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  1. Nevermind, I figured it out. There's an alias they originally set up to generate the sword, which ends up under the floor at Malkoran's feet. It's there the whole time. No need for death reloads or anything like that. It would just take a large enough force in just the right spot to send Havok into enough of a fit to dislodge it. It wasn't showing up in any other checks except for being a property in DA09 somewhere and I only happened to notice the alias when looking for other scripts and realizes that one was for the sword itself. That makes it much easier to fix since all we need to do is disable the bad alias. Literally all I had to do was load your save and send the free camera in for a look.
  2. @alt3rn1ty I've poked and prodded this thing more times than I have the patience for at this point and I have yet to get a death reload to result in the sword laying on the ground anywhere. It hasn't made one lick of difference where I stand, what Malkorn or I do, or how many times I let it death reload before killing them all. The sword simply never ends up on the ground anywhere. Which is of course precisely what I'd expect based on the CK data telling me flat out there is no sword available for this to happen with. You don't happen to have a save after the duplicate appears but before you picked it up, do you?
  3. Here's the thing though: Scriptname DA09PedestalScript extends ReferenceAlias Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef) if akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer() && GetOwningQuest().GetStage() == 410 GetOwningQuest().SetStage(450) EndIf EndEvent That script makes it impossible for anyone BUT the player to activate it. There's no magic collision detection, Malkoran can't click it himself, neither can the shades, or any other NPCs. Only the player. In doing so it triggers the fragment in stage 450 that does nothing more than hand a copy of the sword to the player. There's no way for the model to eject a copy of the sword since the sword does not even exist as a weapon object at all in the CK. Which is why getting one dislodged onto the ground can't be possible. It has to be getting generated some other way. I'll check your save though, cause all I'm trying to figure out is what the origins of the phantom sword are. For reference, this is the model as it exists before you activate it: meshes\clutter\dawnbreakerpedestal\pedestal.nif Notice the sword is part of the static model, it does not exist as a separate entity and it's not a Havok enabled object in any way.
  4. @alt3rn1ty Can you send me a copy of the save you have just prior to entering his chamber to get the sword? After checking the CK again, I'm seeing no possible way to fix this but I want to see what exactly is going on firsthand. The pedestal is already a static object with no means of knocking the sword loose because the sword simply isn't there for real. When you go to activate it, it disables one model to replace it with an empty pedestal model and then gives you a copy of the sword. So I can't actually see any possible way for being killed to result in generating one on the floor after a death reload that then results in a functional copy of the sword.
  5. [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    No, that means Chrome isn't obeying the 301 redirect to load it from HTTPS like it's supposed to. Every other browser seems to obey that behavior properly. This isn't a matter of something not being defaulted correctly. It's supposed to do what the web server tells it to.
  6. Hoping for that in SSE was a bit silly since even FO4 still has that same bug. Reloads in the same cell always have the chance to cause trouble. @alt3rn1ty At least now we know why it happens. It could be "fixed" by swapping the placed copy with a static model that can't move no matter what. Then at least it won't be laying on the floor where it doesn't belong. Not sure why Bethesda didn't do it this way to begin with.
  7. [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    What browser is that you're using? It's not clear from the images you've posted so far. All I can tell you is Pale Moon and Firefox both render the images on the proper URL for me.
  8. [Skyrim] Interpreting Papyrus Log Errors

    No. Anything that shows up in the Papyrus log was already processed by the engine. The log is useless for trying to track down a CTD. VoiceCharmFactionScript is used by the vanilla game. This suggests that something has made a change to the magic effect it's attached to which has blanked the faction property it's looking for. It's annoying log spam which indicates a bug of some sort, but harmless beyond that.
  9. Enchanting - The Mage Stone and Well Rested

    And what does the Aetherial Crown have to do with the Well Rested bonus? The Aetherial Crown is a specialty item specifically added for exactly the purpose it describes.
  10. [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    Not just that either, the page should be forcing the redirect to the HTTPS version at the server level, which it's also doing correctly for me.
  11. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    There's a great deal of skepticism and suspicion surrounding this whole report from the way it was disclosed to the fact that the company hired a PR firm and set up a dedicated website with a less than neutral domain name and everything. Plus they appear to have a financial interest in the outcome of the damage it might do to AMD's stock. CTS is apparently involved with short-sellers on the stock market and plenty of other security techs have taken a look at their "data" and are concluding it's nowhere near as bad as this company says, especially since it requires a full root compromise to have occurred first. You're already screwed anyway if that's the case. There's even been some talk that the way they revealed this to the world was in violation of Israeli law. As for that Inquirer link, Linus Torvalds would be in a pretty solid position to know if this sort of thing is for real or not.
  12. You can use the CK for this - which would be safer. All you have to do is make sure your CreationKitCustom.ini file has the following line in it: bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 Then just make sure Dragonborn.esm is included with the other masters when you go to load it.
  13. Enchanting - The Mage Stone and Well Rested

    The Mage Stone entry there says nothing about this so I'd imagine it's simply not true and they have bad info on the other page.
  14. [Skyrim] Fixing Navmesh Deletion Using TES5Edit

    The images are showing up just fine for me. They're hosted on the same domain as this forum, and since I own that, there's no way for it to be "old".
  15. The email address on file with the forum is the same one you have listed in the tracker. If that's invalid, then so is the one you listed here on the forum, and I'd then seriously question WHY you'd use an invalid address to register with. If you want that changed and can't do it, PM me a new one to put in there and then you can retrieve your password via the tracker's controls. This is why thinking one is being cute by submitting bad info to thwart spammers ultimately doesn't work.

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