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  1. Surprisingly large gap, ID: 0001f8ba https://i.imgur.com/W60l5UW.jpg
  2. bombastus

    Creation Club

    Looks promising. Seems like it could generate higher quality content, especially in the long run. It could lure back some old timers and maybe even some new blood. But I think this is mostly groundwork for the future, for ES VI and Fallout 5 and games we don't know about.
  3. bombastus


    Version 0.1


    I felt I needed more merchants when I'm roaming the landscape looking for gaps and floating flowers, so I made this for myself. What this mod do: It adds a Khajiit-caravan that Travels between Falkreath and Rorikstead and Morthal. That's it.
  4. Everything looks fine on the things I've posted/commented on, except for 0006885A in SolitudeExterior03, it's still a little high up, I suggest a z-value of around -10885
  5. Hello everyone! I guess it's time I introduced me properly in the forum. (I've posted in the TracDown and the chat in the past.) The username, bombastus, I stole it from Paracelsus. He's been dead for close to 500 years so he's unlikely to come and get it back. His full name was Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. I just find that funny. I'm mostly here for the bugs, but I also like the community thus far, small, friendly and knowledgeable. Skyrim is actually my first TES game, I mostly played fast paced competitive FPSs (Unreal and Quake) back in the day of Daggerfall and Morrowind. When I did play RPGs, it was the Baldur's Gate series. I've tried to play Oblivion and Morrowind in recent years, but I can just never get in to them, it's hard to go back in a series like that. Just as a FYI, the the bug-reports I post, I tend reproduce the bug in multiple saves and use a minimalistic load order.

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