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  1. I really dont know what specifically cause this. Is really strange. The edit in save by the hex editor, takes the script dlc1playervampirechangescript and changes the number 1 in the name to 2. About the hex editor, this process clears the current save, and when loaded the problem does not return, being able to leave in the first person for hours without returning to the third party alone. But, when create another save, this new save will load the script with the old name and then the bug returns. All I'm talking about is what I noticed these days in my game. I had never seen this problem before, it appeared while I was doing the main quest of dawnguard.
  2. http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1403658-help-me-fix-the-dawnguard-3rd-person-bug/ In the link above you have a bug report and a reply to fix it. But, in my save this bug dont fix with that. It is the same problem that is described on this post.
  3. I found a brazier(0001d027) in lost valkygg without embers, only a floating fire.
  4. JohnLR

    Whiterun Mesh

    So .. in short, because of the limitation, the textures have to adapt to create a good transition effect, like vanilla does. And in the second picture where I show the discontinuity problems with red rectangles, almost all are engine limitation issues and lighting issues, like the whiterun first entrance that was corrected by relighting. And the latest in the upper right corner, the resolution problem, which was corrected by the mod SparrowPrince. I'll take a look at this retexture, after seeing this problem is repeated in both three largest retextures involving whiterun, I am not relying heavily on textures modifications, I will use the vanilla HD DLC along with the unofficial patch. ~thanks o/
  5. JohnLR

    Whiterun Mesh

    thanks for answering, well, I can go get the id, but don't need .. the problem is the discontinuity of textures throughout whiterun The ENB does not affect, change the texture does not affect .. apparently is the meshes The texture I'm using is the Skyrim HD - 2K Textures, the famous package. ~sorry for english i will make a clear post.. just a minute I have to admit, the vanilla textures take about 90% of discontinuity problems. Always I used the Skyrim HD and the AmidianBorn, and both have the same problems. s26.postimg.org/dic90oryx/enb_2015_06_30_00_24_38_30.png [id 00034e9a, 0001a3c9] But even the vanilla taking all in this part, is these issues that I speak. s26.postimg.org/v5pgl5cih/enb_2015_06_30_00_25_18_40.png [id 000506ee] Is the missing blending, that Gruftlord mentioned. I ended up falling into the joke of the two textures do not made less obvious this problem. Until Tamriel Reloaded cause this problem. Is strange to see the vanilla be 'better' than modification.
  6. s26.postimg.org/swxgb1ord/enb_2015_06_04_19_04_47_43.jpg I saw the last patch correcting meshes of whiterun, then I decided to post this image showing some problems that I had seen and were not corrected. I wonder if the unofficial patch includes this type of correction. - sorry for posting in wrong place i think this is the correct place: http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/forum/345-unofficial-skyrim-patches/
  7. I didn't make the correction, in practical terms the correction does not active. But it is possible to activate it by installing the Player Headtracking, enter the game, save, quit, disable .esp, and return to the game again. This will obviously make the mod scripts get running, these scripts somehow correct the position of the character to aim, a example, enter the game with the active .esp or without the mod and equip a spell, aim down, out to third person, and see he does not look down. Now do the procedure I mentioned, will notice that it will always look to where you're aiming. This bug is own vanilla, and even the Player Headtracking correcting, his plugin undo the correction. Well, here it is, if you can check the scripts to see a way to "extract" this fix so it can be used outside of the mod.
  8. Didact2401 I'm looking for this for a long time, I never understood why the famous mod Clothing and Clutter never had a version involving armor, or some correction in nexus. thanks XD I'm specifically looking the fix for studded armor and imperial armor. I tested and it seems that have not been corrected .. well, I wanted to tell it, maybe I have installed wrong. The error is the leg through the bottom of the armor.
  9. It is apparently caused by this: "inherit from spell duration spawn" It is not marked on the hazards. > CircleOfProtectionHazard > GuardianCircleHazard > GuardianCircleTurnHazard I make a fix to this, and to double-cast of Circle of Protection, just could not activate the connection of necromage perk with circles. If possible I would like the arthmoor put these changes in the unofficial patch, and remove the change in lifetime of hazard I think he did, kkkkk I say this because the first attempt to fix, I did this change in lifetime too, but this only changes the error place.

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