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  1. Chain Link Fences

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have heard of the baked in the save issue, but thought it wouldn't matter since it was exactly the same file -- just a name change to the esp. And since it's the same file, why would previews disappear with the renamed esp? I'll probably leave it set us as is with the original esp name (WWE.esp), but I'm just interested in understanding why the previews disappeared.
  2. Chain Link Fences

    I've always wondered why there's not an option to build chain link fences and have been unable to find a mod for it until recently. Wasteland Workshop Evolved was released early last year that includes those as well as a lot of other things (rugs, containers, beds, etc) that I'm not interested in. Since I already have enough trouble finding build items in the workshop because it's not well organized, I didn't want that other stuff and used FO4Edit to go through the mod line by line and delete anything that wasn't chain link fence related. I never loaded the game with the original mod. After my edits, I booted up and I had chain link fences and it worked perfectly. I was really pleased with myself and made a save. Then I thought, why not change the name of the esp to something more descriptive instead of the original name. So I exited from the game, made my name change and rebooted. With only a name change the mod had a problem in that the previews of the chain link fence items were invisible. They're still there and I can build with them, but I have to rely on the word description for what I'm building. So I reverted back to the original author name and it's now functioning normally, including able to see a preview of the items. Can anyone explain what's going on? One thing that appealed to me about this mod is that it contains no scripts.
  3. Issues with random encounters

    I've noticed two areas that always have hostiles whenever I visit them -- even if it's only a day since my last visit. The gated entrance to Starlight Drive-in where hostiles come from under the railroad overpass, and the second one is about a block or two NW of Hangman's Alley. Whether I walk there or fly in on a Vertibird, I almost always encounter hostiles. More than half the time it's hostiles added by Automatron. Should these be respawning this quickly or is it a bug?
  4. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    Thanks for the quick reply! Exactly what I needed.
  5. [WIPz] TES5Edit

    I'm using v3.2.1 but still getting an error when I try to load a mod based on the new survival.esl content. The esl appears last in the SSEEdit load list so it won't load the mod since the esl is a master for that mod. But I believe the esl is actually loading before the mod in game (I've read earlier posts that load order for esl is hardcoded, besides my game would crash if the esl didn't load before that mod), it's just showing up last in SSEEdit. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thanks, I went into the Launcher and updated my version of the CK. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I can't see the version number until I update and run it. Couldn't find version number on the launcher or anywhere in bethnet, or any announcement that there's a new version. Anyway, issue resolved.
  7. Is there a new version of the Creation Kit for Skyrim SE? I assume you'd need that to update USSEP. Sorry for asking that here but I have trouble getting info from beth.net.
  8. I've logged over 1000 hours in this game and just came upon this issue -- maybe others already knew this. Was building some machinegun turrets in a newly acquired settlement and in Workshop mode it showed that I had exactly enough resources to build a turret. Only problem was that it didn't 'build' (didn't appear in faded green). This usually happens when you don't meet the perk requirements or don't have the resources, but the pop-up window clearly showed that I had everything I needed. So following a little experimentation today I discovered the problem was that the workshop was trying to use Knight Varham's holotag to make the turret (it shows as having 1 steel). But because it's a quest item the game wouldn't let it. That holotag shows up in the Misc tab, not in the Junk tab. I don't know if this is a new issue with the most recent version (CC version) or if it's been there all along, but you may consider addressing.
  9. Fortunately I kept a save before deactivating the patch so can go back to it. The pillar glitch is similar to the rug glitch, but works on wall construction pieces with snap points. It allows you to "glitch" a wall piece into a destroyed section of the house. You place a concrete pillar close to the wall piece and hold select to highlight both. Then you can place the combined pieces anywhere that the pillar would normally be placed. If you search for Croup Manor on Youtube and go to a vid by norespawns you'll see how it works. He also has an older video comparing the rug glitch with the pillar glitch. All his work is done using the PS4, but it also works on pc and I've used it numberous times. I understand the navmesh needed fixing, so no complaints about that. Just wondered if the glitch I spoke of was incompatible with the fix.
  10. Been a while since I've been to Croup Manor, but realized today that the concrete pillar glitch no longer works in repairing walls. I believe UFO4P addresses navmesh issues there so I tried disabling the patch and the pillar glitch worked fine. Is the glitch disabling an unintended consequence of fixing the navmesh or is this something that can be corrected? I disabled UFO4P, fixed the manor and re-enabled the patch. I think this is probably a bad idea -- I've read previous posts by Arthmoor -- but didn't know what else to do.
  11. Outstanding, thanks for confirming I'm not crazy --- or, at least that this is not evidence thereof.
  12. I'm running Windows 7-64 Professional with the latest Microsoft updates. I also just tried re-downloading the UFO4P from this site, since the one I'm running came from Nexus. Installed the copy from AFK and still had a crash. Ok, just remembered that I had a copy of UFO4P v2.0.0 on my back-up drive. Installed that and still got that same crash. So the problem isn't with the newest version. Not positive, but I think I played FO4 with version 2.0.0 before with no problem. I've tried loading different saves before going into that bunker but still get a crash. I think the computer gods have just decided to crap on me.
  13. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Here's my mod list: 1x1 craftable foundation pieces better settlers companion infinite ammo (version made by me using the creation kit, since the published version was made with FO4Edit and gives some error messages) craftable castle wall patches craftable turret stands darker nights easy lockpicking egret tours marina bridge far harbor ammo in the commonwealth gibson pier bridge *immersive vendors improved map with visible roads *lever action reload fix longer power lines outfit switcher quieter settlements *safely scrap covenant turrets salvage beacons snappable junk fences stackable concrete foundations unofficial fallout 4 patch *vault-tec workshop overhaul vertibird beacon plus a few texture only mods The ones marked with * are new since my last play through. I first tried disabling these new mods but I still got a crash until I disabled UFO4P. I also rebooted my computer during all of this and that didn't work either. I try to run a very stable game and avoid questionable mods based on comments made about it and my own limited experience. So as an aside, if you see something you're concerned about then let me know.
  14. First of all, thanks to the team for all your work in patching this game. I'm currently running the latest patch, 2.0.1, and ran into a problem today at the National Guard Armory. As soon as I tried to disarm any laser tripwire, I'd get a crash to desktop. Since I've done this mission before, I tried revalidating my Steam files -- no love. Then I tried rechecking my mods with FO4Edit to see if they were clean. I normally do this before installing any mod. The last one I checked was UFO4P -- and I found 47 identical to masters in there. Cleaning the patch didn't solve my problem, but disabling it allowed me to disarm those tripwires. Any idea what's causing this?
  15. Quest has started and Wuunferth is in jail. Just went back to Windhelm and found Arivanya dead, unclothed with all these stab marks just outside the Windhelm gates. Never had that happen before. I've talked with NPCs and no one is reporting that the killer is active again. Anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?

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