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  1. Nope, when starting with OCS installed you don't need to wait. Everything will already be in place.
  2. The LOD issue is actually an engine bug that dates all the way back to Oblivion. Simply exiting the game and reloading will resolve it, but there's nothing we can do to fix that and it will always affect the same areas when it happens. FO4 is usually limited to the quarries where it's most obvious, but I've seen it once or twice in the badlands of Nuka-World too.
  3. That sounds like something more suited to secure environments or corporate setups where it is not desired to let people install and use whatever they want. Average consumers would have no reason to use it, so they shouldn't be buying it either.
  4. Download speed depends on a lot of things, 90% of which are out of our control. That's why there are mirror sites available to download from
  5. UFO4P 2.0.1 is now live. Enjoy!
  6. I don't think comparing them to HelloGames would really be appropriate since Bethesda hasn't shipped us an obviously incomplete game and then tried to quietly do so with post-release megapatches. Nor have they tried to pull an EA/Firaxis/Stardock and sell us the remainder of the missing features as expensive DLC.
  7. Oh good, nice to see this posted here. Those new forums were giving me fits
  8. I don't think this is at all a valid characterization of things. I think it's simply a matter of them just not knowing how the hell these parts of the engine really work. They've had this same LOD issue going all the way back to Oblivion and have never managed to fix it no matter how many different LOD systems they've changed to. Even Fallout 4 has this same problem at several of the quarry sites in the game. All without mods. As far as Switch, no, they've not mentioned anything about mods for it so I'd guess they don't plan to support that. Nintendo may simply not allow it.
  9. Overriding the inconsistency is the fact that someone intentionally placed a script on the item and then for whatever reason it's property wasn't set. Proving they didn't intend to ever put that script on there is a lot harder to justify. Comparing this to the black star situation isn't valid because they made an attempt at it that simply didn't work and had to be modified to make it work, so they're both objectively bugs.
  10. I did the intro quest already. The NPC showed up in an inn in Riften for me while I was on a thieving run
  11. No. The new CK doesn't work any differently than the old one. No idea where you got that from. That said, that's part of the problem. New game functionality hasn't been addressed in the new CK so that we can properly generate this data in ESP files like we should. TGA files are not used by the game, at all, and they don't need to be used for anything in mods either, even as source material.
  12. It's a difference in how ESM vs ESP work. Which is a common thing throughout their engine. If you have your mod set up to be an ESM then you can get SSELODGen to set up the proper large reference data and it will stick. I just haven't ever gone back to look into what that process entails and I'm not sure it would be terribly helpful beyond stuff like USSEP and CRF anyway. CRF I could convert to a master easily enough but it will then end up with some conflicts with ESP files that have to load before it to keep from breaking its navmeshes.
  13. Nope. Attachment of the script is clear indication of their intent to have it count toward the achievement. You have no idea how many unset property bugs just like it we've fixed over the years. This is not going to get reverted out because it's a legitimate bugfix.
  14. Ok, the NPCs sleeping with their eyes open thing. Long time known issue from LE, and I'm not actually aware of it ever being fixed in an official patch. That would be something to check. If it's still an issue in SSE then that's not something SSE caused obviously. Flickering LOD should not be an issue at all with the vanilla game. You only get that from mods making edits to those references and that's generally pretty easy to track down the cause of. We already had to eliminate several LOD edits in USSEP because of it and I had to cut some from CRF too. This is the only SSE visual bug I know of and Bethesda didn't cause it, their modding system just didn't account for ESP files needing to touch that data.
  15. What visual bugs? I don't really go trawling the forums because they're a clusterfuck.