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  1. thanks for taking a look now what about the aeternus? it should be TRUE unlimited ammo or what?
  2. there is one that comes to mind, 2-3 dead mirelurks and some raiders, alongside a cooking station - apparently they're were cooking those mirelurks
  3. what about loading screen hints? after picking up ada every damn screen show those robot repair kits info now I know I nitpicking here, but since we're talking about it...
  4. Currently I've been using this one http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18874/? and it does the job, however the author says you must get the bobblehead before any of the np perks otherwise no deal - so there's something wrong there still
  5. then I should edit FLTV? default value says 50... seems to be way higher in-game, but anyway
  6. Then I would really like a mod like this available, or even better, a tutorial showing me how I can do this on my own. Say, like, a 25% chance of an automatron related RE to trigger after automatron would be ideal.
  7. Now let's talk about the Aeternus - Unique gatling laser with the never ending legendary effect Keeping in mind the fustercluck with gatling lasers and fusion cores, but let's focus on the never ending legendary effect and what it does "Unlimited Ammo Capacity" reading this one could understand as "cool, a weapon that fires and doesn't consume ammo" sadly, it's not how it works A better description of the effect would be "Unlimited Clip Capacity" , say you have 500 fusion cells and every 30 shots you need to reload. With this effect, you never have to reload you laser rifle again - but it stills consume you fusion cells, after 30 shots you have 470 remaining. The best usage of this effect would be in a double barrel shotgun that can only fires 2 rounds between reloads. Now, how do you think this effect works on a gatling laser? Some users report that on gatling laser, this effect grants TRUE unlimited ammo - that is if you have a fusion core, you can fire forever. However there is no evidence of this in the game files that I could find (and please correct me if I'm wrong). Let's talk about the logical effect of this perk as we understand it - excluding perks and bobbleheads, gatling lasers fires 500 rounds per fusion core. Say you have two cores in your inventory your gatling laser should be able to fire 1000 rounds without the need to reload a new core after the first 500 ones - but at the same time, it stills consumes that core and the end of 1000 rounds, you should be empty of fusion cores. And how it works in-game? Here's a well explained video of it Confusing to say the least
  8. I think the whole system with Gatling Lasers is somewhat broken let's see if I can explain Gatling Lasers use Fusion Cores as ammo. Nothing new here. So as a control scenario, I did a test with a fresh character, with a Gatling Laser and a Fusion Core in the inventory. with 1 full fusion core in the inventory, the gatling laser fires 500 rounds. with 2 full fusion cores in the inventory the gatling laser fired 500 rounds, reloaded, and then fired another 500 rounds Now I got myself the repair bobblehead - Fusion cores last 10% longer. 500 rounds + 10% = 550 rounds, right? well... with only one fusion core in the inventory, the ammo count says it's have 500 rounds ready. So the game doesn't taken the repair bobblehead perk into consideration? I fired the 500 rounds, doing so drained the ONLY fusion core I had to my surprise, after the last round fired, I reloaded ANOTHER fusion core that came from nowhere. Remember, I had only one in my inventory. This new fusion core have 9/100 capacity, and had exactly 50 rounds to fire, the same 50 rounds from the repair bobblehead perk. Why it had to to this? Why the fusion core doesn't had 550 rounds to begin with? I repeated the same trial with now 2 full fusion cores in the inventory after the initial 500 rounds fired, it reloaded - I checked to see what fusion core it selected - it should be the another full one? No, again the game give a 9/100 fusion core out of the blue and selected that core, but now it don't have 50 rounds, instead it had another 500 again, a 9/100 fusion core with 500 rounds selected, the full one left alone so I fired these 500 rounds from a 9/100 core but as soon as I fired the first round, the game then changed the core I was using - it now used the full one. What? after 500 rounds fired I had now 2 9/100 cores with 50 rounds left. I fired it up, the two were consumed. So what have we learned? a full fusion core have 500 rounds to be used from a gatling laser, and aparently it cannot have any more than that - with the repair bobblehead, after the full