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  1. Arthmoor

    Feedback thread

    No idea how that ended up happening but it's fixed now.
  2. Arthmoor

    The Fall of Granite Hill

    Version 1.0.3 If the mod was installed after the dragon at the mound should be dead the NPCs were not being killed off and would be found wandering around a ruined village.
  3. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Open Cities Skyrim 3.1.1 Riften: A compatibility script now exists for Falskaar to move Jalamar's AI markers into the correct worldspace for the beginning of the quest.
  4. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Plugin Resources

    I have removed your "Ad-supported interstitial link" since posting that sort of thing is considered spam and thus not allowed. What sort of mods are you thinking would even be appropriate for something like this? I can't imagine it would be of much use for anything substantial, like a full scale quest mod or a village or something. Making a mod mergable into the Bashed Patch means its load order requirements could not be satisfied if it needs to be further up the list or something due to what it edits.
  5. Arthmoor

    Oblivion GOTY - Steam version

    Yes, it's all compatible so long as you don't let Steam install the game into Program Files. If you wanted to be absolutely certain though you'd probably want to grab the Deluxe Edition which comes with all of the DLCs and not just KOTN + SI.
  6. Negative Ghostrider, that's not how it works. Good. Because we're not going to. That's impossible due to the way in which load order works in Skyrim. If you had a brain, you'd already know this. It's hardly a bother to contact the people in charge of the very project that will solve your problem. That's the entire reason it exists. Congratualtions. It's already been determined. Quit assuming you know things when it's blatantly obvious you don't. Yes. Bots. Just how new to the internet are you anyway? You get back what you give, and thus far you have given nothing of value and expect to be handed everything on a silver platter. Guess what kid, that's not how the world works. Enjoy your ban for insisting on ignoring what you're told.
  7. Right now the top 5 games in order of the number of mods uploaded is: Skyrim LE, Oblivion, Fallout 4, New Vegas, and Skyrim SE. Fallout 3 and Morrowind are 6 and 7 and after that each game drops substantially in the number of available mods. Yes, Skyrim made them rethink how they were doing some things there but that doesn't in any way diminish how strong the Oblivion community was up until around 2012. Oblivion modding didn't really drop significantly until after the Skyrim CK finally came out.
  8. Arthmoor

    The Fall of Granite Hill

    Version 1.0.2 Added a start marker in the inn for AS-LAL support. Fixed an intermittent problem with the innkeeper and server not always offering their service menus. Nebirta Sibotis was incorrectly set to use a male voice.
  9. You have to keep in mind that the Oblivion community existed before abominations like MO, NMM, or Vortex existed. We all used either Wrye Bash (preferred) or OBMM (the predecessor to everything Nexus is doing today). With OBMM it was indeed possible to make a giant mess of things because the same terrible design principles NMM/Vortex use today came directly from OBMM. Wrye Bash is by far the preferred solution for installing mods because it has a very robust tracking system that's not going to just arbitrarily screw up your game. I was not suggesting anyone extract their entire vanilla BSA set. I was pointing out that the testing that was done back in the day found that that was the length you'd have to go to to degrade performance enough to notice it while playing. To be perfectly blunt, I find the practice of unpacking BSAs to be moronic in Skyrim/FO4 and there being a mod manager that specifically catered to this has been nothing but a damaging influence instead of being a helpful tool to advance the cause. @Malonn you vastly underestimate how much Oblivion mod was a thing. In its prime the community for that game was easily as large as Skyrim is now. Activity surrounding the game was largely centered on the old Bethesda forums though so Nexus just didn't seem to be a big thing. There's a reason Oblivion remains the #2 game on Nexus for the raw number of mods. :P As far as the testing data, it's buried somewhere on the archived forum. It was quite extensive and very detailed and proved that BSA use would not be a significant factor in anything for those mods that could even use them. In theory they should improve things, but in practice that improvement was too small to measure in game terms. So while it would indeed be much tidier to use BSAs, the engine defects in the game just don't make it possible. Especially for something like the UOP.
  10. If all you're really worried about is disk IO performance with the game then I wouldn't spend a lot of time on the subject. The only test I've ever seen where BSA vs loose file mattered at all was when someone decided to unpack the entire vanilla archive set and run the game entirely on loose files. The degradation was noticed, but wasn't significant enough to be of concern. If you're on an SSD I doubt even this test would make a dent now. You should also keep in mind that even if this DLL that zilav is talking about turns out to be the cure to the problem and BSAs could become a thing for every Oblivion mod, we won't be doing this with the UOP because that DLL would place a hard requirement to use OBSE on the project. Right now it has a soft requirement for a couple of minor fixes but that's it.
  11. You will run into issues if you attempt this with non-unique assets. The game will either load them at random, meaning you won't see the changes you intended to see most of the time, or you'll just get a pile of CTDs. Since it can't be predicted when a file collision will just load wrong or become a CTD it just isn't going to work to do this. That applies even to the official archives and is likely one reason the game isn't entirely stable. Your only recourse there would be to unpack both of them and run them loose. That's why the consensus in the Oblivion community settled on loose file installs long ago. The game engine simply won't tolerate the collisions. That's why UOP ships loose. That's why pretty much everyone else does too. BSAs are only useful when dealing with unique assets that don't share filenames in other mods. That's why you don't see them anywhere near as often.
  12. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    Version 3.1.1 The Nobles on horseback encounter (WERoad02) was not generating a saddled version of the second horse. The Alpha Wolf south of Riverwood had some incorrect faction and aggression settings that would cause him not to attack on sight like his 2 pack mates.
  13. Hmm. Yes, I suppose you have a point there. If the alias is unfilled then I guess it's going to return 0 just as if it was and he's dead. I wish their scene system would just not play something if a principle actor in it is dead. Anyway, will fix this and close out the ticket as such.
  14. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner but the upload was being rejected because linux devs can't leave stuff where it belongs so the server was looking for a config file in a different place from where I had edited the old one.

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