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  1. Thanks for fixing that, I always had that quest stuck in my journal since I started to use CRF.
  2. Yep, I see this too. I would say a software update for SSE.
  3. I just got SSE updated on Steam. Does anyone know what's new? Although, the beta tag is still there, so I guess the changelog haven't changed.
  4. I wonder if you have notice this mod, similar to the other *unauthorized* mod patch for Ars Metallica I mention earlier.
  5. I've been thinking to reduce the detection radius for a map marker to let say between 80% to 60% based on the vanilla setting. I think reducing the detection radius makes the gameplay more immersive in-game. What do you think? I've also been thinking about converting the Skyrim Map Markers mod to console. How do I do that in the CK?
  6. Now I know what's wrong, because earlier today my ISP had some problems with internet and cable. But now cable and obviously, internet is working as intended.
  7. Yep, I got the same repeated reloading of Bethesda.net. When I click on that link I get a message saying that you now leave Steam. Is that correct?
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  11. Just tried to search for a post there Turija mention about a possible bug for the Black Soulgem in Skyrim, but couldn't find anything and besides the forum had an error. Now, all I know is that he posted it in one of the Skyrim Patches thread. Which thread is it? Does anyone know what I am taking about or know the link for such a mod?
  12. There seems to be an issue when searching. I was looking for a post that Turija mention the Black Soulgem and I got this error code when using the "Black Soulgem" keyword. Error code: 1C205/3 Any idea what it means? I also saw this "Please wait 11 seconds before searching again." text or similar. Has that something to do with the flood control setting in ACP, about how often a member can post without being restricted in the forum?