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  1. I'm glad I just refused to agree with beths TIA and never even uploaded anything over there.
  2. Ok thank you guys!
  3. I don't have the issue I just read about it while searching for things to include in a mod of mine. A google search turned up a bunch of reported instances. (Enough that there are reported work arounds) Essentially for some reason while followers will follow you into the grotto, they will not leave. They just don't exit when you do. I only ready 1 report that said it was likely a navmesh issue but most of them said a fast travel wouldn't work to make the follower get to you. Only extreme steps (Like getting arrested in Solitude and doing your time) would make to follower jump to you. Also quick question - anyone know of any negative issues with making broken oar grotto respawn? "You can enter, but you can never leave..."
  4. I was doing some surfing and research and found there is a glitch with broken oar grotto: This is the best description of it. I read that its attributed to a broken navmesh issue. Is it really a thing? Has it been fixed here? If not can someone make a fix? Thanks for your work here!
  5. Wow another one who would rather just whine and bitch about all the free work done here. You do know it is just as easy for you to not use the patch right? It is also just as easy for you to make a fix that reverses this change and pot it on the Nexus. You got your answer. The works done here was done for free with thousands of hours of work and ungrateful dweebs like you come along and try to discourage these people who put all of this work in for free. Quite trying to p!ss in everyone's pool. You have no clue how much work goes into this and they still spend their time answering complainers like you. Remember you get what you pay for. SO unless you have sent money to every developer who works on USLEEP you just need to not use the patch if you are so unhappy.
  6. However I also just read the fix and it actually says nothing about including it as a daedric artifact anywhere in the game.... This is a fix for a error in a script... Do you even know what that call relates to in the game? The original script had the function and it was broken. They fixed it. What are you really on about here then? It is likely a improperly named sripct function by the games devs for -god like level- items. Not just Daedric. This actually makes no difference visually or lore wise in the game.
  7. I really see your point as I have found this: Maybe, though for simplicity sake they simply made it a Deadric artifact for the relation to the main daedra being "gods"or "God-like" as any other change to denote it's specialty might have gone way beyond the scope of the patch.
  8. May I include this in a mod of mine?
  9. I took it.
  10. From the readme: Needs to be positioned after any mods which alter the Soul Cairn worldspace, or your map markers will be displayed incorrectly on the main Skyrim map. LOOT is set to put this after bashed patch because this is the easiest way to ensure it's loaded after any worldsapce edits.
  11. I am making a equipment comp[anion mod that covers the following so far: It is intended as a companion mod to WAFR, CCOR and CCF but will stand on its' own perfectly. Any ideas, thoughts additions,complaints?
  12. And people whine when mod makers don't want to upload to Bethesda.
  13. PK I did that and it just gives me the option for tamriel. Not my esp. Will it generate LOD files for all of tamriel or just my mod?
  14. LOL oops. Skyrim and I used vanilla assets (Farmhouse06) so afaik there should be a vanilla LOD model.
  15. I have added a building to the worldspace and would like to have LOD files included for it. I cannot, for the life of me figure it out though. Can someone help me or give me a hand?