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  1. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Open Cities Skyrim 3.0.9 Navmesh cleaning with new versions of xEdit. Patch files have been updated to use the ESL flag to save on mod slots.
  2. We haven't looked into how his setup works yet but I can guarantee you one thing - with the vanilla package he shows up in plenty of different places because the encounter system will move him there via scripts. He's not supposed to leave the general area where the encounter loads until it unloads again later.
  3. UFO4P 2.0.5 is now live. Enjoy! Worth noting that we've also released a build for the PS4 alongside this which we will consider to be in extended beta until our next full release. Any PS4 users trying it out please feel free to comment on any issues that may arise.
  4. Re: Your thread title. No. USSEP is not the cause of this glitch. Bethesda's rendering bugs on the XB1 are.
  5. Anything that requires any sort of asset file can't be done on PS4. All you get to upload is the .esp file and that's it.
  6. I'll have to see what we can do for this. Can't say I really expected anyone to want to use it as a master, but that's certainly not a problem. It'll need to wait until after our next update though because 4.1.5 is going to have some stuff fixed in the PS4 copy that is currently broken. It may end up something that only gets uploaded here so it isn't circulating too widely in the hands of Nexus users who expect us to support it as a PC patch.
  7. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Oblivion DLC Delayers

    Been asked about it before but as I am not doing any OB stuff short of genuine bug fixes it's not something that's likely to happen. And I'm honestly not sure I'd want to do that anyway since I can easily see it being something someone sets, then forgets about, and I get told there's a bug where none exists.
  8. Gabe is Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve. No, the CC is not a bad idea. There is nothing to justify concluding that. All initiatives can benefit from improvements, but just because that's the case that doesn't make them inherently bad. Not sure what your statement about being fried on a forum is supposed to mean, but given the fact that there are indeed millions of fans out there buying the stuff and not screeching in protest at doing so, I think it's reasonable to assume that no, most people don't hate the CC as you asserted. I haven't taken a 180. Not sure where you concluded that from given that I directly participated in the paid mods system of 2015 and benefited directly from having done so. My sole point of anger about that is directed at Gabe Newell for having pulled the plug on the whole thing without consulting Bethesda or even his own project team about it. Just yanked it and left everyone baffled as to what was going on until hours later when PR scrambled into damage control mode to make Valve look like the good guys. In any case, trying to paint Bethesda as being just another EA is totally unjustified. There's no evidence to support that.
  9. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    Yes, days Leo. As Andalaybay said, they have million of members, some percentage of whom file reports on various things every day and they have maybe 20 people at best to handle the volume. Even just half a percent of millions of members is going to be 10s of thousands of them.
  10. Source: The game engine. Console commands bypass all event checks, whether they be change locations or level up events. You do indeed have to PLAY the game in order for things to run correctly. Not only have you bypassed the level check by consoling yourself to level 50, you also bypassed the change location event by COC'ing to where you need to go. It's an urban myth that waiting anywhere for any length of time will accomplish anything other than passing time. This sort of thing btw is why we don't provide support to people who use console commands. It's a great way to break your game and there's no turning back once it's happened.
  11. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    Gotta have a bit of patience on reporting stuff before concluding that they're not going to act on it. Giving them a few days to get to it is usually considered normal and courteous.
  12. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    Rather than hiding the original, report the translation as unauthorized.
  13. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    I generally don't care much about compatibility with cheat mods.
  14. CC explicitly disallows any mod that already exists to be imported into the system. Someone would have to apply and then pitch them the idea to reimplement it. Something I strongly suspect would not go over well with the fans, although I suppose you never know given the success of Survival.
  15. Arthmoor

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    Data\SKSE\SKSE.ini ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 I'm assuming that still works for SSE, but it isn't going to solve much other than to bring invalid update events to a close. That helps, but it doesn't make uninstallling mods safe. There are still plenty of things that Fallrim Tools will say are bad for your save that are perfectly normal to be there - like active script instances.

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