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  1. That's a server issue on Bethesda's end that causes that. I keep forgetting what the solution is, but I know it involves a hard reset and probably clearing reserve space.
  2. Arthmoor

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    The test builds of Wrye Bash available on their Discord channel will do. ESL flagged files will be marked pink, those that can be safely converted will be marked in green.
  3. Arthmoor

    Fallout 3: Accidentally cleaned DLC files.

    Up to you, but cleaning them has no downsides and it'll avoid possible issues from the deleted records in them.
  4. Arthmoor

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    On your message about light masters, you've got mods which have the ESL flag on them and are also using up the FE slot with something else. You need to get rid of that something else. The FE slot is not usable by normal mods in SSE or FO4 because it's reserved by the engine for ESL flagged plugin files. If you don't resolve the error it's giving you, you will end up with corrupted saves. It also has nothing to do with Steam Workshop because SSE does not use it.
  5. Arthmoor

    Fallout 3: Accidentally cleaned DLC files.

    No, you'll be fine. There would be no logical reason for a mod to demand that you have dirty DLCs other than deep seated misinformation.
  6. Arthmoor

    The Outer Worlds

    Not overly fond of the Hub based approach to things, but at least it's an acknowledgment that they don't do open world well so they're playing to their strengths. Looks good. I just hope the company doesn't get sucked in to the anti-BGS trolling like it seems some of their former colleagues are engaging in.
  7. It has all of the files I'd expect it to have on my end. Not sure what you downloaded. F4SE on the other hand did not update any of the included .psc or .pex files and I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the case.
  8. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Provincial Courier Service

    Version 4.0.3 Added support for Shadowfoot Sanctum DLC. Fixed a bug that was preventing DLC mailboxes from being disabled if those DLCs are not installed.
  9. Trivial or not, it's something. An official changelog would be nice though. I plucked the details here from a Reddit post but I don't know where they got it.
  10. Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.5.62 No official changelog was provided. Support for new CC content was added. Thieves Guild Hood will no longer disappear if player is a vampire. Fixed specular with "Mourner's Hat" and "Hat" on male Argonians. Fixed skinning and restored bridles on Imperial Saddle.
  11. Arthmoor

    [Fallout 4] Official Patch 1.10.120

    Fallout 4 Update 1.10.120 No official changelog was provided. Support for new CC content was provided.
  12. USSEP 4.1.6 is now in beta and expected to be about a week before it goes live. Second post has the details.
  13. UFO4P 2.0.6 is now in beta. Expect this to last about a week before it goes live. Second post has the details.
  14. Arthmoor

    Does Fallout have a future?

    If they stick to single player games then it still has a future.

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