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  1. Sladen2019

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Can the Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp be added to Tweak Settings, similarily like the Vampire Aging fix was ?
  2. Sladen2019

    Windows 10

    If you guys want to uninstall some Apps, you can do it via PowerShell. Here is a link on how to do it. https://www.askvg.com/guide-how-to-remove-all-built-in-apps-in-windows-10/ 1809 is working very well so far for me. I was able to get it on day one when they first released it and it did have its issues, most of which did not affect me. They pulled it due to some nasty bugs with file deletion and CPU usage inaccuracy, but thats all fixed. I still have one issue that I would like them to fix, and its been awhile and I'm starting to think they wont fix it. I'll give them more time though before I try to fix it on my own. In Event Viewer, I get Warning: User Profile Service Event ID 1534 spamming very often. At the time of typing this out, I have 3,169 errors under Administrative, most of which are from this 1534 spam. Did some research on it and apparently its caused by remnants of a feature they removed from 1809 but didnt fully remove. Some have found some registry entries to delete via reg edit and it supposedly clears it up, but I will give MS some more time to fix it themselves. https://www.tenforums.com/general-support/118976-new-1809-update-now-shows-event-viewer.html
  3. Sladen2019

    Windows 10

    I previously thought them to be unnecessary as well and removed them using Powershell. I also had Game Bar disabled via Group Policy and Reg Edit as it was causing weird overlay issues for me in Oblivion and Skyrim, despite having them disabled in its own preferred way of doing it within its own app. When the October 1809 got released, I did the big update on day one and all of it was restored to as it was. It now seems to be problem free and harmless. I may even use it to record a video someday.
  4. Sladen2019

    Manual Cleaning Skyrim and Skyrim SE Master files

    Cleaned the new updated masters for SSE 1.5.53 again just now, and got some different numbers for Update.esm and Dawnguard.esm. Hearthfire and Dragonborn are unchanged. New version of SSEEdit-295bd3c used. Update ITM - 17699 Processed and 246 Removed Undelete - 17453 Processed 91 Undeleted Warning: Plugin contains 2 deleted NavMeshes which can not be undeleted Dawnguard First Pass ITM - 98676 Processed and 626 Removed Undelete - 98050 Processed and 82 Undeleted Warning: Plugin contains 57 deleted NavMeshes which can not be undeleted Dawnguard Second Pass ITM - 98049 Processed and 6 Removed Undelete - 98043 Processed and 0 Undeleted Warning: Plugin contains 57 deleted NavMeshes which can not be undeleted
  5. Sladen2019

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    The update was 129 MB. I took a look in the CC store and nothing new there. At least not yet.
  6. Sladen2019

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    The update is probably just support for a few new CC mods again. Wild Horses perhaps, and maybe even the Gray Cowl. The Gray Cowl will interest me.
  7. Sladen2019

    Save Clear Script Cleaner tool for SSE?

    It seems alot of people have issues with the mod FollowersCanLoot. It might be the cause of your issue. As for a Save Cleaner, it seems the only decent one available for SE is FallrimTools. I personally have never had any issues with using it, and it can make backups of your saves if theres any trouble. It does require Java which I would rather it did not, but a workaround for that, is to simply install Java only when you need to use Fallrim.
  8. Sladen2019

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    New version of SKSE64 just got released.
  9. Sladen2019

    [Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.62

    It seems to be just 4 new CC mods. A 5th one called Wild Horses is apparently almost finished. A more in-depth article linked. https://www.gottabemobile.com/skyrim-special-edition-1-5-50-update-whats-new/
  10. Sladen2019

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    For some time. Wrye Bash has identified some of my mods as "Masters have been re-ordered". The mods have never seemed to cause me any trouble. My understanding is that they are identified as such, because the mod authors had the masters sorted incorrectly. Its rare that my Skyrim game crashes anymore, but I wonder if I fixed the mods myself, to have the corrrect master order, if I might get even less crashes. Is there a way for Wrye to fix it automatically or a guide somewhere online on how to fox master order for mods ? Heres a handful of the mods that have the incorrect master order. BS_DLC_patch.esp (Beyond Skyrim Bruma patch for Hearthfires) Blackthornmanor.esp Vivid Weathers.esp Valdmire.esp RDO - EFF v4.0.2 Patch.esp
  11. Sladen2019


    I played it and enjoyed it. There is an expansion coming out for it that looks good but unfortunately it will require a new game. I'll play it again after the expansion and a couple bug fixes for the expansion come out.
  12. Sladen2019

    [Relz] Vortex - Mod Manager

    Vortex seems to work fine with FOMods. Gopher does it in one of his tutorial videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWcHiamHhCA&t
  13. Sladen2019

    Cheap or Free Games!

    Ziggurat is free for the next day a half or so at GOG. https://www.gog.com/game/ziggurat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ziggurat_(2014_video_game) Witcher 3 GOTY Edition is on sale for $19.99 -60% off for a limited time. Other Witcher games are also on sale. https://www.gog.com/games?devpub=cd_projekt_red&sort=popularity&page=1
  14. Sladen2019

    Bethesda.net launcher

    After their E3 event last night, their servers got hammered hard. I went to their site and I wasnt logged in even though I was at it before their event earlier in the night with no trouble. It loaded really slow and wanted me to login and when I did, it said it was the wrong password. I tried again and it said it again, even though I knew one hundred percent, that it was right. I tried again some 6-7 hours later or so and it worked fine. No errors. Some crazy glitchy stuff was probably caused last night, and will all hopefully be resolved soon if it isnt already.
  15. Sladen2019

    [RELz] Unofficial Oblivion Patch [UOP]

    Good to see this. Are the DLC and Shivering Isles patches also done ? or one more of those on the way ?

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