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  1. And that makes me sad and angry at the same time, because I thought Nexus moderation could be trusted and in this case it's totally the opposite.

    I can't believe they ignore my report about something that Dark0ne have been a strong supporter of for years, modders is what makes a community site successful.

  2. 1 hour ago, Arthmoor said:

    report the translation as unauthorized.

    I did that as soon I notice that translation, but have the Nexus staff acted not I am aware of.

    No, they haven't and something tells me that they are gonna ignore my report and allow unauthorized mods to uploaded without risking a warning or worse to be banned from Nexus.  That really sucks and my respect for Dark0ne just vanish.

  3. Fortunately, I didn't saved my game when I notice that Serana had a black face and later when I continue the issue with Serana was no longer present.

    Hmm... I'm a bit skeptic about using the Fallrim tool as it favors MO2 users in which I don't like one bit nor do I want to even try MO or NMM or the new Vortex mod manager.

    So, I have to install the ReSaver tool and see what result it has.

  4. 9 hours ago, Thenryb said:

    If you are talking to Ondrea, why would she bother to prove anything?

    Then don't state that AFT cause this issue when it is installed.  Or disprove it by reproducing the issue with only AFT active.   No other mods, not even USSEP, can be installed at the same time in a new game.

  5. I've always used Hadoram's excellent Save Script Cleaner tool for SLE and using that tool saved my game several times, but now I have a similar gamesave issue in SSE and that's related to Serana since she are now under control of AFT.

    Active Mod Files:

    * 00  Skyrim.esm
    * 01  Update.esm
    * 02  Dawnguard.esm
    * 03  Hearthfires.esm
    * 04  Dragonborn.esm
    * 05  Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp  [Version 4.1.4]
    * 06  Campfire.esm
    * 07  TravellersOfSkyrim.esm
    * 08  ApachiiHair.esm
    * 09  Cutting Room Floor.esp  [Version 3.0.3]
    * 0A  Bring Out Your Dead.esp  [Version 4.0.1]
    * 0B  Barrels and Crates.esp
    * 0C  Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp  [Version 2.0]
    * 0D  Practice Dummies.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 0E  Dragon Claw Stands.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 0F  Breezehome Loft Crafting.esp
    * 10  Point The Way.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 11  Run For Your Lives.esp  [Version 4.0]
    * 12  Keld-Nar.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 13  Ars Metallica.esp  [Version 2.0.3]
    * 14  Darkwater Crossing.esp  [Version 2.0.2]
    * 15  Dolmen Ruins.esp  [Version 2.0.2]
    * 16  Shor's Stone.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 17  Skyshards.esp  [Version 1.0.2]
    * 18  Frostfall.esp
    * 19  Ivarstead.esp  [Version 2.0.2]
    * 1A  Manor Roads.esp  [Version 1.0]
    * 1B  Helarchen Creek.esp  [Version 2.0.2]
    * 1C  Kynesgrove.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 1D  Whistling Mine.esp  [Version 2.0.3]
    * 1E  Soljund's Sinkhole.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 1F  Karthwasten.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 20  Dragon Bridge.esp  [Version 2.0.1]
    * 21  Bee Hives.esp  [Version 1.0.1]
    * 22  The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp  [Version 2.0]
    * 23  CWQuartermasters.esp  [Version 2.0]
    * 24  TravellersOfSkyrim - Vanilla.esp
    * 25  TravellersOfSkyrim - Dragonborn Addon.esp
    * 26  Skyrim Map Markers.esp  [Version 1.9]
    * 27  Forgotten Treasures.esp
    * 28  AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp
    * 29  FollowersCanLoot.esp
    * 2A  moredragonloot.esp
    * 2B  IcePenguinWorldMap.esp
    * ++  lighterdbs.esp
    * 2C  CraftableSkaalforFrostfall.esp
    * 2D  lightthiefarmor.esp
    * 2E  immersiveloverscomfort.esp
    * 2F  ReportXYZ.esp
    * 30  SkyUI_SE.esp
    * 31  PassiveWeaponEnchantmentRecharging.esp
    * 32  JMR Camp Storage - Requires Campfire.esp
    * ++  Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets SSE.esp
    * 33  Heavy Deathbrand.esp
    * 34  Greybeard Clothing.esp
    * ++  LongerTradeSkillsbartercarrypotions.esp
    * 35  Open Cities Skyrim.esp
    * 36  Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp  [Version 4.0.2a]
    * 37  Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
    * 38  RDO - AFT v1.66 Patch.esp
    * 39  RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch.esp
    * 3A  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
    * 3B  Dawnguard Map Markers.esp  [Version 1.0.1]

    I don't need a picture to termine what's wrong with Serana, because she is acting wrong I mean she is *dragged* on the ground without walking or running and on top of that her face is totally black as I cannot see her face.

    Does anyone know if Hadoram or someone else converted Hadoram's Save Script Cleaner tool for SSE?   I need to ask, because that tool is user friendly and easy to use and now I really need to use it.

  6. I see.  Well, most people know that either installing mods or worse uninstalling mods is not recommended to do in SSE, especially not uninstalling any mod that has scripts.

    AFT do have scripts, but from what I can tell the player have the option, described in the AFT ReadMe book, to either rest AFT and/or uninstall AFT as AFT doesn't require SKSE64.

    AFT also have an option to reset a NPC in-game, so read the AFT ReadMe as it covers a lot of stuff including of how to troubleshoot an issue.

    Anyway, I know that AFT did have one issue in the past and that was related to the Aerin bug as AFT cancel the bug fix for Aerin in the old USKP.  But that is fixed now as AFT doesn't cancel the bug fix for Aerin in USSEP.

    A new game with nothing installed is required here, not even USSEP, and try to reproduce the issue just to see what result it has.

  7. [ off topic rant ]

    14 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

    Paid mods were precisely what they said they were before Gabe unilaterally pulled the plug on that. A way to reward modders for their efforts.

    And the CC is exactly like that, a way to reward modders.  But in a different shape.

    However, if it is NOT then why do we need to pay money for credits, in which CC mods will cost within the CC.  My conclusion, is that CC mods are paid mods and nothing else.

    14 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

    That's only a tiny minority who hate it and they can't even articulate WHY they hate it. Which should tell you something.

    I think it's the opposite, the majority hate it at least the people who have been TES fans for years while the younger generation seems to have a different opinion about it.

    [ /off topic rant ]

    2 hours ago, Sladen2019 said:

    New version of SKSE64 just got released. :)

    Thanks for the good news, Sladen. :bigcookie:

  8. I would say the CC thing at Bethesda.net is what the old paid mods concept intended to be, but failed due to the massive storm against it in spring 2015 IIRC.

    Getting an update like that with only CC stuff that makes all SKSE64 mods useless due for not being able to run SKSE64 properly is a slap in the face by Bethesda.  They could at least let us know before the update become available on Steam.

    I hope that the SKSE64 team can find a working around this issue, instead of messing around and reverting back to an older update.

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