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  1. Leonardo

    TAL is down, what happen?

    Perhaps I visit TAL a few minutes too early. Yep, it's working.
  2. Yep, TAL is down due to an error and I don't know what error it is.
  3. I never had a problem when buying Breezehome, I could even buy Breezehome when using mods both in SLE and in SSE. I use this Breezehome mod for SLE (I converted it to SSE for personal use of course) and even after I converted it to SSE it still works without having an issue when buying Breezehome.
  4. I bet this Breezehome mod is causing this issue. Try to deactive that mod and talk to Proventus about buying Breezehome. If he does give you the key then the mod is what's causing your issue. BreezehomeByLupus.esp If you still want to use it then report it to the author about fixing the issue.
  5. Leonardo

    [RELz] Dawnguard Map Markers

    Does that also applies for the map markers in the Forgotten Vale?
  6. So, everything is fine now and if it's then you're lucky I guess.
  7. Leonardo

    Son of Random Stuff

    FYI For the last 12 hours or so Steam Workshop had a 0 Mb bug, which affected a lot of games. https://steamcommunity.com/app/4000/discussions/1/492379439688258488/
  8. I remember you from the closed BSF and you often visit the Community Discussion forum. So. Welcome to AFK Mods, tgl1992! I recall someone reported, on the old BSF (sadly now closed), that Yatul acted a little strange, but that happen a couple of years ago and that's all I remember now. Maybe Arthmoor knows what was causing that. Anyway, have you tried to deactivate the Quickstart mod as it changes the scripted scenes in the tutorial and returning there later without letting the scripted scenes played through might what's casuing your issue.
  9. Leonardo

    Is S.T.E.P lying about mod management?

    I think it was necessary since it's a lot better to post here than start a new thread about the same topic elsewhere, don't you think.
  10. Leonardo

    Is S.T.E.P lying about mod management?

    Then why does the STEP guide for Morrowind don't even mention Wrye Mash? I can tell you why, because that STEP guide clearly shows that the STEP site is a promotional site for MO and nothing else. Period! Also, I find this to be a contradiction about what one should and not do, so in this case it's the opposite. Don't follow the instructions in that S.T.E.P. guide as it's will create problems instead of solving problems. Sure, use the links to download mods, but the rest can be ignored IMO.
  11. Leonardo

    [RELz] Dolmen Ruins - ESO Dark Anchors

    I knew you would and that includes your entire mod collection, right.
  12. Leonardo

    [RELz] Dolmen Ruins - ESO Dark Anchors

    Man, now it gets even more crowded and number of places with spots that's suitable for camping is decreasing. Nah, joke aside. Thanks for the update, mate. How many more updates for your mods are you gonna to release with the same change log? Thanks for keeping your mods updated.
  13. Leonardo

    [RELz] Helarchen Creek

    That's great. Thanks for adding a smelter there. Thanks for the update mate.
  14. Leonardo

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Thanks, zilav.
  15. Leonardo

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Sorry for the triple post, but I need to know how to change a name for a map marker (the actual name for map marker will be shown in-game) in SSEEdit. I assume I need to select a record and find the name for a map marker in the right pane then right click and select "Edit" to change the name for the map marker. Correct?

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