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  1. On 10/31/2018 at 1:14 AM, IcedGreen said:

    alright, here's another save this time without any console at all

    Is that gamesave from the game you used a console command?

    If so then that gamesave cannot be *clean* for testing a bug, if there is a bug that is.

    20 hours ago, IcedGreen said:

    Sorry to bump, but can I get a follow up on this? If I need to open a proper ticket in your tracker, can someone grant me the necessary permissions? Thanks.

    Can you login, in the same way as you login in the forum?

    If not then you need to register I think, unless Arthmoor have changed something.

  2. I often get this kind of error for an esp or an esm in the Warning.txt file when launching Morrowind and the only thing I can do about it is to do what the middle picture shows.

    One of the files that "BearArmorReplacer.ESP" is dependent on has changed since the last save.
    This may result in errors. Saving again will clear this message but not necessarily fix any errors.

    I wonder if it's feasible or even possible for Wrye Mash to mark a mod (as no longer being yellow) once and for all after that the mod have been re-saved in Wrye Mash, sort of ignoring the error and doing that will stop spamming the Warning.txt file.

  3. You need to deactivate all mods and go back to a gamesave before you found the Bloodskal blade.

    Then try to reproduce the bug, if it is a bug that is, and see if the same things happens without mods vs with mods.  The best result will always be in vanilla in a new game.

    Should you be able to reproduce the bug then report it to Bethesda as the USSEP cannot fix a script as Joat_Mon mentioned, which is likely the case here.

  4. I decided to give all of you who have enjoyed my Skyrim Map Markers mod in the past a Christmas present in advance, so to speak, and the 1.9 version is the final version, which means that I'll not update it in the future.

    Enjoy! :D

  5. On 11/3/2018 at 3:38 PM, ferferga said:

    Same problem.

    I never had a problem when buying Breezehome, I could even buy Breezehome when using mods both in SLE and in SSE.

    I use this Breezehome mod for SLE (I converted it to SSE for personal use of course) and even after I converted it to SSE it still works without having an issue when buying Breezehome.

  6. On 12/4/2016 at 5:24 AM, Arthmoor said:

    Because it won't function if it's not loaded last. You'll pull up the map and instead of the Soul Cairn, you'll see Tamriel.

    Does that also applies for the map markers in the Forgotten Vale?

  7. I remember you from the closed BSF and you often visit the Community Discussion forum.  So.  Welcome to AFK Mods, tgl1992! :horkercookie:

    I recall someone reported, on the old BSF (sadly now closed), that Yatul acted a little strange, but that happen a couple of years ago and that's all I remember now.

    Maybe Arthmoor knows what was causing that.

    Anyway, have you tried to deactivate the Quickstart mod as it changes the scripted scenes in the tutorial and returning there later without letting the scripted scenes played through might what's casuing your issue.

  8. On 4/22/2015 at 8:27 PM, z929669 said:

    NEVER mod Morrowind without Wrye Mash (!) WM was my first mod manager

    Then why does the STEP guide for Morrowind don't even mention Wrye Mash? :blink:

    I can tell you why, because that STEP guide clearly shows that the STEP site is a promotional site for MO and nothing else.  Period!

    Also, I find this to be a contradiction about what one should and not do, so in this case it's the opposite. 


    Installation instructions won't be provided for alternatives. Read the instructions carefully to avoid problems!

    Don't follow the instructions in that S.T.E.P. guide as it's will create problems instead of solving problems.  Sure, use the links to download mods, but the rest can be ignored IMO.

  9. On 5/12/2018 at 5:26 AM, Arthmoor said:

    Version 2.0.3

    Added 3 dolmens to Solstheim.

    Man, now it gets even more crowded and number of places with spots that's suitable for camping is decreasing. :P

    Nah, joke aside.  Thanks for the update, mate. :)

    1 hour ago, Arthmoor said:

    Version 2.0.4

    Navmesh cleaning with new versions of xEdit.

     How many more updates for your mods are you gonna to release with the same change log?

    Thanks for keeping your mods updated. :horkercookie:

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