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  1. Quest has started and Wuunferth is in jail. Just went back to Windhelm and found Arivanya dead, unclothed with all these stab marks just outside the Windhelm gates. Never had that happen before. I've talked with NPCs and no one is reporting that the killer is active again. Anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?
  2. Correct, it's only available here. Version 2.0.0 -- see Arthmoor's second post under Unofficial FO4 Patch. I started a new game with it and seems to work great. So many more random encounters now. And maybe it's just my imagination, but the encounters seem much more dangerous.
  3. Outstanding! Been waiting for this patch.
  4. Impressive work! Do you have contacts within Bethesda that you can tell them about this issue? Though to be honest, I have more confidence in the UFO4 team to fix than Bethesda.
  5. @BlackPete - thanks for the info! I'll take your advice and wait on the masters.
  6. I've now seen two posts about cleaning Skyrim SE masters. Can you use the current version of TES5Edit for that? Just rename to SkyrimSEEdit?
  7. Thanks to all of you for the fixes you've made and are working on. Are quest fixes like "Emogene Takes a Lover" possible to fix (she disappears to her room and you can't access to progress unless you use the console)? And can workshop ownership issues like the turrets in Covenant be fixed?
  8. @Oxhorn: I just saw your YouTube video, Defense Chance Solved based on some of the discussion in this thread. Thanks for doing the video -- I'm a big fan. I talked with a statistician friend of mine about the probability of successfully defending a settlement if attack and defense strength are maxed out (i.e. 100), and the correct answer I believe is 62.5%. This simple diagram explains the reasoning: With a DefenseRoll of 50 or more it's an automatic win for defense (as shown in black hash region of the diagram). In those cases where the DefenseRoll is less than 50, the defense wins 12.5% of the time as shown in the red hash region. And a total winning chance for defense of 62.5%. As you correctly point out in the video, you can substantially improve odds of defense by managing food and water in the workbench.
  9. From the album Fo4 Settlement

  10. This is interesting stuff. In the Reddit article referenced by Oxhorn there are suggestions that the script code is borked. I realize this article was 8 months ago, so the scripts may have been updated by now. Can anyone look at what's going on in the attack quest section and speak to whether the code now looks ok? And if not ok, is this something that can be addressed by a modder? @Oxhorn: Thanks for interpreting this. Not sure if I'm calculating this right, but if attack and defense strength are optimized and limited to 100, then seems that the chance for winning comes down to the random number roll. So wouldn't it be 100 to 50, or 67% chance to win since attackRoll is limited to 150?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I have no knowledge of scripts so I find this difficult to understand. But between this and a couple of articles I found on Reddit, it seems that attack quests (off stage resolution) calculates attackStrength and defenseStrength. Didn't see attackStrength defined above but it's apparently a function of food+water and randomized number with a maximum of 100. defenseStrength is safety + totalPopulation. Is safety your settlement defense value (turrets, etc)? Apparently defenseStrength is also capped at 100, though I didn't see that listed above. A 1d100 roll is added to each strength value to generate an attackRoll and a defenseRoll. attackRoll is capped at 150. If attackRoll > defenseRoll then attackers win. So this means that if you have maximum defense (population + "safety" = 100) then you have at least a 51% chance of winning (more if attack isn't maximized). Seems like a pretty awkward calculation, but it is what it is. Can anyone confirm that safety is the settlement defense value? If that's true then it makes at least some sense. Sorry for taking up space on this forum for this topic -- it's just that the Bethesda forums are worthless now and this is the only forum where you're discussing something other than PS4 mods and whether we got our moneys worth!
  12. I realize this may not be something that the Unofficial Patch team is interested in, but I would love to see someone make a mod to address settlement attacks that are resolved off-screen. I've read on Reddit that the chance of successfully defending an attack when the player isn't present is based on a calculation, as described above by Sclerocephalus. In one thread it described the chance of defending against an attack as decreasing as settlement defense increased (i.e. backwards from what intuition would tell you). In another thread it described the chance of success as about 50% regardless of how you have the settlement set up. I've tried Google searches and haven't found a definitive answer to this. Now there is a mod out there that tries to address this, but the mod author admits that he made a mistake and chance of defending the attack decreases with increasing defense rating. There are also reports that the mod caps Happiness at 50%. Not much activity on that mod so I think he may have abandoned it. So I'm coming to this forum because you guys are the ones I trust to make a mod that would work properly. Defense doesn't have to take everything into consideration, but I would think it should include settlement defense rating! And chance of success should increase with increasing defense. Formula might be similar to AttackChance, but without the food and water ratings included in the calculation. Anyway, thanks for all your work on the Unofficial Patch. I'm glad there are folks out there that care about game quality and the details since Bethesda apparently does not.