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  1. I think the OP still mean the Smithing skill after you made it Legendary. So get it up to the required level for the armor then try to improve it in the workbench. Should you not being able to improve the armor despite for the Smithing skill being Legendary then it is a bug.
  2. The Dark Brotherhood, you say? I would say it's more like the Testing Brotherhood.
  3. Any use of the console will affect gameplay in way or the other. To answer your question. Well, you need to play without using the console at all and without mods. Doing that and be able to reproduce the issue is what's required to call it a bug, so if that has be done then the USKP team will fix it if it's possible of course.
  4. Using the console will affect everything and should only be used when one need to advance a quest due for having an issue, so testing something like you just did will not confirm a bug. If it is a bug that is.
  5. The smithing skill in the picture is only 15 and that doesn't indicate anything about a bug. How did you get the Ancient Shrouded Armor, was it via the console?
  6. That doesn't confirm an issue, instead you need to test this in plain vanilla from scratch and the reason for that is this. Maybe @alt3rn1ty can test this since he tested this bug and was able to reproduce it.
  7. Are you using mods? If so, have you tried to reproduce the issue in plain vanilla without using USSEP?
  8. When I played this I heard a distinctive sound and that is, what I think it is, from a *protection* spell. You know, the same sound one hear when coming too close to spellcasting bandits or Forsworns. I didn't like to be able to get two unique artifacts, so I'm glad too that Arthmoor could figure it out how. Of course, thanks to @alt3rn1ty and his testing.
  9. Did you use mods when that happen? If not then have you tried to reproduce it without using any mod, even USSEP.
  10. Sounds good to me too. What you do expect, people always complain about fixing bugs that can be easily triggered in-game.
  11. Did you loaded a gamesave in-game or did you loaded after you launched SSE? If you didn't loaded a gamesave after you launched SSE then it's likely this is what is causing your issue. Of course I could be wrong.
  12. @alt3rn1ty I stand corrected.
  13. Enchanting - The Mage Stone and Well Rested

    Ah, I miss that.
  14. So what you're saying is that this is likely what's causing that glitch regardless if one are using mods or not. If it's then I consider that glitch to be an engine bug and I think that could probably be impossible to fix, unless there is a work around.
  15. Thanks for testing it, alt. I think I'm gonna to test it myself with only USSEP installed in my next game, just to try to rule out USSEP.

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