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    NOTE - There are alternate textures available for download. They will not be uploaded to AFK. Only Nexus! The Oblivion Crisis started with the Sack of Kvatch in 3E 433, which the Champion of Cyrodiil helped take back with assistance from the guards. That same year, Mehrunes Dagon opened multiple Oblivion Gates throughout the continent of Tamriel. It ended that same year, starting the 4th era. It was also said to have hit the province of Skyrim rather hard, with various gates opening up throughout to besiege Skyrim. They laid waste to the Old Holds (Winterhold, Eastmarch, The Rift, and The Pale). However, there is nothing remaining from that event a little over 200 years after. How could Skyrim's residents have dismantled the gates? Surely they couldn't get them all. This mod adds the gates throughout Skyrim, as a reminder of the Crisis. They also have some character added to them to make them feel like they've been around for over 200 years. WHAT ABOUT MCR'S MOD? Well, he was banned for stealing and porting assets from Oblivion into Skyrim and claiming them as his own. I could have just ported it over, but I can't do that because the permission notes don't allow for it and I don't feel like being banned for mod theft. INSTALLATION Nexus Mod Manager Download and install as you normally would. Wrye Bash Download the latest version manually. Move the archive into the Skyrim Special Edition Bash Installers folder. Run Wrye Bash and install the mod as you normally would. Make sure "Oblivion Gates Remade.esp" is enabled in the Mods tab! Manually Download the latest version manually. Unpack the downloaded archive. Move the unpacked files into the Skyrim Special Edition Data folder. Activate the plugin through a mod manager. After installing, run LOOT. KNOWN ISSUES The Dremora drop Daedra Hearts, which may create a balancing issue by making certain quests much easier to complete such as The Cursed Tribe and Coated in Blood. Will be swapped out on request. NavMesh might not be very effective. I can't be sure, though. COMPLEMENTARY MODS Oblivion Gates in Cities - Adds the gates in the 5 major cities. This is already included in his Open Cities mod. COMPATIBILITY INIGO should be compatible. There shouldn't be too many compatibility issues with other mods. Let me know if there are any! If you use Realistic Water Two, place the Oblivion Gates Remade plugin above it. UNINSTALLATION Due to the way Skyrim was designed, any mod that is uninstalled mid-play has the potential to leave behind data in save games that can never be removed. Any mod that isn't a pure mesh/texture replacer can leave their data behind, causing it to be embedded in one's save. Scripts are counted among this, but it depends on how they were written. I will not provide support for anyone who uninstalls this mod and continues on with their game. Remove "Oblivion Gates Remade.esp" and "Oblivion Gates Remade.bsa" from the data folder. Click "Yes" to the missing files warning. OTHER DOWNLOADS