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  1. [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    True, but remember some fixes were also reverted after Bethesda actually fixed a few things in the official patches. Another thing is that I didn't bother reading the changelog back then and who can remember everything that was fixed 5 years ago. I bet nobody, except the people who were working with the unofficial patches.
  2. [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    The old USKP did that. I've no idea that USKP did that in first the place. Which arise another question, does USSEP add that map marker?
  3. 20170814210758_1.jpg

    From the album Game Pictures

  4. [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    Does CRF add a map marker for The Chill location and according to UESP there is no map marker in vanilla? The reason I ask is simple, KrimRath mentioned it here and is a PS4 player who are using my Skyrim Map Markers mod. At first I was a little confused, but yesterday I visit The Chill and got a map marker for that location. However, I am aware of that PS4 players cannot use either USSEP or CRF due to Sony's policy about using external assets in mods. I know what purpose CRF has and that's to add content that Bethesda created, but decided not to include in the game for whatever reason they may have. That's one of the reasons I had for my Skyrim Map Markers mod and that's add map markers for places nobody never knew that existed in Skyrim. Recently, I started to collect information about what more places I am gonna to add a map marker for in the 1.7 version. Also, I am not sure if CRF is adding a map marker for The Chill or maybe it's USSEP, but I read the "Loactions" section in the OP and couldn't see anything mentioned The Chill location. I'm not fond of adding a map marker for The Chill location in the next version, only for PS4 users, and maintain a coule of different mod versions for all platforms. Adding a map marker for The Chill location in my mod will benefit all mod users regardless what platform people are playing my mod.
  5. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    How about status replies, have you tried that yet?
  6. Feedback thread

    Suggestion for posting a thread about a general TES discussion in this forum category. Just having the same forum structure the old BSF forum had instead creating a separate "TES - General" forum, if it's possible of course. Also, the post editor seems to have a bug when writing a post and that is this. I cannot insert a space between "just" and the "a", if I first delete let say "test" or add something after the "test" at the end of the text line. Something like that.
  7. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    Go into your profile and click on the "See my activity" button to the top right and from there look to the top left in the menu for "Status updates".
  8. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    Ugh, I don't like the color for the top bar where you login or logout and having that *intense* dark orange in combination with the current background hurt my eyes. Is it possible to change color for the top bar to a more matching color? Scratch that... It seems the color for the top bar is tied to what background image a member has chosen. EDIT: Just notice there is a "Start new topic" button in the forum main page. Is that normal or can we compose a new thread without first navigating to the forum we wanted to post a new thread?
  9. Dragon Hunting Radiant Quest Problem

    Then something is wrong with your loadorder and posting it here would help us a lot.
  10. Dragon Hunting Radiant Quest Problem

    Did Arngeir sent you there in one of his radiant the Word Of Power quests? Also, according to UESP Mount Anthor seems to be bugged at least for respawning a dragon after the MQ has been completed. IIRC Another thing that comes to mind is that Mount Anthor is one of the few locations that doesn't have a boss chest.
  11. [RELz] Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement

    Just curious. I don't know if it is intentional or not, but shouldn't the blacksmith in Dawnstar have a workbench and I just notice that in-game. Active Mod Files:
  12. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Thanks for the information Arthmoor. Although, this is actually the opposite I am used to, I mean if a modder are working with a mod in the CK then one would want to use TES5Edit if something needs to done. While WB are primarily for mod users.
  13. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    I'm curious about what method is the best when one wants to make an esp to an esm. Is it in WB or in TES5Edit?
  14. Oldrim to special edition help?

    I don't use NMM, but I think in this case just aviod using NMM when converting a standard mod for SSE. Once the you have converted a standard mod for SSE then load into the CK or activate it and try it youself in-game. The only thing I know about these files is that the esp and the bsa is obvious. IIRC, the bsl file is necessary for the game to even read the bsa. Also, don't forget to convert and include the SEQ-file, if a SEQ-file exist in the original mod, because the dialogue requires a SEQ-file.

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