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  1. I am making a equipment comp[anion mod that covers the following so far: It is intended as a companion mod to WAFR, CCOR and CCF but will stand on its' own perfectly. Any ideas, thoughts additions,complaints?
  2. And people whine when mod makers don't want to upload to Bethesda.
  3. PK I did that and it just gives me the option for tamriel. Not my esp. Will it generate LOD files for all of tamriel or just my mod?
  4. LOL oops. Skyrim and I used vanilla assets (Farmhouse06) so afaik there should be a vanilla LOD model.
  5. I have added a building to the worldspace and would like to have LOD files included for it. I cannot, for the life of me figure it out though. Can someone help me or give me a hand?
  6. Couple of ideas: Sven has deleted dialogue? Does this properly fix the dropped weapon issues? (For the disarm archery perk)
  7. May I have permission to release a patch for this that ads compatibility with Legendary skyrim crossbows? This mod is still required as a master.
  8. Thank you I'll give these are swing when I get home.
  9. Here are the files I am having trouble with. Thanks guys.
  10. I have some custom weapons that are great but they will not show when dropped. Is there a tut for fixing this or a volunteer that would help me out please?
  11. Yeah these nifs are totally different they are a bunch of pieces not one single mesh so for now I am just going to have to suffer. Thank you though.
  12. Dang the bones must be different because when I try that i get left with just a piece on the new mesh.
  13. I really need someone that knows blender enough to swap out the meshes on a stack of crossbow .nifs. There's like ten and I need the usleep crossbow nif base with the mesh from the custom crossbow nifs to fix the snapback bug on them and the animations speed up. Please let me know if your capable and willing to do this.
  14. This is actually due to how the mod is uploaded on nexus. when uploaded there's a section where you add name and description when you add the name and nmm downloads it, it adds the name of the download AND the name you entered. Thus it is often repeated aso most mod authors put simply the name of the mod in the first box. A better solution would be to ask nexus to slightly change the code of nmm to prevent duplication like that. That would be a super easy modification instead of arguing with a thousand mod authors. I, for one am absolutely not adding a xml to my mods that are simply a esp and bsa. There's absolutely no reason to go through the extra work.
  15. Yeah I was afraid of that..... Damn ok thanks.