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  1. Nice work on this, Beermotor! Thank you!
  2. Utumno, the latest WIP gives me the following traceback when launching WB for Fallout 4: MISMATCH: Bashed Patch, 0.esp cached AB97BD63 real BACA7C64 Rebuilding the bashed patch doesn't help - I get the same error on the next WB launch. Let me know what you need. EDIT: Deleting the old bashed patch and generating a new one works fine (as expected). For some reason, WB doesn't recognize that the old one has been updated.
  3. Just to be clear, there are a lot of subfolders inside Data\Tools\Bodyslide\, so all contents need to be installed.
  4. Beermotor, I do the same thing - manually install the Tools folder and its contents. I'd love to see WB include Data\Tools\... as a recognized installable folder. Thank you for mentioning it!
  5. It's working now. Maybe I just missed the grab bar. Thank you!
  6. Utumno, using the latest WIP to change an ESP description, I get the following traceback when clicking the Save button (both FO4 and Oblivion): Also on the Mods tab, the Masters box is barely visible and isn't re-sizable (on both Oblivion and FO4). Let me know what you need!
  7. This was my mistake. I don't have F03 or FNV - just Oblivion and FO4 (which works very well). Sorry!
  8. Maybe an installer thing. I probably used the original Wrye Flash installer, and now just replace the Mopy folder with the current WIP.
  9. Arthmoor, the WIP builds work fine for FO3 and FO4, tabs and all.
  10. Same here! Thank you, Utumno!
  11. Chrome works okay for me on (which is like putting lipstick on a pig).
  12. From the Nexus forum:
  13. Someone on the Nexus forum says he's solved the settler regespawning issue by removing packages "WorkshopSandboxRelaxation20x4" and "UFO4PWorkshopSandboxAtRelaxLocationAndGuardArea":