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  1. It seems I don't have permission to post in an existing thread. Anyway, why change it and TBH the old forum structure is what makes me coming back since AFK Mods had a special feeling so to speak. But I think I need to get use to the new forum structure.
  2. Have you tried to install the latest WB307 beta? Also, make sure you are using the recommended Python version. In other words, just follow the instructions here.
  3. As I recall it you mention about it in either the USKP or the USLEEP thread, but the USKP thread has way too many pages this one find it daunting to search for it due for not remembering what keyword should been used.
  4. No wonder you get a CTD for two reasons. 1. Never set an ini file to read-only, because what will happen when you install a mod or something else and the setup must add/change a setting in one of those .ini files or in both .ini files. You will get a CTD. 2. Getting a CTD is likely the result for deleting a .bsl file, which are not recommended to do. IIRC a .bsl (Bethesda Softworks Library?) file is a sort of a required file for a mod, but you need to ask Arthmoor about it since he know what purpose a .bsl file has.
  5. Just look at the address, they have created a subdomain for their official Elderscrolls site, www.elderscrolls.com, at Bethesdsa.net. https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/
  6. If you haven't visit www.elderscrolls.com lately then you need to go here.
  7. You should be able to either deactive or activate a mod, if you cannot move a mod up or down on XB1.
  8. My bad, I was too quick to respond to someone who were playing on PC. Well, what you can do is to change your loadorder in-game just to see if changing one mod at the time will solve your issue or not. Also, please upload your picture into your personal gallery, via the "+ Create" option at the top to the left here, because I don't want to register an account just to see your picture.
  9. Have you loaded your loadorder or mods that touches the area into TES5Edit and checked for conflicts e.g overwritten records?
  10. Around 17.45 PM I heard on the news that a terror attack happen in Stockholm city, just after 15.00 PM this afternoon. http://www.dn.se/nyh...k-in-stockholm/
  11. Wow, I dunno how many versions you added a fix for that Whiterun guard at the city gate. Still, some people reported an issue with that guard. I can only guess, but is this fix a result of the bug that Jac had what was it almost 2 years ago or am I mistaken. Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
  12. Yep, yesterday Gstaff posted a date for a close down of the old forum.
  13. Earlier today I heard on the news that Brexit now have been activated by Theresa May's official letter to EU's chairman Donald Tusk.
  14. Gstaff posted this 2 days ago.
  15. It feels good to be back after over a week absence, because my broadband router simply stopped working. No telephone, no internet, no cable absolutely nothing worked for over a week, so I had to get in touch with some my friends and asked them to contact the support.