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  1. Leonardo

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Thanks for the update, Arthmoor.
  2. Leonardo

    Instructions for Morrowind in Linux

    The OP wanted to use swift spell casting hence for using MCP.
  3. I notice a Spell casting thread on Nexus and after I read it, the OP are using Linux, hence my question. Has anyone thought about providing instructions for Morrowind, including various of mod user tools e.g Morrowind Code Patch, Wrye Mash etc, when running Linux instead of Windows?
  4. Leonardo

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    You know, this one wasn't aware of that since this is my first time when I reported an unauthorized upload on Nexus, which both you and AndalayBay are used to as both of you have done a couple of times before.
  5. Leonardo

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    Days? Are you kidding me?
  6. Leonardo

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    Finally, now it seems the Nexus staff *found* my report. And because of that I now have unhidden my Skyrim mods on Nexus.
  7. Leonardo

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    And that makes me sad and angry at the same time, because I thought Nexus moderation could be trusted and in this case it's totally the opposite. I can't believe they ignore my report about something that Dark0ne have been a strong supporter of for years, modders is what makes a community site successful.
  8. Leonardo

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    I did that as soon I notice that translation, but have the Nexus staff acted not I am aware of. No, they haven't and something tells me that they are gonna ignore my report and allow unauthorized mods to uploaded without risking a warning or worse to be banned from Nexus. That really sucks and my respect for Dark0ne just vanish.
  9. Leonardo

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Maybe you're aware of this mod, but I think that mod also have a minor conflict with your Ars Metallica mod as it seems to alter smithing as well. https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4069769
  10. Leonardo

    [RELz] Skyrim Map Markers

    Someone have uploaded on Nexus a Spanish translation of my mod without my permission and I decided to hide it due for lacking permission, but also allowing donation points which I don't like one bit. My mod: https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/15276 Spanish: https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/17994 My decision is based on what reaction I have about this.
  11. Leonardo

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    Do you mean SkyTweak?
  12. Leonardo

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    I suspected that as the Fallrim Tools has 28 submitted bugs (at least one is not a bug) in the mod page.
  13. Leonardo

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    Fortunately, I didn't saved my game when I notice that Serana had a black face and later when I continue the issue with Serana was no longer present. Hmm... I'm a bit skeptic about using the Fallrim tool as it favors MO2 users in which I don't like one bit nor do I want to even try MO or NMM or the new Vortex mod manager. So, I have to install the ReSaver tool and see what result it has.
  14. Leonardo

    Karliah Bug

    Then don't state that AFT cause this issue when it is installed. Or disprove it by reproducing the issue with only AFT active. No other mods, not even USSEP, can be installed at the same time in a new game.
  15. I've always used Hadoram's excellent Save Script Cleaner tool for SLE and using that tool saved my game several times, but now I have a similar gamesave issue in SSE and that's related to Serana since she are now under control of AFT. Active Mod Files: I don't need a picture to termine what's wrong with Serana, because she is acting wrong I mean she is *dragged* on the ground without walking or running and on top of that her face is totally black as I cannot see her face. Does anyone know if Hadoram or someone else converted Hadoram's Save Script Cleaner tool for SSE? I need to ask, because that tool is user friendly and easy to use and now I really need to use it.

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