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  1. Been experiencing more frequent crashes with my current play through. It's probably a new mod I've installed, but decided to check whether all my mods were cleaned with FO4Edit. Found two dirty mods, one of which is the current version of this unofficial patch -- with 2 Identical to Master Records found. This probably isn't the cause of my problems, but wanted to point out so you could address in the next update.
  2. Thanks to you and your team for all the work you do to make these games run more smoothly and squash the many bugs. So I've heard this sermon before -- and I'm a believer. But this particular response prompted some questions: 1-Does this mean that we should not update the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch mid-game? I know each new version adds many things, and sometimes includes a revert from a previous change. 2-So I understood that mods with scripts can present a problem if deleted, but it sounds like you're also saying that simple ESPs (such as a change to leveled lists, weapon damage, etc) could also be a problem. Would it also be a problem if the mod wasn't deleted, but changed -- if it doesn't include scripts? 3-Is this issue particular to Fallout 4 alone, or is it also a problem with earlier Fallout and TES games? Thanks for taking the time to educate us!
  3. scbfromnc

    Fast Travel Bug

    I have the Helgen exit game save from this restart, but not from the game I posted about in my original post at top. I'm level 25 in that game, so am resuming it. I don't believe I've done anything to corrupt that game, so will resume it. I restarted only as a test to understand what was going on. I still have those restart saves, and will discard after a few days. Good suggestion to report on Bethesda.net -- though, I will be surprised if Bethesda reads and does anything about it.
  4. scbfromnc

    Fast Travel Bug

    OK, I'm an idiot. I started a new game and disabled BFT and all the new mods. Turns out that it's not a problem with any of my mods -- it's Survival mode that disables fast travel. If I don't enable Survival mode, then I can fast travel. I thought I had looked up the description before, but now I see that the description on Bethesda.net clearly says that fast travel is disabled. Strange thing, however, is that if I enable Survival mode as soon as I exit the Helgen cave when the pop-up asks, then fast travel is disabled (even if I disable Survival mode later). If I say no to that pop-up and enable Survival mode later, I can still fast travel while in Survival mode. So I guess there is a bug in that esl file. Note that no console commands were used in this test. Sorry for all the confusion.
  5. scbfromnc

    Fast Travel Bug

    @Leonardo: Well I've left High Hrothgar and don't have a save from there, but I can run down at Whiterun. I don't understand the reference to running and corrupt game. There was no enemy close by nor was I overloaded. In fact, I've tried fast traveling from several save games/locations and can't fast travel unless I first use the teleport command I described above. @BlackPete: The only console command I've used is to change the time scale. Although I used the moveto command to test whether that would resolve the fast travel issue, I didn't save after that based on Imstearn's warning. So I'm still unable to fast travel. I've got over 1100 hours in Skyrim/Skyrim SE, and have never experienced this issue before. Because I've played this game so much (and TES VI is no where in sight), I've added quite a few new mods to this latest playthrough (Dawnguard Delayed, Dragonborn Delayed, Encounter Zones Redone, Essential Housecarls, Horse Storage and Whistle, Immersive Citizens, MorrowLoot, Survival Patch) plus Survival mode. I'm planning to start a new game with limited mods so I can test whether BFT or another mod is causing this issue. All comments thus far are appreciated and any further suggestions are also welcome.
  6. scbfromnc

    Fast Travel Bug

    The only thing I've ever used the console for is to change the timescale. Better Fast Travel - Ships and Carriages is a loose files version since the mod author has not transferred to Skyrim SE. The loose files version disables fast travel, but I tried editing the file to remove that and it made no difference. I also tried disabling the mod (as a test only) and that also made no difference. You might argue that the fast travel command is embedded in my game, but fast travel works fine after I used the console to teleport. In any case, thanks for your response. Here's the list of mods:
  7. scbfromnc

    Fast Travel Bug

    i was outside High Hrothgar heading down the steps. I tried several other saves from different outside locations and couldn't fast travel from any of them. First time this has happened to me. I've had no problems with fast travel on other games. So it's not normal behavior. But it works fine now from this game since I used the console to fast travel that first time. Not a big deal now. Just a bit frustrating trying to figure out what was wrong.
  8. This may be an engine bug, but I didn't see it mentioned after performing a search on this forum or the Skyrim forum. In my current game I'm unable to fast travel and get the message, "Fast Travel is not permitted from this location". I investigated my current mods and couldn't find a cause there, then read a posting on the Wiki (http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:920357). Basically, I just entered a console command (player.moveto 000198ab) and, after teleporting, I was able to fast travel as normal. Is this something that can be addressed in the patch?
  9. I went to that same site and can confirm that the button to report a new bug doesn't show up. But the instructions state that you have to have an account in order to report a bug, and apparently your account on this website doesn't do it. Sounds like you need to open an account there.
  10. scbfromnc

    Chain Link Fences

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have heard of the baked in the save issue, but thought it wouldn't matter since it was exactly the same file -- just a name change to the esp. And since it's the same file, why would previews disappear with the renamed esp? I'll probably leave it set us as is with the original esp name (WWE.esp), but I'm just interested in understanding why the previews disappeared.
  11. scbfromnc

    Chain Link Fences

    I've always wondered why there's not an option to build chain link fences and have been unable to find a mod for it until recently. Wasteland Workshop Evolved was released early last year that includes those as well as a lot of other things (rugs, containers, beds, etc) that I'm not interested in. Since I already have enough trouble finding build items in the workshop because it's not well organized, I didn't want that other stuff and used FO4Edit to go through the mod line by line and delete anything that wasn't chain link fence related. I never loaded the game with the original mod. After my edits, I booted up and I had chain link fences and it worked perfectly. I was really pleased with myself and made a save. Then I thought, why not change the name of the esp to something more descriptive instead of the original name. So I exited from the game, made my name change and rebooted. With only a name change the mod had a problem in that the previews of the chain link fence items were invisible. They're still there and I can build with them, but I have to rely on the word description for what I'm building. So I reverted back to the original author name and it's now functioning normally, including able to see a preview of the items. Can anyone explain what's going on? One thing that appealed to me about this mod is that it contains no scripts.
  12. scbfromnc

    Issues with random encounters

    I've noticed two areas that always have hostiles whenever I visit them -- even if it's only a day since my last visit. The gated entrance to Starlight Drive-in where hostiles come from under the railroad overpass, and the second one is about a block or two NW of Hangman's Alley. Whether I walk there or fly in on a Vertibird, I almost always encounter hostiles. More than half the time it's hostiles added by Automatron. Should these be respawning this quickly or is it a bug?
  13. scbfromnc

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Thanks for the quick reply! Exactly what I needed.
  14. scbfromnc

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    I'm using v3.2.1 but still getting an error when I try to load a mod based on the new survival.esl content. The esl appears last in the SSEEdit load list so it won't load the mod since the esl is a master for that mod. But I believe the esl is actually loading before the mod in game (I've read earlier posts that load order for esl is hardcoded, besides my game would crash if the esl didn't load before that mod), it's just showing up last in SSEEdit. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Thanks, I went into the Launcher and updated my version of the CK. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I can't see the version number until I update and run it. Couldn't find version number on the launcher or anywhere in bethnet, or any announcement that there's a new version. Anyway, issue resolved.

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