't believe if it's an official answer.
  4. Thanks for your advice . I used Notepad++ actually, text editor anyway. This should be just a few lines of code for Bethesda if they want to fix it, god knows what they are thinking.
  5. Windows 10, 10.0.14393, no virtual machine. Maybe system language has something to do with it? I'm a Chinese, and what about this Shroob? The game is affected in some ways by an esp file that is not in use, simply put in the data folder, so I guess it makes no difference weather I use the in-game mod UI or a mod manager. And FYI, when USSEP.esp is in the folder, the game will load in Dragonborn-Hearthfire-Dawngurad order.
  6. Turns out it's not only about the 3 DLC files, but all the esm files? I thought I've solved the problem, but when I put USSEP in SE/data folder, didn't even active USSEP, the dlc order messed up again, and I have to do the same notepad thing to USSEP.esp, to ensure its last modified time is later than all 3 DLCs. Is this the real "load order bug" is? How does a deactivated mod affect the game?
  7. Tried again, and proves that md5 won't change. Maybe it already changed in the first time, but does it matter? I simply added a space, and deleted it, then save the file. Playing now, so far so good.
  8. Yep, notepad. I'm no fan of mods, for most time I use USKP only, so there's no need for me to use these mod managers (I don't even know if Wrye Bash is a mod manager or something else) .Thanks for the information. And again, this way of sorting DLCs is damn stupid, shame for Bethesda.
  9. OK I just modified the 3 files with notepad and it really worked. This is the most stupid way I've ever seen to sort DLCs...
  10. Not sure what I should do... Check the last modified time of the 3 esm files, and ensure they are in the correct order? I've deleted the game and re-installed, nothing changed.
  11. The load order bug is fixed? I wonder if I misunderstood what the bug is, but Ebony Warrior from Dragonborn still uses the baseid 30285c3, and Serana from Dawnguard is 4002b6c. Tested in v1.
  12. I see......but I do use the official high res. Maybe I'm lucky.
  13. Thanks! Though I don't remember my vanilla game has been using so many RAM (haven't seen it eat up over 2GB), even after I played for quite a few hours. Based on what Arthmoor said, USKP can't fix it, so is vanilla game safe from the 4GB limit, or just I didn't notice it?
  14. Seems this skse is really good stuff. What does the memory patch change, I mean, what difference do players actually feel with it? Can it help reduce the size of saves? Can I play those saves saved with skse when not using skse?
  15. Don't know if Skywind will require USKP or not, if it does, tell them to turn to USLEEP instead. They seem to be releasing it at the end of the year.

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