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  1. Some possible insight on the CRC mismatch issue. Not sure if this is related or not but I just made a change to Open Cities with xEdit while Wrye Bash was off and when I started Bash up, the debug build is now reporting a mismatch between the CRC for the real copy and the cached data. It is not updating this and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be or not.
  2. Yep, the 4 files it listed as mismatched were all the ones that were doing so falsely. The update fixed it though, so thanks
  3. This is all the bug dump gave me and it doesn't look very helpful to me: Wrye Bash starting Using Wrye Bash Version 307 OS info: Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 Python version: 2.7.12 wxPython version: (msw-unicode) input encoding: UTF8; output encoding: None; locale: ('en_US', 'cp1252') filesystem encoding: mbcs 322 main: Searching for game to manage: 89 __supportedGames: Detected the following supported games via Windows Registry: 91 __supportedGames: Oblivion: c:\games\bethesda softworks\oblivion 91 __supportedGames: Skyrim: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim 91 __supportedGames: Skyrim Special Edition: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition 91 __supportedGames: Fallout4: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 149 _detectGames: Detecting games via the -o argument, bash.ini and relative path: 159 _detectGames: No known game in parent directory of Mopy: C:\Wrye Bash 308 170 __setGame: Using Skyrim Special Edition game: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition 818 <module>: Comtypes is missing, features utilizing HTML will be disabled 39 <module>: Failed to import the loot_api module: (No module named loot_api) testing UAC MISMATCH: Whistling Mine.esp cached DEDF2F22 real 4FC632B2 MISMATCH: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp cached 8D5B65D3 real 8D0F9513 MISMATCH: Helarchen Creek.esp cached A21F4897 real C159039E MISMATCH: Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp cached 0530289A real 89CB6A13
  4. So the bleeding edge code isn't considered the latest anymore? Either way I'll grab that one and give it a shot.
  5. They haven't launched the service yet.
  6. Yes, you'd have to test it with new saves because the problem was known to bake into the save back in the day and nothing will have changed with that.
  7. For me, all of the supposedly mismatched files are ESPs. Nothing else shows up as out of sync. A normal refresh on the package does nothing. It remains with an orange square. Only a full refresh corrects it, but it only stays corrected for as long as Bash is up for that session.
  8. Regarding the installers issue, I appear to have forgotten how to get Bash to dump a log of what it's doing. The debug launch option only logs errors and the process I'm doing is not throwing any.
  9. All you need to do is exit the house you're in, then come back inside.
  10. Papyrus logs are not crash logs, so those really aren't doing you any good. All the log is useful for is diagnosing scripting errors. In the cases you're showing, those are generally harmless but unfortunately quite common. Make sure you have the latest updated copy of the UFO4P because many of these kinds of things have been addressed already.
  11. These issues are not retroactive on existing saves. The references affected by it have in fact been fixed though.
  12. This is pretty simple to replicate on my end. Doesn't matter which game it's for. Let's just use my SSE install as an example. This is what the packages list looks like if I start up and do nothing more than go to the installers tab. Notice the Castle Volkihar Rebuilt mod (and others) are marked in orange when they should not be. Then if I perform a full data refresh, the results change to this: Notice that CVR is now correctly indicating it matches the install, as do several other files. The ones left orange or yellow at this point are correctly reflecting that they don't match the contents of the projects or archives. If I close Bash and do nothing more than start it back up and go back to the installers tab, the results return to the first pic. When it's in the state of the first pic, it will refuse to sync the files from the Data folder because it somehow knows the mismatch is false. Not sure what else I could provide here since the affected mods seem random and you now have Beermotor's confirmation of it happening in other packages too.
  13. Mainline Bash does not yet support Fallout 3 or NV. I'd imagine the auto-ghost thing will be considered again when that time comes. In the meantime, that means Bash supports Oblivion, Skyrim LE, Skyrim SE, and Fallout 4. None of which benefit from what ghosting is doing. @Utumno I will get you the information you need when I get a chance. I'm in the middle of something a bit more important for now though.
