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  1. Leonardo

    Feedback thread

    I see. I wonder if you have consider to install a font or two, if feasible of course.
  2. Leonardo

    Feedback thread

    This one wants to know how to change fonts in the post editor or is that no longer an option in IPS 4.0.
  3. Leonardo

    Feedback thread

    These coins were created by La♔De♔Da♔Brigadier Graham @ TWC Forum, courtsey to him. [IMG=https://download.sovngarde.se/afCNGA.png] [IMG=https://download.sovngarde.se/kenCTe.png] [IMG=https://download.sovngarde.se/rlcFX5.png] Feel free to use these coins as smileys in your posts.
  4. Leonardo

    Skyrim Special Edition CTD problems.

    Why you're having the same issue with the outlaws, regardless what mods you are using, is exactly what Arthmoor and Hana said. Any mod that has form 44 is what every SSE mods must have, otherwise you'll always have an issue regardless what you do. Except for not removing form 44 from mods that has form 44 to begin with.
  5. Leonardo

    [RELz] ESO Skyshards

    Use my Skyrim Map Markers mod and you'll find one or two. That's cool and I think you actually did the same thing as the devs used a sound for the Nirnroots in-game. Maybe the devs also did that in Oblivion, I don't remember now as I haven't played Oblivion for a long a time. Argh, I really like the thunderstorm sound and to me it is a *bang* similar to a Concorde sounded when it was in service in the 80's. Anyway, thanks for the update mate.
  6. Leonardo

    Skyrim Special Edition CTD problems.

    This is likely what's causing your issue, because form 44 is for SSE mods and I think the form 44 is also used for Fallout 4 mods. I suggest that you reinstall those mods you removed the form 44 and never touch that again.
  7. Leonardo

    Being told to leave my house

    I knew it was illegal to sleep in cities, towns and villages hence for not trying that in an owned house, but I had no idea that could trigger an issue in player's owned house due to a setting in Campfire.
  8. Leonardo

    Being told to leave my house

    No, I haven't. Why do you ask?
  9. Leonardo

    Being told to leave my house

    I find it odd since I also use Campfire and I am not having this issue. In fact I never had this issue since the first day I started to use Campfire. Maybe cleaning the master files havn't been done and in my case the Skyrim master files is cleaned by following alt's Skyrim master files cleaning guide.
  10. Leonardo

    Being told to leave my house

    There must be something else, otherwise you wouldn't have an issue. What SKSE64 mods are you using, aside from SkyUI?
  11. Leonardo

    Being told to leave my house

    I don't have an issue between the USLEEP and Chesko's Campfire, unless you use another Camping mod. But without a posted loadorder I and other people here cannot help you.
  12. It didn't worked with ez009's suggestion. Why should it worked now, I'm a bit skeptic though.
  13. So you haven't notice the Warnings window after you loaded your mod in the CK? The Warnings window will always appear after loading any mod into the CK, regardless what DLC is loaded.
  14. That doesn't hide the Warnings window in the CK. TBH, if I can't hide that damn Warnings window in the CK then I don't think I can continue working with my mod since it's too annoying. God dammit Bethesda, fix it.
  15. That make sense. I'm gonna to try that tomorrow since it's late and I need to sleep. Thanks for posting it.

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