core was drained, the game gives you a 9/100 core with 50 rounds left. with this behaviour in mind, I leave the repair bobblehead alone for now Now to focus on the Nuclear Physicist perk first rank says fusion cores lasts 25% longer - so 500 + 25% = 625 again the same behaviour = with 1 full core on the inventory, ammo count shows 500 rounds, after fired a received a 19/100 core with 124 rounds left, 1 round less than the 125 granted from the 25% bonus second rank of this perk says fusion cores lasts 50% longer - so 500 + 50% = 750 yet again, after the initial 500 rouns I reloaded with a previously inexistent core with 33/100 and 249 rounds, again 1 round less than the 250 the perk should grant to complete the show, let's add the repair bobblead on top of that 500 + 50% from the two ranks of Nuclear Physicist + 10% - it now should have a total of 825 rounds to fire it turns out the game completely renagate the bonus from the repair bobblehead while you have the Nuclear Physicist perk I fired the 500 rounds from the full core, it reloaded a new one with 33/100 with 249 rounds, as if I didn't have the bobblehead at all note that I run these tests with one and two cores in my inventory, during normal gameplay a player may have 20, 30, 40 - the game then keep using the full ones, leaving a bunch of 33% cores left edit - note again that I didn't mentioned level 3 of the np perk, fusion cores last double - but it's the same thing happening also I didn't mentioned the aeternus, the unique legendary gatling laser introduced by nuka world. It's supposed to have the never ending effect but it doesn't work that way at all. I'll do more tests with it later. why the game cannot fire more than 500 rounds from a full core with all perks?
  9. this apply to general clothing vendors? like Becky Fallon? I recruited Anne Hargraves and assigned her to a level 4 clothing store, and she always have the colonial duster for sale, AFAIK that's he only way to get this item (not counting trading with Preston Garvey) and I suppose unique itens are out of equation? not unique like legendaries - wastelander's chest piece or any of this kind, but for example: submariner's uniform only obtainable if you kill Zao at the Yangzte, or lieutenant's hat only obtainable if you visit USS Constitution after completing the quest and siding with Ironsides
  10. BTW, let me ask - what's the fate of that bugfix related to the prydwen being shown as a settlement? I remember it worked until patch 1.5 or 1.6, then bethesda did something in one of those updates that invalidated your fix. Later I read in the patch notes that the fix was removed because of these reasons I just explained. The current situation as in the latest patch both official and unofficial - prydwen and airport ruins are shown as settlement icons in the map. Is it now unfixable? Are you planning to "re-fix" it?
  11. just did this side quest and can confirm some oddities When I reached this portion of the building, I heard her voice "who's there, come around the side" only to find she wasn't on the room... instead she was coming in the corridor that leads to the stairways and there was a gunner shotting at her from behind. It was very funny actually. I did manage to engage in dialogue and passed the speech check telling her to leave - she just stood in place and when I made my way through the corridor I heard "wait, don't leave me here"
  12. I had this problem only once, on some lampposts in front of faneuil hall. Nvidia card. You could try taking a pix frame (google it to know more - I don't know the exaclty details of usage) and then sent to someone with better understand of the subject.
  13. Hmmm, something still doesn't seem right. After installing the newest 2.0 patch, I went to a known random encounter "hotspot" (road to cambridge polymer labs) to see what's new Found plenty of things happening: preston garvey impersonator, ness (related to the skylines crash site quest) even was able to recruit the scribe as a vendor. All working good, no problem. Then I played some more, completed automatron. Went back to the same place to see if I could find smiling lary - The only thing I could find after a hour trying: Rust devil patrols, over and over again. It's intended to random encounters AFTER automatron be only about rusty devils or robots? I read something like that in the wikia.
  14. "requires patch 1.8" so patch 1.9 didn't change much I guess
  15. Don't know if it's related to random encounters, but I feel things are indeed more dangerous. Those defend the checkpoints misc. quests, I found a 3-way fight between railroad agents, synths (and a courser) AND rust devils. Don't remember seeing this kind of behaviour before.