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  1. What are you talking about? I just checked and SKSE64 is still 2.0.12, so I don't understand what you mean.
  2. Leonardo

    The Fall of Granite Hill

    You know, early on I wanted to have a map marker for the dragon mounds in my Skyrim Map Markers mod. I even had one map marker for a dragon mound named as Sahloknir in the MQ106 quest, so with this mod I might have something for a 2.0 version should I get the names for the other dead dragons in their respective dragon mounds. Anyway, you never stop surprise me. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Leonardo

    Briarheart Warriors Spawn Naked

    Really? I doubt that since I know Arthmoor quite well and when he says USSEP is not doing that I trust his judgement, so it must be something else. Also, deactivating mods are not enough instead starting a new game is the only thing that's recommended to do. Even playing vanilla is mandatory to do when one want to confirm a bug and that's to reproduce a bug without using mods and that includes USSEP too. If you want to solve it then post your loadorder, because without it we cannot help you. The choice is yours.
  4. Leonardo

    Briarheart Warriors Spawn Naked

    It could be one of the updated mods the OP uses. @SS_Vegeta You need start a new game with only USSEP and another game with the mods you're using now. Just see when it happens.
  5. What Arthmoor said, has nothing to do with USLEEP. Post your loadorder.
  6. You have no other choice then reload the gamesave and do that quest plus using that as an excuse is pretty lame IMO.
  7. Leonardo

    I can't visit TAL

    TAL is back online and I think the reason of why TAL was down yesterday has to do with disk space. I know she didn't switch to another package this time, but when she does that later I assume she would pick a package that has a converter for IPS.
  8. Leonardo

    I can't visit TAL

    Yep, TAL has been down for the whole day. Although, I wonder if Anda finally decided that now is it time to actually install a new forum software and I think it would be better than continue using IPS. The time will tell, probably not today or tomorrow perhaps next year.
  9. Leonardo

    I can't visit TAL

    Well, I wonder what's wrong this time. Now, I can't see the forum when logged in and the only thing I get is an error. EX-1 What does that mean? Nevermind, it's fixed now.
  10. Leonardo

    I can't visit TAL

    That's great. @Arthmoor Feel free to close this thread anytime.
  11. Leonardo

    Dragonborn bug

    What minor bug are you talking about?
  12. Leonardo

    I can't visit TAL

    Earlier today I tried to load the main forum index, but couldn't at the same time the server was just spinning and now I can't visit TAL. I have sent a PM to AndalayBay about this. Has anyone been able to visit TAL today or yesterday?
  13. The only reason I see is about the scripts the mod has and should any of those scripts be included in the USSEP then all fixes in the USSEP will be canceled, because loose scripts will always win over scripts in a BSA.
  14. Leonardo

    No Delphine in Diplomatic Imunity

    Then don't disabling them as it's not recommened to do with installed mods nor is it to uninstall a mod either. Unless the author have provided a safe uninstallation method. It's likely that your issue seems to be caused by a corrupt gamesave, so you need to go back to a gamesave you know that's okay and do the quest a second time from the beginning by not using a different gamesave in the middle of an active quest.
  15. Leonardo

    No Delphine in Diplomatic Imunity

    Are you using mods? If not then I think you need to contact Bethesda about that.

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