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  1. Great job Sclerocephalus, thanks for your work!
  2. Thanks for taking a look into this
  3. I can confirm that I get the same result as the original poster. Any script that was compiled against the vanilla papyrus source will throw a runtime error when a user has UFO4P installed because the function definition has been changed. This is the vanilla function definition. function DailyUpdate(bool bRealUpdate = true) This is the UFO4P definition. function DailyUpdate(bool bRealUpdate = true, bool bResetHappiness = false) As an example, if a mod was compiled with the vanilla sources and a user installs UFO4P these errors are thrown in the papyrus log. [03/28/2017 - 02:29:55PM] UFO4P_Test [03/28/2017 - 02:29:55PM] error: Incorrect number of arguments passed. Expected 2, got 1. stack: [AAA_UFO4P_Test (09000F99)].UFO4P_Test.OnQuestInit() - "C:\Users\Scrivener07\AppData\Local\Temp\PapyrusTemp\UFO4P_Test.psc" Line 7 Scriptname UFO4P_Test extends Quest WorkshopScript Property WS Auto Const Mandatory Event OnQuestInit() Debug.Trace("UFO4P_Test") WS.DailyUpdate(false) EndEvent

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