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  1. I commented on the Reddit thread. Mator makes good points, but he also mentioned in the thread that there is nothing WRONG with cleaning masters. He just doesn't feel it is necessary, and that it is a waste of time. I honestly don't know enough either way...IMO there is no real downside to cleaning masters (besides a possible waste of time), and your guide is the best on the web. Unless it can be proven to be detrimental, which Mator even says it is not, then please DO NOT remove your guides. The info that is particularly useful, IMO (that no other guide I have seen mentions) is the manual removal of the dirty edits.
  2. Available without DLC, Pete. I remember playing on the PS3 before I had discovered modding on PC, and Dragonplate and Dragonscale were definitely available.
  3. Huh? USSEP is only around 163mb compressed. Not sure how you figure it was increased by 250mb. And where did you get the idea that additional file size breaks saves? If that was the case, the many GB of textures I have installed would undoubtedly have destroyed my game (and the games of almost everyone else who mods).
  4. I just wanted to give a shout out to the Humble Freedom Bundle. $30, all proceeds go to charity, with Humble matching up to $300k. Charities are ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) and the International Rescue Committee. You choose where the money goes. 56 games and counting (they added more a few times already), 5 e-books, 2 audio books, a music album, a comic series, and a video series. Some great games in there, such as Super Meat Boy, The Witness, Stardew Valley, Mini Metro (both Steam and Android versions), and more. They ran out of Steam Keys for Subnautica, but everything else is still available. Anyway, link here:
  5. Thank you, Arthmoor. :-)
  6. Download "".
  7. Yes, I did have him as a companion prior to using Cait. I had dismissed him and sent him to Sanctuary while I was in Sanctuary, then went to grab Cait (solo) and had her following me. Edit: And no, Preston Garvey is not on the list. Only Codsworth, Dogmeat and Cait. Note that Codsworth IS on the list, but activating the tracker on him does not work (it doesn't even show activated on the machine's interface).
  8. Humble Bundle's game bundle is Star Wars themed right now. For anyone that didn't catch it the last time or doesn't own all the Star Wars games already, it's a pretty good deal. $1 gets you some of the games, pay above the average price (currently just under $11) for most of them, and $14 for all of the games in the bundle. On for another 10 days. Credit to EssArrBee at STEP for the heads-up.
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering if you guys were able to replicate this on 2.0 beta, or if it is an issue with my game only (i.e. a layer 8, ID10T or PEBCAK error :-P ). If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, no worries. Cheers
  10. @BlackPete Gstaff said he would let the team know. Another user reported then reported it fixed before the patch went live, and speculated it was an issue on the server end.
  11. People have been complaining about the lack of patch 1.3 on XBox over on the Beth forums for a while. Remember the "User Generated ESMs load in the wrong order" thread that you made in the Skyrim Support - PC section? People keep asking Bethesda on that thread when this fix will be available on XBox, but no response has come from any Beth reps on the issue. I am happy I play on PC...
  12. "Codsworth was not included in the Vault-Tec DLC companion tracker system. (Bug 21323)." I started a new game with UFO4P 2.0 Beta. I only have one other mod, "Achievements" (which doesn't have an .esp) and F4SE. I have all DLC, and Wrye Bash is the mod manager. I have never used console codes in-game. I built a Vault-Tec tracker, and Codsworth is listed as one of the companions on the tracker, but selecting him (either individually or via "all") does nothing. It still lists Codsworth as "off" and nothing shows up on the map. This is in Sanctuary (where Codsworth currently is), and I have two other companions right now - Cait (currently with me), and Dogmeat (in Sanctuary). Attached is the save file. (Edit: Removed)
  13. Does anyone know if the "Power Armor Reset" bug or any of the other outstanding engine bugs mentioned in the OP have been fixed? Just wondering as Beth specifically mentioned the Power Armor Reset bug would be included in a subsequent patch, and that was last May. I plan on giving FO4 a shot as soon as UFO4P 2.0 is out. It seems like you guys have been quite busy fixing a ton of scripting errors from what I've read in the forums. Thanks again for making Beth games as bug-free as possible. :-) I wouldn't even think of playing a Beth game without the UP. Cheers.
  14. Is there not a mobile theme anymore? I find the new theme difficult to read on my smartphone.
  15. I think some stuff from that mod is incorporated in the unofficial patch, but a lot of it is not (not considered "bugs" per se).I think Kryptopyr is busy with life ATM, but hopefully she gets the chance to port WAF and CCF one of these days. I believe she did mention she wanted to port them when she found time.