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  1. This only appears to be the case for the subtitle. City-Swimmer's audio still refers to herself as "he" in her introduction. Incidentally, the building she resides in appears to have some form of z-fighting or texture flickering near its base, most easily seen when facing it from the entrance of Silverhome on the Water.
  2. I was hoping they would implement cascading shadow maps (there is speculation they were originally planning this feature for skyrim but cut it) but it is hard to tell from the footage. Actually, I can barely perceive any difference from vanilla in the above screenshot. Nonetheless, the possibility of further engine improvements besides visuals and receiving it as a separate game free of charge has me very pleased by this announcement.
  3. August

    The Big Fallout 4 Thread

    Speaking of which, has there ever been an educated guess as to the amount of time Bethsoft allowed for QA on Skyrim? And would this seem to have improved for Fallout 4? I've read the USKP bug list/fixes and can't believe what was allowed to slip through; stuff that could only be explained by the developers being in a mad rush to complete it. I'd like to think an extra year in development will leave Fallout 4 a lot more polished, but sadly, I have trouble believing it. What do you think?
  4. Can you check whether the "Assault" count in your crime statistics goes up by 1 when you attack a deer/rabbit/etc.? That happens for me, in all circumstances. I don't mean to suggest it puts an actual bounty of x gold on your head. I did manage to assault a bandit just now after using the Calm spell on him and then attacking, so there's that. On the other hand, using Fear instead and then attacking as he fled was assault-free.
  5. I'm intrigued, so I just experimented a little in and out of the dungeon. I could not get my crime statistic to go up by sneak attacking bandits or sleeping draugr (they didn't have to attack first) or even by blasting my follower Uthgerd the Unbroken. Arvel appears to be a special case. Killing a rabbit on the other hand did the trick. Attacking a deer will always count as a crime, even when using a Frenzy spell while hidden from afar. Same with goats. I daresay it's the same for foxes, but I didn't check. So game hunting is out. Curiously however, attacking a giant or mammoth is not considered a crime, unless they're aware of your presence. In this case, a fireball from a long distance was okay, but one from up close where they can see you is a crime. Blasting a bandit who exhibits similar 'back off' behavior, such as the one outside Embershard Mine, is not a crime. Attacking mudcrabs is never a crime. I'd say this accounts for pretty much all the assaults I've racked up on older characters. General Q: how does the game tell which people/creatures are 'right' or 'wrong' to attack? Is it to do with the faction system?
  6. I just started a new mage build and ventured into Bleak Falls Barrow. At some point my Assault crime value went up by one. After reloading an earlier save I narrowed it down to blasting Arvel the Swift as he was making his getaway; the game counts this as a crime. Is this behavior intended? It seems inconsistent with being seemingly allowed to snipe other not-yet-hostile bandits and creatures in the dungeon unawares, without counting them as a crime. As an aside, Beth made it so easy to rack up assaults without realizing it. Keeping a character's record clean is a challenge in itself.

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