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  1. Thanks for the info so far. UFO4P is the only mod I am using right now so the sorting issue shouldn't be a problem for me at this point (still hope Beth will fix this of course). An update from Arthmoor would be welcome, maybe with a tentative date for the next patch release....it's been a while ;-)
  2. Hi Arthmoor, Is it still ok (safe) to play with the latest UFO4P patch after the latest update/patch from Bethesda? I guess so, since there weren't many (any?) game changes but I just wanted to verify before I continue playing. Thanks!
  3. Thanks (as always) to Arthmoor & team!
  4. Just checking in after a couple of months. Is there a tentative date for the next patch release?
  5. Ok to use v1.0.5 with official 1.8 update or would you advise against right now?
  6. Thanks Arthmoor & team for the UFO4P update! So if I am currently subscribed to the patch via bethesda.net, I will automatically receive the unified patch once it is released, correct? Or would I have to subscribe to a new/different patch? Also, would it be possible to include the current patch version number in the bethesda.net patch description (if it is not too much of a hassle)?
  7. thelonewanderer

    [Fallout 4] Known Engine Bugs

    Is it possible to test the pending precomb fix during the beta? I know nothing about modding and have no clue if this is feasible or how time-consuming that would be. There is also a special forum thread just for this latest patch with not too much feedback as of right now so I am not sure if people are aware of it: https://community.bethesda.net/community/fallout/fallout-4/fallout-4-steam-betas
  8. Arthmoor & team, please don't give up on the UFO4P just yet! Beth has fixed some of the engine bugs or at least confirmed and promised a fix in one of the next official patches (Weapons Dropped / Mesh overrides). I don't see how they could just ignore this latest issue, especially now that they are expanding the mod audience to the consoles (i.e. depending on a vibrant modding community). Given the UFO4Ps popularity, it should be in their very own interest to ensure that this gets addressed quickly. Here's hoping that they'll listen...
  9. Just downloaded the patch from http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/files/file/1765-unofficial-fallout-4-patch/ LOOT tells me it is 1.0.4a even though the link above shows version 1.0.4b Is this an issue with LOOT or is the download file still 1.0.4a maybe?
  10. If Dogmeat is a companion it is special one as he grants you no companion perks like all the other followers do. Maybe the developers recognized this by allowing the lone wanderer perk even with Dogmeat at your side? Speculation, I know. I wish Bethesda would finally address the much more pressing issues that Arthmoor mentioned so you guys could invest your talent in the UFO4P instead of Dogmeat debates.
  11. Great, thanks a lot! Does this mean that there will be only one unofficial patch going forward or are there still plans for individual DLC patches? I know you mentioned that a unified patch is the goal and if the current approach is working fine, why add DLC patches at all?
  12. Is it still safe to use the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch 1.0.2 after the release of Far Harbor (i.e. safe to use it together with all DLCs)? I asked this before after the release of the previous DLCs but just wanted to make sure again now that Far Harbor is out.
  13. As a grateful user of the unofficial patches for Skyrim and Fallout 4 I am primarily interested in the quest fixes that you provide. The quest bugs usually prevent me from sucessfully completing a quest and are must-haves in my opinion. Other issues like text fixes - while greatly appreciated - fall more into the "nice to have" category as far as I am concerned. So I was wondering if the cell reset bug and the precombine/previs issue are linked to specific types of bugs in the game or prevent fixing any/all kinds of bugs? Thanks again for your terrific work!
  14. Is Bethesda aware of the required fixes? Did they confirm/respond in any way so far? Without the fixes, would this mean the end of the UFO4P project before it really started? Also, is the 1.0.2 patch safe to use for the time being (with DLCs installed and without the required fixes from Bethesda that you mentioned) or should I better revert to a non-modded save-game file? Are the changes made up until 1.0.2 not affected by the engine bugs? Gee, I really hope Bethesda will get this sorted...
  15. Thanks for all your work so far! If inter-DLC confilcts are indeed an issue, a unified patch may be the way to go, especially since Far Harbor won't be the last DLC as confirmed by Pete Hines this week: https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/727861381173784576 p.s.: Was able to download and activate the UFO4P without problems via bethesda.net just now.

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