  14. Ok, I dug up the old post via, here it is: After all that, your Data Files load order should look like this... Dawnguard.esm Hearthfires.esm HighResTexturePack01.esp (optional dlc) HighResTexturePack02.esp (optional dlc) UnofficialSkyrimPatch.esp UnofficialDawnguardPatch.esp UnofficialHearthfirePatch.esp (all your other mods below) (w) Dovahkiin's Hideout - Breezehome CTD. Status: Not compatible with Hearthfire. (w) Birds and Flocks - Invisible Windstad Manor in Hjaalmarch (Marthal). Update to: B&F Hearthfire Edition. Delete, and Un-subscribe from the old edition in your Data Files before subscribing to the new version. (n) Skytest: Realistic Animals and Predators - Invisible Heljarchen Hall in The Pale and freeze-ups @ Windstead Manor. Update: To v1.27e Full Edition or just add ,1.27E ESP if you already have one of the 1.27a/b/c/d Fulls. Note: Freeze-ups may be due to conflict with other mods. Try placing Skytest near the bottom of your load order. (n) Ultimate Followers Overhaul Breaks the dialog with the Stewards - Check this thread for a workaround. Update: (n) UFO Hearthfire Housecarl Fix. Description: Quote: These scripts add the hearthfire housecarls into the UFO mod recruit/dismiss system. It should be noted that hearthfire housecarls all have their own unique recruit/dismissal dialogue lines and fixing it requires modification of the UFO\'s main .esp file and that requires permission. So this fix makes them speak the default housecarl recruit/dismissal lines. So far contacting fLokii, the UFO author has been unsuccessful. (n) Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry CTD entering Breezehome Update to: Version 2.0. (w) Real Wildlife Skyrim Invisible home Windstad Manor Status: Author now aware of the issue and will be making a new version. Note: If you uninstall this mod some of the animals may get stuck in their animations and you may also be unable to recover items from them. A clean install of Skyrim may be required to fix. See the Comments section of the mod for more info. Workaround. Temporarily disable mod until Windstad Manor is built. (w) Grey Ledge Manor Causing CTD Update to: Grey Ledge Manor II (w) Scenic Carriages CTD in Lakeview Manor area. Status: Arthmoor has provided a Hearthfire Fix for the Nexus Version. The mod can be downloaded with the Nexis Mod Manager, but the patch will have to be installed manually from the Downloads page (full update in the works). Note: The Scenic Carriages update doesn't require Hearthfire, just fixes the navmeshes so they won't conflict with it. (w) Places: Oakwood Causes CTD when approaching or fast traveling to Lakeview Manor. Update to: Places: Oakwood Hearthfire Edition (w) Places: Laintar Dale Update to: Places: Laintar Dale Hearthfire Edition Note: The Nexus versions of the Places series are no longer supported. (w) Open Cities Sykrim CTD Breezehome Status: Patched to v0.9.4 (now v0.9.5) (w) More Dynamic Shadows with Lighting Fixed. Causes CTD upon entering Breezehome. Status: Author is aware of the issue. Update: Try the new Breezehome-Hearthfire CTD fix (w) [ VoidCraft ] Breezehome Invasion. Status: Not compatible with Hearthfire. (n) Rayya Redux - Hearthfire Housecarl Immediate CTD as game loads. Fix: Download the ApachiiSkyHair mod too. (n) House Map Marker - Multi or (w) Plus Unable to convert Breezehome Alchemy area to Child's room. Fix: Update to latest version. (w) Collector's Vault. CTD when entering Breezhome. Status: Not compatible with Hearthfire. (w) Hjerim Improved. (n) Hjerim Improved. Secret Smithing room blocked by wall, plus another wall flickering. Fix: Quote: Enter the console and click on the wall in the wardrobe and use the displayed number for 'markfordelete xxxxxxxx', close the console, then save game and load this savegame again, the wall will be gone and your items still down there were you left them. You may be able to do the same with the flickering wall. (w) Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers. (Droppable version) Causes problems with NPCs and room additions in Proudspire home. See this thread for a solution. (n) Castle Orlok CTD Upon entering Breezehome Bugfixes by Players: Unable to build any homes - Fix: Complete Radiant Quests Items like bees and honey in the Apiary, chicken eggs, butter from the churn are not re-spawning. Fix: Not a bug. Stay away from the home for extended periods so the re-spawn clock doesn't reset. See Post #81. Courier not delivering the Note from the Jarl of Falkreath after reaching Level 9. See post #95. The Following links appear in this thread and address CTDs in specific areas of Lakeview Manor (Falkreath). CTD @ Lakeview Manor - Armory CTD @ Lakeview Manor - Workbench - Here's another, more detailed bugfix. CTD @ Lakeview Manor - Greenhouse Hearthfire User Guides Rarity Guide Usep Guide Wikia Guide Personal Stewards List Hearthfire Mods List It's obviously going to be severely out of date, but the information was better than nothing. Also don't be surprised if most of the links are dead too.
  15. The thread you referenced seems to concur with what I figured would be the case. You have another mod that's altering records or otherwise interfering with the construction of the house. There were some spawn point mods known to do this. Unfortunately it would seem Steam took their old forums offline and the post that detailed many of the problems is now gone. It had an extensive list of mods known to cause this problem. The best I can suggest at this point is to load everything up in xEdit and check the cells for Heljarchen Hall and see if anything is overriding things in the cell records for it. This is not something that's ever come up in the DLC itself as a bug regardless of which house is built first. Nothing in the scripting would be able to cause this or all of the houses would be screwed up.